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40 User Reviews of Norwegian Spirit Cruise Ship

Western Caribbean
Publication Date: March 16, 2009

The service on this ship was fantastic. The only one to beat it so far was the NCL Star.

The food at the free restaurants was good, but at the specialty restaurants it was excellent.

The music on this ship was the best I have heard so far.

The only bad thing I have to say is not about the ship, but rather about the port it sailed from. New Orleans stinks. Everyone wanted a tip for everything. They even had signs on the tranfer bus that tips were expected.

Also this ship had no bags program. The trip down the Mississippi was a real loser. We did not get to the Gulf until well after dark.

NCL really needs to drop this port and leave from the Houston TX port.

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: July 12, 2008

I was going to write a day by day travelogue, but after a couple of days it seemed to get repititious, so I gave up that idea.

Linda and I have been on almost a dozen cruises, but this was our first on NCL. Read some nasty stuff by others, but that is the norm.

We arrived at the pier (88 I think, 47th St) at about 12:45. We were onboard in about 20 minutes. Good embarkation. All involved were professional and nice. We stopped at our stateroom (9552), balcony forward, port. We were pleased with what we saw, and met our steward for first time! All I can say is "what a guy!!!" Wonderful.

We dropped our carry-ons off and went to explore the ship. Again, read some nasty stuff about the ship's condition, but we did NOT find her bad at all. Some carpet wear in a couple of places, but otherwise she was in pretty good shape.

We went up to deck 12 where the pool and buffet are and had some lunch. Typical buffet food, not bad! BTW, if you smoke (we both do), you can smoke on

the port side on deck 12 (outside), deck 7 (outside), in your stateroom and in the casino (deck 7 forward). We quickly absconded our favorite table on deck 12 next to the pool and pretty much had breakfast and lunch up there every day.

Breakfasts in general were fine (omelets made to order, various fruits, cheeses, meats, etc.). The first morning at sea (Sunday) we had breakfast in the dining room, and the eggs benedict were tasteless, but the view and service more than made up for it. In fact, the dining room service for any meal was impeccable. John from Jamaica had us rolling on the floor laughing! Only once did we have to wait for dinner, and it was a short wait at that (we typically had dinner between 6:30 and 7:30 PM, and mostly ate at the Garden dining room).

I gotta tell you, the food for the first 3 nights or so was horrible, but for some reason it got tremendously better after that! The escargot was amongst the best we've ever had. The prime rib was done to perfection, etc! Cappiccino was well done as were the desserts.

We made it to a couple of shows. They were ok, but nothing special. The Second City comedy show was the best of the group.

The casino was very good to Linda (she won a slot jackpot) and the blackjack tables weren't too bad for me (they have BJ tables up on deck 12 next to the pool during the day). While I didn't win a lot, I didn't lose anything either. And I was playing almost every day.

The itinerary for this cruise left a lot to be desired. Almost 6 days at sea (3 down and 3 back), Puerto Rico, Tortola, and the Dominican Republic.

We went on the Best of Tortola tour and it was terrific. The PR rainforest can't hold a match to the NY botanical gardens and was a waste of money. We got off the ship late in the Dominican Republic so couldn't make it to the beach, and the town is nothing to write home about.

All in all it was an okay cruise, but we would not do it again!! Better to fly to Florida or Puerto Rico and catch a ship with a more varied, interesting itinirary.

Send me a email if you'd like more information --

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: June 28, 2008

We sailed on this very ship four years ago to Alaska and we had a great time. This time, we noticed the ship (Spirit) to be quite run down -- walls, carpet, stairs, signs and push buttons were all worn out. One of the elevators didn't work -- was stuck on 7th floor.

Entertainment shows were POOR to AWFUL. Performers couldn't sing or dance. A high school drama club could do better.

Many staff did not care and some were not very friendly, like the one in the duty free jewelry shop -- he would not let us enter the raffle game, and the waiter who gave us a dirty look when we ordered more than one entree per person.

