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81 User Reviews of Carnival Glory Cruise Ship

Western Caribbean
Publication Date: October 11, 2003

Cruise on Glory was very good. Had balcony stateroom and it was great, nice to "get away" from all the activities some. Food was better on buffet then dinner. Had very few choices and it was just ok. Cruise line should limit "late seating", tables were crammed in dining room. Had a very poor table placement. Felt sorry for this one couple, had a table for two right in the path of all--noticed they didn't come for 2 nights-can't blame them. We would never do the Belize or Progresso again. Belize is a dump, trash everywhere and people urinating right on the street.

Went to Maya ruins, it was ok then toured city, what a waste of time. Cozumel was great, but no time there. Swam with dolphins and shopped some but had to get back to ship. The line to get back on was very long, took about 1 hour to get on ship. This needs addressed, people cutting in line really bad, almost a fight. Progresso is a nothing spot, better had something planned, beach a real mess. We did the jeep 4x4 to Hacinda and it was

great. Friends did the beach and said couln't even swim, so bad. Tour director told us beach was bad, he was right. Shows on ship are a must see, they really do a good job to entertain you. All in all, trip was good, but would choose different place next time.


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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: September 6, 2003

After reading most of the cruise coments by many passengers, you should know the good, the bad and evil. The evil, small percentage of cruisers smoke and make it very very uncompforable for the rest of the passengers. In elveators, gambling areas etc. The bad, bingo, one game $10.00. Pool area band was horrable along with most activities in this area. The good, beautiful ship all over. Food in main dinning was great.

The supper club was a wonderful time and very good meal and servers were great. All bars were great and colorful. Our room, 1065 was the best for the price. No problems with any of the servers and room serveres, all great. To much trying to sell you everything from on ship or off ship items. Most pictures came out very good. So if the cruise line supervisors read all of these reports, they may do something about the complaints that I read about. Our grandson (9) had a great time.



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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: September 6, 2003

Embarkation: Was very smooth. We dropped our luggage at the pier and drove to the parking lot appx. 3/4 mile away. There is a charge of $70/week. Took the bus provided back to the terminal and checked in.

Room: Outside cabin was very nice and to us was large. Queen bed and sofa that converted. Lots of closet space. Bath was roomy and had enough shelves for everything. Unfortunately the room was noisy.

Services:Room was well maintained and clean.Did an excellent job. Dining staff, however, seemed to lack a little from previous cruises. Could this be because of the "Team concept"? Lido deck staff was great. Casino staff was always pleasant and helpful. Purser's staff did an excellent job. Photo staff seemed improved to where they were not overwhelming. Service in the Emerald room was outstanding. Do yourself a favor and pay the extra charge to go. It is well worth it.

Food: The best we have encountered on any cruise. Try the alterative dining, including the Fish and Chips and the Deli. Debarkation: A nightmare. Getting off the ship was o.k. The usual wait. But, after getting your luggage if you had to

take the bus back to the parking lot, there were major problems. People trying to get themselves and luggage on the bus while people for the next cruise were trying to get off the same bus with their luggage. Many harsh words to and from the bus drivers. This problem definately needs to be addressed.

Summary: On a scale of 10, this cruise would be an 8. Only because of the noise in the room and the problems of busing. We would, however, take this cruise again. The noise in the room(we found out the last day of the cruise) was caused because our rooms were over the sanitary area of the ship. ie:the garbage bin. Pounding on pipes, things being dragged, and glass breaking. Any one taking this cruise should definately avoid the Riveria Deck around cabins 1393-1399. But to put everything in perspective: This was a great cruise.


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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: August 30, 2003

This is my review of our Western Caribbean cruise on the Carnival Glory, 8/30/03. I hope you enjoy it! A little background: Ages: I am 37 and my husband is 54. I have taken 4 Carnival cruises and 1 Princess cruise. My husband has also been on 4 previous Carnival cruises. I did not care for my cruise on Princess. For me, Carnival surpasses Princess in every aspect that is important to us: service, food and fun. We are big Carnival fans and feel that no other cruise line would be a better fit for us. We also vacation at an all-inclusive resort in Cancun which we enjoy just as much as cruising.

We flew from NY to Orlando two days ahead so we could relax before our cruise. We took the Cocoa Beach Shuttle for $21 p/p to our hotel, the Comfort Suites. I do not recommend booking the ocean-view balcony rooms as the view is mostly of the parking lot. Location was convenient. There was a Winn-Dixie right across the street where we purchased a box of wine and a 12-pack of beer to take on the ship. There

were also multiple restaurants and clothing shops within walking distance. We met up with an old friend who lives in Cocoa Beach. He took us around to some of the local bars and restaurants. Our two days in Cocoa Beach flew by and then it was Saturday morning: cruise day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This was going to be a very exciting day because I was giving my husband a very big surprise. Six months earlier I had arranged for his daughter, 26, and his son, 29, to come on this cruise with us. We had managed to keep the secret all this time. Lisa had to fly all the way from Seattle, and Marc was flying from Philadelphia. I was very nervous that something would go wrong, but everything went smoothly. They even made it to the cruise terminal before us. This was their first cruise. My husband and I took the free shuttle from the hotel at 11:30. Once at the port, we dropped off our luggage and made our way to the terminal. Things seemed to be organized well. I was rather angry that the security refused to hand-check our 800-speed film. We only allowed the film to go through that one time and one other time when coming back from shore. After a total of only two passes through the machine, there was some damage to the film in the form of dark spots. Fortunately, only some pictures were damaged. We made our way upstairs to the check-in area, and then my husband heard someone saying, "Daddy, Daddy." It was his daughter. He couldn't believe his kids were going to be on the cruise with us. Needless to say, he was very happy. We got through the check-in process quickly and were on the ship by 12:30.


