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This evening Mrs. Kuki and I were invited to dine at the Captain’s table. The Captain’s table is located in the Silver Olympian Dining Room, on the stern of the ship. It’s the nicer of the two dining room, in that it’s larger and more open, and has windows on three sides. Easy access to this dining room is through a trick everyone learns eventually when traveling on this class of ship.
Use Deck 5 or above for all your forward and aft movements through the ship, and then go up or down as needed. Decks 3 and 4 do not go completely through the length of the ship. You’ll just run into dead ends, or what seem like oddly located walls. This is because the galley, which serves both dining rooms, is located between them on Decks 3 and 4.

The Master of the Vessel is Alessandro Galotto, a charming and friendly Italian who we’ve cruised with previously. His wife and two year old son are traveling with him at the moment. They originally didn’t join us for dinner because even the Captain’s son loves Camp Carnival, and Mrs. Galotto was with him.

They did stop in towards the end of the meal, and as you can see Captain Galotto’s son is just too darn cute, and I took the opportunity for a “Kodak moment?.

It was most enjoyable being joined at dinner by the Staff Captain, the Hotel Director, the Chief Engineer, and the Engineer and his sister (who’s visiting from Italy), as well as two other passengers. With quite a bevy of the ships top officers one might expect a very formal dinner, but the conversation flowed freely, and they put us all at ease quickly. We shared interesting conversation about the different ships they’ve all worked, and even discussed some of the different cruise lines I’ve sailed on. It’s kind of oddly fascinating to be asked by men who have spent their lives at sea what my favorite ship is, and fun to joke about some of Mrs. Kuki’s other favorite “hunky? Italian captains. Tonight Mrs. Kuki had her harem… surrounded by great looking men in uniform,
L to R - Hotel Director -Pier-Giorgio, Captain Galotto,Mrs. K, Chief Engineer- Walter, Head Engineer- Paulo, Staff Captain- Alassandro
and at least I got a meal out of it lol

We lose an hour tonight with a time zone change before arriving in San Juan tomorrow evening, so I best be off to sleep.
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