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Kuki January 5th, 2007 10:18 AM

Saturday morning, Jan. 6 we'll be boarding the Carnival Liberty, along with 50 wonderful folks from CruiseMates.

We hope to share the fun, and some information, and pictures for 8 full days on a glorious itinerary... including San Juan, St Thomas, Antiqua, Tortolla, and Nassau.

Keep sailing us right here on CruiseMates, and you'll all either ease through PCD (Post Cruise Depressions) easily, or you'll just give in and book another cruise! LOL

Feel free to join the thread.... and ask any questions about the Liberty you like!!

buffetfan2004 January 5th, 2007 06:43 PM

I've seen posts of Carnival menus, but always wondered what was served when it is 8 days, surely they don't repeat menus.
*Got to know if flourless chocolate cake is still offered -someone said always on alternate menu -can you verify that?
Also -any version of basked Alaska- not just sponge cake and ice cream? THANKS!! Sailing almost same itinerary March 31st.

Kuki- having your "butler experience :wink: perhaps it possible to get menu copies to post later, or let us know what was offered at dinner each night??

Enjoy! Living Virtually!

buffetfan2004 January 5th, 2007 06:46 PM

St. Thomas docking location
I monitor the Virgin Islands page on what docks different ships come into.
Can you post what dock you arrive at in St. Thomas?
Also find out if they plan on always docking there??

Usually it said Crowne Bay (sub base) but last calendar indicated may be Havensight. Thanks.

Kuki January 6th, 2007 08:58 AM

Jan 6 - Embarkation Morning

We had two days to play in Ft. Lauderdale prior to the cruise, after getting off the Celebrity Century on Thursday; back to back cruises with a gap.

This morning we woke up with the same “cruise morning? excitement we always do. So in some ways it was like the previous cruise never happened. We’re setting out on a new adventure with new people, and a new daily Virtual Cruise Report.

We cruised on the Liberty in 2005 for 16 days on a Transatlantic Crossing from Rome to Miami, therefore we feel we know the ship pretty well. But it’s going to be interesting to see the difference between a “crossing? and a “Caribbean sailing? on the same ship. I suspect it’s going to be quite different, and a with a different demographic of fellow passengers onboard as well, and likely a different passenger make up than that on last week’s cruise on the Celebrity Century.

Even though we haven’t boarded yet, I’m already planning on my Reuben sandwich from the deli for lunch!

We'll definitely attempt to answer all your questions during the next 8 nights.

msblackjack January 6th, 2007 11:36 AM

I am curious about the demographics on this Ship for this time of the year; let me know in a nutshell please. Liberty is on my "list" and Jan 2008 is when we would like to go...

MaryLou January 6th, 2007 12:16 PM

I am SO JEALOUS as I sit here back at work. I really do not know why I go away at all...since I am now doing all the things I thought would be done when I got back. Of course, nothing balances and I have a longggggg two days ahead of me.
Please raise a glass for me! I'll be with you all in spirit. Have a wonderful time!

rollerdonna January 6th, 2007 03:33 PM

Wishing I were there to join you for that Reuben for lunch!
Instead, I had canned meatballs and potatoes, and am still doing laundry and unpacking and putting away. :(
Reality stinks! :roll:


buffetfan2004 January 6th, 2007 03:42 PM

Liberty Webcam link
Talk about almost being able to touch you guys- viewing webcam at 3:45 est. must be getting ready to sail - Too bad you didn't make a huge sign saying HI to all CM members!

Let us know if tonights dinner was assigned seating or open- thanks-

Angela Z. January 6th, 2007 03:44 PM

Actually, I kind of enjoyed my lunch selection of popcorn and snocaps at the movies but would give it up in a heartbeat for a reuben on a ship!
Angela Z.

Elaine515 January 6th, 2007 06:48 PM

Evening Kuki & Mrs Kuki...

How was VIP Boarding and what Platinum things have you encountered thus far???

Kuki....Doug wants to know about Texas Hold "Em... i.e, where is the table located? live dealer or video table? blinds? He says thanx...

I'm sure we'll come up with more questions as the week goes on because we're doing this cruise (less Nassau) March 31st...

Elaine :)


Kuki January 6th, 2007 11:53 PM

Jan 6 - Embarkation Day

This morning we had breakfast, and then headed to Port Everglades. The plan was to drop off Mrs. Kuki and the luggage at the pier, and for me to return the car to the car rental located at the airport. In Ft. Lauderdale, the airport is only about 10 minutes from the pier, so this is pretty simple. I dropped the luggage and Mrs. Kuki with the porter at about 10:45 AM, and I got back to the pier by about 11:15. Shortly after that the embarkation process began.

