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Jan 10 Continued

Eight of us reserved for dinner in Henry’s tonight (named after famous jeweler Harry Winston), and we invited Dan, the ex CruiseMates teen host now working for Carnival, to join us. We met for drinks before hand in the atrium bar, and then headed to the feast.

A printed menu is presented, but also a visual menu presentation, with all the offerings laid out on a cart.

It was explained that the Dover Sole on the menu was not available because the proper quality of Sole was not available when they last picked up stores, but Sea Bass was available in its place. We placed our orders and awaited a delicious meal, but then the waitress reappeared… to tell Mrs. Kuki, who’d ordered the Sea Bass, that they had run out of Sea Bass, but “suddenly? Sole was available again. We got a chuckle out of how the “proper quality? of Sole had suddenly arrived on the ship, so Mrs. Kuki ordered the steak.

The food in Harry’s was excellent! Between the 9 of us we covered the menu offerings fairly completely, and everyone said they thoroughly enjoyed their meal. The table settings are beautiful, and the food presentation outstanding as well. All of this was pretty much matched our experience from 15 months ago when we dined at Harry’s. Also the same as our last experience at Harry’s, service not truly up to the standards of similar surcharge alternate restaurants on other ships we’ve sailed. As we had just dined in Muranos on the Celebrity Century last week, where we experienced impeccable service, the gaps were made even more glaring tonight. It certainly wasn’t bad service, but I still feel that when paying a surcharge in a ship’s restaurant one has every right to expect the best! In these situations it’s the small details that count.

After dinner Dan had to head back to work. He was the red team leader for the pub crawl, and deck party.

Dan... You call this work??

For anyone not familiar with Carnival, the dining rooms are divided into “colored teams? at the beginning of cruise. Everyone is a member of teams Red, White, or Blue. As the cruise goes on people participating and winning events earn “points? for their team. Regardless of if the totals are actually accurately kept, passengers seem to enjoy the game, and cheer their teams loudly when the accumulating points are announced each evening at dinner. It’s a bit of a mystery to me as to why it works, but it does, and seems like it builds a bit of a spirit of community around the ship.

The deck party was still hopping late when I retired to our cabin.

It was a pleasure to spend some time with Dan tonight. He is an 18 year old who’s mature beyond his years. And he seems like an ambitious young man, who I have little doubt will succeed no matter which direction his career ultimately turns to.

He’s leaving the Liberty soon, to have a week off, and then will be transferring to the Inspiration, sailing out of Tampa, which is close to his home, so he‘s happy. We’ve invited Dan to dine with us again at our regular assigned table in the dining room tomorrow night. Tonight in Harry’s everyone behaved in a manner suitable for the venue. Hope we don’t embarrass Dan tomorrow night in the dining room.
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