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48 User Reviews of Majesty of the Seas Cruise Ship

Publication Date: August 20, 2007

Now for the review. The Majesty just had a makeover and came back on line last Feb. Boy they did a great job! Now we never cruised on her before, but did do the third cruise on her sister ship SOS back in 1988!! And the feeling we had walking on board the Majesty of the Seas was the same feeling we had walking on the SOS way back in 1988. Great! That's the kind of job that was done on the Majesty. She feels new!

The cabins are small on this class of RCCI ship and it doesn't have the a lot of balcony cabins like on her newer sisters, i.e Liberty of the Seas, which, with the Majesty was part of our B2B cruises we did on both ships this vacation.

The Windjammer is so much better then before. The food is also better! They added a great place to eat, Johnny Rockets! Best apple pie alamo & shakes anywhere! The food in the main dining room was very good. One thing about the food on Royal Caribbean, it's so much better then a few years ago. Ok,

this was our tenth Royal Caribbean cruise and 69th over all! We never went on RCCI for the food, always the overall cruise which we think is the best of all the cruise lines. We used to rate RCCI food before this year as a 4 on a scale of 1 to 10. Now we rate it between 6 and 7, it got that much better! Now I wouldn't call it the best cruise food we ever had, but it was very good.

The shows where great. This is a strong point with RCCI. They were very good! The lounges were very good. We didn't get back to the cabin until after 2 am every night. The night life is very good on this ship!

The pool area I love. It's big with a lot of lounges to sit by the pool. We always got one anytime! I really think the pool area on this class of RCCI ships is the best in the fleet. Everything that goes on here is great.

The ports for the week were Co Co Cay it rained there .But we still had a good time .I got an hours nap in one of the Hammocks just great .Love Co Co cay even in the rain !!! The next port was Nassau did some shopping and took the ferry over to Pad.Island .Great beach day .And i think the best port of the cruise Kay west .It was great the weather was great .Now we have been to this island many times on other cruise .But we love them all !! Last thoughts of the Majesty of the seas . She looks and feel like a new ship great job Royal Caribbean .Like i said the food is better now !! The shows and night life is great . And the service was great .my 2 boy"s 15 %& 16 had a great time . And they used room service everyday when watching movies in the cabin. It was great !! The boy"s liked cruise Even better then on the Liberty of the seas witch was the next weeks cruise !! This was the 2nd of 3 cruises we had done on RCCI this year alone !! first was an 11 day Empress of the seas cruise out of San Juan back in feb .and this cruise on the Majesty of the seas .and the next week on the brand new Liberty of the seas WOW what a ship !!And we are booked to do a 9 day Canada cruise round trip from Bayonne NJ 8/28/08 .But before that cruise we will be doing an 11 day cruise 2/16/08 on the HAL Noordam out of NYC first wintertime cruise from NYC .We live in NJ !! Hope you enjoy my short review of this great ship !! Liberty review is coming shortly !!

The ports for the week were Co Co Cay. It rained there, but we still had a good time. I got an hour's nap in one of the hammocks which was just great. Loved Co Co Cay even in the rain!

The next port was Nassau. Did some shopping and took the ferry over to Pad. Island. Great beach day.

I think the best port of the cruise Key West. It was great and the weather was great. Now we have been to this island many times on other cruises, but we love them all!

Last thoughts of the Majesty of the Seas: She looks and feels like a new ship. Great job Royal Caribbean! Like I said, the food is better now! The shows and night life is great too. And the service was great. My two boys, ages 15 and 16, had a great time. And they used room service everyday when watching movies in the cabin. It was great! The boys liked the cruise even better than on the Liberty of the Seas which was the next week's cruise! This was the second of three cruises we had done on RCCI this year alone! First was an 11-day Empress of the Seas cruise out of San Juan back in February, and this cruise on the Majesty of the Seas, and the next week on the brand new Liberty of the Seas. WOW! What a ship! And, we are booked to do a nine-day Canada cruise round trip from Bayonne NJ on 8/28/08. But, before that cruise we will be doing an 11-day cruise 2/16/08 on the HAL Noordam out of NYC, our first wintertime cruise from NYC. We live in NJ! Hope you enjoyed my short review of this great ship. The Liberty review is coming shortly!

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Publication Date: July 20, 2007

This was my third cruise in the past 24 months and my first with Royal Caribbean International (RCI). Previously I have boarded another value-based cruise line, Carnival.

Day 1 The ship was scheduled to depart around 5 p.m. and began boarding at 2 p.m. We arrived at the port with little traffic around 3 p.m. Grabbed our bags and headed down to the terminal. Checked our bags with the porter and went inside. There was a huge line to embark. Waited about 30 minutes and was onboard.