We qualified for VIP check in, as we are know Platinum level in Carnival’s repeaters club, and this is one of the perks. In line we also found Ray and Helen and Tweety and Harry. The process was simply, quick and easily done since we’d filled out all our documentation online, and we were onboard by 11:40 A.M. The regular check in line to board was quite long, but in talking to people afterwards it seems it moved quite quickly.

Of what I’ve seen so far the ship looks good, and has withstood the fifteen months since we last sailed her quite well. Embarkation lunch was good - I headed straight for my Rueben sandwich at the deli, and lines through the buffet appeared short all through lunch, considering the deck was quite full, as cabins weren’t available until 1:30 P.M.

As we sat on Lido deck eating and waiting, a few familiar CruiseMates came on by; some who’d been with us last week on Century… so it seemed like same day, different ship. LOL, and then we ran across John and Priscilla who hold the record for having sailed the most CruiseMates group cruises.

I personally like the Lido Deck, central pool area on the Liberty. With the GIANT screen TV, and the cantilevered decks, and of course, the big water slide. It was a beautiful day, and the deck got more active as the day went on.
We were scheduled to leave at 4 P.M, but were delayed for some time, actually leaving the harbor just before 6 P.M. Port Everglades was VERY busy today, so that may be what caused the delay. Adam and Elena, who we had dinner with last night, have an apartment in the condominium complex that sits at the exit to the harbor… where residents often blow horns and wave at ship’s as they exit. As we sailed out tonight a few of us gathered on Ray and Helen’s port side balcony, and hung the CruiseMates banner for Adam and Elena to spot us. And they held up a big Bon Voyage sign for us. It was an awesome feeling, for the first time, knowing someone in the building, and knowing the sign they were holding, and waving, was just for us.

Kuki January 7th, 2007 12:24 AM

First Day Onboard

Earlier today I had some problems connecting to the Internet (I am technologically challenged. Lol ) I thought it was something I’d done to my laptop during travel, but after stopping by to see the Internet Manager, it turned out it was a minor glitch, and he got me up and running. And thanks to Paul Motter’s tutorial on the Century last week I can also load pictures more easily.

Dinner tonight was assigned seating, and for the first night entering is slow, as everyone has to be shown to their tables. We are seated in the Golden Olympian, midships on Deck 3, at the 6:15 P.M seating. I think the Silver Olympian, on the stern is the nicer of the two dining rooms, but its early seating is at 5:45 P.M, and we preferred the 6:15 time.

We’re at a table a rectangular table for 6, in a bit of aisle way, and at least tonight it seemed to be in a high traffic area, with a narrow passageway for other passengers, so we did seem to get a bit jostled with people entering. Our servers, Beda and Michael seem very pleasant, and jovial, and service this evening was very good. And everyone seemed to enjoy what they ordered. My highlight tonight was a delicious crème brule.
BTW.. We’re not sure yet if we should call our wait team For Beda or Worse, or Beda Testing lol.

I’m not certain I like the bench style seating and our table location, but we’ll see if we settle in nicely.

Our cabin is on Empress Deck, standard balcony cabin, and is very nice, larger than our Category NS (Century Suite) on the Century last week. The cabin steward, Aubrey, impressed me immediately. He came in to introduce himself, and a couple of items I asked for were delivered within minutes; so quickly I thought he must have had them waiting outside lol
We also explained that since we’d been cruising last week, we had quite a bit of laundry (free wash and fold is one of the perks of being Platinum level repeaters), so rather than a regular laundry bag, Aubrey returned immediately with a big black garbage bag for us to fill. We’ll certainly get our money’s worth out of this perk!

Hoping tomorrow I can track down some of the other folks in the CruiseMates group who I haven’t met yet, and get this new party rolling.

buffetfan2004 January 7th, 2007 12:49 AM

Bench seating & did they show football on screen?
Had me laughing at the server name joke!
So what entree did you have?
Question on the bench seating-- are both side facing each other like an extended booth??
Do 3 adults per side really fit?

Just wondering as our March cruise has our family as party of 6 and concerned over the fate of table seating will have in store for us.

Did they show football playoffs on Lido screen??