We first went to check out our cabins. Our cabin was 7439, one of the L-shaped cabins with an extra long balcony. I did not feel that there was any extra space inside. There was plenty of closet space and drawers. The room stewardess, Johanna, introduced herself right away. She immediately took care of several small requests we had. She took excellent care of us all week. Marc and Lisa were one deck above us in an inside cabin. They received the same excellent service from their steward. At embarkation, we had received a flyer with our Sail & Sign cards advising us not to use the cards to lock our safe. I had brought 4 old S&S cards and we used those instead. Before leaving our room, I used Funvision to book our Shark-Ray Alley tour in Belize. I found it very easy to use.


1. Check out dining room assignment 2. Eat lunch at the Lido deck buffet We were assigned to late seating, as requested, in the Platinum dining room. We went to check on our table, and found that it was a table for 8. We considered asking for a table for 4, but decided to wait and see how that night's dinner went. As you will read later, we certainly made the correct decision. We then made our way to the Lido buffet and enjoyed a rather large lunch. Afterward, we wandered the ship, then went back to our cabins to prepare for the lifeboat drill. Our luggage had already arrived. The drill was painless. We returned to our cabin, spent some time on our balcony, and rested up for dinner.


First, this was a beautiful room. It seemed larger than the dining rooms on Destiny and Triumph. We did not experience the over-crowding that others have reported though. The 2 couples seated with us were also traveling together. Our waiter and waitress introduced themselves, Alwyn, from India, and Katarena, from Slovokia. They were truly excellent and I believe they must be among the best that Carnival has to offer. Bread, butter, water, iced tea, were all replenished as needed without having to ask. Alwyn remembered everyone's special quirks and we were constantly given additional appetizers, entrees, and desserts to try. When I told Alwyn that there was nothing I liked on Beef Wellington night, which was on Wednesday night, he told me that I could get a sirloin steak instead, no problem. Alwyn and Katarena are sooooo personable and professional. We decided to cancel our reservation at the supper club because we did not want to miss a night dining with them. We tipped them well above the suggested amounts. We also enjoyed the singing Maitre'd, Ken. He really did sound just like Frank Sinatra. We enjoyed the waiters and waitresses dancing every night, and did not notice any lapses in service due to this. I thought the food was on par with our cruise 2 years ago. The desserts were better, especially the creme brulee.


We were very disappointed that comedian Al Ernst was not on this cruise. We stopped in to hear Carl Faulkenberry, and were not impressed. The young lady singing and playing piano by the casino was very good. She reminded me of Jewel. The piano bar singer sounded good also. I missed the 4 man band on the Lido deck. There were only two musicians this time, and they did not have the spirit or energy of previous bands. We attended the deck party which was tame compared to others I have attended. None of the bars or lounges seemed to be as lively or as crowded as on previous cruises. I thought the entertainment was as good as ever, but it was a very quiet crowd. The bartenders we spoke to also thought so. They said they didn't mind though, because they needed a break after the summer crowds. Many told us of out-of-control kids. One expressed the opinion that Carnival should make use of "the jail" on the ship, and that perhaps this would curb such behavior. The 2 big shows in the Amber Palace were excellent. I know some people think they're hokey, but I would have seen both shows twice if I could have. The lead female singer has a very strong voice. You won't find anything like her on American Idol. Excellent! We also enjoyed the magic show. As for cruise director Greg Kneale, very ordinary. He was constantly on ship's TV and I found him very hard to watch. I also take issue with his presentations regarding the ports. I am all for giving passengers a realistic view of the ports, however I felt he gave SUCH a negative view of port times and activities that many people were wondering why they even bothered to take this cruise.

KEY WEST Time in Port: 12:00-6:00pm After being warned that it would take a very long time to disembark, passengers, including us, began lining up 30 minutes early causing congestion in the stairwells. There were only 4 trolleys, holding about 64 people each, assigned to our ship. The trolley took us into town. The architecture of the old houses was amazing. That is really the best I can say about Key West. I would rather go to Progreso, San Juan, Jamaica or anywhere else. We met many rude people. We asked several people working in different establishments to point us in the direction of the Key Lime shop, and received answers of "I don't know." A salesclerk asked if I needed help. When I told her I was waiting for my friend to finish trying on a swimsuit, she rolled her eyes and turned her back on me. We did stop at Sloppy Joe's for a couple beers and had a nice waitress. When we eventually found the Key Lime Pie Shop, the pie was excellent. I really could have done without this port and spent more time at another.

