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81 User Reviews of Carnival Glory Cruise Ship

Western Caribbean
Publication Date: May 3, 2008

We loved this cruise and had a wonderful 7 day vacation! Our family of four visited two fairly new ports of call on this trip -- Belize and Roatan, Honduras.

Both of these ports were wonderful. The islands are breathtaking and the local folks were all so nice and friendly.

Most of the information I found on the internet about these two ports of call before our departure indicated these two ports were not terribly safe. But we found them both to be very safe during "cruise ship" days when security was apparently heavier. The local people welcome the cruise passengers with open arms and hearts!!!

In Belize, we highly recomend booking an afternoon excursion with "Ecological Tours & Services." They can be contacted at

They offer a great boat trip to Banister Island that includes guided snorkeling and cold drinks. This tiny island is located just a few minutes from the pier and offers some of the most beautiful scenery in the carribean!! We enjoyed a lunch cooked by local ladies of barbecued chicken, potato salad, and rice & beans. It was out of this world!

We did not book this excursion through

Carnival as their excursion prices were almost triple to what we paid by simply waiting until we arrived in Belize and booking this right on the pier.

We highly recommend these folks if you're traveling to Belize!! The owner's name is Marvin Deras and his phone number is 011-501-223-4874 in Belize City.

Happy travels everyone!

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: January 10, 2008

The Carnival Glory is the worse experience I have ever had on a cruise!! Carnival is worse then ever in every way!

Ship Dirty. All I can say is everywhere you went you found clutter and dirt!

Cabin Dirty. Not the room stewards' fault though. The room was just dirty and old looking.

Crew The best way to explain the Carnival crew is to say that they walk through the ship with no emotion. It's like they are going through the motions, but can't stand any of us. They are inconsiderate and have no people skills.

Dining If you like fast food then this is the ship for you!! It was bad. Every meal and every buffet was really bad. No selection on any buffet. Dinner was just as bad in the dining room.

Deck Large, but always wet and people were slipping everyday. I think it's the only part of the ship that they cleaned!

Shows These were OK.

Ports These were wonderful!

Summary Do not take the Carnival Glory. I would never travel any Carnival ship again. We have been on nine cruises. This was our third and last with Carnival. They

are known as the "budget" line for a reason.
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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: March 24, 2007

This was our third cruise but our first cruise with Carnival. For the price we paid, it was a good value. The wait staff in all the restaurants were great, the maitre' d was wonderful and our cabin steward took care of everything. We were disappointed however in the amount of children on the ship that were just let loose. The Camp Carnival did not seem to be of any benefit. We will sail again with Carnival as long as we are with our friends who made the cruise enjoyable, however, Royal Caribbean is our favorite. Carnival's reputation as inexpensive and carefree was very evident on this cruise.

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: April 26, 2008

We were a group of 10 this cruise. It was a good cruise. Not our best cruise, but good.

We all love to cruise and we love Carnival cruise lines. Didn't think that the Glory was the prettiest ship.

The service was very good. The cabin steward was better then usual. Our dinner waiter was Bario from honduras. He was very personable and knew our names right away.

The food was not the best we have had. Thought that Carnival was cutting back on the better menus. Trust me, though, none of us went hungry. Just not up to the normal Carnival par.

I believe that Port Canaveral is the fastest and easiest terminal to embark at. They are so organized that it takes a short time to get on the ship.

Loved the shows and the casino wasn't too hard on us either.

Like I said not our favorite ship but we will be looking for our next cruise with Carnival real soon.

We went to the Dig at Atlantis in Nassau. Well I didn't think the $35 per person was worth it. It was all in all a fun day

in Nassau anyways. Did some gambling in the Atlantis casino too.

St. Thomas was beautiful as usual. Love St. Maarten. The Dawn beach was very nice. Great time there. Found Capt. Hook on the docks. He gave us a ride to the beach and made sure we got back to ship on time. He was wonderful. Stayed there with us. Nice beach and they had food and drinks there too. The ocean was great that day.

The stabilizers went out on the ship. So it was more of a rough trip. But for the most of us it didn't matter. After all, we are on a ship in the middle of the ocean. Had some winds a few days. Made it hard to sit on our balcony. But I still will always have a balcony cabin.

Any questions, feel free to email me. Can't wait till our next cruise. That will make it #8 for us. Happy cruising.

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: December 15, 2007

Ship: Carnival Glory 12/15/2007 -- 12/22/2007 from Port Canaveral. Party of 5.

