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Hello Judy,
one thing you don't want to do is give up.

I don't think you want to work as a deck steward,trust me on that.It was my first job on ships and I get out of it really quickly.The money is not very good and there is not much prospect of change.I worked with both Carnival and Royal Caribbean and they were both Different.I am now trying to get a Job on princess cruises.It was very easy getting to work with starboard.I practically walked write into the office in Miami and requested,Not much people would have my luck..I was hired the same day and was flown to Jamaica the following day to join the largest cruise ship in the world at the time(voyager of the seas) That was the best contract I ever had.The thing with these companies you have to push or else you will not get anywhere.They receive thousands of application per day from all over the world and they are just placed in a pile.What you can do is send in your resume by express mail or recorded delivery,I know it might cost a bit more but in that way it's a guarentee that it will get there safetly and quickly.Then you give them about Two weeks or one week if you are like me,and give them a call.Go through the HR section and find out if they've received your resume.Most times you might get an answer phone, leave a message to have them call you back and remember to take the name on the voice mail.If you don't get a response in one day,you call back right away and let them know that you left a message for such person but you receive no response.You will most likely get through.Then from there you can state you case.Starboard loves applicants with the determination and drive.You have to push or you will not get anywhere. I really think you can land a Job with starboard easy,especailly being from the US.I was so lucky with my first contract with starboard I got to chose my first ship.Keep trying ,don't give up.

all the luck you need

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