BELIZE Time in Port 8:00am-5:00pm We had booked the Shark-Ray Alley tour and left the ship at 8:00am. We boarded a boat, put on our life jackets, and we were off. One of the guides told us that we were traveling at about 35mph. We received our snorkel equipment, stopped at Caye Caulker for a few minutes, then took a short ride to the snorkel site. We were there about an hour. We did see multiple sharks and a couple large rays. There were numerous fish and coral. I thought the snorkeling was excellent. Even more excellent were our guides, Zack and Ash. They owned the boat, called Meteoride, and worked for a larger business that contracts with Carnival. These young men were very personable, answered all questions, and really looked out for all of us. Consider yourself very fortunate if they lead your tour. After snorkeling, we sped over to San Pedro for a barbecue lunch that is included with the price of the tour. It wasn't ready yet, so we wandered into town. It had been threatening rain all morning, and finally it started to pour. The streets truly are made of sand, not pavement. We quickly found a local restaurant, Cucina Caramba, and ordered Lighthouse beer that was very good. The employees there were very friendly. Belize is 2 hours behind ship time, so the kitchen was not really open yet. They did serve us Lobster Ceviche, salsa, and chips. All very good and not expensive. I wish it had not been raining so we could have seen more of San Pedro. We made our way back to the dock where they still had the buffet open. The barbecue chicken was delicious. Finally, the sun came out. On our way back to the ship, we came upon another small boat, full of snorkelers, which was either out of gas or had mechanical problems. Zack and Ash said after they dropped us off at the ship, they would go back and get the people who were stranded. I loved the people I met in Belize and would love to go back. Only drawback to this tour: just 2 hours in San Pedro. Carnival could easily add at least 1 more hour to this time.

COZUMEL Time in Port 7:30am-3:00pm Excellent as always!!!!! Carnival, why is our port time so short here????? We all got off the ship right away, and were at Chankanaab by 8:00am. My husband and I just wanted to snorkel, and Marc and Lisa wanted to scuba dive. Lisa is certified and Marc wanted to take the Discover Scuba. We used Ramon Zapata's shop and the scuba was a total cost of $85. The snorkeling was very good. We wanted to eat in town and shop so we got a cab and were in town by 11:30.We ate at the same little restaurant we always go to, El Abuelo Gerardo, located a couple blocks back of the main square. Mostly locals go there. It was $52 for the four of us. This included 3 bottles of water, 8 or 9 beers, a huge combination platter, 2 plates of quesadillas, and all the chips and salsa we wanted. Truly amazing as always. We had to go back to the ship all too soon.

PROGRESO Time in Port 7:00am-3:00pm We had a wonderful time in Progreso. Despite Greg Kneale's assertion that there is "absolutely nothing to do there." What was supposed to be the worst port turned out to be the best. We got off the ship around 9:30 and took the bus into town. We shopped for a while, finding prices to be substantially lower than Cozumel. Lisa got a hammock for $15. Dresses were half the price of those in Cozumel. We then made our way to the beach. The beach was prettier than I thought it would be. When you first walked into the water, it was a little squishy between the toes. No worse than a lake in the Northeast though. It got better if you walked farther out. No waves. Very calm and relaxing. There are palapas, chairs and loungers at no charge. The sky was blue and it was very hot! After spending a little time on the beach, my husband and I decided to walk along the waterfront and see what kind of bars there were. For anybody that wants to have a great time, I recommend you go to a place called Altamar Beach Club & Restaurant. There was a 3-man band playing all sorts of songs, from The Doors, to Elvis and Mariah Carey. We were the only customers there at first. After we bought a couple beers, we were served chips and salsa. We always think the more, the merrier, so my husband bought some beers for some other people that had dropped in. Eventually, we were joined by Lisa and Marc, as well as others drawn in by the music. I don't think that Progreso had seen cruise ship passengers like us before. We were dancing and having the time of our lives. We were kept in constant supply of chips and salsa at no charge. I saw some people had ordered meals, but I was too busy having fun to look at a menu. I told the waiters that I would recommend their place on the internet, and I hope that by writing this review that they will receive additional business. The hospitality was evident and if you really want to have a party, grab some of your friends and don't miss this place. After 3 hours, we were still not ready to leave, and just made the last bus back to the ship.


Excellent. We had early flight tags and were off the ship and on our shuttle by 8:30. By 9:30 we were at the airport. They were checking the colored deck tags closely to make sure you were actually eligible for the early debarkation. Additionally, if you need to hire a shuttle service, I highly recommend Basikshuttle. They were excellent. An interesting side note about reporting for immigration: There are now signs around the ship stating that there will be a $250 fine/charge for not reporting in a timely manner. If they actually enforce this, it is a great service to everyone.


We loved our vacation on the Carnival Glory. The port of call schedule was exhausting, as you had to be up very early in the morning for Belize, Cozumel, and Progreso. We thought the service on the ship was the best we have ever experienced. Thank you Carnival for giving us a wonderful vacation!!!!

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: August 30, 2003

We just got back from a great cruise on the Carnival Glory. The ship was very nice, and new. The food was very good and so was the service. I recomend taking tours at Belize, outside of Belize city which is not very nice.

We saw the Myan ruins at Chitzan Itzan which was very interesting, and you can climb the Pyramid. I have no complaints, and for the money I think it is a great cruise vacation.

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: August 16, 2003

My Family just got off the Glory for the Western 08/16/03 Sailing. On a scale of one to ten this ship is a 9.the ports left a little to be desired however and I would score them a 6 on the ten scale.

What follows is my thoughts on this new Mega Liner the Carnival Glory:

Getting there

We flew from our home in Kansas City on Friday the 15th and arrived at the Orlando airport at 3:00 pm. We checked into the Hyatt in the airport for our overnight stay. We have stayed here before and my wife likes to shop in the stores of the airport...However the airport is under construction and a few of the stores were closed.I missed the discovery store the most.they have the neatest stuff. However Disney and Universal are well represented. After some shopping and diner at Chilli's my wife and son hit the pool at the Hyatt which is really a big big whirlpool spa. After that off to bed.I do recommend this hotel for pre or post cruise, but there are many alternatives to this and you may find others that you like.