Though the ship is nearly 15 years old, it looks like new from the inside and out. Our stateroom was neatly made and as a couple we made use of it instantly. We then headed to the deck to catch some rays and listen to some music. The drinks on ship range anywhere form $3.50 for a beer to $10 for a double shot rum drink. Gratuity is included but you are welcome to leave more.

Dinner that evening was a bit soft. I thought overall the food on RCI is subpar. Carnival blows them out of the water as far as taste. I

had the garlic tiger shrimp which were four U-25 shrimp and a side of risotto. Other choices included top sirloin, pasta, and chicken marsala.

The mix of people was very good. There were young and old. Not so many kids as I'm use to seeing, but your typical cruise. In the evening we sat and watched the stars over some wine. Late night snacks are plentiful as the buffet is open till about 11:30 p.m. Johnny Rockets for a 3.95 cover charge is open till 3 a.m., and the pizza parlor is also open till 3. a.m. The pizza was slightly better than what I remember on Carnival but nothing to make you rave about.

Went back to the room and relaxed watching the small flat screen tv in the cabin.

Day 2 We started with the service breakfast which I would suggest over the buffet. The servers were very attentive and the food was actually good. On this day RCI takes you to their private island, Coco Cay. If the weather cooperates you will have a good time, as we did. This is a place to just lay out, get some sun, play some watersports, and just forget about life for a while. You typically will spend the day there until about 4:30. They served a BBQ. I must say that the food was putrid at best. I took a bite of my hamburger and chicken then could not eat anymore. Overall the day was beautiful and we got lots of sun. Be sure to try the island special drink with a mix of tropical fruits and dark rum.

This was the suggested formal night for dinner. We did not participate in the attire part of it and were very hungry. Dinner featured Filet of Beef which was probably the best meal I had on the ship. I also added 5 shrimp cocktails to my meal. Afterwards we viewed the wonderful art gallery featuring Dali, Picasso, Miso, Rembrandt, among others. Went into the casino which was a happening spot. There seemed to be about 8 or so tables featuring Blackjack, Roullete, Craps, Single deck Blackjack and computerized NL Texas Holdem. There is a bar located in the casino but drinks are not free. We then grabbed another bottle of wine and sat under the stars.

Day 3 I always get sad on this day as the vacation is near ending. We again ate the sit down breakfast and went onto Nassau. It was my girlfriend's frist time so I took her to the usual. Horse carriage ride, Bay Street, we walked over to Fort Fincastle to catch the view, then to Atlantis. One point of interest I like to make when I visit is to Fort Montahue (not sure I spelled that right). They just have this amazing stand where they serve local food. I had a snapper, a piece of barracuda and some conch fritters. All were served with a great sauce. I reccommend all readers to go and eat there. Very cheap and some of the best tasting food you will ever have. I would suggest you drink Kalik Light. It's a truly great beer. After a long day we headed back for a light nap before dinner. Usually the last night's dinner is the worst and this was no different. NY Strip was served and the featured dish was Mahi Mahi Tempura. The dish tasted like paper. I could not eat it. I was not the only one. Three others at my table sent it back. And another couple sitting beside us also sent theirs back. My girlfriend was a little bit sick so we did not do much this night.

Summary Overall, I was a bit dissapointed in my experience with RCI. The shows didn't really catch my eye. I mean I'm not really into Motown and the comedian, from what I heard, was not that great. There was the "Love and Marriage" game that I caught on tv that may have been good, but that's about all. If I am choosing between RCI and Carnival, I'm picking Carnival 10 out of 10 times. However, the people and service were just as cordial and polite, if not better. The head waiter or Maitri'd made his way to our table every night and made small talk. My cabin was always made up and the room service was very quick.

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Publication Date: June 22, 2007

Boarding was fairly easy in Miami, we completed the sign and sail pass ahead of time and waited about 10 minutes in line.

I asked the usual "are there any upgrades available" and as usual the ship was full. This ship is very popular and every time I cruise on it, it is full.

Once aboard, we found the refurbishment apparent rather quickly, the new carpeting, and furnishings on deck 3 are great. Its very lavish and clean looking.

Our cabin was also very clean, we found the bedding to have very high thread count sheets, and the furnishings to look great in the room.

While everything was more or less familiar looking it was new, which is a plus.

The bathroom, as always on RCCL is very small, but who spends allot of time in there anyways.


I found this to be a poor offering, I know your not there for watching tv, but RCCL seems to have a deal with CBS and they run these taped segments of CBS shows. I would have liked to watch a few minutes of live tv before going to sleep and waking up.

CNN was live

but it is th international version, not the same.

Carnival has real live tv and it is much better than RCCL.

General Areas and improvements

After using the ship for a day I can say that they have done a nice job on the inside and on parts of the outside. In particular we found the Viking crown lounge very comfortable and the view is great.