The free drinks and hors d'oeuvre during the Past Latitude Members party were so short and lacking that it was woefully embarrassing. We only had one drink and ONE piece of hors d'oeuvre and then the waiters stopped coming out with more.

The morning exercise consultant charged us $25 and showed us NOTHING. He made us do some sit ups and some push ups for 40 minutes -- it was a total

rip off. Ping-pong paddles, tables, and nets were worn and broken, and there were not enough ping pong balls to go around.

The host for the Trivia Game could not speak English. We had to ask him to spell out each word he tried to say. Change machine was out of order so my boys couldn't get quarters to play the arcade games. The arcade machines were all so OLD and outdated, and they kept breaking down. The kids lost a lot of quarters.

The toilets were dirty and smelly. One toilet had crap all over the side and I almost threw up when I tried to use it right after dinner. The smoke from the Casino drifted all the way out into the hall area. There were so many smokers and they were breaking all the rules. The windows in my cabin and in other common areas were so dirty I had a hard time looking outside. The handrails were sticky from maple syrup.

The 24/7 Blue Lagoon was misleading -- they don't serve regular meals in the morning. The waiting time to be seated in the main dining room was 45 minutes!!! They give you a beeper so you could walk around while you wait. This is not quite freestyle dining.

The TV remote control in my room did not work. I complained to the front desk and they told me to hold the remote right up against the TV. What kind of remote is that?

The chocoholic night was so inadequate they might as well skip it. The food ran out in less than half an hour. There was just not enough staff to keep up with the overall service around the entire ship. There were spills on the floor that took forever to clean up. Even the numerous flags that string along the cable on the top deck were so torn that they looked pathetic. They should not even raise them.

There is just not much to do on the ship, not even a movie theater. I can go on and on -- essentially this ship has deteriorated a lot and management did not do enough to keep it up. The staff service has also gotten worse. NCL needs to re-train all of them. They need to get back to the basics -- customer satisfaction.

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: April 19, 2008

Where to start ?? This was an embarrassment right from the start. Have cruised before, but didn't expect the nightmare we experienced from NCL. The ship pulled into NY 3 hours late (weather problems). Can't blame the crew, but the NY NCL staff didn't bother to let anyone know what was going on. We arrived at 12:15 and didn't board until 5pm. The ship's staff could have given a drink voucher or something to ease passengers' anxiety, but they were hawking $8.95 drinks at poolside. Everything was chargeable on this ship. There are 9 restaurants, 5 are upcharged, meaning you have to pay an additional $20.00 per person to eat there. WAY TOO many. Reservations are required to seat a large party at any restaurant and they have to be made at 07:00 -- 08:00 AM that day. Three times our reservations were not ready.

The food at the FREE restaurants was good, but portions were small. The staff at the restaurants were excellent. The staff at the casino, however, were only interested in getting you to spend as much money as possible. The table dealers must have been through speed dealing

courses. Twice the tapes had to be reviewed for passanger disputes and both times the passenger was right. The pit bosses seemed combative. We had to continually ask to slow the deals down as they seemed to be racing to get your bets.

The staterooms? We had 7 rooms in our party, ALL of them had shower mold, stained carpets and sewer smells coming from the drains. This ship was overhauled 4 years ago. Most of our room complaints had to do with the serious lack of room cleaning, not ship age as we were told a few times.

At every port, we had serious waits to disembark. On return to NY, the staff have to swipe your keycard before you disembark. They had two lines that were each over an hour long (for Express leaving no less). There was NO sense of urgency, nor any sense of a problem with this on NCL's part. Maybe they don't care about lines or are too used to it. This was the same attitude the staff exhibited throughout the cruise.

To be fair, there were many staff that were very nice, but the entire cruise left a bad taste in everyone's mouth. The voyage seemed to be one that promised to part you & your money. I just wish I had read more reviews before I took this trip.