In the

morning we used AAA Limo Service to transport us from the Hotel to Port Canaveral. Because of the Airport construction we had a little problem hooking up with the driver. The airport is restricting where they can pick we did not leave at our time of 10:30..instead we left around 11:00 am for the 45 minute drive to the port. The limo dropped us right at the pier and porters helped us with our to clear security.

Embarkation We had booked a Cat 11 Cabin and were able to make use of their "Skippers Club" boarding process. We were escorted to a small room and had our Doc's checked credit card pre approved and then taken past the other check in lines. This whole process took about 10 minutes and then we were on the board under the life boats on deck three and walk down to a door that enters the lobby. Because we were early.check in time is 1:30 pm we were requested to have lunch on the Lido deck in the Red Sail restaurant. I did notice that the lobby of the Glory is quite small, and the central atrium is small also when compared to RCL voyager class or Sovereign class ships, however there is plenty of room. We ate lunch outside the Red sail.and I had a bucket of beer and bought a pop card for my son.this is really the best way to buy beer and pop on board. We sailed at 5:00 pm and I didn't notice we were moving.that is how quiet and vibration free this ship was.wait I said we sailed at 5:00 pm.rather we left the pier and then backed up to pick up a late arriving passenger who was meet with cheers when they boarded the ship. I think you can plainly see that Carnival cares for their guests.enough to stop the ship and have it back up to pick up three people who otherwise would have missed the ship.

The ship and Cabin

We went to our cabin at around 1:30 pm.we had cabin 7283 which is a cat 11 on the starboard side of the Glory. Odd is starboard and even numbers on port.seemed backwards to me, but hey..they didn't ask me when they built the ship. The Cat 11 cabin was large with a sofa queen bed real wood crown molding and a large bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub. The bathroom had two sinks with a separate dressing area. Plenty of closet space and room for my family of three. Speaking of this ship.She is a beauty.110,000 tons.however you soon discover that this is mainly in cabins and cabin space.not public I did find it somewhat crowded at times. The pursers desk was ALWAYS busy which is somewhat strange and different from my past 14 cruises. This usually signifies problems but I didn't hear a lot of complaints during our time on this ship. The ship was booked with over 3000 guests on this cruise and because of the tight public spaces you knew they were there. I did talk to some of the crew and they had transferred from the Fantasy Class ships and were disappointed in the amount of space given to crew areas.much more space on the fantasy class vessels. Speaking of all our fellow passengers.and all the kids on board (over 500 < 15).it was a pretty good cruise.a few late night parties.but hey everyone is on vacation. You may book your shore tours on the TV in the Cabin and the tickets are swiftly delivered to your mail box by your door. Yes there are audio video inputs on the VCR.I have seen this question asked on this board.

What I thought

As I said..this was my fifteenth cruise and the worst one was good..I would rate this one a seven. The ship is immaculate and the crew spends a lot of time maintaining that appearance. This ship is not a gaudy as other carnival ships and as a matter of fact I liked how is was fitted out. Carpet and furnishings were well done and the public areas were great. It was a little had to find the internet café.which is located in the ivory lounge, but after a little exploring.I found it. You could tell that it was a basic after thought. Some areas of the ship are a little hard to navigate however.getting to the platinum restaurant required us to go all the way aft then down. Service on this ship was good.cabin steward excellent.dining room excellent.emerald room excellent.Red Sail. Service just good. Bar service was hard to get at times and seemed to be understaffed.

Restaurants and the food

There was open seating for breakfast and lunch in the main dining rooms and you could always eat at the Red Sail any time. One thing that bothered me was the absence of bacon on the Red Sail Buffet.this is clearly a cost issue and I think Carnival need to address it. A clever way around this was to ask one of the wait staff at the omelet station for bacon which was gladly provided.

Okay folks.At home I eat anywhere from McD's to 4 star's and I found the food on the Glory to be just "good". Truthfully I didn't expect it to be "fantastic".I have found this to be so ever since the invention of the Mega liner and by that I mean ships greater that 40,000 tons and 1000 passengers. This is not a hit on Carnival or any other cruise line for that matter.I just rarely expect fantastic food on a mega liner and with that attitude I am sure not to be disappointed. When you think of have to bear in mind that when the galley has to sever thousands in matter the presentation.the food is drawn from what amounts to a buffet. We were seated at table 234 in the golden upper dining room which is perched a little to close to the stairs leading to the lower dinning area. Our waiter and assistant waiter gave VERY good service during the cruise and I tipped them a little extra for their efforts. Our table mates were good people friendly.and here is where Carnival did good..four boys at the table in the same age group. My son was in heaven.people to talk to in that foreign language kids use&#61514;. We had main sitting which was 6:15 pm.5:45 pm in the platinum dinning room which is a little early for my tastes. The food all over was good and we ate in the dining room all but one night during which we ate in the Emerald room alternative restaurant. The food is prepared to order and is excellent almost rates 4 star qualities. I had the porterhouse and my wife had the filet and lobster. The service is outstanding in this dinning room and I would recommend that you pop the extra $25 per head for this for one night.