Ports Visited: Cozumel, Belize, Rotan, Freeport

Previous Cruise History: Carnival-Fantasy, Carnival-Celebration (3 Cruises), Celebrity-Constellation

Reason for Choosing Carnival Glory: Port Canaveral 3 hours drive from home, 7 day cruise, visited ports that we had not been to before, departed and arrived on a Saturday which allowed a day of rest before going back to work on Monday.

Embarkation Arrived around 12 noon. Good crowd already present but moving ok. Once we made it through the initial security check in, we were met by a Carnival representative due to one person in our party using a wheel chair. Representative took us to an area away from the crowds and personally handled checking in all members of our party. After we had received our Sign/Sail cards the representative led us on-board the ship, even actually taking over pushing the wheel chair on board for us. Whole check-in took around 45 minutes due to number of persons in our party and one person forgetting to bring their birth certificate with them. They accepted his driver's license and SSN card.

Cabins Had 2 inside rooms. Only complaint

was during the cruise there was a slight, almost unnoticeable, rocking of the ship and this I was told caused a sort of clicking/popping noise coming from the ceiling which was only really noticeable when trying to get to sleep.

Ship's Staff Room steward, dining room personnel were all great. Bruno the Maitre-D was great. Most of the staff greeted you when you passed them walking on the ship, although a few did not acknowledge any greetings we made.

Onboard Facilities Wish they would have had a better adults-only area that included a pool/whirlpools. The small area we found in the gym away from most of the crowds was very small with a small pool with water jets that you could use to swim against. The whirlpool attached only held 3 persons comfortably.

Part of my problem was the large amount of UNSUPERVISED teenagers on board. The last night of the cruise we were coming back from a show and met 3 teenagers racing down the hall pushing one of their friends in a wheelchair. They had run into and snagged some luggage that had been placed in the hall and were trying their best to get past the luggage. We told them they were going to tear a hole in the luggage. Their response what to just get out of the chair and run down the hall.

We were told we had a fully occupied cruise of around 3500 guests.

Entertainment The shows were OK. One night they had a comedian we really liked. I thought they could have had better lead singers, especially the male vocalist. Voice ok but no stage presence or personality. Dancers were fair.

NOTE: I was really spoiled on a past cruise on the Celebrity Constellation. Hey can't be bad when they hand you a glass of champagne when you board the ship.

Food Food was good. Had a chocolate buffet one day and was in heaven.

Excursions Cozumel: We all just got off the ship and walked around down town as we had arrived at a pier right in the center of town. Went to a few shops and then returned to the ship.

Belize: Couple of us went on a cave tubing excursion. Made reservations on our own with Maj. Tom. Price was half of what Carnival was charging for same excursion. Nice excursion. Highly recommend.

Rotan: Did take Carnival's general tour of Rotan. Was a nice tour of the island. Tour included a boat ride that was said to include 2 wrecks. The boat ride was disappointing as was just in a small area and the wrecks were rusted out hulls of two cargo ships, one that had run had aground years ago and the other which was carrying lumber, and had caught fire and was abandoned.

Debarkation Wish we had been able to take advantage of the Self-Assist Disembarkation as two people in our party did take advantage of it and were off the ship by around 8:30. Since we had the luggage and having to push a wheel chair, we had to wait our turn. Our luggage tags had numbers on them and you were instructed to wait until your number was called. Our number was 24. We could have gotten off sooner as they really don't check which number you have, but if you get off earlier you will have to wait on your luggage as we were told the luggage is off loaded in order of the numbers being called. During our wait, Carnival representatives were checking on us to see which number we had. When the numbers called got to 20, a representative came and got us since we had one person in a wheel chair and helped us off the ship. They helped us skip most of the long lines waiting to disembark, assisted in retrieving our luggage, and stayed with us until we were able to start loading our car.

We were really impressed with the service they provide to the handicapped and commend Carnival for their support to the handicapped.

We were off the ship by 10 a.m.

Overall Impression Sort of/kind of disappointed with the ship itself. Nothing really stands out except the service they provided to the member of our party that was in a wheelchair. Being a newer/large ship (2003) I had expected more. Maybe it's just me. I was spoiled by Celebrity's Constellation ship. Would we sail again on the Glory? Never say never if the price is right.

Going to check out a Royal Caribbean cruise in March 08 on the Mariner of the Seas. From what I've read, this is a very nice ship.

Happy Cruising in 2008!!