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: November 18, 2007

Let me start off with my thoughts that there are no bad cruises, just ones we liked more then others. Our last cruise was on NCL, the Spirit out of NOLA. We sailed over the Thanksgiving holiday. I will say it was the first sailing for this ship and crew from this port. It had just come from NY.

The entertainment was good. Joel Sonja' and his band was very good and other dance reviews and comedians were good too. We especially liked the young casino host. He entertained my daughter as she was allowed to gamble at 18 for the first time. Andrew, from Canada.

The food was edible and plenty, but the deserts were awful. There were only two that we liked, besides the ice cream which was only served during meal services in the buffet. We only ate in the dining room twice as it is annoying to have to wait for a table or take the time to make a reservation to be sure not to wait. When we did eat in there, we had to wait up to 20 minutes between a course and there was

no personal service. Our group was disappointed with the food all the way around. It was mostly bland, or too much of the same. There were some meal times that it was hard to find something we liked. They were consistently out of milk, edible ketchup (some sort of red stuff was offered, but it wasn't ketchup), cups and the omelet lines in the mornings were ridiculous (though that seems to be the case on mass market cruise lines). The way that this ship set up the buffet also made it a bit crazy when trying to move thru the various lines. None of us went hungry, but it was a disappointment for this trip. We were happy to pay $120.00 in Cozumel to have a change in our meal.

Additionally, cabin service was the bare minimum, and my room was never vacuumed the entire trip. The coffee was not replaced, but beds were made and the room was generally straightened up. We received towels as needed and our shower was clean. We loved the glass door on the shower. I will hate to go back to a shower curtain.

The itinerary was exotic and our main reason for choosing this ship and line. Stops at Belize, Roaton, Guatemala and Cozumel. Absolutely love Guatemala! Shopping, rain forests, people and the rivers. It was our favorite stop.

Disembarkation was the typical hurry up and wait, but who's really happy to be done with vacation? We were not pushed out of our rooms and we had plenty of time to get breakfast and coffee in the morning.

We would still sail on NCL again as our first trip with this cruise line was about the same with the exception of the cabin service. Our first trip we were treated to wonderful cabin service. It's just not on the top of our list.

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: January 4, 2009

My family (48, 46 & 18) sailed on the Spirit 1/4/09 out of New Orleans. This would be our fourth cruise. We arrived one day early and stayed at the Drury Inn on Poydras St. It was a surprisingly nice hotel, across the street from La Pavion. Our $94 room rate included an evening happy hour and hot breakfast, but best of all, free parking during the cruise.

We took a short walk to the quarter for dinner. Cruise day we took a 10 minute cab ride to the terminal ($21 for three) dropped off our luggage at the cage (not marked well) and took the escalator upstairs. The security line went fast and on to check-in. At check in, the "Latitude Member" line was about 3x as full as the regular check in and the hostess expedited our check in. We were on the ship in less than 45 minutes from the time we left the hotel.

Our balcony cabin (11566) while not large, was still nicer than some on previous cruises. The layout of the bathroom with enclosed shower was a nice touch. The cruise staff was always available

and friendly.

We dined in the Windows dining room two nights and Gardens the rest. Windows is larger and a little more formal with the same menu. The food was very good and we ordered an extra entree several nights to share when the options looked too good. Service was good but lacked the personalized attention you receive when you have the same wait staff for the entire week. We did not dine in any of the "pay" restaurants, but heard good reviews of them.

The Raffles buffet was always busy at lunch and breakfast with a good variety of food. The Bier Garden offered a nice view and burgers and hotdogs.

The pool was great (buckets of beer 6/$24) with four hot tubs and not overly crowded.

As for entertainment the "Second City" shows were funny and the Magic show was good. The productions were my least favorite but our son enjoyed the shows.

In Guatemala we booked the waterfall tour through "Happy Fish." The eight of us fit nicely in our van and we arrived before the large groups from the ship. This is a very poor but beautiful country and they truly appreciate you being there. Be on deck for the show as you leave port.