I wanted to talk a little about the Red Sail..expect some lines when getting food here. I waited sometimes as long a twenty minutes in line for a hamburger.and I search for a reason why. The food is not cooked to order.and it appears to be just inexperienced wait staff who caused the jam ups. The buffets always had plenty of food for the mass of people who would swarm them, and for the most part it was great. You could dine inside or outside as you desired. I never made the midnight buffets.been on to many cruises for this, and I can't quite keep eating this much food.

Shows and Entertainment

We saw only one show while and board, and it was the rock and roll show.lasted slightly over a hour and was just great. There are two singers on board who do a wonderfull say nothing about the dancers. These people earn their money! You do need to show early for a good seat in the Amber Palace. Greg Kneale was The new CD on the cruise. He did a fine job and even apologized because he was not John Head. He did the standard stuff I have heard before.ontime ahead of schedule but we are lost..stuff.

I found the folks who pressed the issue of CD with Greg to be A**'s but he took it in stride. Look was John Head who requested the change.not Greg..he busted his butt to make a good cruise for you.

Camp Carnival is a good kids program we used it twice.and the arcade is great.big is the word and was quite crowded at times One thing about Camp Canival.9-12 year olds can sign themselves out and in. If you are uncomfortable with can put you kids in the lower group, but this is death them, and I couldn't do it. My son met some good kids from this board and they hung out together most of the time. I do have one small pet peeve regarding the arcade however.almost all the games except two are four tokens($1)..why doesn't Carnival dump the two coin machines and use one token per game.instead you must buy and insert four coins per machine.

Where we went.the Ports

I said I rate the ports a six.and I feel that the problems are the locations themselves.

Key West.We have never been there so I planned to go to the Aquarium, Little White house and because I am a serious Parrot head.Margaritaville. The Glory will dock at the Old Navy pier.and you board trolleys to go downtown. This is like a tender and the lines can get long..but it is organized and the lines do move swiftly. You receive a narrated talk on Key West on the way downtown except for while the tram is in the Navy Annex (condo patio home complex) during which they must quiet.

It was, and we went and did a shipwreck museum instead of the was interesting in a tourist trap sort of way. Walked from there to Truman's little white house and did a tour of this..This is a must see.the tour was GREAT. I however am from Missouri the home of Harry Truman and may be a little biased&#61514;. From there the Parrot head in me forced me to Margaritaville where I had a cheeseburger in paradise and adult beverage while listening to Jimmy on CD. After that we walked back downtown and took the trolley back to the Glory. I think I won't go back to Key West.I grew up near Branson USA and can smell the tourist trap that this place was, is and will be. This port rates a 5 because I don't like tourist traps.

Belize CA..never been her either, but a fellow CruiseMater known as teachercab. and I booked a private wild life encounter snorkel with Seasports Belize. Teachercab (Karen) and her family were great people and Karen arranged to get us off the Glory first tenders out. I can't say how much fun this was.after a early start and brisk walk we arrived at Seasports before they opened. We waited about 45 minutes until our guide showed up and opened the store. We were panhandled several times while waiting, but I felt safe because the Belize Police station is in the SeaSports building. The first part of the day was spent in a Boston whaler type of boat on the old Belize river looking for wild life. We saw several birds.during which Karens sister would leap to her feet and try to identify.she is a avid bird watcher and had a book on the birds. I enjoyed giving her a slight hard time.with the cry there's a bird. We did see large lizards.heard a Crocodile and saw some West Indian Manatee's. It began to rain as we left the river and we all got wet and crowed under the canopy of the boat except for Karen's son Kevin.a brave energetic 11 year old with the attitude.hey.we are going to get wet on the snorkel. Princess Margaret once spent time in this CA country and the locals were impressed.they named and little islands after her. We snorkeled on the little island where Princess Margaret once did.with her British Battleship anchored close by..Sans battleship our little party had a very good time and it was soon time for a swift 55 mile per hour ride back to the tenders. Jumped right up on the tender berthing stations and walked aboard. Here is a pitch for SeaSports Belize..If you dive or snorkel.want a small private tour.these are great folks. BTW Red Lobster and Olive Garden gets their lobster from Belize. I rate this port a 8 for the good time we had.

Cozumel Mexico.been her three or four times but I was amazed how much this port has grown.The Disney Magic was in port with us and one of the Celebrity ships arrived as well as the Carnival Fantasy.did I mention that RCL had a ship there also. This is one crowded port of call. My wife is the shopper.I hate it and avoid it at all costs and have been know to become ill at the thought. I did however manage to convince my wife to do the Atlantis Sub thing again.I won't bore you the details of our last excursion on the sub, but my wife did not enjoy it. The plan was to take my wife, son and I on the sub trip.then I and my son would escape back to the ship. My wife would do the shopping thing as she feels very safe in this port. The sub tour was son was amazed and my wife enjoyed it also. I was quite smug .this is quite a feat now days to impress my little nine year old world traveler. After a Lunch at Pablo's son and I went back for a swim on the ship and my wife shopped.she was back on board by 2:00 pm. All in all I would rate this port a 7.its getting a little crowded and starting to smell like a tourist trap.faint odor but it there none the less. My wife on the other hand loves Cozumel for the each their own.

Progresso Mexico..Never been there.will not go back. I had nothing planned for this port and when we awoke I found the smell of the port to to say..stinks maybe. As a matter of fact this was my nine year olds first comment. You are docked in a commercial port on a six mile rock pier. They bus you to town, and there is not much wife braved the ride and bought some fake sterling charms.and came back to the ship. She did not feel safe in town.and the shops were few.

