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Default Re: Sea Sick meds and Drowsiness

Hi - the patch didn't make me sleepy but definately avoid alcohol. I tested it out at home with a glass of wine and I was blotto after a few sips lol - cheap drunk lol. The patch does make your eyes a little red but I had no vision problems otherwise. It was great not to have to worry and I really have a problem with motion sickness otherwise. I tried the less-drowsy Bonine recently on boat trip and was really sleepy the whole day -so I guess it just depends on your metabolism or something. I wore the patch (changing it every third day) for the seven day cruise as well as five days after in Orlando so I could do the rides at Universal, The only trouble was I was dizzy for a couple of days after I got home and stopped usuing it. I will definately use it for the next cruise as well. Hope this helps. You can e-mail me if you need more info. TTFN Jennifer
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