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Here's yet another GWM, age 43, interested in a future cruise. I don't like the bottom of the ship inside cheapest room. I prefer a stateroom with a balcony even if it is only 42 sq ft. I am in Georgia, but can fly from here to anywhere.

I am 6'4" tall, weigh 190 lbs., dark brown hair and brown eyes. Non-smoker, social drinker. I have a BBA degree from University of Georgia and now self-employed as a business consultant. Thus, I have free time if I want to go somewhere.

My life partner went with me on our first cruise a couple years ago and it was awful. He won't go on another one, but I want to. I would love to go on an all gay cruise, in fact.

You are probably scared of the roommate from hell scenario and I would be too. But I am open to learning more about each other. With no strings attached, I am open to several possibilities.

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