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65 User Reviews of Inspiration Cruise Ship

Western Caribbean
Publication Date: May 27, 2006

The Inspiration is a good "cruisers'" ship. This is as opposed to the superliners they're making now. That is not to say the superliners are bad, I am just a fan of being on a cruise ship that feels like a cruise ship. It has all of the amenities I look for, in fact I've been on it twice now, a five- and a seven-day cruise. Grand Cayman is always beautiful, albeit expensive. Playa Del Carmen has the most beautiful Carribean water I have ever seen. When we were in Calica we rented a car and drove to Cancun, and what a time we had! The scenery and the people were fabulous. Friends of ours told us that their 6-year-old daughter had the time of her life in the Camp Carnival activities for kids, so we intend to bring our children with us next time!

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Publication Date: May 14, 2006

We embarked on the inspiration out of the port of Tampa. Wouldn't recomend it to anyone with children under 10. I have 4 children we needed two rooms. My mother came with us and we were suposed to have rooms next to each other(or close to each other) instead we had rooms 35 doors away from each other.We paid extra for rooms on the upper deck and ended up on the bottom. They do not have rooms to accomodate large families. The lay out of the ship was confusing. The entertainment was great. Highly recomend it. The pool, slide was a big hit

The staff was OK, they would benifit from english classes. My younger children 6 & 7, were bored. Camp carnival wasn't an easy place to locate. After an hour to search for it we find out if you needed the camp carnival between 11:30 am & 2pm you were out of luck. But it does not state that online anywhere. Our 11 & 15 yr old were self amused. Just being able to be away from mom and dad was worth it for them.

I do not recomend

to go into the port of Calica. Cozumel or Cancun is alot better. Not much in Calica as in souvigners, do not take the xcarta tour...The brochure looks great but it's the worst place I have ever been. The kids were tired of walking in circles and looking at large animal pits with no animals. Well unless you like iguanna's they're everywhere. But Grand Cayman was great we took the stingray city tour. Excellent!!! It was well worth it. My children loved to swim with the giant sting rays and give them kisses. I even got my 15 yr old in the water to enjoy the activities. Great time there. Overall trip was disapointing at times but we made the best of it and had as much fun as we could with 4 kids in tow. Not exactly a family vacation I had in mind. It would have been more enjoyable if it were my husband myself and my mother to enjoy the amenties the kids cannot partake in.
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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: May 13, 2006

Our party consisted of 3 adults and 4 children divided into 2 rooms. We chose Carnival because we live in the Tampa FL area and it's the only cruise line serving that port. Before the cruise I read all the reviews online and decided I too would submit one. The rooms were better than I had expected. The bathroom was large with a full sized shower. We had paid extra to be on Upper deck but were instead 'upgraded' to the lowest deck with a window. Our travel agent assured us we would be placed within close proximity of each other but instead were placed in rooms 70 and 152. Too far apart trying to share toiletries and sick kids. Yes, we all got sick, the adults for only a day each, one child stayed sick for 3 days. My room had a sewer gas aroma.

On the plus side, our cabin steward was excellent. We only ate in the dining room once, too much hassle with kids and the food was the same as we could have gotten at the buffet. I specifically asked our travel agent the dress

code for that ship's diningroom and was told men and boys had to wear a jacket and dress slacks, tie was optional. Well guess what? Most of the men had no jacket or tie, just a dress shirt and slacks. Many younger boys wore shorts. All the food was adequate, hamburgers, hotdogs, and pizza were always available and the fresh fruit was delicous.

We did 2 offshore excursions. Swimming with the Giant Stingray's in Grand Cayman was excellent. Xcaret in Calica Mexico was a $350 bust. I like to refer to it as the Flintstones version of Busch Gardens without the rides or the animals for that matter. It was hot and walking on a gravel path with hieroglyphics for signs got old real fast. The kids were bored because we only saw some horses, a musk ox and a deer with one antler. Everytime we bought anything they tried to gave us peso's for change. Souvenirs were expensive everywhere, even in the tent city pitched next to where the ship docked.

