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haha ok the reminded me of a story too!!

on the first night me and jess were out on deck and it was like midnight! and we were just sitting and talking, and these guys walk past us, they were our age and soo hot!! so we look and eachother and are like we need to meet them! so we start walking around, and they follow us, so we stop and they stop! so we go walk past them and were like heyyy, and they liked looked up and down and one of the guys were like we need to go after them! and i guess they didnt think we could hear them! haha so we met them and they were really niceee and stuff..

oh and then around like 6 the day our cruise left, me and jess went in the hot tub, and we saw this hott guy on the deck above us with his friends, and we were happy! and then we kept staring at him, and his friends noticed, so we turned away quickly, and so they moved closer to the hot tub, but just on the deck above..and we looked again and his friends nudged him, and he smiled at us! and then he took out his phone and it looked like he took a picture of us! so the next day i saw him again, and we hung out a lot, but jess didn't meet him, because when i was him she was never with me!! lol

i was going to tell the air hockey story from vos, but its not to appropriate haha

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