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Dave the Wave does make a valid point about the "baby boomer " generation !!!! When we were growing up we thought 40+ was old, untill of course we turned that age and we just don't consider ourselves 'Old" (r as DTW likes to say middle age)..Some of us get angry that AARP, lowered the membership to 50 (part of a marketing campaign to capture the baby boomer generation big, big $$$$$$$) while others embrace it as a source of pride (and being able to save cash at the movies)

we are also the generation of multiple divorces, ******, cosmetic surgery to "add stuff" or ease the aging process and we find ourselves validating that "we still have it" in the dating world by seeking younger and desirable members of the opposite sex

In the end, we come to the conclusion to be happy who we are in that stage of our life and try to find someone of like age and background that will just accept and not try to change..

in other words we are looking for our willing counterpart that knows all the words to our favorite kareoke song, and will go on stage at the Starlight lounge and sing a duet, and has all of her/his) original body parts and her/his own money and the only "crack" you'll see with her/him, is the light underneath your balcony cabin door on the Majesty of the Seas !! and I are about the same age and I bet we can both keep up with that youngster Dave The Wave
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