All in all, we did have a good time but I don't believe I'll ever do it again. They told me if I had flown instead of sailed I would have gotten a stamp in my otherwise never used passport.

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Publication Date: April 20, 2006

This was our first time cruising. My husband and I brought our twin teenage boys (15 year olds). Embarkation went smooth and a lunch buffet was waiting for us on the main deck. It took at least a day to get orientated to where everything was on the ship. Our indoor cabin was small but fine. The bed was very comfortable (the boys had bunk beds that pulled out of the wall)and there was a slight rocking of the ship which lulled you to sleep.

Breakfast buffets were always the same food (It's almost like they took yesterdays leftovers and reheated them!) Free drinks were very syrupy. We dined for dinner in the main dining room which always had great food and friendly waiters. Get used to accents. Everyone who worked on the ship had a different one! The shows were excellent. The negatives were mostly for our sons. Only one of the three pools were open (no water until the second day as they use sea water).Only four feet deep and jammed packed like the jacuzzis.

The promised tons of activities for the O2 teen club were almost non-existant. After checking

several times there, nothing was happening and no one was there. Everytime I saw the director she and two teens were eating! Where was the music,movies, games etc...mentioned in the brochure? My sons were bored to death almost the whole four days. The other negative besides the sail and sign account was the ultra short Shore excursion. We had 3 and a half hours to go through the ecological park we chose in Playa Del Carmen. We didn't even have time to swim! Definitely not worth the $356 we paid! We were very disappointed overall and did not feel we got a good value for the money.
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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: April 20, 2006

Just returned from the Carnival Inspiration Cruise - April 20th thru April 24th (2006). There was a party of five celebrating my father's 80th birthday.

Embarkation- Arrived at Tampa Seaport between 11:00 - 11:15 am, checked our bags with the porter (included $2 tip per bag) and went right into the terminal. There was no line when we got upstairs (they have an elevator for those with walking difficulties or you can use the escalator) and check-in was smooth and painless. We sat and waited for the announcements to board (we were group #4) which started around noon. We were on board between 12:20- 12:30 even with stopping for pictures. We were told that the rooms were not available yet (they weren't - we checked) and to go right to the Lido deck for lunch (which we did).

Food- Food was typical cruise line food - both buffets and dining room. It was better then adequate but definitely not gourmet (which I don't expect for that price). I've never been to a local restaurant that the food is always perfect - there are always good days and bad days when it comes

to preparing food - even on board a cruise ship.

Our waitress was "Lina" and asst. was Anthony, both were outstanding with everything. We gave them a nice tip (above the daily charge to our sail and sign card)at the end of the cruise for their outstanding care for and to us. Lina, especially, made the dining experience wonderful.

Room- We booked an inside cabin this go around - even though my DH and I have been on many cruise and cruise lines, we did this for the other guest with us - they were first timers and we wanted to keep the price down. Our room was M-159 on the Main Deck. We had Elias as our steward and we barely saw him, but he did a wonderful job keeping our room tidy. My father's room was next to us and my sister and her husband was next to his. They had Angel as their cabin steward and we saw him often. He also did an excellent job keeping the rooms clean and neat. The towel animals every night in our rooms were different. If I had a seal - they may have had a pig. We thought it was cute. Being mid-ship and that low caused no problem with ship movement or noise (except for returning guest to their rooms). I did have a problem with my bearing for a few days. I'm so use to a window to tell me which way the ship was moving and with no window, I found it a little difficult. Oh - the showers were large and clean.

Now - the bad news. We had a smell in our bathroom coming from the floor drains (in all our cabins) until my DH put soap down them a couple of times and that took care of it. The other thing was the towels - they were horribly stained the entire cruise we kept getting towels in our rooms that looked as if someone had used them to clean up messes. I have been on more then 20 cruises and never seen that before. Are the environmental officers not allowing bleach???? My sister and father had drain problems the second day out. They weren't draining. We called for maintenance and kudos for Carnival maintenance - they were there within ten minutes and fixed the problem. No more slow draining.