I would recommend touring the Mayan Ruins to anyone here.skip the town shop the stores where the ship parks. Carnival <IMHO> should drop this port and replace it..private island with big beach party would be great. Rate it a 4

Debarking the Ship

I wanted to write about debarking the ship as it is a little different.yes there is the normal way.leave bags in hall night before and then claim them when you tag color is called. You may now debark the ship with you bags in tow.They still call you off the ship by tag color, but self debarkers are called off the ship first. They also debark from the top deck and land tours first then the Panorama and Lido deck cabins. We were next because our cabin was on Empress deck and they called tag colors for the Verandah and Empress decks at the same time. We cleared customs in about twenty minutes and were met by out limo driver in the limo waiting area.

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: September 13, 2003

I sailed on the new Carnival Glory the week of September 13th and I must say overall it was a great cruise! This was my 17th cruise, first on Carnival. I've sailed with Celebrity, Costa, NCL, Princess, RCI. I generally cruise alone but Dezertcruzer asked if I'd like to try Carnival, the new Glory so I decided, why not!

We flew into Orlando on Thursday so we could go to the Space Center on Friday. We stayed at the Radisson and in spite of some negative reviews, found the room/hotel to be just fine. Jennifer rented a car, dropping it off, using Avis shuttle turned out to be a blessing! We were the only ones at Avis and avoided the lines at the hotel waiting for a shuttle.

The check-in process was very painless even though we arrived at noon. They had people going along the line checking documents to make sure they were filled out properly. From the time we got off the shuttle to being onboard, it was maybe 12:30, pretty smooth!

My initial impression of the Glory was WOW, look at those colors! Pretty bright but when you at

look at the whole ship, art work, the ceiling lights changing color, it works! I think the various lounges being one particular color, just added to the overall theme, and I liked the way it was done. We enjoyed walking around checking out all the artwork.

We had one of those aft cabins, last one port side, an odd shape, with a bigger balcony! We enjoyed the cabin and definitely the balcony! We ordered room service, every day and Carnival impressed me there. On time every day with warm Danish, Bagel, lox, fruit, coffee, what's not to like? We also were able to do room service the last day, which was nice! No fighting the crowds and no push for us to vacate our cabin. The cabin was better than the Brilliance in March, nicer bathroom, more storage space and the bed did not have the annoying rounded corner RCI beds have!

As the week went on the actual layout of the ship, with only one public deck to walk from aft to forward, bugged me a little, and not just because I kept turning the wrong way! I'd say the Conquest class ships are high density, with the extra tonage over the Destiny/Victory, meaning more cabins but not space for public areas! Having been on the Atlantica (Spirit), liking the layout, more room for passengers to spread out, I'd say that's probably more my style. I like a dining room aft, not having to go up, just to go down! Glory has the "you can't get there from here" arrangement!

I felt the layout contributed to a more smokey atmosphere, and you had to work at getting away from it. It was very noticeable in the lobby, which is trapped between the two dining rooms, also along the passageway to get from aft to forward! Your only choice and, of course, through the casino! I also noticed people carrying ash trays all over, which I haven't seen before. I've seen this done outdoors, but not inside areas.

When we tried to find the internet cafe, it was through a lounge used for cigars, only way to get there! What were they thinking?

The main surprise for me on Carnival was the food! I was not prepared to have great meals in the dining room and a very good selection. I was pleased. Service was very good, timely, and no mistakes. Deserts were excellent. The fellow that came around for drinks was good, just asked and wasn't pushy. The singing guy, Ken, that everyone seems to rave about, could keep it down to just one evening (maybe)!

The buffet area was fine, great selections for lunch, didn't get to try everything. The fish and chips were really good. We never had an issue with finding a place to sit, even on sea days, always empty spots. I like Carnival putting the silver on the table wrapped in a napkin. All you had to worry about was your tray/plate, made the line move along, and you weren't reaching in a container for silverware. Key word there, tray, I wish RCI would use trays.

I found the personnel on the ship to be super, upbeat, friendly, anxious to please, always with a smile! No matter who I saw, everyone spoke, smiled said, hello, good day, I like that, rather than the reserved, refined, stuffy approach. Just my take on it, I'm like that every day. Everyone I come in contact with, pass by, I smile, say hello, hold doors for people, friends say I'm overly polite. Brightens my day to be nice to people!

We went to some of the shows and they were great. I really enjoyed the two big production shows, Carnival goes all out! They were really fun, very professional! The singer they had, Marcus Anthony was very good, too. I did not go to the Illusionist, or to the Comedy show.

Getting off the ship was as painless as getting onboard. Very organized and did not take long!

My overall impression of Carnival was better than I expected. I found the same situation when I researched Costa, I was prepared for the worst and found it wasn't so bad after all. I learned the hard way after my Celebrity cruise, better to lower your expectations and not be disappointed! When you consider the price structure of cruises today, Carnival has a good product that gives people a good cruise for the price they are paying.

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: August 30, 2003

Greetings from the island of Tennessee!!!! My wife and I just returned from our cruise on the Carnival Glory. Let me just start by saying...I WANNA GO BAAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!!! OK, Now that that's out of my system, , Cathy and I tend to focus on different things (the ships for her, the ports for me) so she'll be submitting a review shortly.

