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Originally Posted by reverendjeff
Thoth, Sounds like you are getting beat up a bit here. I do nhot care for comics who have no act without spewing filth. I do however enjoy some amount of foul lanuage if it supports the dialouge and does not dominate it.
As for the wording "Adult" I find that humorous in itself. We call it adult, go in to the club at midnight, keep the teens away, and then proceed to use very juvenile observations to make us laugh.

To each his own, but let's call it what it is. Instead of "adult comedy" would you go if it was billed as an hour of talk and put downs about body parts, noises, and sexual acts? Furthermore, would you do this at home? Are your standards lower at sea?
Before anyone gets huffy with me and fires back to attack, give me a few minutes, I am busy down-loading, "adult" photos from another website.
That's thie kind of thoughtful responses that I was looking for. For some reason some take it personally, and that was never my intention. By the way, I'm not a total prude myself, but there are limits. At home I attempt to keep some standards in what movies I rent. On TV I'm needless to say more History Channel than MTV. Flammers don't seem to able to see that they are in fact proving my point for me in a sense. They are inadvertently saying " the comedy is mean spirited becouse we are mean spirited and we like it that way".
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