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48 User Reviews of Maasdam Cruise Ship

Eastern Canada
Publication Date: May 20, 2006

Cabin Category: Balcony Cabin Number: 165 Cruise length 7 nights.

Our vacation was to spend a week with our daughter who works in Boston, then take the seven (7) night MS Maasdam cruise from Boston to Montreal and visit our other daughter on Montreal and her children.

We wanted to take a cruise with less people (1,266) instead of the 2,600 type ship. It worked out well as we celebrated a birthday in Boston then our grandson's in Montreal. We flew from Victoria BC (Vancouver Island) Canada to Ottawa then to Boston a week prior and stayed at Hotel 140 for $149 US a night. Hotel 140 is located just off Cobley Square and is an renovated YWCA. Very clean room , small but the price and location in heart of Boston at graduation time cannot be beat. Logan airport is busy and old but taxi was fine and rate was about $25 which includes the tunnel and AP fee. Taxi to the pier itself in the south end was about $15 including tip. Porters took our bags about 11:30am, gave then $5, swift checkin after we were assigned number 3 group,

probably onboard by noon with rooms available by 1pm. They take you to Lido deck to wait and a buffet is available. One tender to Bar Harbour, pier stops each day (Halifax, Sydney, Charlottetown, Sea day to Saguenay Fjord , Quebec, Montreal).

All our tour tickets were pre-booked and paid and were in our cabin when we arrived. Holland America does a very good job in selections and tour operations. Our dining room service was excellent , table 64 (1st seating) but the table was set for 10 and only about 7 showed up which dropped to two couples and one single lady. Next time we will stay with the 6:15 seating or later as it is too early when you return from a tour to relax. Next time we will request a table for 6 instead, easier to know people. We did have a good time with our table mates. We used room service for breakfast most day and tipped $2 each day, those trays are heavy to carry from the dining room. Always on time and excellent food choices. We used the laundry service and it was returned same day even though we selected normal service, surprised us. Our room steward (ASEP) room 165 Balcony V deck was excellent.

The entertainment was a good mix, though they could have brought onboard more local talent. We are in our early sixties and were in the younger group but who cares, lots of energy though, at night the younger folks held court. The ship has been renovated and those beds were wonderful and comfortable.

Internet service is expensive at $0.75 a minute with a setup fee and plans to a lower rate. The speed was slow, not like a true ADSL/CABLE. The room and computers though were excellent What was missing, a mute point , was not knowing the order of colours departing the ship on the last day. We did arrive late about an hour but as we were one the last groups, off by 10-10:30am in Montreal.

Rob Holloway

Our cruises: Alaska August 2001 Infinity Celebrity Mexico November 2001 Sea Princess British Isles August 2005 Golden Princess Canada/New England May 2006 Maasdam Holland America

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: December 17, 2005
Absolutely superb experience with Holland America.  Our party included Husband/Wife/Daughters 14/12/10 years old.  Highlights: Service, Dining, Entertainment, Shore Excursions, Cleanliness of ship, Cruise directors staff, daily activities...unbelievable good time and worth every penny.  Our children loved it...although they chose to stick together with us and participate in family activities (pool, sailing, snorkle, shuffleboard, games, sports etc).  Overall, Holland America lived up to its reputation with 5 stars. Area for improvement:  Half Moon Cay, St Martin, Antigua all a 10+.  St Thomas we found to be a across island to Magan's beach...pathetic, filthy, cars on jacks, trash everywhere.  All in all though, I would go on the same cruise but stay on the ship that day. Area for improvement:  Entertainment was fabulous.  MS Maasdam orchestra, singers, dance group and special acts were 1st class.  All were a 10+ except "comedian" Dwayne Cunningham who was just not funny...and we found to be offensive. Overall, I would go again tomorrow.  We will cruise again...and it will be Holland America.

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: November 16, 2005
This was an INCREDIBLE cruise, and a great vacation for the money!!! We have been on cruises with HAL to Alaska and European capitals, but both were before we had kids. We have a 6 and 8 yr old, the 8 yr old is autistic with Asperger's Syndrome...HAL Club introduced themselves and provided a schedule the first evening (PERFECT for this disability!) We had a great time and could not complain about anything. There were two issues we had, adn both were taken care of by the staff...(1)the deluxe verandah suite a/c was on the fritz, but they did what they could and offered fans as well, and (2) the automatic tips were as much for kids as adults without any going to the HAL staff (but a quick visit to the front office changed that!)...we will definitely do it again when Maasdam comes out of drydock!! We LOVE HAL, and now so do our kids!!!

