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There seems to be much contradictory info circulating about the future of Princess in Galveston. On another cruise web site a travel agent is reporting that Princess will not have any ships in Galveston for the 2007-2008 season. However, I was told by Princess on more than one occasion that their schedule shows the Star leaving Rome on December 3 for a 19 day voyage ending in Galveston and that it will then be based here. We have loved the Grand and since it has been sold out every week I can't imagine why Princess would pull out. If anyone has anu other info please share.

Princess's web site currently shows MV Star Princess on a seventeen night cruies from Civitavecchia to Fort Lauderdale beginning on 03 December 2007. The Caribbean schedules for 2007-2008 are not posted, though, so the itinerary for this cruise could change.

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