Entertainment- The entertainment was wonderful. The Vegas style shows were nice but loud. We saw only one comedian (they had two) on the first night - Kenny Miller (the other one was Carl Faulkenberry). I never laughed so hard.

Chris Roberts was the cruise director and was the typical cruise director that I've seen on other ships . . . I guess when you've seen one - you've seen them all. They had dance classes that were given (no charge) during the cruise that I thought was nice but, at times, it was hard to understand the instructor . . . and I have a knack for understanding accents.

And speaking of understanding - my goodness - the captain (Candeloro Donato) needs to speak up when he introduces his officers. I couldn't tell if he was speaking Italian or English and I wasn't the only one. It wasn't until I watch the replay of it, again in my room the next day, that I knew what he was saying.

Other then that there was the typical hairy chest contest, ice carving, bingo, horse racing and my DH's favorite - the slot machines.

Ports- Cozumel was both beautiful and hot. We rented two jeeps. The jeep rental was $66.00 for the day (for each) and we elected to get insurance (full coverage at $25.00). We also had to replace the gas we used and that was about $15.00. We got to stop and go pretty much where we wanted to and eventually parked in the downtown area to do some shopping.

We got a number on the Lido deck to get off the ship by way of tender. We only waited about a half hour and our number was called. In Cozumel there is one pier open and there was a RCI ship docked there when we arrived. There was also another Carnival ship that was tendering too. We came back about five to tender back and only took maybe 30 to 45 minutes to get back to the ship. That night we decided to eat at the buffet because our dining time was at 6:15 p.m. We wanted to spend as much time on shore.

Debarkation- Debarkation was not as organized as it was for the embarking. After they called for the self-assist it was a free-for-all for the rest of us - instead of calling floors or sections - they just said the rest of us can leave. Even with that - we waited in the Paris Lounge until most everyone left and then left the ship with no problem. My father and I cannot stand for long periods and it was just better for us to wait it out. They take your sail and sign card and "punch" you out. I guess it's their way of making sure everyone got off the ship. Then you go find your luggage - go through customs (do not and I repeat do not use your cell phone at that time - big no-no with customs) and then you're outside the terminal in no time at all.

