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Default Got the job!

Yea!! I have been offered a job with Harding Brothers, but I'm not sure I will be able to take it.

This is mainly because they expect a lot of cash outlay that I had not expected.

1. I have to provide my own medical coverage. Travel ins. for 8 months could get very expensive.
2. I have to pay for my physical. Not too concerned about that since I have medical coverage now that will probably cover all of it.
3. I have to pay for a Seaman's Discharge Book. This could cost between $50 to $75.
4. I have to pay for my flight over to England to meet the ship, but I expected that, but then once I am there I will have to pay for four days in a hotel while I train. The going price for a hotel in Bristol for two nights, then in Southampton for two nights.. about $90 a night.

Sadly, this isn't everything, but just the tip of the requirements needed to be employed with Harding.

I can deal with most of this, but the medical coverage. Is that the norm? Is any of this the norm? I am willing to go the extra to mile to obtain this job, but my pocket book may not be as willing.

Maybe I should be looking at a regular cruise staff position with NCL instead.

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