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81 User Reviews of Carnival Glory Cruise Ship

Western Caribbean
Publication Date: February 28, 2004

Carnival Cruise Lines Carnival Glory by Jennifer Western Caribbean February 28, 2004

Hated it - the trip home that is. It was my first cruise and I am hooked - already planned #2 before leaving the ship. The Glory is so incredibly beautiful - I know most people can come up with some negatives but I can't - okay - 14 days would have been nice lol.

We were met at the airport in Orlando by Carnival reps and told where to meet. Bussed to Canaveral Embarkation went smoothly - eating on Lido by 12:30. We wandered a bit and went to our room about 1:30 - cat-napped (red-eye flight) - and waited for muster drill. Bags were in room after muster and I started unpacking and didn't even realize we were underway until I went out in the balcony.

Staff: super. Lina and Frank in platinum dining room (late seating) were wonderful. We had a table for four but the other couple never showed. After meeting our wait staff we decided to stay put and are we glad we did. They truly made our evenings wonderful. Our room steward we only actually

met once - but she was reallly on top of things - didn't need to ask for anything, it magically appeared.

The seas we quite rough (according to others who have cruised before) and by the green-look on several passengers. It ws funny watching people get used to the movement. I used the patch so I was fine - actually I was amazed - I get sick in the bathtub lol.

We did the Baboon Sanctuary in Belize and the Dolphin Encounter in Cozumel. Key West and Progreso we just wandered. Enjoyed each port - unique in its own way - by Chakanab Park in Cozumel - wow - could have used a couple of days just exploring.

Food was super - especially at dinner - enjoyed the fish and chips and the deli sandwiches - not enough room to talk about desserts - wow - inhaled calories just walking by.

Mark Price - the cd - really funny guy - seemed to be everywhere all the time - can't figure out when he slept. The shows were very good and the comedians were great - but the skits - especially Robin Hood - involving the audience - were real side splitters. Unbelievably funny!

Watch out for those photos - they are addictive. We don't get pictures together too often - one of us is usually holding the camera. I think they must have a crew of air brish gremlins somewhere on board because we looked good in those photos - no - really! Could be because we were so relaxed. Anyway - we bought a dozen of the big ones and lots of the smaller ones - egads - a lot of people are going to get 8 x 10 glossies for Christmas lol. If you can - get a room with a balcony. If you can visualize - moonlit night, warm tropical breeze, whitecaps on the black ocean - as they say in the commercials - Priceless!

Maybe after cruise ten or twelve I will look back on this one and not find it so perfect - but for now on a scale of one to ten - eleven should do it


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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: February 28, 2004

Carnival Cruise Lines Carnival Glory by GJG Western Caribbean February 28, 2004

I drove to Port Canaveral. Carnival's website directions to pier #10 are misleading. Best to follow Disney signs and Glory is right next door. Also, don't get there before 11:00AM or they won't let you in. Parking $10 per day in advance. Short walk to terminal.

Was onboard by 11:30AM. I booked a category 4 guarantee and was a little disappointed when they gave me cabin 1102. When I went to pick up sail and sign it wasn't ready until 1:30. So, while I was aboard, I couldn't get into the room. Once I picked up my card, I proceeded to Riviera deck in search of 1102. The signs all started at 1200 and up. Now I'm getting upset because no one on Riviera knew where 1102 was. Finally, the fourth crewmember I asked told me it was on deck 11. I proceeded there and opened the door of the first cabin port side behind the spa. Now, I am getting happy. No, I was overwhelmed! This is a category 6E with wall to wall floor to ceiling window,

double bed, fold out couch, Murphy bed and sitting area on the highest deck of the ship with cabins. What a great room. Same view as balcony but without the elements. We loved it but, if you're prone to seasickness, this puppy ain't for you. It really rocks and rolls up there. Room steward was outstanding.

The ship met every expectation. The food was better than Sensation or Fantasy, especially desserts. I made a complete fool of myself at the chocolate buffet, so I cut back my portions on second and third trips. We did notice selection in Red Sail buffet a little skimpy at the dinner hour but great at breakfast and lunch. I'd highly recommend dinner in the main dining room. Pizza was good and so were the deli sandwiches. The shows were very good especially the female lead singer. What a talent! Cruise director Mark Price does an outstanding job. Wait staff and entire crew very friendly.