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New England
Publication Date: July 9, 2005

My husband and I had a beautiful suite...with the exception of the foul sewer odor that was pumping into our air vents everyday. We paid $6000 for the week (2 adults 2 children) and had to spend all of our time out of the cabin. Holland America moved us one night, but never offered any compensation.

We are trying to have them compensate us now but they are not very helpful. We do not recommend this cruise. We have had more luck on Royal Caribbean and Celebrity.

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: March 31, 2005

I'm a 40ish male software developer, and I was traveling solo. I had been on two prior cruises, both with Carnival. My Maasdam cruise sailed from Norfolk.


I got in a long line outside Norfolk's Nauticus terminal at 11:30 a.m. Thursday. The line moved quickly and I was on the Lido deck by 12:15. I met Charlie and Lola in line and had drinks with them on the Lido. Nice couple. Next I met a fun bunch of ladies (Pat, Linda and Momma) while waiting for my cabin. They turned out to be seated at the same table as me for dinner. The Lido pool area had plenty of tables and chairs in both the smoking and non-smoking areas. The area was very clean and attractive. It was announced at 1:00 p.m. that the cabins were ready.

Cabin 106

I went to my 'C' category cabin at 1:30 p.m. There are only six of these 'C' cabins on the verandah deck -- a well kept secret, as they are the same price as the Cs on the lower decks. They are very quiet, because forward of them is a 'staff only'

area. When you look at a picture of the Maasdam, they are the row of six windows right before where the verandahs start. Luggage was in the process of being delivered by my excellent cabin steward Suyradi (Eddie). Eddie worked remarkably hard the entire voyage and always greeted me warmly by name. It was a nice cabin, very clean, with great beds and relaxing colors of yellow and blue-green. I had a full-size couch, which was very nice for napping. The flowers, champagne, soda card and excursion tickets I had pre-ordered were all there. The outside of my (expensive) window was caked with salt. I realize they can't be cleaned every cruise, but this one hadn't been cleaned in a long a while. That, however, was the only flaw I found.

The Ship

Captain van der Loo can frequently be heard referring to "the beautiful and elegant Maasdam." That is not an overstatement: She really is. The Maasdam is just the right size -- it never felt crowded. I couldn't find any signs of wear in her finishes. The ship is filled with art and antiques, and there are fresh flowers everywhere, as well as REAL towels in the public restrooms (use once, then into the dirty bin. I almost had to use paper once, but just as I needed a towel, the bin was refilled). The ship lived up to HAL's 'spotless ships' reputation. The décor is a treat for the eyes. I spent all 10 days exploring and I'm sure I didn't see everything.


Rotterdam Dining Room: I had the best tablemates at dinner. I dined with Pat, Linda, Momma, Joe, Kay, Dave, Eric/Neal, JoAnn and Vicki at a round table for 10 (table 134). Everyone hit it off. Kudos to maitre d' Tri for his instincts. We were usually the last table to leave the late main seating because we were having so much fun. We were attended to by (an overworked) Lucman as our waiter and Dody as his assistant. Our headwaiter was Komang. All did a very fine job. I thought the food was quite tasty -- a good variety prepared well and presently nicely. My favorite was the rack of lamb and quail combo. In the 10 nights, only one item was sent back by anyone at the table. That says it all. I had very good eggs benedict there a couple times for breakfast. The menu is the same every morning. Lunches were long and lazy, enjoyed with other new acquaintances. There was a nice variety in the lunch menus.

Pinnacle Grille: Manager Mark and his team of Peter H. and Oscar provided a stellar nexus of service, food and ambiance. I had the tasting menu – six courses, and a different wine with each course. The charge was $49.99. The restaurant has beautiful Bulgari china and Ridel crystal. Special Westerhoff silver and Italian linens completed the setting. The staff and chefs are allowed time for individual service and preparation. The expertly prepared food featured northwest ingredients, and the thoughtful wine pairings were from the same region. As a smoker, I appreciated being allowed to repair to the Explorers Lounge for a cigarette between courses. Peter H. trained in Eastern Europe as a waiter and it shows. He didn't miss a trick (before getting into computers I had worked in fine dining for 12 years). I'd highly recommend this experience.