We ate at all the venues except Johnny Rockets.

First the Compass Deli, which is new.

I had a Cuban sandwich and a salad. I found the sandwich to be just OK, the quality of the bread was good but it lacked any real flavor that you would find on a real Cuban sandwich. It was not really toasted well either. The Salad was ok as well.

I am glad to have tried the Deli but it does not compare to the Deli offering on Carnival, not even close.

The Windjammer Cafe

We ate breakfast and dinner here at least twice. Both times it exceeded our expectations completely. There was a wide variety of food from Asian to German offerings and all of it was very good.

I do have a complaints or two though.

First, the scrambled eggs still do not taste real good, they have a funny texture. I noticed this on my last cruise on the Majesty and on the Sovereign as well.

Secondly, and this may be something that is not easily fixed. Every time we came up to the Windjammer Cafe we had to walk and walk and walk some more all the way around to find seating, There is lots of seating but it seems like there are more people using the Windjammer these days then they used to.

It would be nice if maybe more tables were added if its possible so that its not such a hassle to find a table to sit at.

One final complaint here, the juice was very thick and sweet. Especially the OJ. Its as not enough water is being added to the concentrate. Each day this was a consistent problem, I think the crew needs to be shown how to mix more water into the concentrate somehow.

The main dining room.

We found the food the be excellent in the main dining room. I had Steak, soups, salads, deserts, and they were all excellent.

Of course there is one complaint.

Our table mates ordered the low fat shortcake., the shortcake was like a dry hockey puck. It appeared as if they used the unused biscuits from the Windjammers breakfast.

Sorentos Pizza

Wow, it sure is nice to have Pizza on demand. We found the Pizza to be OK, not great, not bad. The crust was a soft but drier type crust, there was more than enough sauce, and a little less than needed cheese and toppings on the pie. Its no Papa Johns or your favorite local pizza place, but it will get you through.

It would be nice if they had a thin crust offering, and if the pizza had more normal amounts of toppings and cheese on it.

We did not take advantage of room service.

Seattle's Coffee

The pastries were very good.

The opted to skip coffee on this trip but I had a hot chocolate, I found it to be too sweet.


I have to say, I did not see Signed, Sealed and Delivered, which is the new main show so i can not comment on this show.


This is a real weak area for this ship.

I saw basically all the same shows and I did last year. Right down to the cruise directors top 10 stupid questions he is asked.

The juggling act which I saw last time was EXACTLY the same, right down to the silly time buying jokes and many water breaks.

While I still found the shows funny and interesting, I know I wont be interested a third time.

The shows themselves are very good and I do not want to take anything away from the performers, but for repeat cruises such as myself I would like to see a couple new things next time.


Coco Cay is awesome.

I want everyone to know that i go back on this cruise only because of Coco Cay. I certainly do not go for Nassau. I'm not sure if RCL knows what a gem they have in this little island. The waters are clear, you can lay in 4 inches of water and relax. There are all sorts of tropical fish you can see.

RCCL puts on a nice BBQ for free as well. They have hammocks all along the shore in which you can sleep or read a nice book in quiet.

If you need some excitement, go on the Jet Ski's, we did and had a great time.

Anyone how has not been here yet, the entire cruise is worth going on just for this one day excursion.

The Casino

I don't play table games, but my friend and I both would like to extend a big thank you to RCCL for donating back some of my previous losses back this time :-) We had a great time playing the slots and if you gamble this Casino is as nice as all the other quality Casinos on other ships.

The Crew

As usual, everyone is very nice, as a matter of fact, im going out on a limb and I now see a difference in this between Carnival and RCCL. I just don't remember the staff being as nice and helpful on my last carnival cruise.

I would like to qualify this though. The staff on Carnival is also well above good as far as being helpful and cheerful.

Its one thing to be nice when approached, but the Majesty's crew helped us a few times when they saw we needed help without us asking, which was very nice.


Coco Cay is excellent.

Nassau is average at best.

Ships condition

The ship was clean, and on the inside was in new condition in many places.

On the outside, the ship is still really suffering from rust cancer. You can see that RCCL is putting more and more effort to painting her and washing her down, and it shows, but there are also some areas where you can see many layers of paint areas where rust is taking hold. There are also a fair share of dings and dents in the hull from different accidents.

One final observation, IT WAS HOT AND HUMID on the pool deck. There is no breeze what so ever and it is really uncomfortable up there if your trying to sit at the bar. It would be nice if they could figure out a way to allow some of that ocean breeze on the pool deck, maybe open some of that glass surrounding the pool. I had to go back in a few times because I was dripping.