Key West - We had to dock at Harry Truman Pier. This is a government facility and you must take tram off pier. Many people waited in line for two hours. We just stayed aboard until the lines went down. Didn't bother us but it would have if I had planned something ashore.

Belize - Again, no plans here. Big mistake! Folks, if you're getting off the ship, book a tour. Don't wonder around outside the protective gates of the port. This is a poor country and the people are desperate. Everyone we spoke to on a tour had a great time. I'd go back to Belize, but I'd book a tour next time.

Cozumel - What can I say. There's a reason it's the most popular vacation spot on the planet and that reason is apparent the moment you go ashore. It's drop dead gorgeous. We did Chankanaab Park this time and loved it. Highly recommend this for a family. $10 taxi to the park and $12 admission. Additional activities such as snorkeling, snuba, dolphins are extra.

Progresso - What a sleeper. We booked the Meridia City tour $35 each. This city dates back over 500 years. My jaw dropped at the site of the cathedral and governors mansion. These structures were built with the stones from the Mayan temples dismantled by the conquistadors. Highly recommend this tour. But, Progresso itself was beautiful and could have easily spent the day on the beach there also.

Debarkation - New debarkation plan now in operation. For the people who can carry there luggage down two flights of steps, you are permitted to "self assist" leave the ship. This means no putting your baggage out the night before. At shortly before 7:30AM they announced we could debark the ship. At 7:45AM we were walking across the street to the parking garage.

Overall, this was our best cruise ever. We're booking the Glory next year for the Eastern route

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: October 18, 2003

The Carnival Glory is a beautiful ship. I really loved the bright colors. The atrium was a beautiful sight. The staff was excellent! Very warm and friendly. The food was good. The entertainment was okay. I loved the Bar Blue for kareoke and the White Heat dance club. There was also great live jazz being played in the Ivory Club which was a cigar bar. On a scale of 1 - 10, I will give the Glory a 9.

On the first three nights the air conditioning was a little too high but it was adjusted by the fourth night to a comfortable level. We had an oceanview stateroom which was very comfortable and spacious. There was 3 of us in the room. I would definately recommend the Glory. I would love to sail on the Glory again someday after I sail on a few more Carnival cruise ships. This was my 3rd cruise and my 2nd on Carnival. I totally loved my Carnival Glory experience!!!!

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: October 18, 2003

Just got off the Glory (oct 18-25). so here how it went It was Great my daughter 5years old I made 6 for the trip to goto 6-9 yr old camp carnival and she loved it! The water slide was great. the weather was nice. the 24hr pizza gets the thumbs up.

St. Thomas & St. Martin I need to go back the ship could have spent more time there. my stateroom (outside port window main deck), for my stateroom next time take a air filter (no fresh air). things Carnival needs to change open some windows on the lido deck to air out the smokers, turn down volume for the bands, put better signs/markers for public restrooms.


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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: March 13, 2004

Carnival Cruise Lines Carnival Glory by Jennifer Western Caribbean March 13, 2004

The cruise was a blast! I would do it again in a minute. I am a non-smoker and I did not notice the problems with smoke filled rooms like everone else. I was on the 7th floor and heard little ship noise. There was a small ticking in my room for a few of the nights but I was exhausted enough from having fun it was not too much of an inconvenience. The cruise ship picked fantastic people to put us with at the dining table. We had a blast hanging out with them and are going to keep in touch. The food was alright. I did not expect 5 star food so I was not really too disappointed. It was good enough to eat. I ordered 2 dinners on a couple of nights to make sure I ended up with something I liked. The gym was fantastic! They do need to adjust the temperature in the gym (it was a little too warm for people who arew trying to work out). The deck was fun. Even on

the most crowded days you could find 2 chairs together. Belize was a blast. We did the cave tubing and it was SOOOO much fun! We paid 89 for it on the ship and found out we could have done it for 30 once we got to the dock. It was stress free that way though because we knew if we got back late the ship would not leave us behind (we WERE about 45 minutes late getting back to the ship) Cozumel was wonderful. Great Margaritas (go to Pancho's Backyard for lunch they cook with purified water so you do not have to worry about getting sick). The liquor was cheap and the jewelry was really reasonably priced. I love the idea that everything is negotiable. Progresso was a very poor town. I would recommend sticking to the tourist area along the beach for fun in the sun. The water theere looked fine to me and the beach had beautiful sand.