Beda go now...or
of to bedda I go tonight.. (couldn't resist)

By the way--you may want to mention to Paul we all could use a photo tutorial, I wanted to post a photo and for the world of me can't get one added.

sillydog January 7th, 2007 11:46 AM

Have you seen Dan the old teen host from cruisemates? He's working the clubo2 on Liberty?

Kuki January 7th, 2007 06:10 PM

Jan. 7 - Day at Sea

I’d forgotten to mention that last night we stopped by Club 02, the teen center onboard. Dan, who was the previous CruiseMates teen editor is now working as Director of Club 02 on the Liberty, and it was a real pleasure to meet him. He’s a fine young man, and we’re hoping to be able to arrange to have him join us for dinner for a couple of nights.

Other than those CruiseMates who came with us for a back to back from the Celebrity Century group, and a few others, I haven’t met some of the CruiseMates in our group previously. Pre-cruise I’d sent an e-mail inviting everyone to meet in the Piano Bar last night… thinking they’d be able to recognize me because my picture is in my
‘avitar? and therefore all over the CruiseMates web site.

I’d instructed anyone who wanted to, to meet us in the Piano Bar. We ran into one little “glitch? in the plan when we found there was a Friends of Dorothy meeting scheduled for the same time, in the same location. Normally, this would be no problem at all. However when you’re looking to meet up with people from the site who you haven’t met yet you often use friendly, inviting, glances … silently asking… “are you looking for me?? In this situation they could have been misinterpreted lol.
We certainly got to meet and talk to some nice people, but never did find our unknown CruiseMates.

So, to try and remedy the situation, this morning I wrote a note, and delivered it, along with a really nice beach bag, and lanyards (from our agent, Nancy Bogert) to all the cabins on our group list. Hopefully no one changed cabins, and we’ll get to meet everyone at the time and place I designated on the invitation.

Today was one of the few sea days on this itinerary. I went up to Lido Deck fairly early to get my first cup of coffee, while Mrs Kuki slept in a bit longer. The “chair hogs? were out claiming rows of loungers, but not as bad as I’ve seen on previous cruises, and there were still pool-side loungers available later when Mrs. Kuki and others joined me, had breakfast and went to “bake? in the sunshine. I did get a chuckle out of how some of the loungers were being held. Some folks are getting quite creative with it.
During our Transatlantic crossing on the Liberty there was one clock pool-side that was always wrong, and it was funny to notice to same clock is still not working.

As the morning went on, the pool deck got quite full, the band cranked up the music, and ice carving demonstrations, and Men’s Hairy Chest contests entertained the crowds.
For lunch I never go to the dining room, choosing a quick bite from the buffet areas instead. The buffet set ups on the Liberty are interesting, and seem to function quite well; separate buffet lines for the regular buffet choices, one buffet line which changes daily, an area for Asian cuisine, a deli spot, pizza station, burgers, steak sandwiches etc - all spread through Lido deck, and Fish and Chips available up on one deck on Deck 10.

I should mention that during morning breakfast hours, there’s omelet stations inside as well as one right out by the pool.

All of this seems to spread the crowds out pretty well, and we didn’t find any long lines to deal with.

I generally enjoy spending some time in the ship’s casinos. I play blackjack, not the slot machines. Some of the casino staff I got to know during our 16 day sailing on this ship in Oct. 05 are on the ship now, and they remember me; tough to forget the nun gambling and smoking in the casino on Halloween. I think they’re still scarred from the experience.

Since our last visit Carnival has switched to using automatic shufflers, and I hate them, as do all the dealers! There’s no breaks for the dealers to shuffle and visit with the players which makes their job quite tough, repeating the same motion for hours, on a daily basis. It takes away from the social experience that I enjoy about the casino.
The only one who likes this automatic shuffling system is Carnival, as naturally it allows more hands to be dealt, and in gambling, the more hands that are played, the more the player loses! Frankly, I’m likely to spend much less time playing blackjack this cruise than I normally would, so if others are like me, this may end up backfiring on Carnival. Truthfully I hope it does. Gambling on cruise ships is supposed to be entertainment, but I believe the addition of these machines takes away from the entertainment value, and makes it more about business.

To answer Elaine’s question… there is one Texas Hold Em table located in the casino, right off the entrance from the atrium. And btw, just as on our last visit, I find the casino staff to be very friendly!

Casino visitors be warned - you are allowed to use your sail and sign card to acquire cash for casino play, HOWEVER there is a 3% service charge for doing so (unlike RCI/Carnival where there are no such fees).

