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Originally Posted by You
Thanks Norm = How about Costa Rica - we are going into the countryside
on some walks and river boat rides??
There's no problem at all with malaria in Costa Rica, as it also is not a swampland. In fact, Costa Rica is the most developed country in Central America. It has been a stable republic for over a century now, with a stable economy fueled by agriculture (coffee, sugar, and bananas are major exports) and, now, tourism, and a very competent and capable public health service that eradicated diseases like malaria, in any regions where they might have existed, a long time ago.

If you are stopping in either Puntarenas or Puerto Caldera, I highly recommend the tour of Sarchi and Grecia. The "all metal church" in Grecia is a true work of art, so it's worth the stop. In Sarchi, the locals make bars, with storage for your booze and glasses in the form of traditional ox carts and paint them in traditional schemes that are quite colorful; they remind me of the artistic designs of the so-called "Pennsylvania Dutch." The shops in Sarchi also sell Costa Rican coffee (be sure to try the "dark roast"), which is a great souvenir. Sarchi and Grecia are about an hour from both ports, but most of the other attractions are even further.

Also, put some faith in your cruise line! Celebrity simply is not going to arrange exccursions to areas where malaria and other diseases are a significant hazard!

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