In summary RCCL has done a nice job upgrading the Majesty. There are problems as with all cruise lines and ships. I would say if your looking for a quick getaway, the Majesty is still a better choice than Carnivals older ships on these short Bahamas trips. With that said I can't wait to see how Carnival resonds with their own upcoming refurb projects on their Bahamas bound ships.

See my pictures from this cruise and my other previous cruises at the link below.

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Publication Date: February 23, 2007

My wife and I took our 1st cruise ever on the Majesty of the Seas in October of 2003 on a 4-night Bahamas cruise. We fell in love with this ship and with cruising while sailing on the Majesty. She was recently refurbished by Royal Caribbean and with only a week out of dry dock, we sailed her again on February 23rd for a 3-night Bahamas cruise for our 5th RCCL cruise to see how well RCCL had done in their attempt to refurbish the Majesty.

While going across the gang plank to board, I looked out at the exterior of the ship and the Majesty obviously had a new coat of paint and was looking good from the exterior. Once we entered the ship, I could tell right away that she had gotten a MAJOR face lift! The Centrum was just magnificent! The older drab walls had been replaced, the carpet was brand new, the stairs had new brass, it was brighter all over and my wife remarked just how much more open space and roomier it looked and felt. The art work all over the ship was upgraded

and modernized. She has new carpet, new paint, new brass fittings and a much nicer and modern feel to the ship.

RCCL moved some things around as well. The Spa and Fitness center are now on Deck 9, and the spa has a much more relaxing feel to it now. They got rid of the old lounges (except for the Schooner Bar and the Viking Crown Bar) and installed a Boleros lounge and a new lounge called The Spectrum. They upgraded the seats, the carpet and the décor in the Chorus Line Theatre, and did a great job in both the dining rooms, which like the lounges they have now renamed The Star Light Dining room on Deck 4 and the Moon Light Dining room on Deck 3.

The pool deck also got a new paint job and upgrade, although still the same 2 pools and 2 hot tubs as before. They installed a Sorrento's Pizza, a Compass Deli, Johnny Rockets and expanded the Windjammer to 2 sides now with lots of food stations rather than the one long buffet line in the old Windjammer setup. In the Centrum area, they installed some new stores, and they added a Seattle's Best coffee and a Freeze Ice Cream parlor.

The staterooms also got an upgrade. The new bedding is in place with very nice new high thread count sheets. The new bedding is REALLY awesome; we slept great all 3 nights! The cabins also got new flat screen TVs, better and more comfortable furniture, new artwork on the walls and it seems like a little, but not a lot, more space.

The service on board was great, as it always is with Royal Caribbean. All our wait staff, the room steward, the crew and staff were wonderful. We had good entertainment, although since we were just on the Vision of the Seas last October, RCCL could do a little better in changing up their production shows a little as we saw the same “Boogie Wonderland” show we saw on the Vision. We did have 2 great headliner shows with a comedian and a Motown singer. RCCL also gave us the same Crown and Anchor Society gift of 2 cheap picture frames we got on the Vision last October.

My review just can't do the new Majesty of the Seas justice. I think they did a wonderful job and she seems like almost a brand new ship after her refurbishment. I loved the ship, loved the cruise, the food was typical RCCL (not gourmet, but good and plentiful), the service onboard was outstanding, entertainment was good and overall I rate this cruise a 10 on a 1 to 10 scale! The 3-night Bahamas cruise aboard the Majesty of the Seas is a great getaway weekend trip.

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Publication Date: December 8, 2006

I have come to the conclusion that people who generally write negative reviews are somewhat difficult to please. This was my 18th cruise, all ranging from 3 days to 12, from the Bahamas, Caribbean, Pacific and Mediterranean. I have enjoyed them all. While I agree that some ships are better than others, be it in cabin size, food quality or service of personnel, a vacation is what you, in particular, make of it. Majesty of the Seas is, in fact, as most reviewers say and old ship. She is being dry-docked next month and from what my head waiter told it, the renovations are going to be nothing short of spectacular. The ship shows its age in someplaces moreso than in others.

Cabins, for example, have seen better days, but the public rooms, are still kept in very good shape. The ship is clean, the service was wonderful and the food was excellent. Our cabin steward was there everytime we needed her. Our first night we asked her for two empty glasses for red wine that we had brought with us, and every night thereon, two clean glasses were waiting for

us upon returning to the cabin to get ready for the evening.

Our head waiter and our assistant waiter were fabulous, offering us their recommendations, suggestions and giving us great tips and suggestions about what to do in port the next day. As it was, we ended up staying in Nassau both Saturday and Sunday, because the weather would not permit us to tender to our scheduled stop in Cococay on Saturday.