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: January 2, 2006
GENERAL: 4 traveling together. 8th cruise, 1st on Carnival and apprehensive about it as we are 60 and prefer an older, quiter crowd. Have been a happy RCL/Celebrity customer. Pleasantly surprised. While the crowd is younger, drinks more and is a little rowdier, there were no incidents involving drunkenness that I saw (but we retire by midnight). While the crowd is different, it was definitely not a "show stopper" for us even though we're older travelers. Great value. Monday to Saturday, 5 day schedule is convenient. Tampa is an excellent departure city. Great kids programs. We prefer children "to be seen but not heard," and that's exactly how it played out. Carnival is noted to have very good children's programs. It seems they do as I never saw a miserable, whining child anywhere on the ship. I've seen plenty of miserable complaining older adults who are not happy about anything on Celebrity/RCL - there Aappears to be fewer of those types on CCL. A nice change. It all balances out. EMBARKATION: Modern, efficient airport and cruise terminal in Tampa. 20 minute cab ride from the airport ($24.05 for 4). Porters take your bags, you proceed to check-in ($2 per bag is standard tip). Late arrival at Terminal (about 2:45) we were the only passengers being processed. Took 10 minutes to clear and board the ship (fill out your embarkation details on line, print out fun pass and present it to embarkation personnel - saves time). I'd recommend late arrival for families with small children who don't like to wait. Arrival at teh ariprot, trip to the cruise terminal and embarkation a breeze and a quantum leap better than Miami and Fort Lauderdale  arrival experiences. The Ship: Older ('95) but very clean and in good repair throughout. Cleanliness improved on day 2 - 4 which indicates good ship's officer supervision of maintenance staff. Difficult to move foward and aft because of partitioning but not a major drawback. Gaudy colors (purple and orange) and design in buffet dining area and elsewhere. Looks better at night. Somewhat cramped public spaces which we do not use a great deal anyway. Lots of open deck space and outside seating with tables compared to other ships - a nice feature that we liked. Beverage and serving stations well located and convenient. Typical pool arrangement except there's a nice aft area with a large round pool a couple of heated jacuzzis and a large surrounding open deck with plenty of deck chairs. Cabins/Pricing: We always book guaranteed inside cabin to get the lowest rate about 90 days out and usually get upgraded to an outside cabin. It worked with Carnival. Typical price for the 5 day cruise is $400 for passengers 1 and 2 and $290 for passengers 3 and 4. There are benefits to being on the lower decks and amidships in the more "iffy" cruising months like January. You can experience some rough weather and coolish temps - we had one day of 50 MPH winds and 25 foot seas on the last at sea day returning to Tampa. It was 78 degress when we left tampa, 42 upon returning. Be prepared for this eventuality, cruising in January, with the right clothes. We had our 2, 20 something daughters with us in a 4 berth room. It worked out OK since no one ended up killing anyone despite shoes and hair dryers everywhere. Bath area as spacious as any I've seen. No 115 AC outlet in the bath area for hair dryers and no hair dryer provided. Bring one to plug in at main cabin desk. Very comfortable mattress and bedding. Poor AC controls and cabin tended to be on the cold side. Storage not well designed in cabin but adequate for 4 on a 5 day trip. Would be inadequate for a 7 day trip or more. Good storage above the sink in the bath area nothing below the sink. No shelving in the shower area but you can use the large sink surround - that works fine. Cabin service on a par with RCL/Celebrity maybe just a tad less visible but no problems. Stewards were friendly and responsive when asked. ENTERTAINMENT. There was one good production show out of 5. We enjoy the shows so I was a little disappointed but not outraged. Sight lines are not optimal in the theater area but adeqaute if you watch where you sit. Get there early. It fills up fast and the best seats go quickly. CCL pushes the photos - take advantaage by having them shoot as many shots as you can stand. Get pictures from multiple stations and poses on formal night and then pick one or two you really like. Be disciplined. Its expensive to buy a bunch of pictures but a great value if you just buy one or two. You can spend a ton on drinks. Set a budget and sticj=k to it. Bring your own soft drinks and a sports bottle to hold tap water. You can bring a couple of bottles of wine. Normally there's a $10 cork fee. Our head waitress did not charge us for this (she got it back in tips). I think she'd be in trouble if supervisors knew she did this. DINING: Buffet with good variety and tasty foods. Salad, fruit/cereal/yogurt/pastry, omelet, sandwich bars. Good pizza, burgers, fries and hot dogs. Food a-plenty available all the time and conveniently located. Good and always available beverage service in the buffet area and near the pool. Great pastries and cookies. Buffet dining area staff slow to clean up tables which indicates poor officer supervision in this area. Wait staff was eager to do anything you asked though. Don't hesitate to ask them. There are plenty standing around. Uninspired but good sushi after 5PM on deck 8 in a lounge area - it was fine and I ate plenty of it. A good deal of outside table seating in the buffet area - we like this. We dined twice in the Mardi Gras dinning room. Once for breakfast, once for lunch. It was fine although I prefer the buffet for breakfast and lunch. We selected late seating in the Mardi Gras dining area (8:30). We always do this and ask for a large table of 8 or more as we like meeting other guests - a highlight for us. We've never had bad table mates and this cruise was no exception. Table service was slightly rushed. Nicely varied menu. Wait staff discouraged subtitutions in subtle ways but you got what ever you wanted if you persisted. Small portions - that is fine with us. Great desserts. Frankly, this was the best run dining room and best food I've found on 8 different ships (except Celebrity specialty restaurants but you pay extra for it). A pleasant surprise. CCL is reported to have invested a great deal of effort and money to improve its food and dining service. Its very apparent on Inspiration. ITINERARY: This is our first 5 day cruise. 