In Cozumel we did the catamaran snorkel and beach break booked through the ship. The reef they took us to was disappointing but the private beach and sail was nice, not to mention the open bar. We had plenty of time left for shopping. Great prices on liquor, shirts and got a pair of alligator boots. We finished the day at Carlos and Charles and the conga line.

In Belize we had signed up for Cave Tubing on our own but were late getting off the boat (long tender ride) so we booked snorkeling on shore and lunch at their private beach. You have to try the nachos at the "The Wet Lizard" and a Belkin beer (2 for $5) right on the dock. The shopping was more expensive here.

Costa Maya has a brand new dock and beach area with a large shopping mall with bargains to be had. We booked the beach break from the ship and took an air conditioned bus to the beach which had kayaks and an open bar, food for purchase (cash only). Our son did the parasailing and had a blast. The beach is owned by the son of the man who built the cruise ship dock. The area is still recovering from past hurricanes; I was told that at one time this beach had over 2,000 lounge chairs and a Dolphin encounter.

We carried off our own luggage and we were off the ship and through customs in about 20 minutes. Overall I would score this ship 8 out of 10, deducting for entertainment and the above average but not great food.

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: December 14, 2008

My wife and I cruised aboard the Norwegian Spirit leaving New Orleans on December 14, 2008. We have cruised with Norwegian several times. As Latitudes members, our 1:00PM boarding was well organized, quick and simple. Our balcony room was ready immediately. The cabin was well decorated but smaller than on other ships, however the bathroom is larger. The bed was very firm and resulted in my back aching most mornings. I called the front desk twice and talked with our cabin steward requesting a foam pad for the bed, but nothing was provided. The bathroom had a sewer smell most days that was annoying. My wife tripped the circuit breaker with her hair drier the last day of our cruise.

The ship is big and beautiful and was freshly remodeled shortly before our cruise. Public areas were seldom crowded. Entertainment was excellent. Bar staff was attentive without being an annoyance. We ate dinner in a different restaurant every night during our cruise without any wait in any restaurant. The Shogun and Cagney's restaurants should not be missed. The Italian restaurant was disappointing. The free restaurants were industry normal, abundant and well served. Room

service was quick. The in room coffee service is a nice feature. We used the fitness center daily without any wait. We visited the Spa twice for couple's massages that were a little expensive, but thoroughly enjoyed. I enjoyed the Steam and Sauna rooms. The smoking areas are the casino and any outside deck area and it was hard to avoid the smokers. If Norwegian Cruise Lines ever offers a non-smoking cruise we will book it in a moment.

Our first port of Costa Maya was less that interesting and a good day to rest on the beach. Guatemala is a very poor country that we will probably not want to visit again. We took the waterfalls tour and would not recommend taking this tour. Belize was a wonderful port and I can see us returning here to spend a week in the future. We took a snorkeling tour here and enjoyed ourselves very much. Cozumel has something for just about anyone. The two days at sea are great for just relaxing.

We chose to disembark the ship with our baggage (we packed wisely) and were off the ship and through customs in less than 30 minutes.

The only really negative comment I would have regarding this cruise has to do with our fellow passengers. I seems today's cruisers think "Freestyle Cruising" means you can go to dinner in bluejeans, t-shirt, tennis shoes and a baseball cap and converse loudly using fowl language. It seems the cruise industry is becoming more and more affordable to the masses. This was the first time we have encountered these behaviors on Norwegian Cruise Lines and it may have had a lot to do with our cruise port of New Orleans.

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Publication Date: November 30, 2008

We stood in line for three hours to disembark at the New Orleans terminal. NCL staff alleged Customs had only four agents, normally eight, but they should have held passengers in comfortable waiting areas before releasing them to a long line with no chairs or restrooms for three hours to clear customs. The elderly were having trouble and many passengers missed their flights and trains.

