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81 User Reviews of Carnival Glory Cruise Ship

Western Caribbean
Publication Date: January 13, 2007

Embarkation: About the only positive thing about this cruise was the Embarkation process. It was quick and easy.

Public Rooms and Cabin: Most of the public rooms were bright and colorful. Our cabin was really no different than any other cruise line.

Cabin Service: Service on this ship was horrible. Our first full day on this cruise our cabin did not get cleaned. Trying to get housekeeping to respond to our calls was like pulling teeth. We needed to get ready for dinner and id not have any clean towels. When we called the Pursur's desk they would not help us over the phone. We had to actually go to the desk in order to get the issue resolved. It took nearly one hour to get towels delivered to us.

Dining Room food and service: The food on this cruise was mediocre at best. The service was well below average. On our first night we asked for lemonade for our kids and our waiter's response was "you need to go to the Lido deck for that, eat there if you want lemonade". Our waiter kept blaming mistakes on his "partner" (the assistant waiter)

who appeared to be working her tail off. He would reprimand her in our presence. One night three of the seven people at our table arrived five minutes late for dinner. He had already taken our order. Instead of serving us at the same time he literally served our entire meal (sans dessert) before he even served them their salad. The next night when several people were running late we decided not to order until they arrived. This upset him and he literally stood at our table glaring at us until someone in our party asked him to please stop staring.

Entertainment: Less than amatuer. Being people who love to dance I don't understand why cruise lines play the same music over and over for seven days or they play dance music in public halls. One night we noticed no one in the disco at 10:30 pm and made a request of the DJ to play a salsa song and a swing song. We endured a five minute lecture on how there is latin music hour (in the hallway) and how he had to play certain music or people would not come into the disco. We couldn't believe that we were being lectured and had to practically beg just to get two songs played in an empty disco.

Security and Safety: We were traveling with our nephews in their 20's and our neice also in her 20's as well as our 15 and 16 year old. Two nights before our cruise was due to end my 150 pound nephew was randomly assaulted by two men well over 200 pounds. We found out from people in the disco at the time that these two men had talked about "messing someone up for fun" that night. My nephew had his head slammed into a glass table. Security intervened and in front of security one of the bullies reached out as if to shake my nephews hand and proceeded to head but him so badly he ended up on the floor. He had bruises on his neck and arms and cuts on his face. So what does security do? Even though they witnessed this they let the guys go with a warning to stay away from my family.

We were in the Bahamas the next day and my other nephew was hit in the hall of the cruise ship by one of the bullies. They still allowed this men to roam the ship at will and to drink. We insisted on talking to the captain. We were told by the pursurs office that this was not allowed and the security office only relented after we threatened a law suit. In our opinion it was useless talking ot the Captain who told us he would 100% guarantee the safety of our family, yet security was nowhere to be seen on the final night of our voyage when one of the men began harrassing my niece. Despite telling us they were going to have these men arrested when they got off the ship, they let them roam around and drink and be around my nephews and children. We lost our temper when we witnessed him approach our niece to harrass her. We insisted that he be banned from the disco where our family was. It baffles us that these men were allowed to roam around after they assaulted two passengers and were going to be arrested when the ship docked.

We have been on other Carnival cruises that have been average to above average. We really think the management on this ship must be in disarray. I would avoid this ship at all possible cost!

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: December 30, 2006


The dining room food was very good, there was something for everyone. There was care taken in the preparation of the food and the menu itself. While it is mass produced, it is top quality. There were a few exceptions though. If you like Chocolate try the Chocolate melting cake, it's the bomb!

I have to also mention the waiters we had. Shettie is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, I have been on four cruises now and he is the best so far. A+++

The Red sail, which is the cafe on deck nine, serves all three meals, as well as snacks and late night dishes.

I found breakfast to be at best ok. Breads were not toasted enough, pastries where a bit stiff. The eggs had a rough consistency. A big positive for the Red Sale is the omelets station, which was very good.

