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don't you worry at all,Thousands have done what you are going to do and thousands more will follow,working on board ships.You seems quite knowldgeable and I know once you get onboard you will integrate in an be just fine.Carnival Cruise Lines provides that kind of environment for their crewmembers. The drinking policy on Carnival ships are very linient,one just have to be responsible. Some companies like NCL are more strict on the booze and trust me it does'nt help.I've worked in the cruise industry for 6 yrs,that might not sound like alot of yrs but I've seen it all.I've been on ships that went completely dry,I mean no alki what so ever,nothing ,Nada,Zilch. The crew moral and ships rating hit rock bottom and don't forget the revenue.They had to rethink the decision.

I will say once again a drink on the ship is not a bad thing at all,there are sometimes you will need it,like after a very long,long sea day when you come from work, down to your cabin after a nice hot shower you just need that odd glass of wine or two or maybe a Nauty favorite (Baileys and Franjelico)at the crew bar just to unwind before bed and before another long sea day....OH YES there are sometimes two sea days in a row on certain cruises. It just have to be done sensebly.

I wish you lots of fun .I know you will have, remember you are joining the Funships of Carnival Cruise Lines.Just hang loose I did;and I never reret it to this day.

happy sailing
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