Lido Dining: I usually only had breakfast from the Lido. The food was good with a wide selection that was the same every day, including a very nice fruit selection. I lunched in the Lido a couple of times when the menu was better than the one in the Rotterdam. There was a wide selection that varied every day, and a good salad bar. I was impressed with the live orchids on the tables. There was usually a staff member present at the iced tea and coffee area to pour your beverage. There were lots of sumptuous dessert selections (which I avoided) including an excellent bread pudding (I had just a taste).

Room Service

I ordered room service every morning for coffee, and once for a full breakfast. As I am a sound sleeper, I wrote 'please call when you are on the way' at the top of my order. I was awakened each morning by 'Good morning Mr. Scott, we are on the way with your tray'. If that's not living, I don't know what is. Needless to say they received generous tips.

Bar service

Cesar and Dan (Oceans Bar) and Marife (Explorers Lounge & Lido pool) are the best. I'm still amazed how they learn your name so quickly, and are constantly in a good mood. They are professionals who are an asset to HAL.

Front Desk

I had three experiences with the front desk. One was exceptionally good, one not so good and one very bad. On the first formal night, I called around 11:30 a.m. to see if there was somewhere on the ship I could purchase a boutonnière. I was told ‘no.' At 2:30 p.m., I went to my cabin for a siesta and a boutonnière had magically appeared (I later found out those were for suite passengers, but an exception was made for me.) That was the exceptionally good service. For the not-so-good, see 'plumbing' below. Very bad: JoAnn gave me a very hard time when I needed a hotel room due to the ship's late arrival back in Norfolk and my subsequent flight change (I never saw her smile the whole cruise; she sat behind her desk scowling at the computer and guests). Captain van der Loos' gracious letter of apology clearly stated anyone needing a room would get one. I was able to show her my new boarding pass, and I completed an updated disembarkation/immigration form, but American was having difficulty getting an email to the ship.

Two of my dinner companions were driving home and received the hotel vouchers without question. Why it was such a problem for me I do not know. JoAnn insisted I had to pay for it myself and then get reimbursed. I already had to pay the $100 airline change fee and submit it for reimbursement. I didn't think I should have to finance all of HAL's expenses for the breakdown. I eventually lied and claimed I had no money (I had plenty) for a hotel, in order for her to produce the letter to the Marriott.


Half Moon Cay was nice, although I enjoyed tendering (first time) more than the island. We had rough seas, which made tendering an adventure in itself. I did not partake of the BBQ. Captain van der Loo had a rough day as we were not able to anchor, and he had to keep the Maasdam in position using the thrusters.

In St. Thomas I did a little shopping (no purchases this time) and then the Kon Tiki party-boat excursion. They are exactly what they bill themselves to be: a party boat with very strong rum punch (self-served and unlimited.) and excellent steel drum music. There was dancing, line dancing and a limbo contest. No one was forced to participate. We cruised around the bay gawking at the mega-yachts, then stopped for an hour at Honeymoon Beach. We floated over a coral formation and they opened the glass bottom of the boat. We were treated to nice views of fish while they were being fed. I'd highly recommend this tour. A good time was had by all (perhaps too good by some).

Antigua made me appreciate how good we Americans have it. On my last visit I had taken a guided tour around the island. This time I was waitlisted to get on the helicopter tour to Montserrat, as they were contracted to another cruise line. I was not successful. I walked up to a large basilica that could be seen from the ship. The level of poverty saddened me. There was raw sewage in the gutters. I witnessed several people urinating in public. There were few sidewalks and dangerous traffic. The basilica was interesting (started in 1803 and completed in 1815, and currently under renovation). There was an intriguing cemetery adjacent, but it was filled with homeless people and I thought it was best to give them their space.