6 years ago, our first cruise, we travled for 10 days and loved it thinking we could never get used to less. Less can be better - its cheaper and tends to fit better into busy work schedules when you can't afford to take too much time off. Traveling on Monday and Saturday, to and from the cruise port is also cheaper, less stressful and less crowded. YOu also get a weekend before to pack and a Sunday after to unwind and get ready to go back to work. I recommend departing from the lesser used ports such as Galveston, Mobile and Tampa. We had a very good experience arriving and departing from Tampa compared to Miami or Fort lauderdale. Ports of call included Grand Caymen and Cozumel. We've eliminated future cruises with Grand Cayman on the itinerary. Been there 3 times and my impression is that locals don't particularly care about cruise travelers even though the Cayman government pushes the cruise lines to keep coming there. Why do I want to pay $10 for a bracelet made in China in a Cayman shop with rude employees when I can buy it for $5 at Target in the US. The whole shopping experience is like that. There are some good high end jewlers but you pay high end discount, tax and duty free prices. Some like the 7 mile beach (nice if you like beaches) and the snorkling with the sting rays. Its a personal thing with me but I think this is over-priced and over hyped. Cozumel is coming back following the hurricanes and I have high praise for businesses that stuck it out and are trying to make a come-back. Compared to Cayman, these people want your business and work hard to get it. There's still a good deal of obvious damage but the downtown area and shops around the ports are open and in good repair. Plenty of good restaruants are open for business. We've started booking tours on the internet instead of using the cruise tours - just watch your times as the ship won't wait for you on privately booked tours. Its a better value. Try Cozumel Sailing. We chartered a 38 foot catamaran from 10 AM to whenever you wanted out of Porta Debrigio - about 20 minutes from Porta Maya and a $12 cab ride. $70 per person. We had all the food (prepared fresh on the boat) and all the drinks we could have wanted. Grilled Chicken in a great sauce, steak fajitas, tortillas, guacamole, pasta salad. We sailed, snorkled, fished, ate, drank, went to a beach and rode a spinnaker. Wow - it was a great value. Both Cayman and Cozumel use tenders, Cozumel because the cruise piers are gone, Cayman has always done it. Be prepared for a wait both debarking and embarking but it works out OK as long as you plan for it time wise and are patient. Its well organized at Cozumel, not so well organized at Caymen. Cozumel has two ports serving the cruise ships both about 5 minutes apart from each other by taxi. Porta Langusta is right in the center of downtown. Porta Maya is newer and has a nice shopping area located at the dock (what's left of the former cruise ship terminal). If you book a tour on the ship, you'll get priority debarkation. If you didn't book a tour and want to get off the ship early, for Cayman get in line by 7:45 on deck 4. Caymen tenders are small (maybe 70 seat max) and frustratingly infrequent. In Cozumel, the ship used a numbering system. Pick up your number tags from activity staff on the pool deck by 8:00 AM EST (ship stays on EST but Cozumel is an hour earlier on CST). Tendering for non tour booked passengers starts at 9 AM EST. We were in group 8 and got on the first tender which held about 200 folks - yes, they're big. Smaller ones held about 90-100. We were ashore and in a cab by 9:55 EST (8:55 CST or Cozumel time). Don't get confused about times - stay on ship time or you'll miss the embarkation and the ship. FITNESS: Gym was a tad small but adequate. Not enough tread mills/eliptical trainers. My wife and I cruise to excercise together. We've found that all the ships we've been on suffer a declining level of well run fitness programs. Steiner - a private contractor that has a corner on the market - provides fitness staff and programs. They've de-emphasized free aerobic and stretching classes to focus on the revenue producing Yoga, spinning and Pilates classes ($10 each) and useless body analysis programs that they actually charge money for. 3 of the 4 free fitness classes were cancelled - 2 for unacceptable reasons. Steiner appears to me to be uncaring about complaints - why should they care. They have no competition. Cruise lines don't appear to care either. If you are as unhappy about this as we are, start complaining to the cruise lines. Maybe they'll start thinking about dumping Steiner and re-competing when the current contract expires.  TIPPING: Included in your sign and sail account is a $10 per day/ per person charge that goes to the cabin and wait staff. You can adjust htis amount up or down or give money directly to your waiter or cabin steward (which I did). You are asked to tip the Matre'de separately and I did as the dining room service and food were top notch. FINAL COMMENTS: I was impressed with CCL and Inspiration despite my initial apprehensions. While the ship is perhaps a little gaudy for my tastes and the cruise/activity staff a little more active than I like (lots of activity announcements), I'd still recommend Inspiration to flexible, open, older travelers who are looking for good value. Its great for families with young kids and/or teens. As RCL and Celebrity prices rise, CCL is holding there's down and working to provide the same level of service and food that's a given with Celebrity and RCL - I think they've achieved it. While CCL/Inspiration is definitely service oriented toward a younger crowd who wants to party and to families with young kids, I found it to be a nice, low priced alternative. I'd go back.   
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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: November 26, 2005

