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I use the Jergen's product and like it a lot. Very natural looking and has a nice smell. I've used several of the self tanners and found that the Neutrogena products work the best for my skin type (pasty blonde Irish-German). They have one that builds in layers so you can build the tan up to a certain level. That seems to work better for me than buying the light, medium or dark kind.

A few years ago my vanity got me (rule no. 1: never cruise with skinny, glamorous friends) and I got one of those spray on tans. It actually didn't look TOO bad, except for the hands and feet. But about 3 days into the cruise I noticed my tan was breaking down in places and my legs had this alligator sorta' pattern on them. Jeez.

I found a web site by doing a search of "self tanners" and there are lots of hints and message boards about products and how to make them look good. Might be worth your while.