EMBARKATION: Very smooth! We stayed at the Radisson and took a free shuttle to the port. From the time we boarded the shuttle it took under an hour and a half to be on Lido deck eating lunch.

THE SHIP: I liked it. The theme is "colors" (everything is named after a color i.e. Bar Blue, Golden Dining Room, etc...) Only a couple of complaints 1. it can be confusing to find your way around on decks 3-4 because the Golden dining room separates the forward sections from the walk from one end of the ship to the other you need to be on deck 5 or to get to the theater you may find yourself walking half the ship, then going up two floors walking the rest

of the way then back down two floors. Sounds worse than it was, once you get the hang of it it's no big deal. 2. There was a smell of sewage outside the theater for a couple of nights...they had it fixed by the end of the cruise so probably won't be a problem for future cruises.

THE STAFF: Wonderful!!!!! Our room steward Imam was fantastic! Very cool towel animals! Room was great! Our Head Waiter was Yony, and our Team Waiter was Anner both from Guatemala. Fantastic guys!

THE FOOD: As usual great...The chocolate decadence cake is amazing...order at least three! The chocolate cake from room service is also very good. I'm pretty sure I ate the cost of my voyage several times over.

THE SHOWS: I don't much care for the Vegas style stuff, if you like it you'll like the two production numbers. DO NOT MISS a singer named Marcus Anthony, he sings Motown and was the best show of the trip. He's great!! The comedians were funny, but not rolling in the aisles funny. The talent show was fun and cruise director Greg did the "Bedtime Story" afterward...hilarious!!! Also try to make it to the Mr. and Mrs. show. Skip the port talks (sales pitches) and the debarkation talk (they'll be on your television constantly)

THE LOUNGES: make it a point to go to the CINN-A-BAR it's a fun piano bar. The Ebony Cabaret has a good cover band, and a singer (Julie) with a great voice plays piano outside the Casino some nights.

THE PORTS: This was the second time around this route for us (We did the same route on the Pride last year) so we knew a little more about what to expect.

Key West FL--They were doing construction on the Navy base so the first trolleys had quite a wait, we decided to have an early lunch on the ship before going ashore. by the time we finished , the crowd was gone and there was little waiting . We walked down Duval St. (sorta like going to the circus) there were mimes, street singers, and folks with huge snakes taking pictures with the tourists. Lots of bars/pubs with live music. For you Jimmy Buffett fans Captain Tony's (of The Last Mango in Paris fame) and Margaretiaville were both easy to find. We found a small place called The Blonde Giraffe key lime pie factory. They serve chocolate covered frozen key lime pie on a stick (like a bizarre ice cream)...quite possibly (I hope my wife forgives me for this) the best key lime pie I've ever tasted!!! They have a website. There is a stand in Mallory Square near the Key West Aquarium that has really good key lime-aides and key lime floats. The Aquarium is fun too (especially if you plan on doing shark-ray alley in Belize--they have a large nurse shark tank so you can get a preview of things to come).

Belize City Belize--maybe my favorite port. Last year Cathy went cave tubing while I went to Shark Ray Alley (very fun tour!) This year we decided to go snorkeling at Goff's Caye. Normally this would be a great tour. You go to a tiny island (about football field size) and snorkel a great reef with massive corals. We didn't have the typical trip. We boarded our snorkel boat with threatening skies overhead. Shortly after departing we drove thru a torrential rainstorm (hardly any shelter on the boat) I heard several references to the storm on "Gilligan's Island" (...a three hour tour...) finally we got to the island (still raining) and most folks elected to go ashore and huddle under a shed...the rest of us were bound and determined to go snorkeling! So we snorkeled in the rain...and waves...and thunder and lightning. That last part concerned us a bit so we inquired about it from the guide. He told us Lightning doesn't strike the water in Belize (must be special Belizean lightning) and even if it did our masks and snorkel were plastic and wouldn't conduct electricity. That was about the point where the snorkeling ended...sort of a group decision to exit the water. When we arrived back at the island the sun came out and we decided to snorkel around the island...very shallow till you get out a bit. Cathy brushed up against a rock in the shallows, no big deal in itself however upon this rock grew some fire coral. She likened it to placing a paperclip in an electrical outlet....back to the shed to see the medical officer for a vinegar and ammonia compress. A little rash and some swelling/itching. Our snorkeling was done for the day. The guide told us lots of stuff about Belize and its history. We still had fun. It was an adventure...if you don't like adventure refuse to go on a tour boat in the rain (I learned later that several people refused to go and were given full refunds). When we got back to the Glory we ate then tendered to the City for some shopping they have a small shopping center called the "tourism village" now...Belize has grown a lot in a year...not sure if that's a good thing. We'd looked into a company called coral breeze (on the internet) that had a great snorkeling tour that included shark ray alley for $70pp. I think we'll try that next time.

Cozumel, Mexico: The biggest complaint I heard was that we weren't at Cozumel long enough. They've built a large shopping area at the end of the pier since we were there in Jan. If you're planning on buying souvenirs, T-shirts and the like there isn't a need to go downtown anymore. We took a taxi to Chankanabb Marine park ($10 each way per taxi and $10 each for admission) The park is wonderful. Great snorkeling from the beach there was a Mayan statue underwater, and there is usually a statue of Christ (it had been temporally removed for cleaning)., not crowded at all, botanical gardens, and replicas of a Mayan village/ruins. The dolphin encounter is located here, and a sea lion show. Big line to get back on the Glory. Several people drank WAY too much and ended up "chumming the waters" over the pier or being carted on the ship in wheelchairs.