Our cruise for two departed Tampa the Saturday after Thanksgiving. The weather was beautiful and a welcome relief having left freezing temperatures in the Midwest. We boarded the Inspiration in the first group called and quickly found our way to the Brassiere Grill for a delicious buffet lunch. The meal was wonderful with many choices and eye catching presentation. A more casual lunch was available poolside but we were eager to experience all the Inspiration had to offer.

With lunch out of the way our journey of exploration of our new surroundings began! Like two little kids in the toy store – we peaked and peered into every inch of the ship. The top deck gave us full view to the pool area and water slide. Sunbathers were already claiming their deck chairs and hot tubs were already hosting their fans. The ship is fun to explore and her colors and style are unique and offer any guest a fantasy experience. We booked our cruise with the idea of doing something different – I'm glad we didn't choose a boat that was a carbon copy of 20 others!

Navigation around the boat was

difficult at first but only added to the adventure – by day's end we were pros. The pocket deck maps distributed at embarkation were helpful and easy to read. The ship was decorated for Christmas and the colors easily added to her beauty with large sprays of greenery framing the Atrium on every level. The rich burgundy and gold trims made it all the more magical.

Upon discovering the Spa we were treated to FREE 5 minute mini massages and would later learn that the cruise day specials should be taken advantage of – this also includes internet specials for those of us who can't leave all technology behind!

We were disappointed to have the muster drill and actual sail away to be at the same time – cell phones were expected to be turned off and being new to this process we had already promised family we would call as we sailed out of port. Calls were made late and our early dining came too soon to see us sail us away from the last lights of shore. Nothing to complain about certainly – all of it's a learning experience and offers more opportunity to make different choices in the future! As the day went on our luggage appeared at our door – as if dropped off by invisible porters! Our cabin steward was available at all hours…and never too busy to chat with us. His attention to detail and extra attention to our personal needs was worth far more than the "recommended" tipping scale.

Our dining experience was wonderful – the staff was friendly, attentive and very helpful. It took a little effort to adjust our hearing so that we could understand the many dialects on board – but considering the staff speaks multiple languages we figured it was the least we could do to allow them to be more patient with us!! After all…I can't even master a single language!

We were amazed at all the spots on board where entertainment was waiting to be enjoyed. The piano bar, poolside, in the center of the Atrium, cozy alcoves on deck – it was hard to keep track. The nightly songs and dancing after dinner were fun and light-hearted again, always adding to our experience as new cruisers.

We attended nightly comedy shows both the early show as well as the late night (more adult version) and found each enjoyable. We were not offended by the adult style humor of the later show – it's what we were expecting and enjoyed it. The Vegas style shows offered were fun to watch and certainly entertained us. The music, choreography and costumes were of the highest caliber – as were the entertainers! Performing nightly with so much energy and precision must take its toll at some point – however it never showed in the performances we attended. The performers always appeared fresh and energized. Seating in the Paris Lounge was plentiful and "good seats" were always available.