The pizza was exceptional at the outside pizzeria. We also found the burgers outside to be very good.

An A+ goes to the Deli, where you can get a delicious Rubin sandwich, I highly recommend the Deli even though the line can be

a bit long.

Room service lacks in selection, this is a known on Carnival and does not stack up to RCCL. You can get simple sandwiches, salads, and cookies, along with many beverages. What's lacking is the late night burger or Pizza on the menu. Thumbs down. The service and speed was very good though.

The Ship

This ship is in good shape, being only three years old she still has a somewhat new feeling about her. Although you can see signs of wear, such as in some of the elevators, the tiles are lose on the floor. To Carnivals credit, they were fixing tiles in certain areas while we were on board.

We found no grime or foulness on this ship. No sewage smells or stained carpets. The closest thing I did notice to grime was some big spots on my chair in the main dining room. I pointed this out and the waiters attempted to clean it, but they remained.

The Gym was in good shape, and as you can always expect on a ship one or two machines had issues, but they were being fixed on the spot.

I did see rust on metal around the balcony, but if you cruise you know this is normal and it is something all ship lines battle constantly.

The cabins we had were immaculate. Everything worked, everything was extremely clean both in the room and in the bathroom. The Stewards kept it up doing an excellent job. Unlike other reviews we did see our cabin steward Santana, he was very nice and thoughtful and we liked him a little visible once in a while.


First Dana, the cruise director, who has been beaten up a bit on this site, was excellent. I did not see any of what had been written about him. He was on the speaker all the time updating us, joking around. He planned a special New Years balloon event that was great.

Dana if you ever see this, A+.

The shows were very good, we went to just about every major show and I was never bored.

We don't gamble much but the Casino was well the Casino, smoky, full of people and flashing lights. Everyone looked to be having a good time while losing their money ;-)

The ports, Cozumel, Belize, Costa Maya, and Nassau.

All four are tourist traps. You are mainly there to buy little trinkets. If you plan on doing things of substance buy into the excursions, otherwise you're going to be disappointed if you don't like to shop.

Everyone was very attentive and nice on this ship, no exceptions.

One last thing, if you're into the spa, wait until your in port, they discount the spa heavily, and it's worth it. See Rebecca for an aroma therapy massag, she is the best :-)

All in all I would go again on the Glory and I rate it a solid A, although not for the itineraries, which in itself says something very good about this ship and crew.

Here is the URL to all of my posted images on this site.

Rob Alfonso Galleries
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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: July 15, 2006

Family has been on 12 cruises, this was the 6th on Carnival and probably the last. The last 2 years was on the Caribbean Princess and my favorite. We had a balcony cabin on the Verandah deck which was fine, mid ship, all balcony cabins we've been in are the same. Love the new pillows and comforter however. There was 3 of us in the room and for some reason almost every day we had to tell the cabin steward he kept forgetting to give us that 3rd face towel.

Food was not as good on this ship as others. Steak was always chewy so could never eat. On ships you can always ask for something else but had enough to eat with appetizer, salad and soup. The pools are very small on this ship and always very crowded. Always liked the idea of the pool slide but my 2 sons complain every time they can't go down more than once cause its too hot on their feet. When eating breakfast or lunch on the lido deck many times was hard finding a place to sit that was clean, staff

very slow at clearing tables.

All in all husband says you get what you pay for, Carnivals prices are lower and I feel they just want you on the ship and don't care. We visited the Western Caribbean, Cozumel is one of our favorite places, water is absolutely beautiful, however Belize and Costa Maya we felt are not worth going to. The excursions were very high priced and beaches they took you to were not very nice.

On top of everything, a few weeks before we left the cruise price went down $200 per person and my travel agent told me Carnival will not do anything for you. Some free drink coupons, bottle of wine, etc anything would be nice. $600 is quite a bit of money!! But again...I don't think they care. We will stick to Princess and/or try Celebrity next as I haven't heard any complaints on them....

