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suefish August 8th, 2012 12:46 PM

holland america/celebrity
Opinion needed
I have taken many cruises on rci, princess, carnival, norweign
I am now wanting to try holland / celebrity. These cruises are priced more. Is it worth paying more or are they all the same and i should just go with a cheaper line. Any help!

BigMac August 8th, 2012 03:25 PM

I have been doing alot of cruise shopping and HA is right in line with Princess in cost.

Lakers Fan August 8th, 2012 08:24 PM

I've taken 4 HAL cruises and 1 Celebrity .I am taking a second next year .I love both cruise lines .

aerospace August 9th, 2012 02:00 AM

Sailed Ncl, celebrity, carnival, costa, and royal and there is definitely something to paying a bit more up front. Celebrity frequently has sales if your a bit flexible about when your going it can be quite competitive with the rest. Definitely not worth twice as much but if you can grab something for 25% higher and appreciate a friendly staff, fine dining, activities such as art class or speakers about history, etc, it's worth it.

At the minimum give it a try once.

Trip August 9th, 2012 07:51 AM

I would chose Celebrity, over Hal, without question. The Solstice class ships are like upscale hotels, beautifully appointed, and, for me, has more liveliness at night than HAL...also fabulous pool areas, spa cabins and unique dining rooms.

sewerworker November 15th, 2012 01:27 AM


Originally Posted by suefish (Post 1441572)
Opinion needed
I have taken many cruises on rci, princess, carnival, norweign
I am now wanting to try holland / celebrity. These cruises are priced more. Is it worth paying more or are they all the same and i should just go with a cheaper line. Any help!

I have cruised Holland America, Princess, and Carnival in the past 2 years.
Really, it comes down to your personal preferences regarding size of ship, staff friendliness, and what your definition of relaxation is. For some, vacation is meant to be partying with a crowd of people. For others, vacation is to be pampered and waited on hand and foot, with little noise or crowds.

I chose to give Carnival a try on 2 cruises, because it was cheaper and I thought I would enjoy a larger ship with more ammenities. I was wrong. The larger ship meant more passengers, which meant longer wait times to be seated at dinner, and more difficult to find a seat for shows and comedians. Because I'm an adult, I didn't enjoy the water slide and mini-golf and other "ammenities" as much as I thought I would, so based on my preferences I would not do Carnival again. Also, based on my preferences, I have decided that I would like to stick with ships that have a capacity of between 1,000 and 3,000 passengers, regardless of cruise line. I enjoy the variety of shows and entertainment that a ship smaller than 1,000 will lack, but I want to avoid the crowd of 3,000+ passenger ships. I live in Las Vegas, so I go on cruises to get away from the crowds of people waiting in line for restaurants and shows.

As for Holland America, I think it compares very well to Princess. Holland America typically caters to an older crowd (on my last Holland America cruise the average passenger age was 66). However, even though I was only 28 it was the best vacation ever, because the ship was very relaxing and quiet and I enjoy the music of the 1940s and 1950s that were in the shows. I felt that Holland America has the best breakfast ever, but Princess had slightly better personal service. If you enjoy a more formal, traditional cruise, give Holland America a try. But if you are traveling with kids, or enjoy dancing late hours in the disco, avoid Holland America.

I have 2 cruises booked soon (Christmas/New Year's on Holland America MS Maasdam, and Presidents' Day on Celebrity Equinox). I am looking forward to both. Based on personal preference, I am probably going to stick with Holland America and Celebrity (assuming I love my first Celebrity cruise in February) for my future cruises. Carnival is not my taste, and I want the personal service and the lack of crowds that I feel would be impossible on a RCI or NCL ship with over 3,000 passengers. November 15th, 2012 02:45 PM

We've been on 43 cruises including several on both Holland America and Celebrity.

As was already stated, both of these have an older demographic. Seniors, like me, tend to appreciate the finer things in life without wanting to pay for them, while enjoying a more relaxing and sedate experience. Both of these cruise lines fit that category.

And as was stated, if your really active, enjoy rock climbing walls and the belly-flop contests, these two are not for you.

But if you enjoy good food, good service, and good ships without alot of the extra curricular amenities, then you really need to consider them.

And while their prices can be higher than some cruise lines, you can often find rates that are very comparable to the lesser rated lines. Plus, they tend to have some very interesting itineraries, especially Holland America.

As of right now, our all-time favorite within these two would have to be the Solstice-class ships of the Celebrity fleet. Absolutely wonderful! Beautiful ship, great food, great service. And we did not find it crowded at all. Can't wait to try the Reflection.

Our second favorite within these two was the old Holland America Rotterdam. It was a smaller older ship that offered an awesome experience. It was like a floating museum. But sadly, it's no longer in the fleet.

There's definitely something to be said about the smaller older ships as they offer a more intimate less crowded and less sterile experience that many people love. Then again, others prefer the new larger ships with their clean lines and more amenities. Just depends on what you're looking for.

Keep in mind of what Warren Buffet said, "Price is what you pay. Value is what you get." Good thing about HAL and Celebrity is that you don't have to pay alot more to get alot more value because the quality is definitely worth it, in my opinion, especially when you look at it on a cost-per-day basis. Often you'll see the difference is not very much at all.


Trackypup November 15th, 2012 02:58 PM

I agree with most of what's been said. You may also want to consider each line's smoking policy. Not sure if you're a smoker or not or if it bothers you, but they have quite different policies.

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