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Dannyboy May 29th, 2015 03:53 PM

You never though it would happen to you!

Why it is a benefit to sign up with the airline frequent flyer programs.

You give yourself options and the big one is setting up airline NOTIFICATIONS via TEXT messages!

Passengers who do not sign up in the loyalty program may not understand that Gate changes and flight delay's are common, If you know advance from an ALERT from airline, this will allow you to adjust accordingly.

You will need to set up text service with your phone carrier and airline, you then will receive ALERTS via text messages on updates you set up as they become available.
This becomes essential when a lay-over is less than adequate to race across the airport to find out your gate was changed.
Gate agents will make a last call, then your seats are open for any stand-by passengers, once they are boarded, you are out of luck.

One episode that is common, people will show up at the airport an hour before their flight, then see 30 +/- people standing in line waiting to check in luggage, after they check luggage they head to security only to find out it's another 25 +/- minutes. Meanwhile, there luggage is on the plain and they just completed the security check and they arrive at boarding gate, which closed 2-minutes ago.

So before you depart to airport, it is recommended to put the airline number for lost/delayed luggage in your phone. Sounds ridicules, until you need it.
1- phone call to the airline can reroute your luggage to your required destination to allow you to meet up with your luggage, if required.

Another issue is luggage, many passengers don't realize how many flights depart without there luggage.
It does not matter the reason, your luggage will not be at pick-up location when you land.

As you know many flights are delayed from weather or mechanical; etc.
Point being, your luggage may arrive with or without you at airport and if you are on a time restraint, you have limited options.

From past experience, Winter flights with lay-overs at airports that often get closed from ice/snow create a significant increase in cancelled flights and or long delays, this also applies to hurricanes during the summer months on the East Coast.
This is why, flying 1-day advance is the preferred recommendation. need not say more!

NEVER, ever leave your passport packed in luggage!
It must stay on your person at all times.
The airline will store your passport information if you need it.

The airline can forward upon your consent your luggage with minimum delay, if you know time will not allow a run to airport and return to ship.
You will need to provide details to your airline, they can forward as directed.
This will allow you to determine what will benefit you or if additional consideration will be required to link-up up with your luggage at 1st port of call.

This is especially important for cruise passengers for obvious reasons.

Example: If your ship departs at 5 PM and your luggage will be arriving at airport at 4 pm same day of cruise, you have an option and may determine forwarding delivery of your luggage to the port agent at 1st port of call may be the only practical solution in order to meet up with your luggage.

This is why having the port agents (Name, Address & Phone) at each port of call in your immediate possession such as your (SMARTPHONE CONTACTS) or a print out is important.

It is important to understand that certain factors are required before the airline(s) will make delivery at no charge to a destination not serviced at the location for which it does not fly or a port of call.

Cruise insurance often will cover this additional cost, you must read the policy to verify what is covered before purchase.

So remember, airlines have two requirements for check-in, which wil be printed on your ticket.
Flight check-in time and gate check-in time.
If you do not meet both check-in requirements, you may be flipping the bill for forward delivery.


Manuel May 29th, 2015 06:56 PM

Dannyboy, you sure make things complicated.

I have flown to many destinations foreign and domestic and for the most part things have worked out very well without any drama.


BernieG May 29th, 2015 08:10 PM

having had no luggage for 22 days in the Med. on our last trip, I appreciate your post.

Dannyboy May 29th, 2015 08:46 PM


Originally Posted by Manuel (Post 1519394)
Dannyboy, you sure make things complicated.

I have flown to many destinations foreign and domestic and for the most part things have worked out very well without any drama.


Advise is only as good as the person who can benefit from it.

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