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: July 1, 2006

This was our 4th Carnival cruise. Due to the proposed shuttle launch we arrived at Port Canaveral by 9:30am to beat the traffic (we live in Orlando). Checked in by 10:30am and waited in line until they started boarding at 11:30am.

Went straight to the Red Sail restaurant and the first thing I noticed was a bad smell. The kind of smell when dirty cloths are being used. The staff were using water & clothes to wipe down trays and the water had probably gotten grubby and not refreshed.

The buffet was the usual fare, tasty. Fish & chips were fabulous, cripsy and the fish had great flavor. The bouilabaise was also good. But the fish & chips on Thursday were doughy and undercooked.

Sailed about 6pm as we waited for passengers held up in traffic. Platinimum dining upper level - we had a lovely view of the ocean and our dining staff were super corteous and pleasant. The South African maitre'd Robert made a small speech, but other than that he never came to our table. I did chat to the assistant maitre'd one evening as I left the dining room.

Our room

was on the Upper deck forward and our steward unlocked our balcony partition so that we had a bigger balcony (my inlaws were next door).

The carpet of our stateroom had not been vacuumed when we embarked and it never got vacuumed the whole week. Also our room steward did not dust before we arrived or at any time during the week. The bathroom was always spotless. I adjusted my gratuity for him at the pursers desk.

I overheard my neighbor telling her husband that she was not going to pay the gratuity for the dining staff as she only planned to eat in the Red Sail!!!!

The food this cruise in the Platinum was hit and miss (in my opinion). I am a reasonably good cook and enjoy well flavored food. The strip steak, sirloin and chateabriand were all bland and the strip steak very tough. The appetizers were always good and the chilled soups were terrific. The roasted pumpkin soup that is usually always a stand out was just o.k.

The desserts in the dining room this cruise were just o.k. Lots of interesting combinations of things, but nothing really worked for me. The tiramisu one evening was served in a shallow dish and had not been chilled properly it was sloppy. The creme brulee had a raspberry twist and it had the consistency of custard. The dark & blanc chocolate pudding, had no chocolate in the bottom of my bowl and was actually more like a bread and butter pudding. It was after this desert that I chatted to the assistant maitre'd about the deserts and he knew before the words were out of my mouth that the dark & blanc desert was "off".

The desserts in the Red Sail had way more flavor for the most part.

The veal, the seafood selections and pasta were all very good.

The ports of call Belize, Costa Maya & Cozumel were all great, Nassau was just the same as always.

We tendered in Belize and took the Bacab Park tour, the tour guides spiel on the bus was really interesting.

We took a taxi into Mahahual in Costa Maya, found a nice spot on the beach and just relaxed all day and swam. This little village did not exist 2 years ago, most people have just moved from other places in Mexico to cash in on the cruise passenger boom that is just starting.

The hurricane damage in Cozumel is very apparant, but reconstruction is ongoing. Everyone was very friendly and we spent a great day shopping and had lunch at an outdoor restaurant on the main street.

Nassau - we paid $4 each for a taxi ride to cabbage beach and spent a couple of hours relaxing. The sea was fabulous. We left when a large group of 20+ people arrived from the Glory and proceeded to take over climbing on each others shoulders and having the time of their lives, while having no consideration for their fellow men, who were enjoying the peace and tranquility.

The 2 shows Rock down Broadway and the Vegas show were the same shows we saw 2 years ago on the Glory. The comedian Jim Brick was fabulous, his commentary on life in general was hysterical.

Past Guest Party - an individual invitation was sent to our cabin for each past passenger. It did not state "joe public plus gust", just your name and the request that you bring it with you. The 2 drinks I had must have been wiped with a dirty cloth as they smelt really bad


There was no 8:30pm show in the Amber Palace on Wednesday or Friday, with the result that the Illusion show at 10:30pm on Wednesday was jam packed with people sitting in the aisles.

In general the friendliness of the crew was lacking (with the exception of the dining staff). Wesels the South African shore excursion guy was very curt and unfriendly unless you were purchasing one of his overpriced tours!!