St. Maarten was the opposite of Antigua -- very clean and friendly. I took the (non-HAL) Lord Sheffield sailing tour. We sailed to the northern tip of the island, to Los Hermosa Resort, on a 73-foot, twin-mast sailing ship for an hour of swimming and snorkeling. Captain Rob and his crew were excellent. Beers and punch were plentiful and refilled constantly. Delicious ribs were cooked onboard. I'd highly recommend their tour. There were eight ships in port and it looked like a parking lot. The Maasdam was the most beautiful ship of all in port that day. We tendered far out in the bay next to the Christina O.

I had been to San Juan before so all I did in the limited time available was visit Puerto Rico Drugs and Marshall's to get a tie for the second (surprise) informal night. Hint: Take a cab up and walk down. There's pretty architecture reminiscent of the French Quarter in New Orleans, only painted up in pastels.


Bingo boy Troy, as he bills himself, needs to clean up his act. His genitalia jokes are very tacky and un-HAL. I don't know where they found him but he should be thrown back.


I only saw a couple of the shows. The Vegas-style shows utilize lip-synching, which is not to my liking. Mark Newsome (I think that was his name) was funny and entertaining. We had a female vocalist (the name escapes me) who performed a nice variety of songs and is most likely the only Filipino-Irish yodeler on the planet. I thoroughly enjoyed the Champagne Strings in the Explorers Lounge every night after dinner. The Indonesian crew show was the best.


There was one plumbing mishap I was aware of. The first night at around 11 p.m., I stopped back at my cabin and found a note saying the water would be off the next day from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. As I wanted to stay up late and sleep in, I called the front desk to see if there was an alternate spot that I could have my shower in the morning. I was told no. I later found out from my tablemates I could have used the spa showers. I appreciate that the ship does require maintenance, but they could at least be truthful about alternate shower locations. I consider myself lucky, though, compared to some of the other plumbing horror stories.

Air Conditioning

It was quite warm in the Rotterdam Dining Room (we kept out menus and used them as fans) on the nights we were in the Caribbean. It was more tolerable when we were farther north. My cabin was OK only because I brought a fan. I heard one little old lady, scantily clad in short-shorts and a sleeveless tee, complaining it was freezing (put something on, dear).

Sea Conditions

We had mild seas with gentle rocking until the last night, when we encountered 30-foot seas and gale force winds. This created lots of wild pitching, lots of crashing and booming. I was airborne more than once while trying to pack. Glasses, ice bucket and toiletries where tossed to the floor during the night. I enjoy rough seas, but felt sorry for the ones who don't.

Engine Troubles

We lost an engine on the way to San Juan. Captain van der Loo kept us as well informed as could be expected. He was genuinely apologetic for the trouble. He hosted a ship-wide open bar for two hours to say 'sorry'. It was no problem for me, as it extended my cruise by 10 hours and added a sense of adventure. It has been talked about a lot in other threads so I'll stop here.


As I was staying overnight in Norfolk, I was in the final group, #32. We were called about 7:15 p.m. and disembarked without incident. I have never cleared customs so quickly. They weren't checking anyone, just collecting the slips as quickly as possible. The shuttle bus to the Marriott was waiting and we were whisked away. Check-in at the Marriott was a breeze, thanks to Ashley and Rob. I had dinner at Jillian's with Kay and Joe from our table -- good wings, onion rings and a pitcher of beer along with very dry burgers.

Final thoughts

Will I ever sail HAL again? Possibly. There were so many good things about this cruise. Things happen, and it's not the problem itself, but how the problem is handled that is important to me. JoAnn (keep in mind she is an officer) handled the hotel issue very poorly. I will have to think about sailing again with a company that would leave me stranded after a mechanical breakdown.

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: March 10, 2005

This was our third, and worst, cruise with HAL. In order to open the casino and on-board shops early (according to HAL) the ship left Antigua five hours before the originally scheduled departure time, meaning that my wife and I could not take the ferry to Montserrat for the day - which was the main reason for booking this particular cruise.

We have noticed that HAL is becoming more "Carnivalised" - more interested in selling you drinks and land tours than leaving you alone to enjoy your cruise and do what you want. We won't be sailing with HAL again.



