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2 User Reviews of Quantum of the Seas Cruise Ship

We expected some Hic-ups
Publication Date: January 10, 2015

We have done 27 cruises and 20 with Royal Caribbean. This is our 4th cruise on a ship in it's inaugural year. We've done the Freedom, the Oasis, the Allure, and now the Quantum,all in their first year. Our cruise on the Quantum we expected for there to be some things that will have to be worked out as time progresses. Yes, there are some things that needed to be adjusted with the Dynamic Dining, and the long lines for activities and entertainment. We expected that so the cruise for us was great. I believe some people just like to complain. We decided to, instead of complaining about everything (as most people did) to just roll with it and enjoy our cruise.

New ships have new ship issues. Because we had our attitude in check before we got on board, the food was good, the shows were good especially Starwater. I did the rip cord, what an adventure and the Eye was just awesome. The Diamond lounge and the Concierge club were both packed every night but that was OK too because of our Diamond Plus status RCI gave us 33

free drinks each for the 11 day cruise which could be redeemed at any bar on the ship,not too shabby! We didn't get on-board to criticize we got on board to enjoy and to have fun. When you're paying that kind of money you have to find enjoyment most things.

I could go on and on about how much my wife and I enjoyed this ship but I will end my review by just saying that we had an excellent time and we look forward to booking the Anthem and having ourselves a ball!

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Big on hype, short on delivery
Publication Date: December 19, 2014

My cruising background includes 35 cruises of which 23 were with RCI. The Quantum of the Seas is not ready for passengers and needs a lot of work. It seemed to me that RCI was focused more on maximizing their bottom line than catering to their passengers. I had the sense that the the ship was "Stuffed" with venues much like trying to fit 10 lbs. of goods into a 5 lb. bag.


Dynamic dining was frustrating and stressful at times. After weeks of trying to link 8 people for dinner at various restaurants, we were told no reservations existed by Customer Service. Their reply (Which we heard frequently, was "There's nothing we can do") They suggested we go to every restaurant we reserved and confirm reservations.

The service was very slow since assistant waiters were eliminated and the waiter fumbled around trying to enter our orders into an ipad.Some meals took 2 hours or more and we missed several shows because of it. Virtually every restaurant we visited was missing one or more of their menu items. There are 4 complimentary restaurants and at least 7 that you had to pay

for. The coastal Kitchen is reserved for Pinnacle & suite guests.Izumi and Jamies were my favorites.

The menus were small and never changed and if there were 5 meal choices and they were out of stock for 2 meals, you were given a choice of 3. When showing up for our reservation on time we stood in a line and at times were given a light up pager like you would get in a highway chain restaurant. We then would wait an additional 20 minutes to 1/2 hr. to be seated.

The food was OK, but nothing really stood out. Some cuts of meat were not up to the old RCI standards. The Windjammer would constantly have empty tables not cleared off and omelet lines were non existent due to the light up pagers we were give. If I knew it would take 1/2 hr. to get an omelet I wouldn't have ordered it.


Was pretty much useless and seemed overwhelmed. There were frequently long lines. "There's nothing we can do" is a phrase I never want to hear again when paying in excess of $3000.00 for an 11 day cruise.


The Rip cord, Waver runner, Bumper cars, and North star were very good. The downside was waiting in line to make reservations. The robot bartenders were boring after 3 minutes and a waste of space due to the limited hours they worked and the breakdowns.

Mamma Mia was the highlight of the cruise and rivaled the Broadway version. The other shows left me confused. Starwater reminded me of Cirque Du Soliel with a floating Cellist and a singer who floated in the air. She sang a song that lasted at least 20 minutes while the dancers waved her dress up & down for lighting effects ??? The show had to be cancelled twice due to rough seas in the Caribbean.


Many usual shipboard activities were missing. Mostly because the venues were too small. Trivia as usual was won by back to back cruisers who had the answers to all the questions. No parties on the pool deck, Quest, Belly flop contests Etc because the venues were too small.

There were limited venues for dancing. The music hall and Boleros which were usually standing room only and the 270 was beautiful but only seemed to play what I'll refer to as "Elevator music".

The diamond lounge was standing room only and we were redirected to other bars and had to wait up to 1/2 hour for a drink due to being understaffed.


The ship is beautiful but the design emphasis seems to have been in technology and ignored practicality and common sense. (It doesn't take a brain surgeon to realize a children's pool doesn't belong next to the smoking section. And I'm a smoker )

I am sure many first time cruisers tech people and young people will enjoy this ship, but if you like interaction with the same waiter every night and the smooth flow of getting in & out of a restaurant in a reasonable time, you would be better off sticking to ships with traditional dining.

We go on vacation to relax and unwind, but this vacation was WORK and caused stress when the technology went awry. In 35 cruises this is the first negative review i have written It by far was my worst cruise. I felt like I was in Disneyland with all the standing in line and reservations. If Dynamic Dining is the future of RCI, I will sadly have to choose other Cruise lines.

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