I have cruised with Carnival, RCCL, Costa, Holland America, NCL and MSC Italian. Each line is different and each have specific things that are better than the other, but all lines have one very special quality that is common ground and that is, to treat you well and have you enjoy your vacation regardless of whether you are there 3 days or 7 or 15. I think people who submit reviews need to really chill and enjoy their cruise. Notice I am not saying 'lower your expectations' because I never do. I expect to be treated well, but I leave my house knowing that I will get the kind of treatment and service and quality that I want. Positive thinking usually works, folks! Relax and enjoy your trip. Any questions, feel free to write:

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Publication Date: December 8, 2006

We recently returned from a three day cruise aboard RCCL's Majesty of the Seas. The ship was scheduled to visit Coco Cay and Nassau before returning to Miami.

We arrived just before the designated boarding time of 2pm and had to stand in line about 15 minutes before our passes were issued. As usual, it seemed that those who had filled out their Sail Away information online before boarding had a much better time of it.

The ship was nicely decorated for Christmas and we were pleasantly greeted as we went on board. We found our own outside cabins on deck eight and, though very, very small, everything seemed to be in order. We only met our cabin attendant once in passing, but he did a fine job and seemed to know exactly when it was time to tidy up!

Unbelievably, it was cloudy, rainy and in the sixties when we set sail at 5pm! The wind was blowing so hard that staying outside while we left port was not a pleasant option, so we sought shelter in the Viking lounge instead. It had good service and comfortable, if a little smoky, surroundings.

In fact, I know that Majesty is scheduled for a major overhaul in January, but I didn't see very many signs of it being run down or in serious need of refurbishment. My only complaint is the ever-present smell of cigarette smoke just about every where you go (including my non-smoking cabin!).

Almost the minute we left the port area, we knew we were in for some hard times. The ship began rocking and rolling more than any cruise ship I have ever been on! According to many people, the winds were higher than 30 knots and the swells were incredibly high! The barf bags appeared magically out of nowhere and were all around the ship in no time at all. Many passengers turned a lovely shade of green and before long, folks were dropping like flies!

Sure enough, just an hour or so later, the captain announced that gale force winds had forced the evacuation of all personnel from Coco Cay, RCCL's private island, so stopping there was no longer an option. He decided that we would go straight to Nassau at top speed to get out of the rolling waves. After hearing that, I assumed that we would stay docked in Nassau for a day, then either go back to Coco Cay or some other stop. Sadly, it turned out that we cruised for about six hours, docked in Nassau and parked there for two days straight! Nassau is fun for a half day or even a whole day, but 48 hours is way too much. The ship didn't schedule any extra activities due to the prolonged stop, nor were any extra perks given.

We did some time in the straw market and took the pre-requisite tour of Atlantis and the island, but we grew very tired of the insistent locals begging us to buy this or that trinket. I was more than ready to leave after the first day, and all six of the cruise ships that came in behind us did just that, but we didn't go anywhere!

Of the three shows on board, only the comedian/juggler was tolerable. The broadway 70s review the first night was nothing more than a good high school could produce, and "Johnny Thunder," an old MoTown performer, sent us to the exits after his first number on the second night.

The food in the dining room was quite good and the service was excellent! By far, it was the most satisfying experience of the whole cruise. As stated in many other reviews of this ship, there just weren't very many activities scheduled that were of any interest to the two generations of my party.

Disembarking was another big minus. Apparently there was some problem with the number of customs officials and we wound up waiting in line for about an hour before finally seeing one. I think it took the captain's attention to put whatever was wrong to rights.

All in all, it ranked last in my three cruise experiences, but then again, the worse cruise I ever went on was fun! I doubt I'll go on any other three day voyages. As one who derives the most fun being out at sea, I don't want to take a chance that I'll again spend the lion's share of the cruise aboard an immobile parked ship!

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Publication Date: August 7, 2006

Let me begin by saying I will never cruise with this cruise line again. The majority of our experience on their boat, Majesty of the Seas, was a huge disappointment, and our dealings with their customer service team since have been challenging, ineffective, and insulting. Having prefaced my review with this forewarning, I will relay our vacation troubles.

In August 2006, my husband and I celebrated our third anniversary by taking a four night Bahamas cruise with Royal Caribbean. We selected Royal Caribbean based on its sailing dates, destinations, and reputation for fun cruises at an affordable price. Having done my research on the cruise line on this website (and others) I was aware that most of the Royal Caribbean cruise ships were dated but clean, and that the customer service was excellent.