The ship was kind of confusing but it was fun to walk around and explore. For folks who do not enjoy walking a lot I would recommend mapping out the routes or cruising on a smaller ship. I wish the cruise line served more low fat low calorie versions of dinner/lunch/breakfast. The pictures were way too expensive at the end of the cruise. They force you to pay 20 dollars for the 8x10 photo if you wanted smaller versions. Its a rip off. The drinks were good but the "specials" were very sweet and did not really have much liquor in them. They are pre-mixed and you do not make out with the smaller price. The beer was WAY too expensive (4.25 a bottle). I would recommend the late dining so you can stay out on the deck in the sun longer. We had the earlyy dining and we had about an hour and a half to kill every night that could have been better spent soaking up the sunshine. Take a good book or two, and get ready for relaxation if you are going on this cruise. The crew was friendly and everyone seemed to be having a good time

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: January 3, 2004

Just got off the Glory yesterday. My son(age18) and I were on for a one week cruise. Having cruised only Royal Carribean this was my first Carnival Cruise experience. The embarkation was a snap and it helped to fill out the information on line to expedite the process. We were on the ship eating at the buffet by 12:15. We were in or room by 1:30.

The ship is confusing to get around in meaning any place under the 5th floor you had to go back to the 5th floor to get from either end of the ship. The pool deck areas are nicer than the Voyager and the slide was a riot. The food was on par with RCI and I managed to only gain a few pounds because I used the gym every day. The gym was great but I never took a class. The service on the Voyager was better than Carnival. Our waiter was not good we never got bread refills or enough water to drink unless we asked. He also never brought some of the stuff we asked for like 2 appetizers. After we complained

service got marginally better. At least we got what we ordered. We often got the wrong days menu. Our cabin steward was invisible except for the first day. Never saw him after that but it was okay as we didnt need anything. Some of our group went to the physician on board and were pleased with the medical attention on board.

We went shopping in Cozunel then to Carlos and Charlies and drank. After Cozumel the ship was very rocky and we were not feeling that well but it could have been the drinking making it worse. In Belize went cave tubing and that was great. In Key West we just walked around on Duval Street. We never made another stop due to high seas in Progresso. We were heading towards Freeport but never made it there due to a medical emergency. The last 3 days were at sea for us.

This ship is a ship for partying and has more younger single type people on board. My son had a great time. I think for the value this cruise line is great but I think I like Royal Carribean more.

Please feel free to email me with direct questions and I will try to get back to you.


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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: January 3, 2004

My wife and I and our two girls ages 4 and 2, I'm 42 and she's 33. This was our first cruise and we took it on the Carnival Glory from Jan 3rd through the 10th. This was the Western Caribbean cruise.

We had read many reviews before our trip and to be quite honest we were a bit apprehensive with what we might have to look forward to. I will put this trip in chronological order. As this was our first cruise it is difficult for us to compare it, but we look forward to that opportunity as we plan our future vacations.

Day 1.

Embarkation went well. Our limo dropped us off at the port and we queued up with our fellow passengers. This began with a quick screening through a medal detector and then on to the Carnival "Quick Pass" line. I'm not sure if this was quick or not. We stood in line approximately 45 minutes waiting to speak to immigration and security. Once we got to a person we were asked to present all required documentation which took about 10 minutes and then we were on the



Once on board we headed to the lido deck as they were not allowing passengers to go to their cabins until after 1 o'clock. The lunch was buffet style and nicely laid out. We grabbed a table by a window and enjoyed our lunch. The food was very well prepared. I had read one review that compared the cooking to a High School cafeteria. I'm not sure where they went to school, but I would have died for food half as good as this. The deserts were especially well done and we took ample advantage of those. My two daughters loved the free Ice Cream.

