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Originally Posted by Will
Originally Posted by Thoth
be prepared for a wonderful time The only downer was the aft Washington Dining room was next to impossible to find, otherwise..great ship. Bring some good sunscreen though. I got baked in Grand Cayman and the ship's stores only sold the expensive stuff. I purchased some cheap stuff on shore which turned me ghostly pale.
Thoth you are right,I kept missing the floor,and had to take another level down...the nice lady kindly pushed the elevator for me everytime I got it wrong....we just laughed,and I headed to the elevator
Yep, same here! The problem is it's on deck 3 but can't be accessed from that deck, unless you guess correctly on elevators. Usually I found myself on deck 5 and would go down by the sushi bar to get to the top floor of the dining room, which is deck 4, but I would need to cut through Winston's Bar. Finally I found that if I went to the disco on deck 5 and went down 2 flights of stairs then that would get me to deck 3. Of course if one was forward in the ship, they might have to use the Lincoln Dining room as an egress way. I felt for those who desired a quiet dinner in the Lincoln. What a muddle !
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