Our cabin heater blew ice cold air with no cut off switch all day. We reported it but it was not fixed. They said they were working on it.

Waiters block your views at shows selling their drinks aggressively.

Guatemala and Belize looked liked third world countries. Mexican stops were better.

The cruise was average at best.

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: December 30, 2007

We took the Spirit out of NOLA with the destination being the Western Caribbean. There was a problem with one of the engines so they cut out the Guatemala stop in the itinerary. NCL contacted us before hand and let us know of the change and credited our account with $50 for each of us.

This was our second cruise. The first was on Celebrity from Vancouver BC to Alaska. I'll make several comparisons in this review. Overall the cruise was enjoyable and nothing was terribly wrong.

Cabin We had an interior cabin that was fine except for the closet doors. They didn't latch or stay shut and during rough seas they slammed back and forth, making sleep difficult. The cabin was clean and the service was good.

Dining Rooms We discovered that we aren't big fans of "Freestyle Cruising." There wasn't a fixed time to dine and sometimes there was a considerable wait to get a table in one of the main dining rooms. The food in the main dining rooms was pretty good but not up to Celebrity's standards. The food in the extra charge restaurants was not really better and

not worth the money in our opinion. At the highly touted Cagney's Steakhouse my wife got prime rib that was cold and congealed. When the waiter asked how everything was, she pointed this out to him. He took it back and warmed it up (we think in the microwave) and then told her that it was normal for medium-rare prime rib to be that way!

Food Buffet The buffet was surprisingly good. There was a good selection and they usually had some Indian or ethnic dishes that were quite tasty. They just couldn't quite keep their act together, though. They kept running out of glasses, coffee cups, and sometimes plates.

Chocoholic Buffet This is a one time thing that they make a big deal out of. Fuggetaboutit. This boat just doesn't seem to have a clue how to make desserts. It was nicely presented but all the deserts tasted like they were made from the same 3 ingredients.

Shore Excursions

Roatan: I did the Canopy Tour with the zip lines. It was fun but don't do this unless you're in pretty good shape. I was sore for a couple days after.

Belize: We did the Maya ruins tour. Very enjoyable. You get to see quite a bit of Belize on the bus ride and the tour guide gives you a good overview of the country.

Cozumel: We did a snorkel tour (Palancar Reef). Excellent reef snorkeling and the tour boat operators did a great job.

Entertainment Unfortunately we encountered rough seas and a couple of the shows were canceled. We saw a guy named Chanz who was very good. The performance was excellent and the sound system was first rate.

Shipboard Activities Many of the talks were directed toward shopping which was not our thing. If you go to other talks, such as Mayan history or Pirates, get there early. These were well done but didn't provide enough room for all those who wanted to attend.

General Comments This was the New Years holiday and the ship was full. We usually had the feeling that things were always slightly out of control. This was a different experience than we had on Celebrity. The Celebrity boat was swiss watch perfect. Everything ran exactly how it was supposed to. If it had the itinerary we wanted we would possibly take another NCL cruise, but it wouldn't be our first choice. We found out that the Freestyle Cruising regimen doesn't fit us very well, but we can see how others might like it.

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New England
Publication Date: October 7, 2007

All I can say about my October 7, 2007 Canada/New England Cruise is that I should have gotten off the ship before it departed. The cruise was a terrible combination from a cruise line that really doesn't care about its clients, and feels that as long as they keep advertsising there will be another "sucker" coming on board. So who cares?

Food If its food that you're onboard for, plan to spend your money in the "Freestyle" dining rooms. Freesyle=NO-STYLE and if you plan on eating in the "FREE" dining rooms, you might as well eat at Denny's or your local nursing home. Just a quick look at a menu could substantiate this Bland nonsense menus made to sound different, but just re-hashing poor quality food.