We headed to our cabin around 1:30. It was small by hotel room standards but large when compared to what we expected. The bed was of queen size with a couch that made into a bed as well as a pull down bunk. The cabin would easily sleep four adults. We had a 24 inch television, fridge, table and the balcony easily would fit four adults. The bathroom was also roomy for a ship cabin with a full shower, sink and toilet. I was especially surprised at the amount of storage and shelving in the bathroom as well as the amount of storage in the room. We put our five large suitcases under the bed and hung up most of our clothes. There was storage under the bunk as well.

I found out as we traveled that their were 3,400 people on board. With this information we understood why all of our luggage did not show up until sometime after 4 p.m. I had to call the cabin steward a couple of times to inform her that they were placing luggage outside my cabin that belonged on deck 9. Deck 9 used a lime color and our was green. An honest mistake.

We prepared for dinner. We dinned each evening in the Upper Platinum restaurant. We never had a problem getting to our table and we were waited on within 2 minutes each time we arrived. The service was impeccable by any restaurant standards. I've eaten in may five star restaurants and the service here was every bit as attentive. They may have not been as well heeled, but what they lacked in knowledge, they made up for in enthusiasm. Our head waiter was very interactive with our two children and kept them entertained each evening.

We were in and out of the restaurant in under an hour every evening we attended. If you have young children you can appreciate how much that helps.

I tipped our cabin steward on the first night and I think that may have helped, however, I will state that I never saw so many people working so hard to keep so many people happy. One thing I did notice was that I did not see a single American working on the ship. There were people from Russia, Bosnia, Canada, England, South Africa, Australia and many other eastern European countries. The largest complaint I would have, was that many times it I had to asked them to repeat their English, as I lost a lot in their translation. Small price to pay for their warm smiles and helpful demeanor.

Day 2. The next morning I awoke around 5 a.m. with severe pain in my lower left back. I called down to the pursers desk and they paged a nurse and sent me to the infirmary. I was diagnosed with Kidney Stones and they gave me an IV and a pain killer. The doctor prescribed Tylenol 3 and Naproxen and let me go. I was still in quite a bit of pain but was determined to make the best of it. Our first port was Key West.

I have to pause for a moment and applaud the medical crew who were very professional, caring and responsive to my condition. They could give my local physician and his office staff some lessons in this regard.

We had to take an open air shuttle into Key West. At first this looked like it would take forever, but there were at least six running constantly from the ship and our wait in line was less then 15 minutes and in another 10 we were in the city. Not much to see in Key West. Good shopping, lots of pubs and lots of opportunities for people watching.

We dropped our daughters off at Camp Carnival. This was probably the most disappointing part of the trip. Our oldest daughter, she's four, is quite independent and can amuse herself easily. Our youngest had just turned two and she needs to interact with people and requires more structure. The staff at the camp were friendly enough, but they lack any formal training in child care. It seemed they would have been equally qualified to run kennels as day care centers. Children were casually observed, but interaction was rare and for the most part non-existent. Our youngest was curled up in a corner crying her eyes out when we returned. The staff said she had been like that since we left. We have left Haylee with many times with friends and she has never cried. We were given the impression from the staff in no uncertain terms that they were not pleased with having a child that required they actually had to interact with versus just casually observe. They seem much more interested in chatting it up with themselves and relaxing then interacting with the children. What a shame, as this was our primary driver for choosing Carnival over Disney, Royal and others.

That said, we attempted to leave Haylee only one more time, but on arriving she screamed hysterically as if we were punishing her and we simply could not bear leaving her again. Shaylen, our oldest daughter, however loved Camp Carnival and we had no difficulty leaving her, although the purpose was to leave them both so my wife and I could enjoy some time alone.

Day 3.

The seas were quite rough, the ship was rocking quite noticeably and this continued the remainder of our trip. My wife at a prescription patch behind her ear for sea sickness that help her a lot. It did however dilate her eyes and for the trip she could not read anything under a 60 point font size.