Debarkation is odd, self assist passengers go first (those that carry ALL their own lugage). However, most people have now opted for this option, so if you put your luggage out the night before you are now the last to debark. We did not get off until 9:40am and customs and immigration takes forever.

Happy to answer any questions.

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: May 12, 2006

Who: Barry & Kathy Cooper and Barry's Brother and Sister-In-Law. Last Cruise: Carnival Glory (Western) - Aug 05 Next Cruise: Carnival Miracle - Mar 07 and Carnival Glory (Eastern) - May 07

Getting started Flew in on Ted (United) the day before the cruise. Stayed at my brothers house in Lake Mary (north of Orlando). Getting to the ship was fine except for the traffic back-up on the toll road at the new bridge (cost us about 10 minutes!).

Embarkation in Port Canaveral was very easy. We arrived at the port around 12:00 (including the traffic jam). The lines were actually relatively short once we got in the terminal building (through security). We are all Platinum members so we actually went to a special line with no one in front of us. We went to the Skippers Club, but since they were busy, we were taken to the regular line with no wait. Once we were checked in, we were escorted all the way to the ship with no line (of course, the lines were all relatively short, but it was very nice being escorted through). We then went to the Red Sail

restaurant for lunch (typical first-day buffet and Deli stuff). After lunch went to see Maitre 'D to let him know about my wife's dietary restrictions (low-fat, non-dairy). I must say this was our biggest disappointment of the cruise. In the past, they have had my wife discuss her meals with the dining room hostess the day befort, but this time there was no planning before we got to the dining room each night. Was not a real problem (she eats a lot of chicken breasts and baked potatoes). Muster drill was at 4:00 and was pretty short (life vests were the thin kind so it was not too hot and we were also on the shady side of the ship).

The Cabin We had booked two cabins (separately) as a Balcony guarantee. We both ended up on the Empress Deck (8B) about 5 cabins apart, pretty much mid-ship. It was a great location.

The ship As this was our second time on the Glory, it did not take us too long to remember where things are located.The jogging/walking track was pretty good and so was the gym. I must say that the public rooms were all still freezing! I had planned ahead and brought a sweatshirt and more long sleeve shirts and my jeans to wear in the casino on the Sea Days. The dining room and show room (Amber Palace) never felt really cold.

Food & Service Dinners were really good to excellent. Our dining staff was excellent (head waiter, Enrico and asst waiter May). We ate all of our lunches in the Red Sail Restaurant and were very good. Unlike last time, I did not miss the Chocolate Buffet the last day for lunch. We did eat dinner at Emerald Supper Club once. It was really good (my wife and I both had the lobster). The service in the Emerald Supper Club seemed a little bit less than the last time we tried it on the Glory. One negative that we did have was that on the last 2 nights of the cruise, my wife ordered jello. I am not sure what they brought her, but it could not have been jello - it seemed to be grainy. I thought about asking the Maitre'D and or the chef to come out and tell us what it was or why they are serving it, but just did not want to make a big deal of it. Will try this again on our next cruise and hope for the best.

Ports & Weather The weather on the entire cruise was great. It was a little overcast on the last day at sea and was a bit chilly at the back of the Lido deck where we tended to hang out. Do you think if I wrote a personal note to Bob Dickinson complaining about the weather on the last day he will give me a free cruise? :)

Our ports were Nassau, St. Thomas and St. Maarten.

Because my wife was not feeling great, we did not get off the ship in Nassau (we have been there way too many times). We did get off in St. Thomas (3rd time there) and went to the shops right there at the port. In St. Maarten (our 1st time there), I did go into town with my brother and his wife to shop some. Luckily, we are doing the same cruise next year and will hopefully get to see and do more.

Debarkation Getting off the ship was extremely easy since we were all Platinum Level members. We met in the lobby at 7:10 AM and got off the ship by around 7:40 AM. Our luggage was waiting for us and we were in the car and gone by 8:00 AM.

