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Originally Posted by MrMate
If your biggest worries for your coming 8 month contract is wether or not you can drink alcohol, I suggest you reconsider your reasons for joining a cruise ship.

Anyway - providing booze will not be a problem at all - but I'm sincerly pleased that I won't be an officer of your ship since people like you will be a safety hazard.
Lighten up mate!! Moderate frequent drinking from an early age is a part of life for most Europeans. The legal age is as low as 16 in many European Countries ( altlhough I believe it's 18 in the OP's home country ). I personally drink very little sometimes less than once a month, and of those, I usually only have 2 - 3 pints. I still wouldn't like the idea that I wouldn't be able to drink for 6-10 months at a time.

On a side note, i'm a bit surprised that BabyD managed to get a Cruiseline job at 19 - I thought for anything other than P&O you had to be 21.
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