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Originally Posted by werbz
This is a two part question,

First, i have been watching a few website for the past little while ( vacations to go, smartcrusier) and i can really figure out when the change their prices, is it all done on one day * mondays for example) or is it done daily depending on the price the cruise company offers that day? Second part is i was just wondering in you opinion what the best site for deals is?
I think that most websites update their prices automatically when the cruiselines update their pricing. With Carnival, my experience has been that usually they release any deals on Wed night/Thurs morning. Princess is usually Wednesday morning. I would go out on a limb here and say that every time you try to book a cruise thru any website, that site automatically connects/links to the cruiseline's reservation system, so you will in effect see up-to-date and real-time prices. I may stand corrected on that one, though.
Please keep in mind that MOST, if not ALL the same bargains you find online, you can also find by clicking on the CRUISE SHOPPING tab of the cruisemates website. Then it gives you some more options like BEST OF THE WEB, BEST OF CRUISEMATES, CRUISE BARGAINS. You might want to keep that in mind next time you are shopping for a cruise, price for price, please book using the links provided by cruisemates, helps keep the site running and for free for all of us.

Happy cruising
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