Overall This was our 13th cruise on Carnival and we were definitely not disappointed. We all thought the crew on the ship were excellent. A couple of negatives. The tomatoes the whole time on the ship were not very ripe (ok, it is a very small negative :)). I did notice that there was a nasty smell toward the back of the boat on the Empress deck on the day that we boarded, but they seemed to have been cleaning the carpet and I did not notice the smell a couple of days later when I went back that way. The only real negative was that I did not feel that my wife's special diet requirements were dealt with well. In the past, the maitre'd has assigned the dining room hostess to specically make sure that everything was taken care of which did not happen on this cruise. If my wife had been feeling better and not sticking to grilled chicken and baked potato, we probably would have mentioned it to the maitre'd.

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: February 4, 2006

We have been on several cruises with various lines and have enjoyed each of them. This was our first with Carnival and undoubtedly our last. We experienced anything but a "fun" ship!

Our VIP check in procedure consisted of being "cut" in line to board the ship in front of people who had been waiting for some time. Our VIP attendant left us there with no explanation to the other passengers or us of what was going on. Needless to say the individuals that we were placed in front of were not pleased and let their feelings be known.

The entire cruise was an adventure in what not to expect from staff and crew. We experienced bickering bartenders. Not friendly banter or jovial kidding around. This was name-calling and verbal combat at its best. We experienced a member of the crew that was intent on telling our fortune and stated this was how he subsidized his income. One waitress we encountered looked like she was very ill and we asked if she was all right. Her response was that she had partied very heavily the previous night and thought she may

get sick. We had a member of the staff ask us if we could possibly bring them back a lobster tail from the main dining room because there was not ample time for this person to eat and still complete their assigned tasks.

The smoke aboard this ship was unbelievable. The smoking guests that had inboard cabins left their doors open and most of the passageways looked like a fog filled ally. The majority of the nightclubs and deck areas were no better. My wife has an allergy to cigarette smoke and as a result of the continual exposure found us making a trip to the ships infirmary. Ironically this was one of the best experiences we had with the crew. The nursing staff was very courteous and understanding. The doctor was very direct, helpful and explained everything during exam and while rendering his diagnosis and prognosis.

It appears that the staff and crew that has to work with you directly, i.e. cabin stewards and assigned waiters do whatever they can for you. What we encountered outside the staff directly assigned to us was completely unacceptable. Avoidance, curt responses, unprofessional behavior and a general, "its not my problem attitude" seemed to be the order of the day. A ship of this size cannot possibly have a one to one service ratio and we did not expect that. What we did hope for was a relaxing vacation on a "fun ship". We believe that in order to have a good time on a cruise, participation is required by guests and staff. We arrived at the premise very quickly that it was much safer and less aggravating not to expect much from staff and the less involvement we had with shipboard activities the better.

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: January 13, 2007

Embarkation was a breeze-on the ship in no time and luggage quickly followed. We had a balcony cabin on Deck 7 which was very comfortable with plenty of storage (love those comfort beds). Our steward was always prompt and efficient. We only used room service for early morning coffee and it always arrived promptly.

The shows were ok-nothing spectacular-a lot of singing and dancing, a couple of comedians and magicians,etc. Our table waiters at dinner were fairly new but they did a good job. The food was good but again nothing outstanding (well, except for the Warm Chocolate Melting Cake).

The ship was clean and provided plenty of daily activities if you wanted to participate. The spa prices were a little expensive but on port days there were some reduction in prices.There seemed to be a wide age range of passengers on board and we saw no unruly behavior.

Our entire cruise was smooth sailing and we enjoyed all the ports of call and the sea days. Debarkation was a little confusing only because people didn't listen and follow directions. We chose self assist and had no problems getting off the ship. We

had a great time and wouldn't hesitate to go on this ship again.
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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: August 5, 2006

We arrived at the port somewhat earlier than planned, but still the wait to board wasn't too long. Even though the lines look long, they seem to move rather quickly, with the exception, once again, of the wait just before boarding the ship, so the photographers can take your picture. Princess allows those who request to bypass this to do so, but Carnival insists that they be allowed to photograph you so they can sell it to you later.