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: October 13, 2007

We stayed at the Hampton Inn Cocoa Beach and took their shuttle to Port Canaveral Saturday at about 11 AM. Check in was fairly quick and simple and we were on board by 12:30 and in our cabins by 1:30.

We had a balcony cabin on the Empress deck, aft (7363). The cabin was clean and had plenty of room and storage places. We were very happy with the location and condition. The only complaint were the door bangers. How hard can it be to simply CLOSE a door!! Other than that the room was quiet.

The muster drill started around 3:30 and much to my disappointment was still underway when we set sail. I wanted to be up on deck when we sailed but was still stuck on the Atlantic deck waiting to be released. Not fun.

The Glory is a much larger ship than the Elation, which was our first cruise ship. The ship was clean and I have no real complaints about the condition. There were some hallway carpets that need replacing and one hallway carpet was replaced one day while we were in port. Other than that the

ship was clean. It was very crowded, especially around the Red Sail Restaurant. The drink stations are not well placed and seem to cause "traffic jams". There was always plenty of food to choose from and good selections. We alternated eating breakfast in the dining room and the Red Sail. Both were good. For supper the 7 nights, we ate in the dining room 3 nights, 2 were formal nights. The other 4 nights were mostly in the Red Sail or had pizza. If you eat in the Red Sail and want to find a table, go upstairs to where the fish and chips place is located. We always found tables up there and it was less crowded than downstairs. The dining room food was good, but I wouldn't call it fantastic. Food is not a major thing for me so I was just happy eating at the buffet most of the time.

Our biggest complaint was the ice cream stations. Many times we went to the Lido aft station and there were NO coffee cups at all. The ice cream would be dripping all over the place and not cleaned up. But, it did not stop us from getting ice cream. There are several other stations to choose from, it was just where we always ended up.

The Amber Palace is very pretty but not designed for viewing. Many seats are positioned close to support poles and cannot be seen around and the railings are also at a level where a lot of people could not see over them. We did find some good seats for most of the shows, if we got there about 30 minutes early.

The Lido deck was always crowded and very hard to find anyplace to sit out of the sun. We did find lounge chairs on the Sun deck several days just to hang out in.

Disembarkation was very easy. It took us less than 30 minutes from the time they called our zone until we walked out to catch our shuttle. Much easier than when we sailed last year on the Elation.

All in all we really had a great time and enjoyed everything. It's a large ship so plan on doing lots of walking. We walked just about everywhere and very seldom took the elevators, they are slow. Would we sail the Glory again? Probably, but after we have tried a Spirit class ship.

One last thing. Wee Jimmy was very good and we really enjoyed his "Dolly Parton" role in the Legends show. The lead female singer tends to scream instead of sing and we didn't care for that, but the shows were good and we enjoyed them.

I know I am missing several points, but I'm trying to keep this short and simple and it is very hard to cover everything. Any questions I can answer, I will, on the forums. Happy sailing to all.

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: October 6, 2007

We have just returned from our cruise. This was our 4th cruise and our second with Carnival. Outside of our first, which is always the most special one, this was a great cruise.

We stayed at the Airport Marriot in Orlando and it was very nice. The counter person at Starbucks deserves 5 stars. She was good. We ate at Tony Roma's and that was just okay.

The next day we left the hotel at 8:15 and we were on the ship by 12:15 p.m. We boarded the bus at the airport at 10:15. The bus driver oddly enough got lost on the way to Port Canaveral and had to get directions. That has never happened to me before.

Embarkation was good. Having done this before -- this was good -- not bad, but not excellent either. Once on board the ship things just got better the whole week.

The ocean was never above three feet so criusing was very smooth. The ship was spotless. There was one patch of rug on our floor that desperately needed to be replaced, and it was while we were cruising. While I won't go

into elaborate details on each meal, I will say breakfast was typical of any cruise ship. Royal Caribbean has a good idea on some of their ships in that they use kiosks rather then one long line. The choices, however, were great and done well. Lunch choices ranged from the buffet that changed daily by country, to hamburgers and hot dogs, to 24-hour pizza, to the New York deli, or Chinese food. Sushi was also available. Dinner was excellent with a wide variety of choices to fit all tastes. I enjoyed beef done several different ways on any given night. Entrees, deserts, and appetizers were spectacular. Again, was it 5-star? No, but it was darned close. The Emerald Club is 5-star and is well worth the extra money.Our head waitress, Kate, and her assistant, Iwayan, were spectacular. The show that Carnival's waitstaff puts on at the end of dinner again is a nice touch.

