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Default 15 y/o too old?

We are thinking of doing a Disney cruise instead of our yearly Disney World vacation. My 15 y/o daughter is a little hesitant, we aren't taking a friend. How do teenagers do on these cruises? She isn't shy!
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Default Re: 15 y/o too old?


There is a great place on board for teens. It is called Common Grounds. It is a coffee house type of venue where they can get coffees, drinks, etc. They also have a huge screen tv, videos, games, and many teens. My 14 yr old niece went with us and we could not get her out of there. One night they even had a night club type of event only for teens.

She will definitely love it, if she is not shy.

Have fun!
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Default Re: Re: 15 y/o too old?

As a teen, I thought the same thing your daughter is now. "This Disney Crusie will be just a bunch of little kids running around hugging Mickey Mouse." Well boy was I proved wrong. As a 14 year old guy, i had the time of my life. There was an outstandingly fun Teen-only area with cool teen-only activites. She will meet guys from 13-17 and plenty of them. Trust me, as a teen I couldn't have had more fun.

Hope you the best!
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Default Re: 15 y/o too old?

My daugher was 14 when we went last summer and we are back this summer as a 15yo. She had so much fun that I only saw her at dinner....and she still corresponds, by email, with some of the kids she met last year.
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Default Re: Re: 15 y/o too old?

Well, take it from MikeD! He's right. My 14 yr old LOVED it, and like llachance said, once my daughter connected with the kids, we hardly saw her! Just make sure your kid(s) get connected on the very first day so they make friends and feel they fit in. ANYONE who thinks there is any kind of upper "age" limit doesn't understand this trip ~ and I mean teens to seniors. MikeD, cool input!
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Default Re: 15 y/o too old?

My teens 14 and 17 thought they were in heaven! We saw them at breakfast and again at dinner and seldom in between unless it was on an excursion. We relaxed curfue and seldom saw our 17 year old before 1:30 am. (We did make an effort to meet parents of kids they became closest with). Both met friends they continue to keep up with. One will be going to college near here and we have already invited family to visit on the way to/from school.
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Default Re: 15 y/o too old?

While the little ones were kept busy in the labs and play areas, the older kids roamed the ship is packs, accompanied by very capable (and liked) counselers. They were identified by bandanas which the girls tied around their necks and the guys wore on their heads. They were always doing something, not sure what.

That age group seemed to have more fun within their groups on Coco Cay than the ones who stayed with parents.

They have their own teen club and state of the art arcade. The teenage basket and volleyball games seemed a bit rough except it was the girls dumping the guys on their butt.

Don't expect to see much of your daughter.
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Default Re: 15 y/o too old?

Hey i am 15 and i went on the disney wonder cruiseship. it was the BEST week of my life. The teen club was such a cool room. i loved it. there was a dance and a murder game and a volleyball tournament and a pool party. Tell her that mostly every one is 14 or older and it is awesome. But beware if you do schedule it be sure to ask if there are any lounges reseraunts etc. above or below you're room . My family had a room below a ping-pong table. i can't even explain how much fun it was. go on the cruise and you'll never forget it.
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