The cruise in general, was the BEST Carnival cruise that we've taken in many, many years. We found the cabin to be excellent, with great maintenance, and comfort. The food was head and shoulders above our recent Valor cruise. Everything had excellent flavor, and presentation. The buffet line, although we rarely used it, was good to excellent.

Cruise Director Mark Price went out of his way to take care of his guests. Entertainment was outstanding, with really great shows, and guest performers. My only complaint on the entire cruise, was that the piano bar was inop, because, I found out later, the artist who normally performs there had broken his wrist the week

before. (certainly not Carnivals fault) The Karaoke was held in the Bar Blue, which was much too small, and way too smokey to be enjoyed. The "Ebony Cabaret" located right behind the "Bar Blue" was never utilized much, and was usually empty! I was told that on all the other ships of this type, the rear lounge was indeed used for karaoke, but that management wouldn't change the rooms. Made no sense to me.

In summation, the "Glory" is a superior cruise, and a great value for the money. I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking for fun in the sun, and a great cruise experience.

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: February 11, 2006

I just took a 7 night cruise on the glory. The ship I feel is chopped up you can't seem to get there from here. Our dinning room was on deck 4 and there was a lounge just out side and the smell of smoke was very bad. It would have been nice to have a drink in the lounge before dinner but us that dont smoke could not enjoy it at all even on the no smoking side because there was cigar and pipe smokeing.

When we were in Costa Maya there was three large ships in port so it was crowds of people in port. I will not go on that ship again the small ships seems much better. I have been on three other Carnival ships and enjoyed them much better.

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: January 28, 2006

BACKGROUND of Writer and Co-Traveler. I have been on 10 cruise ships, she has been on 4, including several Princess, Royal Carribean, Costa, Norwegian, and Celebrity between us. Given the positive nature of Carnival's surge we booked a balcony stateroom only 1 week before cruise at similar cost to other ships, but chose to give Carnival a try.

WE DISEMBARKED IN BELIZE and FLEW to MIAMI to spend remainder of vacation in Florida. It was a disaster. Talking to other "Carnival" Cruisers for the 3 days we were on board, it was their worst experience.

-Bad Food, no, lack of food!! Buffet was all but ignored. On a purportedly sold out vessel, bars and restaurant alternatives were constantly closed. The buffet had no desert, but we were told we could go to deck 5 to buy desert for $2.00.

-Cabin not cleaned prior to arrival, in room safe was not working.

-Cardio Machines in gym in disrepair and water bubbler was broken in gym on Sunday and Monday. Tuesday we got off.

-Taking Carnival up on their "Guarantee" They left as at the port, and informed us we must pay $80 for a taxi

to the airport and then $65.00 cash for departure at the Belize airport. At this point it was too late to turn back. We were off the ship with our luggage when informed that the guarantee covered our airfare back but not the costs required to get to the gate at the airport (i.e. transport to the airport and departure fees required by BELIZE)

-Deck chairs were tied up and unavailable for use while at Key West in the Sun.

-While there were free deck chairs during "Fun Day at Sea", no one would assist in lifting chairs to an available location. I could do this physically and I did, older people could not.

-Disembarking at Key West was unorganized and a mess. It took an hour to get off in line, as we followed directions getting in line on deck 3. Others could beat the system by taking the elevator to Deck 1 and cut the line, which the cruise allowed.

-Waiter staff was unfriendly, a first for either of us at sea.

-Night time noise was awful. We were on Deck 8 below the "Red Sail" Buffet where at 1am to 5am they dragged chairs, or whatever, cleaning. We could hardly sleep the 3 nights we were on the ship.


THIS MIGHT SOUND STRANGE, but I don't complain much, rarely, the list goes on and on. These are highlights after arriving home this evening and getting to a computer.

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