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Jan 6 - Embarkation Day

This morning we had breakfast, and then headed to Port Everglades. The plan was to drop off Mrs. Kuki and the luggage at the pier, and for me to return the car to the car rental located at the airport. In Ft. Lauderdale, the airport is only about 10 minutes from the pier, so this is pretty simple. I dropped the luggage and Mrs. Kuki with the porter at about 10:45 AM, and I got back to the pier by about 11:15. Shortly after that the embarkation process began.

We qualified for VIP check in, as we are know Platinum level in Carnival’s repeaters club, and this is one of the perks. In line we also found Ray and Helen and Tweety and Harry. The process was simply, quick and easily done since we’d filled out all our documentation online, and we were onboard by 11:40 A.M. The regular check in line to board was quite long, but in talking to people afterwards it seems it moved quite quickly.

Of what I’ve seen so far the ship looks good, and has withstood the fifteen months since we last sailed her quite well. Embarkation lunch was good - I headed straight for my Rueben sandwich at the deli, and lines through the buffet appeared short all through lunch, considering the deck was quite full, as cabins weren’t available until 1:30 P.M.

As we sat on Lido deck eating and waiting, a few familiar CruiseMates came on by; some who’d been with us last week on Century… so it seemed like same day, different ship. , and then we ran across John and Priscilla who hold the record for having sailed the most CruiseMates group cruises.

I personally like the Lido Deck, central pool area on the Liberty. With the GIANT screen TV, and the cantilevered decks, and of course, the big water slide. It was a beautiful day, and the deck got more active as the day went on.

We were scheduled to leave at 4 P.M, but were delayed for some time, actually leaving the harbor just before 6 P.M. Port Everglades was VERY busy today, so that may be what caused the delay. Adam and Elena, who we had dinner with last night, have an apartment in the condominium complex that sits at the exit to the harbor… where residents often blow horns and wave at ship’s as they exit. As we sailed out tonight a few of us gathered on Ray and Helen’s port side balcony, and hung the CruiseMates banner for Adam and Elena to spot us. And they held up a big Bon Voyage sign for us. It was an awesome feeling, for the first time, knowing someone in the building, and knowing the sign they were holding, and waving, was just for us.
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