This was our first full day at sea. We explored the ship. My wife likes to gamble so she went down to the casino. By the end of the trip she had lost $500 in a total of three hours. She also participated in Bingo. The prizes ranged from $100 to $750 dollars. Not bad for Carnival considering around 200 people purchased $20 per game cards. That's $4,000 with a pay-out of $750. Nice profit. As a cancellation they would randomly pull the losers name and give them a bottle of Champaign. How generous. You just made over $3,200 and you give a wholesale cost $10 bottle of Champaign. I thought this was very low class. A follow up to that theme was that on a ship of 3,400 passengers at the end they randomly pulled a cabin number and awarded that cabin with a $500 prize. I'm not sure what other paid for their cabin. Our's costs $3,500 and we spent another $1,200 on the ship. If you put the average number at $800 per person they made $2.7 million just on the cruise, not to mention a percentage of the daily sales at each port. So a whopping $500 to a single person at the end of the trip, well its just not very classy, at least not in my book.

We did not attend the night shows with the exception of the last night out. I saw the Rock on Broadway show. It was fairly well performed. The dancers were out of sync a lot, but the effort was there and the band was excellent. All the performers seemed to be giving it there best and I was entertained.

They did hold a number of passenger events with the cruise director, that I must say were less then entertaining and the adlib was about as non-professional and amateurish as it gets. But it's all about cost containment and maximizing profits, so I can forgive and understand this. I did not see them scrip on food and the service we received was always courteous, friendly and fast.

The amenities aboard ship are mediocre. I was amazed that the golf station looked like it had been thrown together in about an hour with some fishing net and a patch of artificial turf. I was expecting a virtual hitting station that not only analyzed my swing but allowed me to play a few virtual courses. The instructor however was first rate and in the end you are paying for hands on instruction, but still I think a bit more effort could go into this area.

The workout facilities were great. Every piece of equipment you could want was available and the staff was ample to assist. The spa looked very nice as well.

Day 4

We arrived in Belize. I had decided to play golf at Caye Chapel. This is an island that is edge to edge golf course. You are flown in and play as many holes as time allows. The tender to shore was quick about 10 minutes, another 15 to the airport and in another 20 we were on the course in a cart heading to the club house. I managed to get in about 27 holes. I lost 12 balls, and loved every minute of being there. It's not a Nicklas course, but it will test your game. The greens were over grown and a bit shaggy, but if cut shorter would wilt in the hot Caribbean sun.

My wife grabbed a tender and spent the day at the beach on another island. She and the girls had a great time building sand castles.

Day 5.

Cozumel. As others have said before us, this is the best port. Why we are there only 7 hours is anyone's guess. We got up late that morning around 8:00 and headed for breakfast around 8:30. At nine we headed down to the gangplank and were informed it was closed. This miffed me quite a bit. I was informed an announcement had been made at 8:30 that the ability to leave the ship after 9:00 would not be possible. This was due to the fact that another Carnival ship was docking and we had to wait for them to tie up to dock before we could disembark. We finally got off the ship at 10:10 a.m. We lost an hour in a port that only allows 7 hours. We immediately headed for the beach. We caught a cab $14 one way and spent the next 2.5 hours on the beach. The water was great and the staff there was friendly.

We got back on the ship at 2:45 p.m. and we were underway at 3:15.

Day 6

We were informed around 10 a.m. the next morning that we would not be docking in Progresso due to bad weather and that the ship would head for Freeport in the Bahamas. This upset a lot of people, but not even Carnival can control the weather and you have to take the good with the bad.

We spent that day at sea. We were asked to fill out disembarkation paperwork for Freeport. At 10 a.m. the next morning we were informed that we would not be docking at Freeport. This was due to a medical emergency that forced the ship to go to port in Key West. This lost us time that allowed us to go to Freeport and still make it to Port Canaveral by day 7. A lot of people were upset. Carnival posed a $25 credit per person to all passengers accounts. This did little to appease many, but again, the life of a single passenger was worth missing all of our ports and the correct decision was made.