To answer the question about football play offs on television, the answer is yes, the games were shown in the sports bar and on in cabin television. In cabin television has CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, CNN international, Headline News, movie channels, Discovery etc.. The availability of network programming is all new since my last Carnival cruise.

Time to get ready for the Captain's Welcome Aboard Party, and dinner.

buffetfan2004 January 7th, 2007 06:42 PM

Casino table $,TV & cell phone question
Awestome update- I feel like a kid on Christmas always hoping you have posted another chat.

What is table limit for poker? Craps table?
If BJ is like you said I may have my senior father look into poker. Myself at the craps table. (There is one correct?)

TV- last cruise in April was only one channel out of a Denver feed- that must have been interesting on cruise when they had all the snow!
Anyhow-keep us posted as you sail on TV reception.

Anyone plan on making any cell phone text useage or calls? We have Verizon and wondering if "roaming fees" may prohibit use and use internet package instead.


buffetfan2004 January 7th, 2007 06:46 PM

Port / starboard balcony as you dock what do you see?
Being you are in a balcony -
we also will be having a starboard (odd number) balcony for same route, and curious at different ports what each side is facing..
water, town etc.
Also which side gets the sun during am vs afternoon.
Thanks-- nice to have someone in the know.

mehawk January 7th, 2007 07:51 PM

Kuki, I want to see that omelet station "inside" the pool. I bet they are "wet" behind the ears LOL

Kuki said:
I should mention that during morning breakfast hours, there’s omelet stations inside as well as one right out by the pool.

msblackjack January 7th, 2007 08:34 PM

great reports Kuki. thanks a bunch.... did ya do the water slide yet...

Elaine515 January 7th, 2007 10:06 PM


As usual, we love the way you tell a story and this one is great. In your next life, you can become a writer!!

Doug says thank you for the Texas Hold Em answers.

Now, of course, I have more questions for you...

What's playing on the big screen?
Who is the Casino Host and if they'll still be there March 31st warn them that I'll be there!! Seriously through, please tell him/her I'll email them prior to boarding and introduce myself once on-board....I'll be the one at the 3 Card Poker table............ the whole week!!!
Also, please tell Dan the same thing. If he'll still be there March 31st I have at least 5 teenage girls cruising this week...

Keep enjoying and don't forget to tell Mrs Kuki that I said hi...

Kuki January 8th, 2007 08:07 AM

This evening Mrs. Kuki and I were invited to dine at the Captain’s table. The Captain’s table is located in the Silver Olympian Dining Room, on the stern of the ship. It’s the nicer of the two dining room, in that it’s larger and more open, and has windows on three sides. Easy access to this dining room is through a trick everyone learns eventually when traveling on this class of ship.
Use Deck 5 or above for all your forward and aft movements through the ship, and then go up or down as needed. Decks 3 and 4 do not go completely through the length of the ship. You’ll just run into dead ends, or what seem like oddly located walls. This is because the galley, which serves both dining rooms, is located between them on Decks 3 and 4.

The Master of the Vessel is Alessandro Galotto, a charming and friendly Italian who we’ve cruised with previously. His wife and two year old son are traveling with him at the moment. They originally didn’t join us for dinner because even the Captain’s son loves Camp Carnival, and Mrs. Galotto was with him.
They did stop in towards the end of the meal, and as you can see Captain Galotto’s son is just too darn cute, and I took the opportunity for a “Kodak moment?.

It was most enjoyable being joined at dinner by the Staff Captain, the Hotel Director, the Chief Engineer, and the Engineer and his sister (who’s visiting from Italy), as well as two other passengers. With quite a bevy of the ships top officers one might expect a very formal dinner, but the conversation flowed freely, and they put us all at ease quickly. We shared interesting conversation about the different ships they’ve all worked, and even discussed some of the different cruise lines I’ve sailed on. It’s kind of oddly fascinating to be asked by men who have spent their lives at sea what my favorite ship is, and fun to joke about some of Mrs. Kuki’s other favorite “hunky? Italian captains. Tonight Mrs. Kuki had her harem… surrounded by great looking men in uniform, to R - Hotel Director -Pier-Giorgio, Captain Galotto,Mrs. K, Chief Engineer- Walter, Head Engineer- Paulo, Staff Captain- Alassandro
and at least I got a meal out of it lol

We lose an hour tonight with a time zone change before arriving in San Juan tomorrow evening, so I best be off to sleep.

rollerdonna January 8th, 2007 08:28 AM

Kuki, once again, thanks for the interesting posts. I feel like I'm on the Liberty with you! Were there really that many people poolside, or is it just a crowded picture? It looks like a very busy pool deck!
Tell Geela she looks positively beaming next to all those officers!