Chris, our cruise director was delightful and entertaining. He obviously loves his job and is a true professional at it. Any staff member that we were in contact with was eager to offer assistance, tips or directions…by disclosing our status of "first time cruisers" we generally received an over abundance of help which was always appreciated!

Our 5 day cruise included ports of call in Grand Cayman and Costa Maya. We booked our ship excursions on our "at sea day" and had no trouble getting our first request at each port. It was nice to have additional information on excursions available on board to help make our decisions with more confidence than with the limited narration on the Carnival web site. Grand Cayman was alive with shopping and stores were packed with cruisers looking for the cheapest bargains on everything from diamonds to sunglasses. Shopping maps from the ship made locating stores a breeze and coupons offered a chance to play our own version of a treasure hunt!

Costa Maya is a diamond in the rough – her white beaches and emerald waters are irresistible. Snorkeling at this location is a must do! The area is on the verge of exploding with commerce and we were able to appreciate the fact that we were experiencing a port still in its infancy. The Beach Break excursion to Uervo Beach far exceeded our expectations…the area is pristine and is an oasis hidden among the jungle growth you pass on the buss ride there. The lounge chairs available next to the water far exceeded the visitors only adding to the experience of being at a private resort. Activities were abundant from unlimited snorkeling and paddle boats to parasailing.

Our cruise ended all too soon and debarkation day came rudely and unwelcome. Our compliments to Carnival and their new process of debarkation – the only complaint goes to the many cruisers who chose not to listen to the instructions and debark at their leisure. A rush for the exits only caused frustration. There is plenty of time to have a leisurely breakfast and stroll on the deck before leaving the ship (there are no prizes for being the first person off!).

We loved sailing with Carnival and will do so again. Some may say that our experience was positive because we had nothing to compare it to…but good service is recognizable by even the least traveled individual. The secret to our first cruise was to keep our expectations and minds open to the entire experience. The adventure is what you choose to make of it and looking for fault will only find fault. Looking for adventure will take you to places you never expected to find!

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: October 6, 2005

Carnival Inspiration really impressed me. Knowing the ship was 9 years old, I expected to see some wear. But this ship had fresh new looking carpet and furniture. Everything looked clean, bright, and new.

Embarkation was the easiest ever. We arrived at the port at 11:30am and was on the ship in our cabin by 11:55am. We dropped off our carry-on, ate lunch, and became familar with the ship. All the staff members were helpful, polite, and gave their best at all times.

The sevice on the ship, from cabin steward to dining room servers was the best. We could not have ask for anything better. This was my mothers first cruise and I wanted to be just fantantic for her, and it was!!

The food in both the dining room and buffet restaurant ranged from very good to outstanding depending on what we chose to eat. I had salmon and grouper that were mouth watering. We even had Baked Alaska, which I thought had been taken off of Carnival's menu.

The shows were very good. We saw 2 Vegas type shows and watched an Elvis impersonator, which was fantastic!!! Activities offered thoughout the

ship on sea days were good, but more could have been made available.

Our only port was Cozumel, Mexico. We spent the day at the Playa Mia Beach. Very nice shore excursion. I would recommend it since it has everything. Your buffet lunch, open bar, non-motorized water equipment, lounge chairs, pool, and transportation are included. They offer many other things like messages, para-sailing, waverunners, braiding, and shopping. The port offered plenty of shopping, restaurants, music, and clean restrooms.

Debarkation was a little time consuming since half the ship did the self assist to get off the ship. We stood in line for an hour to get off.

All in all we had a great cruise and I would like to cruise on Inspiration again.

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: October 6, 2005

We sailed on Carnival Inspiration out of Tampa on 10/06/05, a 4-night cruise that went to Cozumel. This was a birthday gift to my mom, who's birthday was 10/9. Also accompanying us was my mom's sister. This was our (mom and I) 4th cruise, 2nd time on Carnival. Aunt's 2nd cruise and first time on Carnival.