The most ridiculous experience was at my first meal, If one could call it a meal. One of the main dining rooms was recommended to me while boarding. The room was called Windows on this ship and there were windows, but any other similarity to a dining room stops with the tables, chairs and the place settings. It was to be the send-off luncheon, for this

long awaited vacation. I sat in this beautiful room, with white tablecloths, a full 9 piece formal place setting, wine and water goblets and a very efficient waiter, who promptly approached the table. I requested a wine list, and while perusing the list I realized that the list started at 30-plus dollars a bottle for regular "vin Ordinare" (table wine). I ordered a bottle of wine ($36) and then opened the hardbound menu to find a choice of Hamburger, Hot Dog, Club Sandwich, and some ribs; not exactly dining, and I was lucky that I didn't order the $100 bottle.

We promptly got up after lunch to make sure we had reservations for the rest of the cruise at the so-called FREESTYLE=NO STYLE dining rooms at a cost of $20 per person per day PLUS GRATUITIES. You can't figure how much of your service charge will be going to these waiters, and I can't give a $1.00 tip to someone who took their time and showed knowlegeble service to try and make the cruise enjoyable, so I tipped them an additional $10-$20 per dinner, because it's not their fault that no one really cares about the food in the "steeridge class" which we began to call the rest of the food on board. Breakfast and Lunch Buffet in the room they call Raffles was just attrocious. I watched one day as a staff of no less that four "chefs" (at least they were dressed that way) were taught how to make a sandwich. Ask me for the pictures. It was just amazing.

Accommodations Well, since we left our home in Florida at 5AM to get to the dock in NYC, so after the lunch experience, at 2pm the cabins were cleared for us to get in them. Upon searching for my inside cabin #9577, which looked great online, I found that I had to climb over a mountain of luggage. The cabin looked as advertised but trying to take a nap proved impossible. The noise of everyone's luggage being taken off the freight elevator that was directly on the side of our cabin was ridiculous. Each and every piece was bounced off my cabin's side wall. After hearing one bang after another on our wall for a half hour and being an experienced cruiser I knew what the last night of the cruise will have in store for me when the process gets reversed, ran to the Customer Service Desk (at least that's what they call it)

They immediately pointed to a sign that said (ship is fully booked) but that wasn't good enough, so I demanded to speak to someone higher up the NCL Spirit Chain! To no avail, I was left with the option of getting off the ship or just dealing with it! I opted for getting off, but trying to look for my wife who was then being directed to the lifeboat drill proved to be of no avail and as soon as I found her I was told that the ships gangway was removed so I had to "Deal With It." But I was also promised that the "noise situation was now under control."

Second morning (Our nice and quiet day at sea) was worse. We found out that the room service dishes are cleaned right next to our room. After stopping the steward from clanging the dishes, the noise still continued. We went into the hall (7:15) to find a door directly behind our bed marked no access. It was there that we found 4 or 5 guys in machine overalls climbing into the air-conditioning vents and clanging tools, chains and whatever. IF YOU WANT I CAN SEND THE VIDEO OF BOTH THESE GUYS AND THE DISHWASHER GUY. I was told that they were a special crew from Taiwan, who didn't speak English, and that they will start later tomorrow. Well, with my video of the morning's surprises I went to the "Desk" again and was told again, sorry. I showed them the sound video and the noise firsthand, and all they offered was a second guarantee of quiet or I could get off in Halifax.

Quiet Enjoyment If it sounds like I am harping too much on the quiet thing, you must be told at this point I don't sleep much, I play all evening in the casino, enjoy fine wines and dining, enjoy theater, comedy shows, TV, exciting excursions, and just having a good time.

Well, most cruises, or shall I say all of the cruises I have been on, have offered me almost all of these. But not this one.

NCL must be the cruiseline for the retired Midwesterner who is just excited to see the ocean and have a good old fashioned sing-a-long as entertainment.