Day 7

We arrived at Port Canaveral early around 7:00. We got off the ship at 9:30 and waited about 30 minutes for our luggage.


Staff Food (especially the deserts), Golf in Belize, Cozumel,

Minuses: Camp Carnival, Cheesy events, Lousy giveaways, Casino Constant announcements to go an spend money, auctions, bingo, casino, shopping etc.

We will cruise again? Most definitely. Will it be Carnival? Probably not! You get what you pay for, and it appears we may have started at Target and we are most accustomed to shopping at Nordstroms. Not to say that Target isn't nice, but there is just so much you can do to disguise "Cheap". You get what you pay for in this world. For the money, I think Carnival meets all they say they have to offer. But if your used to staying at Holiday Inns and like the service, Carnival is your kind of place. If on the other hand your more accustomed to the Hyatt, you will do better to shop up.

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: December 13, 2003

This is my 3rd cruise, and second with Carnival. Keep this in mind when reading the following review. I am also very budget minded.

This cruise certainly got off on the right foot from the very beginning. We had booked the cheapest "Guaranteed Inside" cabin - but we were given an Ocean View cabin in the middle of the ship without even asking! I think two things made this happen -- #1, checking the "Sailed with Carnival before" block in the cruise documents and #2, checking in at 11:30am (I was one of the first ones in line) on the sailing date.

My wife and I enjoyed two free cocktail and Hors d'oeuvre events - the Captain's Gala and the Past Cruiser's party. These events are a must if you like to drink and are to cheap to pay extra for them (you have to pay for all drinks, except for fountain juices, lemonade and apple juice, and unsweetened tea).

I took my meals in the Dining Rooms whenever possible - breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For dinner, I always had two entrees - the seafood selection and the steak selection. (OK, I'm

a pig, I admit it.) The lobster and jumbo shrimp were excellent. The Chateaubriand and prime rib were divine. My waiter was very attentive and eagerly served me. He would offer me second helpings without prompting.

To complement my eating volume, I worked out every day in the Gymnasium. The Glory has an impressive facility, complete with steam room, sauna, Jacuzzi with waterfall, free weights, and nautilus style machines. There were 10 treadmills, 4 recumbent bicycles and 5 elliptical Stairmasters -- all were brand new and state of the art.

We saw all the evening shows, with the exception of the "Guest Talent Show". The best show was "Marcus Anthony" - that man has a great voice! I enjoyed all the rest.

The ports of call were all very nice. In the Bahamas, I took a taxi over to Paradise Island and spent the day at the Atlantis Resort ($25 admission, per person). They have the largest aquarium in the world. At St. Thomas, I took a rather pricy Carnival snorkeling tour to St. John and Buck Island. I thoroughly enjoyed swimming at both locations. I took an island sightseeing tour in St. Maartin. 7 of us rented a taxi at the St. Maartin information center. The tour was 3 hours, included both the French and Dutch sides of the island, and including shopping and beach stops.

A special note about excursions - Carnival and the Cruise Director will only give you information about Carnival excursions and tours. These tours were always were priced at a 40% premium above a similar tour you could book on the island. All ports had official government information centers at the end of the pier, so it was easy to book your own tours. All taxi prices to the major attractions (beaches, resorts, etc) had fixed prices so it was hard for a cab driver to gouge you. Everybody spoke English and took US dollars.

Embarkation & Disembarkation - I was one of the first ones on the ship, and the last one off (I had a late flight home), so these events went smoothly.

I am very sensitive to cigarette smoke, but I did not have a problem with smoke on the Glory. People tended to smoke a lot in the Casino and the lounges, but I didn't go into these places, so it didn't bother me.

I was happy to pay the full recommended tip ($69 per person, which was automatically added to your account). The service was excellent.

I enjoyed sailing on the Carnival Glory and I will sail with Carnival again in the future.

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: October 25, 2003

This review is for all those people who go "cheap." We didn't have a balcony, suite, or even window. We had an inside cabin on the first deck (Riviera Deck). We did this because it was inexpensive and the only cabins left on the ship.