The shows were good. I especially liked the comedians and the magicians, and my wife liked the stage productions. The after hours comedy shows are worth seeing. I think the female lead singer should take Frank Sinatra's advice which was sing, don't scream -- you already have the job.

Disembarking was okay. We chose to pay extra for the express check-out so to speak, where you say goodbye to your bags the night before and see them again when you arrive home. Our bags took an extra day's vacation and got home the next day. This needs a bit of work.

The ports were good. The Bahamas are so laid back. Honduras is poor and I am sure will build up over time as it has already started to do just that.

WEEEEEEE Jimmy is great and is the first cruise director that has a lot of heart and little attitude. Kudos to the wee one.

Final word is that it was a great cruise and I hope you experience the same. If you can, cruise in October or November as the college kids are in school.

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: July 21, 2007

There are some readers that might recall that I was the one who argued Land based vacations against Cruise vacations. More to follow on that topic.

Cabins: This was our first Cruise and of course we had no idea what to expect. Our party consisted of 4, Mom and Dad and two daughters 18 and 16. We opted for separate cabins and Mom and Dad had an outside balcony cabin and the girls were inside located 2 doors down across the hall. This is where my first warning to new cruisers will come in. Cabin location is EVERYTHING. We were on the Upper deck forward and the balcony cabin was directly in the same hallway that accesses the elevators. The girls cabin was more forward than ours and located directly over the Amber Palace. With the location of each cabin, both were extremely noisy throughout the night and into the early mornings. Very unpleasant. Even though ours was a balcony cabin the noise from the hallway, elevators, room attendants and worker with their carts up and down the hallway all night long was most annoying. The Upper deck itself was nice and

we had no complaints about the deck location.

Excursions: Second warning… try and avoid very early morning excursion departures. Just kind of a pain in the butt is all. Because 3 in our group are certified scuba divers and the other not, we elected to split up into 2 groups of 2 at each island to do out excursions and tours. 2 of us had a 0830 departure for a 2 tank dive in Nassau while the other 2 did the Garden and City tour that departed at 0945. In St. Thomas we all did the Kayak, Hike and Snorkel tour, it was very nice leaving the ship at 0900. The last stop was in St, Marrten which we found by far to be our favorite island. 2 of us did the Golden Eagle Catamaran tour departing at 0900 and the other 2 did the easy wreck dive departing not until 145 in the afternoon. The time differences were nice and allowed each group a little extra shopping time in the downtown areas of each island.

Food: Very good but also very average at times. It was nice to be able to get something to eat anytime you wanted it and of course the unlimited room service was a big hit with the girls. Our dining room was the "Golden" dining room and it was nice. We unexpectedly ended up with just a table for the 4 of us and our servers were very nice. Again the food was good just not great. I was a bit disappointed with the Lobster. It was just not very good at all. The much-talked about Chocolate melting cake was also just good not great.

The Ship: Very nice, very well kept and fairly easy to get around. Pools WAY to small and over crowed. Lounge chairs, I read many many times before we left that you were not suppose to "reserve" or "hold" chairs if your not going to immediately use them. Sorry folks I found out the hard way the early bird gets the worm. Sorry if that upsets people but when in Rome do as the Romans do. That's all I can say.

Overall Experience: On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best, we'd rate the whole trip as a 7+. The noisy rooms really had a lot to do with the rating. Now the big answer everyone has been waiting for…..Land based vs. Cruise. We had a really great time on the Cruise. However, we didn't have $6000 dollars worth of fun. The shows nor the casinos or even the unlimited food really didn't mean that much to us. We were there for the different islands, excursions, sun and people watching.

Will be posting pictures soon......

Feel free to e-mail me with any further questions……. [email protected]

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: April 21, 2007

My DH and I took our second cruise together on the Carnival Glory last spring. We drove from NC to Port Canaveral. It was a nice drive actually, a little over 10 hours. We stayed at the Country Inn and Suites by the port. I recommend that hotel to anyone who is cruising out of PC. The hotel is new, clean and beautiful, as well as affordable. I believe it was around $130 for the night before and parking for the entire week, as well as a roundtrip shuttle to the port, as well as free breakfast.

Boarding The boarding process is something I wish we could do away with entirely (or hurry up and get to VIP status). But honestly it was not that horrible. We were checked in and onboard within 2 hours. I do have to say that the atrium on the Glory was not as stunning as the Sensation had been, but that was also back when the Sensation had the beautiful statue in the atrium.

