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Singles Talk to other single cruisers about cruising in groups or cruising solo.

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Old May 18th, 2014, 04:04 PM
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Talking Post your suggestions here for meeting singles.

First and foremost if are reading this post and you do not have a few current photo's posted on CruiseMates, then take the time and upload pictures now, this also applies to CruiseMates looking to share a cabin on a platonic basis.
If a large cruise ship has 2,000 plus passengers and assuming 2% are single equates to 40 mixed singles on the ship.
Now, assume half are over 45 years of age both male & female, that leaves approximately 20 single guys & gals over 45.

My experience is to get as manyFREE photo's as possible posted on the photography boards taken by the ship's photo crew.
When you board the ship, make sure you hold your left hand up showing no wedding ring! Sounds tacky, but you get your face and status across to the singles you intend on engaging during your cruise.
This isfree advertising.

When your pic's taken by the ships photo crew start getting posted on the photo boards, move them to an eye level in one location on the photo boards & move other single pictures you find attractive to the same location, they will see you sooner or later.

If you see a mom & young daughter together or father & younger son together, this may not be your best option, even though they may be traffic conversationalist, you most likely will never get anywhere during the cruise.
You women whom scope out single men or you guys seeking out single women PARTYING together, you will find there photoís on the boards real quick, itís a pretty good chance they are all about having fun, get my drift.

Also, speak to the head maitre d when you 1st board the ship.

$20 may find your way to a preferred dining table, after the second evening, seating changes can be made, providing you take care of business upon boarding, itís important to move to another table, if you do not have talent at the table you are seated.
No matter how nice your table mates are, you need to focus on the task at hand.

First impression is important, so to improve your odds, dress for success, avoid talking about politics and religion when dining (so you'll have interesting things to talk about, direct your questions to a specific passenger of interest until you can determine common interest) and defiantly keep your conversation on the ports of call and activities planned during the voyage.
Also bringing up the notorious watering holes close to the ship at every port of call will go a long way to open up your chances of an onboard romance.
Your table staff will be your best advisors.
If you want to receive positive reactions, Focus on what you say as much as how you present yourself.
Biggest mistake you can make on a cruise is getting beyond sloppy drunk.
Displaying manners and showing respect will attract the type of person whom is quite and observes others.

Getting back to dressing up, Men, rent a black tux for formal nights and you gals reading this post, wear a sexy little black cocktail dress with high heels. If you want to catch a man's attention, a smile, eye contact and cleavage will close the deal.
You can always change into more comfortable cloths later in the evening.
Men donít wear baseball caps and tee shirts anywhere but the pool area.
I donít recommend cowboy hats in the dining room either, even if you spent $175 on your hat.

The night club after midnight should be a pit stop, the key is to go out and dance! If you are serious about having fun, learn to salsa, whatever it takes, learn the steps itís easy and dancing is seductive.

The gym is also a neutral location to encounter select singles, providing you are in fairly decent shape, it is up to you to formally introduce yourself and remember names, even upon passing throughout the cruise ship and at the ports of call, always smile & compliment your new friend addressing them by first name.

The pool is also a great place to meet singles, if you happen to run into a passenger of interest and the company in their presents; you should be able to determine the type of group whom they are traveling with and if they have a lover with them onboard. Just donít stock the person!

Mutual respect and engagement is always a must, in other words, if the person has no interest in carrying on a conversation or avoids your presents, just leave. Donít hunt them down on the ship or in the ports.

Point being, if there are 5 or 6 singles you have an interest in meeting, it is up to you to introduce yourself. All passenger ships are love boats, providing you have your own cabin.
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