Phyllbo January 8th, 2007 09:43 AM

I'm loving your continuing cruise saga. If I can't be on a ship, I guess this is the next best thing.

Geela looks beautiful amongst all those men in uniform!


Elaine515 January 8th, 2007 12:10 PM

wow.... mrs kuki looks absolutely terrific..... glad to see you're not mistreating her!!!

i want to eat dinner with the Captain and his crew too... how did you arrange that one?

how did you do at the tables last nite? did you mention to the Casino Host or Pit Boss how much you hate the automatic machine and that you'd prefer hand dealing? perhaps they might change it for you this week....

thnx for making us feel like we're right there with you.....

Nutmeg January 8th, 2007 02:00 PM

Hello there~

Hope you are enjoying your cruise!! My husband and I are sailing on the Liberty In August and have never sailed on Carnival before. What can you tell us about the the size of the cabins, entertainment, food etc? We have booked a cabin class of 8C with balcony. We are so looking forward to it.... Thanks for amy and all info you can provide

PartyAnimal January 8th, 2007 03:21 PM

I'am loving this.............. I will be sailing on the Liberty in March, do you know who the CD will be then?

LubyShell January 8th, 2007 08:36 PM

Thanks for all the wonderful updates, we will be sailing in July!!

Kuki January 8th, 2007 08:38 PM

Jan. 8

On thing that amazes me which just seems to be growing by leaps and bounds, on all the cruise lines, is the incredible amount of junk (advertising) mail we get in our cabins each day. From advertising brochures stuck in the mail box, to more of the same stacked up, and delivered with the ship’s daily newsletters, we’re deluged with “Ship SPAM?. I HATE SPAM in my e-mail income, and I learning to HATE ship SPAM just as much.

All the cruise lines encourage us to help the world’s ecology by reusing our towels before having them laundered; they could help more by not creating this incredible amount of extra garbage.

Today was mostly a sea day en route to San Juan, Puerto Rico, where we arrived at 5 P.M. for an evening stop.

Last night, after dinner Mrs. Kuki attended the production show, Wonderful World, in the Venetian Lounge (the ship’s main showroom), which she said was a fabulous production. We met up prior to the midnight show; Adult comedy of ventriloquist Jerry Goodspeed. His show was quite funny, but we’ve seen him before. Tonight a long time Carnival comedian Happy Cole performed in the Venetian. Happy is another entertainer I’ve seen often on Carnival ships, so I didn’t attend his show.

This is one problem with cruise ship entertainment. It’s quite understandable that the big, elaborate, and costly production shows aren’t changed often. However, for repeat cruisers on any of the cruise lines, it does seem there’ll be a pretty good chance you’re going to end up seeing a lot of acts from previous cruises. I’m sure the entertainment departments have a difficult job finding and scheduling new talent that’s appropriate for these venues.

Last night, when I tried to file my report, and at times again today, the satellite internet connection was spotty. The Liberty has WI FI service bow to stern, including your cabin, using your own laptop, or you can rent them for $20 per day. There are several packages available; $55 for 100 minutes, and $100 for 250 minutes. Though it sounds expensive, these rates are considerably less than the some of the other cruise lines. There is an initial $3.95 sign on fee the first time you sign on. You’ll also get some bonus free minutes if you sign up the first day onboard.

Now that we’ve been on the ship for a couple of days I can report a bit about the demographic of our fellow passengers on this cruise. As all the holidays had ended and the kids returned to school just prior to our cruise, I didn’t expect many children, other than very young children, and for the most part that held true. So, this is a good time of year to cruise if you prefer to cruise with less children onboard.

What also seems true, is there’s an older average age on this cruise than many of my previous cruises on Carnival. There’s not many “twenty-somethings? in the crowd, and quite a few seniors onboard. The “younger crowd? on this sailings appears to be in their 30s . I’ve dubbed this sailing “The Cruise of the Wild and the Walkers?. LOL LOL

Helen (of our Ray and Helen) has been having some knee problems, and though she doesn’t need a wheel chair at home, Ray thought he’d get a wheel chair to use for her onboard. He was able to get one at embarkation to use for the entire cruise, however it did require leaving a $50 deposit. I would imagine that their availability is somewhat limited, so if you happen to know you’re going to need one I wouldn’t depend on one being available. To be assured of having one if necessary, it would be best to bring one with you.