Cabin Our room was R1343, on the Rivera deck. We love oceanview staterooms and found this one on the Glory

to be perfect. The room itself is larger than it's overview counterparts on the Fantasy class ships, but has the same amenities. We also love the Rivera deck on the Conquest class as it is close to the action, but not in the middle of all of it.

Ship The Glory was definitely a beautiful ship, but we were not all that fond of the design flow. On the Fantasy class ships it is very easy to walk from one end of the ship to the other. On the Conquest class the ship is divided by several rooms, including the main dining rooms. This can make the first few days tricky.

Food We did not try the alternative restaurant as my DH did not want to "waste" the money, but I promise we are trying it on our next cruise as we heard it was amazing. The food in the main dining room was ok. We thought the Inspiration had better food in the main dining room. It could also be because we were the last of 3 seatings as well. You could definitely tell the food had been sitting on heaters. The Lido restaurant was great as always, however, the midnight buffet was not advertised at all on this sailing, so we missed it.

Ports We sailed the Western Caribbean. We had been to Cozumel before so we did not do a tour, however, when they tell you to take a taxi from the port, DO IT. We thought this information was just a marketing scheme, but honestly you are docked about 4 miles from Cozumel, and unless you are wanting to get your workout in, I would suggest getting a taxi.

Belieze was amazing. We did the river tube excrusion and it was a blast. Just don't forget, bottoms up!

Costa Maya was great. We took a cab to the private beach and spent all day at this amazing beach bar with hammocks and drinks. Really a picture perfect time.

I had been to the Bahamas numerous times before, but my DH had never been. We rented a scooter ($30 for the day) and headed to Atlantis. We toured the hotel and then made our way to the shops and other various things to see in town.

Overall the trip was a great one. We are currently looking into our next cruise, and will hopefully have another review soon.

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: January 27, 2007

The first thing that came to mind was "WOW". At 110,000 tons this is one of the larger ships cruising out there. This was my third cruise and my wifes second and the first time we were able to vacation without the kids for over 6 years and we were very happy with our experience.

We did all the research read all the reviews and were not dissapointed. Carnival held up its end of the deal as being the "FUN" ship. There was something going on at all hours of the day whether you were in port or not for all ages. The food was great at the buffets, pizzaria, grill, bistro and dining rooms. The sushi was a little limited so that was a little dissapointing and a little dry. The one dining experience my wife and I would have paid for several times was the Emerald Supper Club. It is an additional $30.00 a person but well worth it. The staff is proffessional and knowledgable and the cooks are some of the best I have ever experienced. Even my wife had steak which she usually doesn't since they can't

ever cook it to her liking. In her words "it was perfect", so don't miss this experience.

We had one of the outside staterooms with a balcony and eventhough we didn't make the best use of the balcony it was nice to have since it made the room seem even larger than it was. There was pleanty of rooom under the bed (which was two doubles pushed together to make a very comfortable king) for all 3 peices of our luggage with no effort at all. There is a no charge safe for your convienience and under couch storage as well if you need more.

You truly notice the size of this ship if you have just cruised on 80,000 tons or smaller on the fourth day because that is how long it took us to figure out how to avoid the midship dining room when we wanted to get fore or aft. But it is a treat to explore with all the vibrant colors, artwork and lovely people that always have a friendly hello for you as you pass.

The two lessons we learned are if you enjoy the Spa, go on the days you are in port or wait until after the third day after departing since they have better deals on their services and packages. The shore excursions we took were the Dolphin swim in Cozumel which is one of if not the most expenssive of the excursions at $165.00 per person and for that you get a belly to belly ride, kiss and hug with the dolphin. I don't know if it would be less expenssive to do it on your own but it was a wonderful experience. The other once we took was the Jungle canopy zip lines in Belize which was fun but it was a 2hr bus ride each way and only about 1hr 45min doing the five zip lines and two repells. It had just rained making the logging road very muddy and probably added time to the trip but there is no food included so each a good breakfast. Other than that the other excursions were priced on par with other cruise lines.

Our favorite spot was the Burgundy Bar which is the Martini bar and Sylvia the Bulgarian bar tender was phenominal. She could make anything you asked for and then some and she had the most pleasant personality.

Over all this was the best cruise we both had been on and would do it again. This ship is part of the Conquest class for Carnival and they have truly done it right. We didn't use any of the kid program services but those that had children on board said they were pricless and that their kids had a great time, ages ranged from 3-17.

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