We set sail on Monday, August 7, 2006, from Miami. (We arrived a night early and stayed at the Sofitel to ensure we'd be at the port in plenty of time. In retrospect, that was one of the best days of our entire vacation). Our cruise quickly went downhill. When we arrived in our stateroom, we had our excursion tickets

which included a ticket for a Sail and Snorkel at 9am on 8/8/06. We also had a note stating that exact same excursion had been cancelled and rescheduled for 1pm on 8/8/06. I immediately went to the excursion desk to talk to a customer service agent. The man I spoke with informed me there never was a 9am Sail and Snorkel; the only one was the 1pm event. I showed him my original ticket; he replied he had no idea why I would have gotten that since the excursion didn't even exist. I told him I had booked it several weeks prior using the online system. He again said there never was a 9am event and that essentially I bought a "fake" excursion. He said he could not get us on any other excursions for that day now since our 1pm Sail and Snorkel conflicted with our other possible events.

Seeing as how this was the one excursion I was most excited about, I resigned myself to changing our plans to make the 1pm Sail and Snorkel. My husband and I spent the beautiful, sunny morning walking around Nassau. However, by 1pm a storm had moved in and our Sail and Snorkel was cancelled. I was extremely disappointed by this. Had we gone out at 9am as previously arranged, we would have enjoyed the sailing excursion. However, as it turned out, we spent the day in Nassau – a place neither of us really enjoyed. We felt this day had been a rip off; we felt lied to about our previous excursion ticket purchase and let down by the change in weather. While I realize the weather is not something the cruise line could control, it was the proverbial nail in the coffin to a very bad afternoon that would have been pleasant had the 9am excursion existed.

Determined to stay positive despite this set back, my husband and I spent sometime on the sun deck (where his book got ruined by a hosed-down wet deck). We then went down to our stateroom to dress for the formal dinner.

When we arrived in our stateroom, we noticed the floor just inside the cabin was wet and squished under our feet. There was also wood chip debris on the carpet. Seeking the source of this mess, we opened the bathroom door to find the shower had dirty water coming up the drain. This water was all over the floor of the bathroom and had spilled out into the stateroom. The water soaked approximately a two foot by four foot area between the bathroom and the desk running from the end of the bed to the door to the room. The water was dirty colored with flecks of wood, paint chips, and other debris floating in it. I called maintenance and our stateroom attendant while my husband started moving our personal belongings out of the way. Our attendant came and a maintenance technician came. He removed the panel from the outside of the room. Water was squirting from the pipes and bubbling up in the wall.

I went up to the concierge desk to speak to a customer service agent. I told the man our room was unsuitable and that we wished to be moved to a different room on the boat. The gentleman said the boat was full and that he would be unable to move us. When I explained that I found that hard to believe, he reiterated there were no regular rooms and no back-up rooms free on the boat. I explained again that our room was not functioning correctly, but he said we would have to stay there.

I went back down to our room to find the technician gone. He had spent maybe twenty minutes there. My husband said someone had wiped down the bathroom floor. There was now a giant blower in our room to dry out the carpet, but it had not been cleaned. The blower was impossible to talk over. After crying for a good ten minutes, I showered in my flip flops (the bathroom floor had not been cleaned, just dried) and we proceeded to get ready for our formal dinner. As we started to leave the stateroom, we heard the gurgling of the shower and saw it start to fill up again. We closed the door and left for our dinner. My husband found our attendant to explain it was happening again, and I went to the concierge desk to talk to someone again.

At the desk, I spoke with a woman who was much more compassionate than the previous man, but still did nothing to help. She said all rooms were booked, and we'd have to stay where we were. Again, I said the bathroom doesn't work properly. She expressed her regrets, but said there was nothing the cruise line could do.

With people looking at our room, we headed to dinner. Upon arriving, I told our waiter that, since we were celebrating our anniversary that night, I had made arrangements for us to have a private table for two. I had made this reservation on the phone with an agent on 6/9/06. She confirmed that we would have our own table that night. He looked at me with surprise and said that wasn't possible. He said, "Those agents will promise you heaven." He showed us to our regular table of six.

For the third time that day, we were told we would have accommodations we were not given: a 9am Sail and Snorkel, a private anniversary table, a working stateroom. The cruise was becoming horrid.

That evening we returned to our stateroom to find the blower gone and the shower free of water. Throughout the night, we would hear gurgling and would take turns waking up to check on the shower water. Needless to say, it was not a peaceful nor restful night.

The next day we had scheduled a couple's massage at the spa on the boat. We had done a couple's massage before and greatly enjoyed it. This WAS NOT a couple's massage. One person sat in a "vibrating egg" and the other got a back and neck massage. Our masseuse was not skilled in the least. She used her elbow most of the time and actually left a bruise on my husband's back. He had to gesture to her twice to ease up on the pressure because she was hurting him. I spent most of the time in the "egg" silently crying. This was completely false advertising. When I booked the massage I saw a couple's relaxation massage special for $169. When I called to book our spa treatment, I was told we were having the couple's massage for $200 and that these two were different. They were not. It was a thoroughly awful experience.