This is my Seventh Cruise and the first on Carnival. After reading the reviews I was, to say the least, apprehensive. The ship is beautiful but still not quite as elegant as RCCL or Princess.

CABIN: I was in Cabin 1465, Riviera Deck, as far aft as you can go. This was the only real negative of the entire cruise. It is located next to the aft workspace and above the propellers. To be perfectly honest we booked late, cheap, and had a choice of aft or forward and decided that the ride would be better in the stern than bow. I believe that to be true, but I'll take a rougher ride next time over the noise level. It was really only bad on the first and last nights when we hit heavier seas and were traveling faster. The noise and vibration was very high.

I heard that on the next deck up that they experienced the same problem. The most amazing thing is that our friends only 3 cabins farther forward experienced a significantly quieter ride, but I would not book aft of the aft elevator lobby. I suspect that since our cabin wall was against an aft work area we had a much higher noise level. Anyway, the cabin itself was nice. Large and decent storage. Steward was exceptional. We didn't experience any unusual odors, however, as other reviews have pointed out, around the midships, approximately cabin 1400 was a constant lingering of sewer odor. Don't know if it was in the cabins, but I don't know if I would take the chance.


DINING: Outstanding food and service. Service was as good as RCCL or Princess. I really enjoyed the food (too much) in the Dining Room. Buffet was ok. Not as good as Princess but still quite good. Loved the Pizza and the nightly Sushi Bar. All-in-all a great experience. Was not as impressed with the Supper Club as most were. I had great service and the food was great, but I also had that in the main dining room. Don't think I will pay the up charge again.

ENTERTAINMENT: Typical for a cruise ship. Great comedian, really liked the cruise director. Song and dance numbers were good. I am not a great judge of shipboard entertainment.

PORTS OF CALL: What can you say? Key West is always fun. Prices in Cozumel have really gone up and the good deals have disappeared. Too many cruise ships now. But still fun to wander and drink or sightsee. We did a snorkeling tour in Belize and it was wonderful. Went to Shark-Ray Alley. The reefs are gorgeous and lunch in San Pedro was great. Our guides were wonderful and we all really had a great time. Progresso is a poor, undeveloped town. We went into town, wandered around for about 30 minutes then sat on the beach under grass canopies and drank beer and talked. It was beautiful looking out on the water and we found it very relaxing. Some friends took a cab to Merida. It cost $50 for 4 and they spent time shopping. The cab driver stayed with them the whole time and they really felt it was an enjoyable time.

OVERALL: A great cruise. Except the cabin location (and I knew that would be the case), I really enjoyed the ship. It is a little "cut-up" and hard to get around, and it does seem to have a lingering smoking odor around. I can live with that. I just wish all you smokers would be a little more considerate and try not smoking in halls and lobbies. I would also like to see more no-smoking lounges. But again, it was fun. Although I am a loyal RCCL cruiser, I will not hesitate to cruise on Carnival. In fact I would like to try the Paradise since it is non-smoking. But I will do all I can to avoid the aft cabins lower deck, and again try to avoid the cabins from around 1389 through 1400 or so area. Other than that, have reasonable expectations and I think you will thoroughly enjoy the cruise.

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: October 11, 2003

Beautiful and very large ship. The good items were as follows: Balcony cabin, Service everywhere,friendly staff,food. Red Sail buffet on Lido deck the nicest that we have seen on 22 different cruises and ships. The not so good were: Just too many people, we knew this but since we live 10 minutes from Port Canaveral. We thought that we would try this newest ship. Production shows not up to stanards of NCL & in particular Celebrity.

The main theater has many obstructive poles. Can't understand this as Celebrity has magnificent theaters with no poles or obstructions ? In Belize the "Cave Tubing" was certainly something different and fun. Otherwise the Ports of Call were places that we had visited many times before. I guess my wife and I are running out of new destinations. As we have done the Greek Isles, Egypt, etc. A nice ship but we will pick a smaller ship next time. My wife had lunch on the Holland American Zaandam yesterday and she said that it was beautiful and just the right size. Only 1440 passengers not over 3,000.

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