Once inside the terminal handicap assistance was available, but you may have to stand in line to reach that point.

Yesterday and again today there were some fairly high seas, and the ship was doing a bit of rocking and rolling. Today the pools were closed and covered to prevent passengers from using them. The water slide was also closed, so I haven’t gone for a “ride? yet.
There was also the occasional scattered showers, but other than clearing the open decks for a just a few minutes each time, they didn’t seem to dampen anyone’s spirits.

The buffet set up in Lido now has the “grand buffet? (the regular buffet lines) nearest to the aft pool. Out next to the aft pool area is a hamburger and hot dog station on the starboard side, and the 24 hr. pizza station on the port side. Moving towards mid-ship the deli counter is on the port side, the Asian food counter starboard.

The buffet lines closer to the mid-ship pool has two lines which change daily, with the Taste of Nations, and across from those were two lines offering stir-fry “Mongolian Grill? style. And there’s the pool-side outdoor grill serving breakfast in burgers, hot dogs, and fries. The waiting times in lines at the various stations were short even during peak lunch hours, considering the sheer numbers of passengers they were serving.

I had delivered an invitation to all those booked in our group to meet today at 3 P.M. in the Piano Bar, as a social “meet and greet?, only to get there and find the Piano Bar was being used for some gem presentation. We just planted ourselves at the wine bar next door on the Promenade Deck and eventually many in the group did stop by, even if we were a bit harder to find than planned.
The gathering was cut a bit short because the Liberty arrived in San Juan about 2 hrs. earlier than the 5 P.M. scheduled arrival. The ship had rushed to get in due to a medical emergency onboard. Given the opportunity, everyone wanted to rush off to spend some daylight hours in town. San Juan as an evening stop does not really impress me, though I’m sure there are some who like to go out to the restaurants and bars.
There is one shop in San Juan we always enjoy visiting when in Old San Juan. As we have 6:15 dinner seating, we decided we’d go to dinner in the dining room, and then walk up to Old San Juan and see if it was still open. We had thought the dining room would be pretty sparsely attended tonight, and we could likely be through dinner pretty quickly.

We were half right. :wink: Only about 25% of the passengers at our sitting showed up for dinner. (Either choosing to eat on land, or get out see some of San Juan, and do alternate dining when they returned to the ship). Our service was going along just fine, until we came to a grinding halt at entrees. After some time Beda became concerned as his assistant, Michael hadn’t returned, nor did our food. After some waiting he decided to go see if he could rescue Michael and our meals, telling us to call 1-800- Liquor if he didn’t return soon. I’m not certain what was going on in the kitchen tonight. Perhaps many of the cooks were given the evening off. It wasn’t crucial for us to get out quickly, just surprising that a quiet dining room created more problems for them than a full one.

I did skip my favorite desert, Key Lime Pie, to get Mrs. Kuki to “her store?, but alas to no avail. We got there to be greeted by closed doors. No one had to feel to bad for her though, St. Thomas is our port of call tomorrow.

Celebrity Century pulled into port after us. On the way back from Old San Juan I got some pictures of our back to back ships, side by side.
Tonight the college championship football game between Ohio State and Florida is being shown on the Big Screen on Lido Deck, and there’s also a big “Mexican themed? pool-side buffet scheduled for afterwards.
We’re not going to be participating in either, as we’ve got an early morning tour booked to St. Johns (and we're old), and Mrs. Kuki needs her rest before jolting the economy of the British Virgin Islands, and forcing a sharp rise in the stock value of American Express.

Kuki January 8th, 2007 09:33 PM


i want to eat dinner with the Captain and his crew too... how did you arrange that one?
Elaine.. Carnival is aware we're onboard, and doing the virtual cruise reports, so dinner is one of the "perks". Enjoyable, but I think I've learned to look past the "perks" to give honest opinion.. of the good and the bad. And honestly, I think the cruise line prefers the balanced approach.

did you mention to the Casino Host or Pit Boss how much you hate the automatic machine and that you'd prefer hand dealing? perhaps they might change it for you this week....
ROFLMAO.. I'm sure they wouldn't change the system for GOD. I certainly made everyone, including the officers at dinner last night LOL aware of how I feel about the shufflers.

Luanne Russo January 8th, 2007 09:36 PM


If you get a chance, could you get some pictures of one of the suites. I love looking at them, and you do pictures so well. LOL Please don't get in trouble. :shock: Ask first!!!! LOL

Glad you guys are having fun. What about the cruise director? Tell Todd he is missed on the Conquest.


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