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briguy January 13th, 2010 12:14 PM

Aft cabins now called suites..
I noticed while pricing different cruises especially on the Spirit those coveted wrap around balconies at the aft end are now referred to as suites not just standard cat 9 cabins. With that goes a hefty $500 higher price than just a few months ago. I suppose the demand for them warranted it but calling the same standard room a suite is a crock. Maybe its to justify the price increase but cmon already. All you get with a suite is priority boarding. I love those rooms like the next guy but they are sticking it to the man. We should have had an underground network that the cruiselines dont know about. Too much talk about those aft cabins alerted Carnival. Oh well whats the little guy to do?

katlady January 13th, 2010 12:25 PM

That blows. I booked 4E cabin early saver on Carnival Splendor. When they recatogaroized the rooms. My room became a 4F,:confused: so now the early saver room prices are on a more expensive cabin then I orginially booked. It's not that big a deal on from 4E to 4F about a $5 difference per person. I booked about a year in advance so I have used the Early Saver benefits.:D But if you booked a 9A that is now considered a cat 11 or 12 suite the difference would be huge and you would have the early saver limiations without a chance to pick up the early saver benefits.:evil:

Snoozeman January 13th, 2010 12:39 PM

Kind of goes along with Pauls' no more secrets blog. Posts about those cabins and they became popular on the net, thus the new demand. Good while it lasted. Lost my fav secret cabin too.:(

Phil&Liz January 13th, 2010 05:14 PM

Darn! :mad:

Snooze Cruise will be the first time weve gotten the aft cabin.

Maybe there is hope they will get so much furor over it they will reconsider.

I wonder what the dif in sq footage between the aft cabins and a designated suite a year ago is? Both counting the balcony and w/o it.

Is the "living space" larger or smaller in an aft vs a suite?

Phil & Liz

Mike M January 13th, 2010 06:05 PM

The aft wraparound balconies on Spirit Class ships were Cat 11 suites before they changed the designation to Vista Suite (VS).

On Conquest class ships they still are Cat 9C balcony cabins.

I sailed on the Carnival Legend in 5266 and it was a Cat 11. These former Cat 11, suite cabins are now the "Vista Suites". I can see why they reclassified them since they already have the suite furnishings, jacuzzi tub and granite counters.

Regardless: Carnival can now charge more for those wonderful aft cabins.

Take care,

Trip January 13th, 2010 07:33 PM

The cruise secret that"was"......gone are the days, when you had the pick of the litter!

Kuki January 13th, 2010 07:49 PM

Mike is right... on Spirit Class ships the wrap around balconies have always been Cat. 11 Suites.

But, my blog last week was about this sort of thing happening
Cruisemates Blog TMI – There are times where Too Much Information Crosses Up Cruisers – Kuki

Ron January 14th, 2010 01:13 PM

I agree that in many cases too much info. can ruin a good thing for everyone. The rear or aft cabins with the extended balconies is one that readily comes to mind. At first these were just regular cat. cabins and the extended balcony was an extra treat--then word spread very quickly to book an aft cabin for a bigger balcony--then whatta ya know-- these are suddenly " suites "-- I used to book them before they became so popular and the prices went up but quit booking them.
Sometimes we just need to keep a good thing to ourselves. If I've got a good thing going and post it on the internet ( after all doesn't the WWW stand for world wide web ? ) then how long am I going to have my good thing going, or how long is anyone else for that matter? Secret Cabins?? What's a great cabin to one may not be to another. If I have a particular cabin I like I'll book it and let the other 12 million book their own.
It's like the old complaint thing used to be--send a legitimate letter of complaint and get a discount on a future cruise. Word spread , thousands complained, got their discount and now the ones with a valid complaint have a harder time getting a true issue resolved.
What about ways to circumvent the alcohol policies of the cruise lines? How many times do you see the question posted as to how one can smuggle alcohol aboard and as soon as it's posted, the info starts to flood the site with all manner of ways to get around the ships policy. Then the price of drinks go up, everyone complains and around we go.
Maybe it sounds like I'm selfish--I'm not-- I just believe in keeping my mouth shut to a good thing as I know when it gets out, which it will, it will cease to be a good thing or you will end up paying more for the good thing that once was free.
Share info that's helpful and answer questions to help people as best we can but don't ruin a good thing by broadcasting it all over the world on how to put the screws to the cruiseline, as in the end, we, the passengers will get it in the " end ".
Now, start shooting-- I haven't been shot at for a while and actually miss the snap, crackle and pop of hot lead whizzing by !! :):):)