After our massage, we had an 11am parasail excursion. We were told over the speaker system that the excursion had been cancelled due to the weather. We went ahead and went on to the private island and found the parasail booth. The gentlemen operating it said they did not know it had been cancelled. The said they were going ahead with the parasailing and would take us. The weather was perfect, and we were able to parasail.

That late afternoon we retuned to our stateroom to find again the dirty water had come up from the shower. Again, my husband set off to find our attendant while I went up to the front desk. There I asked immediately to speak to the housing supervisor. I met with a woman. She said there was an emergency room available and we could move it immediately. I just started crying. I asked her what about the first two shower back-ups didn't strike anyone as an emergency. She was kind and sent a porter down to help us move our belongings.

When we arrived in the emergency room, there was fruit spoiling on the desk. It was removed. The room had obviously been sitting empty the whole time! There was the initial paperwork lying on the bed with the life jackets. The room was just a couple of hallways down from our original room and was modest but worked!

At that point, the cruise took a pleasant turn for us. With no showers backing up, no more cancelled (or seemingly cancelled) excursions, and no more painful, ridiculous spa treatments, we enjoyed our last two nights and one day on the boat.

As we were preparing to leave the boat upon our return to Miami, I spoke with the housing woman that had been the most helpful. She gave me a card to call the customer service agents with the cruise line to talk to someone about refunding part of our trip. She said she couldn't do anything on the ship, but I would need to contact the headquarters.

Since the cruise ended, I have been going round and round with the cruise line. This includes letters, numerous phone calls, and countless minutes "on hold." This has included week long intervals when they do not return my calls. They keep offering cruise discounts and coupons, but we find this totally unacceptable. I would not recommend this cruise line to ANYONE! Their inability to provide the basic necessities (a safe, working room), their despicable customer service, and their self-admitted penchant for lying and duping customers have taught me a lesson: I will not be cruising with Royal Caribbean again.

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Publication Date: May 29, 2006

EMBARKATION: The line for the people who had completed everything online wasn’t any shorter than the one for the people who hadn’t thought ahead. This was a part of the cruise that I did not enjoy. We carried our luggage 3 terminals down to where we could give it to a porter. By the time we got to the gate to get in line we were already worn out. All in all it probably only took 30 minutes to board, but after a 12 hour drive to Miami, we were exhausted already.

ON THE SHIP: When we got onboard, we had no idea where to go. The people standing in the lobby were not much help either, we had to just search our way around. The good thing was that we boarded one floor below our room, so it wasn’t a long way to go.

CABIN: We had an interior cabin with no port hole, but it wasn’t as small as most people said. We had enough room to do what we needed to do. The beds were actually comfortable. The only problem I had is that I couldn’t tell

what time of day it was when I woke up. Sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night and think that it was morning. Next time, I would at least spring for a porthole room.

FOOD: We were very impressed with the food. We ate breakfast in the Windjammer everyday. It is buffet style and has eggs (not great), breads, rolls, pastries, bacon, sausage, pancakes, waffles, cereals, grits, yogurt, etc. They even have an omelet station, which had very good eggs. Juice, water, and coffee were always available in the mornings. Lunch was either in the Windjammer or at port. Once again it was buffet style, but the food was more gourmet, with salads, soups, breads, pastas, and meats. Very good and hot despite what some people in previous reviews have said. At dinner we ate in the dining every night. They offered appetizers (chilled soups, hot soups, onion tartes, shrimp cocktail, etc), salads (cesar or house), entrees (duck, lamb, shrimp, steak, chicken, vegetarian, pasta, sides included mashed potatoes & veggies, breads), and desserts (fruit plates, chocolate cake/pie/ice cream, tiramisu, fondue, etc.) Tea, lemonade, water, and coffee are always available at no extra charge, or you can pay for soft drinks, wine, or mixed drinks. Room service is available 24 hours a day. They offer the dining room menu from 3pm until late in the night. At other times they offer salads, snacks, hamburgers, hot dogs, etc. You can also order pastries, cereals, yogurt, and fruits to be brought to you at a specified time in the mornings instead of going out of your room to eat breakfast. There were also midnight buffets (chocolate & Caribbean) and at any time you could find pizza or something to snack on. You cannot go hungry on this ship.

SERVICE: Everywhere we went on the boat the employees were extremely helpful and nice. They directed us where to go if we were lost, offered us drinks, and in general went out of their way to help us. Our dining room staff and stateroom staff were all great.