Casino: Closed nightly at 1:30-2am The dealers were amateurs who were being trained while they played live. It was just painful watching blackjack dealers who were using an automatic shuffler, and still fluffing their deals and failing to be able to count to 21 with any regularity. Crap dealers were worse, not knowing proper odds and payouts for the game; i.e., I watched a craps eleven 1x bet stay on the table for six throws.) It made for a very long, but short evening. The slots all had little signs stating high payout odds "Guaranteed Loose." When inquiring about what the slots payout percentage was, I just got a puzzled look.

Fine Wines and Dining: I have to say that as long as you were willing to pay for an upgrade to the alternative restaurants, the food there was just fine. The Tappenyaki restaurant chef was a little screwed up, serving us one slice of zucchini and a slice of onion first, followed by your meat or seafood, then followed 10 minutes later by rice, and then finally your appetizer of shrimp. I thought it was done in error, and went another night, but was shocked that it was still served totally out of order again. What I did notice was as the cruise went on the seafood seemed to be less fresh. Even though we went to Maine and Boston, it seemed as though the ship's provisions were only loaded on in NYC, and the lobster seemed to be just short of turning as the cruise went on. Again, at least they tried, but my bill for food and wine was almost the price of the cruise. $1,200 for the cruise and another $900 for food and wine.

Theater: I love theater, and the first day out I enjoyed visiting an area where you can see the history and pictures of building this ship (it's right behind the bridge, which you get to by going down a spiral staircase). The reason I tell you this is, I was able to see the construction of the main theater of the ship. All sorts of scenery changing trusses, Full stage turntables, lighting trusses and state of the art sound system.

Well, it was wasted here. One night the show was a juggling family, one night a comedian, one night a comedy troupe of second rate Second Cities who were great on the scripted portion of the show but couldn't improv at all, which is what Second City is all about. And, with the exception of the lead vocals, the music was all canned, but there was a band there during one of their shows filling in where they could. Oh, by the way, NOT ONE PIECE OF SCENERY. Just a few chairs for the 2nd City Guys, and a few risers for the dancers and singers. It all seemed sort of High Schoolish to me. BUT at the grand finale final evening, when the staff all comes out, well then they actually dressed the stage with a Norwegian Flag.

Late Night Entertainment: This was sort of a joke too. No X-rated comedy shows, and no live music to enjoy unless you enjoy a sing-a-long at the pub with an acoustic Beatles wannabe, or a show made up of the cruise staff (which seemed to me part of a lot of the "other shows". These guys were not hired for talent, but on their ability to call bingo. They were also ameteurish at best.

TV: Just a replay of the same, all day and night. Not even highlights of the day's happenings. Just lots of snow and poor jokes from the "cruise director".

Excursions: A sore point. If after reading this you decide to go, PLEASE DON'T GO TO THE SALEM WITCH MUSEUM. This was the sorriest excuse for a tour that I ever saw. It was nothing short of a total rip-off. The musem itself charges $7.50 for entrance fees but the tour was $65. The guide told us to nap on the way back, and going there was very busy helping our "lost" bus driver find out how to get there, while going over flower beds and curbs. THIS WAS A SIMPLE CROOKED DEAL. Upon approaching the excursion desk with the whole story of this trip (you wouldn't believe it) I was told that they know it's bad, but people still buy it.

NO offer of compensation etc. But that's NCL.

By the way, after visiting Halifax, which was just beautiful, magically a cabin appeared for us to move into. I guess someone must have bolted from the ship. We should have also.

We have come to the conclusion that Freesyle is No-style. When you check out the daily activities of Basketball and Shuffleboard (my favorite LOL) the omnipresent words always appear in everything printed "or just take a nap." Well I don't vacation for naps AND WILL NEVER CRUISE WITH THIS POOR EXCUSE OF A CRUISE LINE EVER AGAIN.

By the way, we didn't concern ourselves about a single penny of refunds for this sorry excuse of a cruise. We want to remember just how bad this trip really was, and heaven forbid they offer us a free cruise.

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