Mike M January 14th, 2010 03:49 PM

It is always disappointing when the cruise lines change things and some of the "insider" tricks no longer work.

Then again it isn't like the information that is being given is equal to the location of the Arc of the Covenant, Holy Grail or even the Mason's secret handshake.

The cruise lines watch trends closer than a cat watches a fish in a fish bowl. The marketing and revenue people at the cruise lines aren't stupid. Well; a few may be a bit challenged but when they see a trend they will try to capitalize on it to create revenue. Perhaps the spread of information on the Internet and cruise sites hastened these changes by a few months or a year but it wasn't like the good times were going to go on forever.

Yes: I am bummed that aft balconies are now categorized at a higher level and I will need to pay more for one. Then again, if the cruise lines overcharge for them and end up giving upgrades because people don't book them then their tactic failed. Or if people stop charging cash to their sign and sail in order to get free money or bonus points then the cruise line may rethink adding a 3% charge. If people no longer book 3 and 4 day cruises because they no longer can get equal loyalty program points then the 3 and 4 day cruise market will dry up or, once again, become the party boats. However; the last time I checked, people still charge cash to their sign and sail and book cheap 3 and 4 day cruises and the cruise line is laughing all the way to the bank and it helps keep the fares down and ships floating.

In the words of Jim Stafford: "All good things must come to an end and the same with the Wildwood Weed." :)

I am a firm believer that a secret isn't a secret if two people know it. We, as cruisers, can find ways to get around the system or do things that save us money and heighten our cruise experience. We'll just ride the wave as long as we can. When the waves breaks and the cruise lines take away our insider "perk" we can just be thankful we had a nice ride.

Take care,

Aerogirl January 18th, 2010 11:45 AM

Do you get VIP status with these suites??

BobMiller January 18th, 2010 02:56 PM


Originally Posted by Aerogirl (Post 1268819)
Do you get VIP status with these suites??

You get VIP boarding.
  • VIP Checkin
  • VIP lounge while waiting
  • VIP Lounge gets to board before the general waiting area.
The room stewards for the suites seem just a little higher quality.

Sometimes you get a lower number for disembarkation.

A sometimes the room steward lets you stay in your suite until you are ready to disembark.

No other real benefits during the cruise except a nice room.

Yes, I would do it again on the smaller ships where that is the only way to get a balcony, but would not pay the extra price when balcony cabins are available.

jhanham January 18th, 2010 05:31 PM

We booked cabin 7453, an aft extended balcony, on the Valor. Is this one of the cabins in question? I'm a bit confused with all the cabin choices. Thanks.

Aerogirl January 18th, 2010 05:41 PM

The two CC cruises we went on we had VIP since we where in a cat 12 suite. It's nice for check in and we where first in line to get off the ship also.

Cruznut2 August 30th, 2012 02:45 PM

Recently toured Carnival Legend. The aft cabins with the wraparound balconies are suites. Category 11. So I have to agree with Mike and Kuki.


Mike M August 30th, 2012 02:53 PM


Originally Posted by Cruznut2 (Post 1444453)
Recently toured Carnival Legend. The aft cabins with the wraparound balconies are suites. Category 11. So I have to agree with Mike and Kuki.


Nope: Category VS. Cat 11 went away about two years ago.

Take care,

Cruznut2 August 30th, 2012 04:52 PM


Originally Posted by Mike M (Post 1444454)
Nope: Category VS. Cat 11 went away about two years ago.

Take care,
Mike bad!


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