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Dannyboy July 18th, 2014 11:21 AM

Flights overseas with lay-overs
Hello CruiseMates
Are you planning a overseas cruise— Do you want to see your options with little cost of fees or expand your trip while reducing the fatigue of being on a very long flight?
The Cruise lines offer Pre and Post packages offering packages to many of these destination and they do the leg work.
But if you are using frequent Flyer miles and Hotel points, you may be spending hours to put together your trip, so look at your options below:
Where You Can Stop: Stopovers on intercontinental flights are confined to the airline's major hub cities. Most Airports include: Dublin, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Oslo in Europe; Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Istanbul, and Qatar in the Middle East; Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore, Taipei, and Tokyo in Asia; Fiji, Honolulu, and Tahiti in the Pacific.
How Long to Stop: If all you want is a short break between long flights, you can sometimes ticket yourself with a connecting time up to 24 hours as a through ticket, avoiding many fees at the connecting airport. But if you really want either a good rest or a good chance to visit the connecting country, you have to ticket the stopover itinerary as to include up to four separate flights.
"Free" Stopover Package: Air Tahiti Nui announced free stop overs on travel from the United States to Auckland & New Zealand, stopover for three nights in Tahiti for no increase in airfare with additional cost for hotels booked through the airline. Note: The airport hotels are not what you may expect, look at the resort locations and pay the additional cost.
No-Extra-Airfare Stopovers: No-extra-airfare stopover include Icelandair, & JAL which has been featuring Reykjavik stopovers.
Many other lines offer low-cost stopovers pending the pricing. Most Governments require fees on stopover longer than 24 hours.
NO-COST LAY-OVER, Check out Hawaiian Airlines with layovers in Hawaii on routes to Australia and the South Pacific.
For Europe try Lufthansa with major hubs in Germany @ Frankfurt & Munich. Both hubs have trains from airport into the City.
Most domestic & International airlines will have lay-overs between 12 to 20 hours at no charge. If you a airport hotel with shuttle is really a great option for a city tour.
Stopover Packages: Several airlines feature stopover deals at their hubs, including Emirates at Dubai, Etihad at Abu Dhabi, Icelandair, Qatar, Singapore, and Turkish at Istanbul. Most of these are promotionally priced hotel/sightseeing/transfers packages, operated by a cooperating local tour operator; the deal on Turkish is a "free" Istanbul sightseeing tour on stopovers of six to 24 hours.
Finding the Deal: Use the big search engines such as Cheap o Air, Travelocity, Airfare Watch Dog, TripAdvisor, Kayak etc: Enter a "multiple cities" itinerary, including the stopover point or simply check the flights with extended lay-overs to determine if the layover is in a City you would be interested in visiting.
Always call the airline to get details from reservations on flight numbers and scheduling. keep in mind, booking online will save you $$
Frequent Flyer: Most frequent-flyer programs permit at least one and usually two stopovers on intercontinental trips with no extra miles. But you do have to pay the required Gov. cost & airport fees. Warning stops in London the U.K. will have a departure tax at nearly $200 plus additional Government fees.

BernieG July 18th, 2014 12:36 PM

We're doing this in Early December. We were able to get a 24 hour stop in Amsterdam at no cost.

aerospace July 18th, 2014 12:46 PM

A regular flight might be limited to 24 hours layover in the US but it's more internationally. Booking a normal one way flight Dallas to Singapore I was offered up to 47 hours 50mins as a layover in Seoul. They even have special visa program you can apply for at the airport for 72 hours visit layovers, costs about $9.50.

nishitha August 23rd, 2018 05:29 AM

Hi, every one I have one question what is a difference between stopover and layover.

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