Progresso, Mexico: the pier is about five miles long, they take you to town in busses. You get dropped off at a flea market area. lots of booths with good prices. Hammocks were $15-18 Hammock Chairs $10-20. Lots of $5 shirts. There is a blue double decker bus that does a 20min tour of Progresso for $2. It was fun, you drive by the beach, and open air chicken/fish market and fruit markets. They were experiencing "red tide" while we were there and canceled all the beach break tours. slight fishy smell when we got off the ship but the beach looked fine from the bus. The beach is within walking distance. There are several shops on the pier itself.

DEBARKATION: They are doing something new...if you can manage all your own luggage without help you can carry it off and get off earlier. We decided to do it the old way and was still off around 10:00 take a book and find a chair in the theater you'll be off before you know it (unfortunately)

All in all it was a great trip and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. One thing I'd like to see change (excuse me while I get up on my soapbox) Other passengers didn't seem to care where they smoked. As a Respiratory Therapist I deal with people who have breathing problems like Asthma and COPD every day. Tobacco smoke does more than inconviences them. It makes breathing difficult, increases medication use, decreases the immune system's response and can land them in a hospital pretty easily. Please if you smoke, smoke in your cabin, smoke in the lounges, smoke in the casino, smoke up on deck on the correct side of the ship...but PLEASE do not smoke in or around the elevators, hallways, or doorways to non-smoking areas like theaters and dining rooms (I saw LOTS of this) We're all on the same ship please be courteous to non-smokers who don't want to be exposed to tobacco smoke at every turn. There are plenty of smoking areas. We all want to enjoy our cruise without visiting the infirmary, so please don't smoke in the few areas that are designated non-smoking...Thank you. (LADIES AND GENTLEMAN...SHANNON HAS LEFT HIS SOAPBOX)

The Cruise was great...we're planning our next one. You won't go wrong with the Glory.


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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: August 16, 2003

Our family (2 adults 2 teens) and another family (2 adults 2 teens) recently went on the August 16th Western Caribbean Glory sailing. There is a saying,"When Mama is happy everyone is happy." Well in my case when my teen-agers are happy I'm even happier. Our kids have been on many vacations and they said that one was the very best by far. There were more than enough teen agers on board who bonded very quickly. All the kids seemed very well behaved. Even the little kids were very good.

This was the first time we sailed on Carinival. The other two times were short cruises on RCCL. It is hard to put my finger on the difference but RCCL seems to be a notch above. The staff on the Glory is very efficient but needs some more customer relations training. Although I should say our kids,who each had their own cabin,wanted to take their cabin steward,Joanna,home. She is from Poland. According to our kids,"She was the best!" We also had a great time with Arif(sp)on the Lido deck as well as some of the other pool wait staff.

The entertainment was

very good. I didn't get the hang of navigating the ship until the last few days. If you are reading this and you are a new to cruising, pay attention to the diagrams next to the elevators. They are a big help.

I should say the embarkation and debarkation was very easy. We got to the terminal at 12:15 and were eating in the Red Sail restaurant by 1:15. Debarkation was easy also. They told us the night before our color tag would get be called at 9:45 am. It was actually called at 9:30am. The only night mare is if you are picking up a rental car I suggest you RUN to the nearest cab as opposed to getting on the car rental shuttle.

We had an inside cabin on the veranda deck. It was much more spacious that RCCL's. Our cabin steward was very good but oddly enough we don't even know his name. We usually get to know all kinds of staff but he just did his job without much interaction. We were very satisfied though.

The beginning of the week we were thinking, "Wow, this menu is great and the food is pretty tasty." by mid week we were getting fairly disappointed. It's similar to a Red Lobster. I'm usually not a buffet person but there was always plenty to eat. If you like lox and bagels you have to go to the open seating restaurant for breakfast. I love chinese food but never had a chance to eat any. I also never went to the grill for burgers. I had one slice of pizza. New York has nothing to worry about. The best thing was being able to eat plenty of ice cream all of the time.

The pools were small but nice and cool and there was always room for one more. We never had a problem finding lounge chairs on the 10th deck.

I've been to Key West at least 20 times but I still love the town. If you are going there for the first time skip the shopping and go on a snorkel boat like the fury or the stars and stripes. Belize is wonderful. We took a pre arranged snorkel tour with Coral Breezes. They were very professional. My husband and son flew to San Pedro for a two tank dive that was $60.00 cheaper than if they had booked it with Carnival. We had all been to Cozumel so we rented jeeps from Alamo and toured the island. Great way to spend the short stay there. You have to laugh at Progresso or else you would be mad. The clarity of the water is similar to the Jersey shore. The beach was ok. We rented a golf cart and toured the very poor city. Perhaps the tours are better. Be prepared to be approached a million times by people selling items.

I'll close by saying we're hooked on 7 day cruises. The Glory was a certainly a fun ship.

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: August 9, 2003

This was our 5th cruise and we had a wonderful time. The Glory is a beautiful ship and the food and service was great. The cabin was beautiful and spacious(balcony cabin). I'm prone to motion sickness, and except for a few instances, the ship was very smooth.

Debarkation was a snap, they now allow you to carry your bags off the ship if you so desire. If you have lugggage with wheels, this is the way to go. I would definitely sail on the Glory again.


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