PORTS OF CALL: We went to Key West first. It was a nice town, but we weren’t that impressed with it. We can now say that we have visited it and I think we got it out of our systems. Second up was Nassau, Bahamas. This town was very dilapidated and poor looking. I was not impressed with the straw market and have no desire to return to Nassau. Across the beach from Nassau was Paradise Island. Now this is a place you would want to visit, even though we didn’t. We took the glass bottom boat tour ( I recommend this, it was very fun) and they sailed us by Paradise Island and we got to see where all of the stars have homes there. (Nicholas Cage, Michael Jordan, and Oprah Winfrey) I would love to stay on Paradise Island sometime. The last stop was CocoCay. This was the best stop of the entire cruise. This is a private island that it owned by Royal Caribbean. All you do is play in the crystal clear ocean, snorkel if you want (very fun) and lay in the sun. We got EXTREMELY sunburnt with 45 SPF sunscreen on that had been applied 3 times. I recommend taking a higher SPF and slather it on if you burn at all. The ship brings out a BBQ lunch to the island (ribs, hamburgers, hotdogs, salads, and desserts). This was good, but not the best food on the cruise. CocoCay has a small straw market on the island that I enjoyed much more than the one in Nassau. It was cleaner and the people weren’t as pushy. Prices seemed a little better too.

SHOWS: We only went to two shows while we were on the ship, but we enjoyed both of them. We went to the comedian show and the last night had a show called “Boogey Wonderland”.

SHOPPING ONBOARD: The ship didn’t have amazing prices onboard, but if you were buying alcohol, the prices were really good.

EXCURSIONS: We decided before we went on this cruise that we would do one excursion in each port to save on money and still get to see some of the places we were visiting. In Key West we did a tour called “A Taste of Key West”. This was a really good tour that took you all around the city. You stopped at 5 different places to sample food from them. We got Conch Fritters (Ughhhh, not my cup of tea), mahi mahi fingers (amazing, a new fave of mine), Coconut Shrimp (yummy), Key Lime Pie (not my thing, but my husband loved it), and at a very cool little place called “Peppers of Key West” we got to taste all kinds of pepper sauces. (the asian marinade was so good I bought a bottle and got their web address to buy more). In Nassua, Bahamas we went on the glass bottom boat tour, which I already stated that I really liked. You get to sit and enjoy the breeze with a tour guide telling you about all of the sites you are passing and they give a complimentary rum or fruit punch (rum one is yummy). Last, but not least, in CocoCay, Bahamas we rented the snorkeling gear. You get to use this all day at your leisure. This was very fun once you figure out how to keep water out of your mask.

DISEMBARKATION: Getting off of the ship was pretty much the same as getting on. It was tiring, hot, and long. But hey, when you get to your car it feels SOOOOOOO wonderful to get to sit down. My advice is to pack light, and try not to carry anything but your pocketbook and wallet.

Have a great cruise and try to relax, because you won’t enjoy it if you are tensed up!

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Publication Date: December 26, 2005

cabins are old and tired. food was awful. not a good choice for a first time or other cruisers.

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Publication Date: November 16, 2004

This cruise was free. I never would have bought this cabin on this ship. This was my 14th cruise; 3rd on RCI after Enchantment and Brilliance. I'm a HALgal. I don't know if it was the length of the cruise or the age of the ship that bothered me... maybe those and the fact that the passengers were so sloppy! Loud, sloppy cattle swarming around the flea market in the atrium.

Shopping & Booking & Stuff: There was no shopping... my girlfriend won the cruise in a sales contest, and her husband could not go, so she invited me. We have all cruised together before, but it wasn't the same with just the girls. I couldn't keep up with her all-nighters, and she found my naps boring. I'll stick to couples from now on.

Embarkation: A little confused, but not too long. Figuring out which line to stand in was tricky, as no one was there to help.

Cabin: We had an outside cabin on Promenade Deck. Having been spoiled by roomy veranda suites on HAL ships, I was turned off from the beginning. Aside from being only 122 square feet,

the cabin was cramped and shabby. The cots were like at summer camp (just sheets and blankets) and we found hairs on the pillowcase. When we called the steward to replace the cases, we asked her for the bedspreads, and she seemed surprised we wanted them. When she made up the bed, we found them frayed and did not go all the way to the floor.

Lido Restaurant: I didn't care for the institutional feel of the Lido buffet. Half the seating is outdoors and half inside; some of it upstairs. The choices were very limited and the presentation awful.

Disco: Great music, great DJ, open way into the night and not full of kids.

Casino: Hated it. The dealers were cold and impersonable, chips were different colors and left me totally disoriented. I generally haunt the Craps table, but this time I had no desire to return.

Internet Café: Slow connection.

Debarkation: The worst I have ever experienced. Very long lines led to carousels; no rrom to offload; no porters to help. Another long line to Customs and complaining adults and crying toddlers... never again.

For me, this cruise was simply a bummer. For someone looking for a short, fun cruise at a good price, Majesty may be just fine.

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