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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: December 22, 2004

This was a combination Christmas/New Year sailing that was not part of the regular schedule departing from Norfolk, Virginia. It was very overpriced, almost three times a normal priced cruise, even those at Christmas. Because of this, we expected some very special decorations, food etc. but saw none. The food was not as good as I was expecting with all the good choices coming on one night. The coffee was terrible at dinner but was better on the rest of the ship. We were unable to find late night coffee or much of anything else. We were expecting great service but did not receive it. Our waiter did not appear to understand English (the same problem we had with many of the other staff), had no personality and could not get our group's orders to the table at one time. On two occasions, two people received dinner when the rest of the group was finishing their dinners. This made us late for any entertainment as we had to wait for them to finish. Several couples in our group decided to eat from the buffet or room service rather than deal with

this waiter. This prompted complaints on my part and finally we were assigned a new waiter who was better and more to our liking. Room service had only cheese and crackers as munchies. We are used to having drinks and snacks while dressing for dinner.

Our cabin was very small. We had an oceanview but the window was so cloudy that we has trouble seeing out of it. We wanted a balcony but they were not in our price range. There was no refrigerator and the TV was very dark. The beds were lumpy and uncomfortable. Cleanliness was sporadic. We were late departing as many of these cruises are. We were told it was weather related but we found out later that there had been engine trouble on the previous cruise which made them late and some cruises had engine trouble with lateness after ours. We could not go to the private island because we were running late. We were given a $100 credit for this. It was very upsetting because the some of the activities were only found on this one stop. The stores onboard had a very limited selection and the members of the group bought very little. The Purser's desk and Shore Excursion desk personnel were incapable of helping with any problems we had. They had an uncaring attitude. Again, I didn't think they understood English very well The entertainment was not up to standards of any cruise line and we left without seening the end of most shows. Two of our group were smokers and they were never notified where the smoking areas were. It was always not where they were at the time. The one good point I have to make was about the children's program. We had a six year old with us and he was always excitied about the activities. They were only scheduled for certain times, not all day and evening. I felt that because this was a cruise that was not on the regular schedule that the staff was brought in from other cruises and did not know hou to work together. Many of them told us this as an apology for the problems we had. This is an older ship that was long past due for a refurbishing. All of the upholstered furniture and carpeting was stained and getting shabby. I understand that there was a four day "wet dock" after we returned to pretty it up. If so, we should have seen a reduction in price. I have sailed many other cruise lines but this was the first Holland America ship. I was really looking forward to top notch service, food, entertainment etc. (for which HAL is known) but I was very dissapointed.

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Eastern Canada
Publication Date: May 13, 2006

Overnight you have fallen from one of the top cruise lines to the bottom.

Who cares about the million dollar program of upgrading bed sheets and building a cooking demo unit when the major areas of interest to passengers, food and social programs have been seriously downgraded?

While the new library is a knockout with comfortable chairs, individual stereo music units, a huge selection of the latest books and games, and an internet café, it is placed next to the casino where the sound of the slot machines is sure to disturb.


While there were a few high spots, in general the dishes in the dining room were mediocre. Most of the dishes were served lukewarm and in most of the cases they were misrepresented or bastardized versions of what they claimed to be. This was in contrast to HAL’s sister cruise line the so-called "budget" Carnival line which gets everything right the first time.

While ingredients were reduced in quality, it is my belief that execution was equally at fault. Mediocre production in the kitchen. Is a stronger executive chef needed?

The desserts are disgraceful. They are of the quality of a cheap all

you can eat buffet on land. Just a mixture of endless variations of sponge cake, and imitation mousse and toppings. In fact much of the baked goods seem to be wholly or partially outsourced. There was little variety.

The Lido was a scandal. Messy, dirty, empty dishes, and undermanned. The so-called Chocolate Grand Buffet(?) on the next-to-last night was so unpopular that people were deserting the area as quickly as they could glance at the offerings.

By the way, a written complaint to the guest services manager went unanswered.


Very few activities. A very small social staff .Very few announcements on the PA system and the " improved"(?) daily activities program was hard to follow. Thus we missed the cooking demonstrations. Perhaps they repeated the demos on stateroom TV but we never received a TV guide to what was playing on TV. We also never received the schedule of in-cabin TV movies so missed many good first run films.

For reasons I will never understand the captain decided to view the lovely fjords of the Saguenay River from 6-8 AM. Surely the schedule could have been advanced to a more reasonable hour like 8-10 AM.