We flew out of Detroit the day of the cruise (I know, we should fly in a day before). Got to Tampa about 11:30am and took a cab for $25 to the port. Got on the ship by 1pm, check-in was a breeze.

Went to our room but it wasn't ready yet so we went up to the Lido deck for the buffet. Buffet was just okay--we prefer the dining room for meals, especially on Carnival Cruises.

Since I can't remember too many specifics of the cruise I will just give some highlights:

First sea day we played Bingo and the slots as well as participated in trivia. We also played Bingo on the last sea day as well but never won :( The Bingo prizes get better as the cruise goes along. We enjoyed

the slots and entered the slot tournament on the last sea day. Price was $20 a person to play and my mom ended up being the big winner! She won $500! I was so happy for her as it was also her birthday :) I was able to be a contestant in a game show so that was fun as well. The enterainment guy, Bradley (also went by Bee-rad) was great! Food in the dining room was great--ate there for every meal! Service was always great there as well. On our port day (Cozumel) we got off the ship and took a cab for Chankanaab. I think it was $10. All the cab prices to various places are posted at the cab pick up which makes it very easy. This was my 2nd time to Cozumel and to Chankanaab. I really enjoyed Chankanaab--saw a lot of big lizards! Not many people at the beach and was able to rent snorkle equipment for $6. Snorkeling was pretty good--saw a Barracuda, which kind of scared me! After Chankanaab we left and took a cab to Paradise Beach. We were disappointed by Paradise Beach. Their brocure said free beach chairs but when we got there they wanted $8 a person to use their equipment. The beach was okay but the water wasn't as pretty a Chankanaab and didn't like like it would be worth snorkeling there so we left and went back to the ship. Later I took a cab downtown to shop but didn't see much--most of the things I saw downtown I saw at our Puenta Maya Pier (Where Carnival docks at).

After the cruise, we stayed one night in Tampa at the Residence Inn, downtown. What a great hotel! Got it on Priceline for around $70, including taxes. Hotel had a free shuttle to go anywhere within a 2 mile radius (they probably would have picked us up at the port!) so we took it to Ybor City to do a little shopping (not much there during the day, however) and back to Channelside to eat dinner. We also enjoyed the pool and hot tubs at the hotel as well as their free drinks and snacks that evening as well as the huge free breakfast the next morning. Highly recommend this hotel--the room was spacious and included a fridge, stove, dishwasher, & microwave.

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: May 27, 2006

We sailed on the Inspiration out of Tampa, FL, on May 27, 2006. Everything on the ship was wonderful. The food, service, and entertainment were top notch. We have only one complaint and that is one of the tours.

We have only one complaint and that is one of the tours.

We took the Playa del Carmen Beach and Shopping Tour. We were on the #2 bus with Carlos. Carlos was very informative and helpful. However, if we had known then, what we know now, we would have taken a taxi. From Calica, we were only twenty minutes from the beach. The bus left at 10:15 a.m. It traveled in the opposite direction to a little rip off "Aztec" Lapis jewelry factory and showroom tourist trap about thirty-five minutes away. We stayed here for forty-five minutes. At 11:35 a.m., we left and drove back past Calica toward Playa del Carmen. Before we arrived in Playa del Carmen, he took us on a detour through Playacar resort community and golf course. Finally, at 12:45 p.m., two and one half hours after leaving the ship, we arrived at the Playa del Carmen shopping district.

The bus picked us up at 4:00 p.m., and we were back at the boat at 4:20 p.m.

In my opinion, and quite a few other cruisemates, Carnival could skip the Lapis jewelry tourist trap and the Playacar tour and go straight to Playa del Carmen. This is what was advertised. I bought a letter opener that was priced at $30 in the tourist trap for $10 at Playa del Carmen. I wrote a complaint letter to Carnival about this, but they never bothered to reply.

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