Most passengers went to the Lido Buffet to view the fjords. Even though breakfast was ready at 6.30 AM, the staff refused to begin service until the scheduled opening of 7.30 AM . We could only stare at the food for 1-1/2 hours.

While there were some good things such as the library, entertainment, friendly staff and cabin size, as a veteran of 40+ cruises, HAL sinks to the bottom of my list.

Poor value. Never again with HAL.

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Transatlantic Crossing
Publication Date: August 2, 2005

This is the third time we have sailed on the MAASDAM in the past 4 years. She is still a well cared for ship and will undergo renovation in the spring of 2006. We sailed the second half of the 35 day transatlantic roundtrip from Boston. We boarded at Rotterdam for the return trip to Boston. The unique itinerary was the primary factor in selecting this cruise. The countries visited included France, England, Ireland, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland and Newfoundland.

The Indonesian and Philippine crew get high marks for friendly professional service for the entire 18 days. The crew's ability to consistently provide high quality service is remarkable and a testament to Holland Americas commitment to service aboard its vessels.

The food was consistently good with some interesting and exceptional entrees and desserts. I especially enjoyed the Indonesian dishes and looked forward to them throughout the voyage.

The passengers were mostly older so be prepared for walkers and wheelchairs.

The entertainment was typical with musical reviews, lectures and individual performers.

France: The port of Le Havre is about a 2 ½ hours bus ride to Paris. We took the excursion that took you to Paris for a sightseeing

trip around the city along with lunch at a café. The experience was perfect for us and is recommended. We got to see the city in comfort with several stops for photos and the lunch. We were back at the ship in plenty of time and well relaxed. If you would like to see the city and worry about the limited time this would be the excursion to consider.

England: Plymouth is a large town and you can walk shop and see the sites. A continuous shuttle to town center and back was available at the pier as well as taxis.

Ireland: Cobh is a small town within an easy walk from the pier. The ship provided a number of excursions into the countryside, but we chose to walk the town, visit a flea market and take the local bus (1 Euro person) as it ran its 45 minute route ending up in the center of town. This is an inexpensive way to soak up local color and see the surrounding community.

Dublin is a large city and fun to walk around. We took the city tour then spent the rest of the afternoon shopping and walking around.

Faroe Islands: Torshavn is a small town with limited stores and things to see, but fun to walk. There are local taxis for hire and one small van that a group could hire. There are a few historic sites that you can visit and the taxi could be a cheaper way to go for a few people. Negotiate a price for the ride. We paid 45 dollars (plus tip) for the hour's ride for 5 of us, which is what the excursion was charging person.

Iceland: Akureyri and Isafjord are small towns with interesting vistas. We took the excursion to see the countryside at Akureyri and enjoyed the trip. Our guide provided a lot of information about life in Iceland. Isafjord sits in a beautiful fjord with limited stores etc. Take sweaters and warm clothing for Iceland and Greenland. The temperature was in the 40's for several days and people were buying sweaters and jackets.

Greenland: Prince Christian Sound was absolutely beautiful. We sailed all day through the sound on our way to Qaqortoq. Qaqortog is small with a tourist information center near the pier along with local people selling items of interest to the tourists.

Newfoundland: St. Anthony is small and there is nothing to see or do here. We were there on a beautiful sunny day but just walked around a bit. Cornerbrook is a larger town within a 15-20 minute walk from the ship. There are some fun stores and interesting scenery.

This was an enjoyable cruise with interesting scenery and ports of call that are seldom visited. I understand that the MAASDAM will repeat this itinerary in the summer of 2006.

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: December 10, 2004

I have two comments.

First of all, HAL has changed its tipping policy to automatically adding them to your bill. I had cruised with them twice before and in my opinion, the service has suffered greatly because of this. No longer do the waiters or stewards have to be friendly to "earn" their tips. I overheard many other passengers mentioning the same topic.

And lastly, our return was delayed almost 10 hours causing many to miss their connecting flights. They said that they made two attempts to fix the cause of the delay, an engine that broke down. However I later found that this ship has had engine problems for many weeks before my cruise and in reading I see that it is still having the same problem and late return months later. Is profit so important to HAL that they continue to limp along and inconvenience cruisers instead of taking the time to permantly repair the engine???

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