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21 User Reviews of Regatta Cruise Ship

Western Mediterranean
Publication Date: April 25, 2005

Barcelona to Venice - 14 days

Well, here I sit at 3:00 in the morning after returning from the above cruise. This is what I usually do after a trip abroad - either write a few thoughts or manage digital pictures AND try to shake off the jet lag in the process.

Usually I write a full review but I think I'll just go through a few subjects about Oceania and the cruise.

First of all this was a very enjoyable cruise - how can most of them not be?


Embarkation can either be smooth or not. We were literally the first passengers to arrive at the terminal in Barcelona at around 9:30a.m. We had 2 days in Barcelona and were able to see as much as we wanted there and then were anxious to begin our experience aboard Regatta so we checked out of our hotel and arrived early. Speaking of the Barcelona hotel, make your own reservations as opposed to booking something through the cruise line. We spoke to many passengers who had paid DEARLY for the precruise package and their accodmmodations weren't much better than ours. Speaking of ours, when

we finally arrived at our 3-star booked hotel, the Europark, they were overbooked. This initially sounded horrible after having just arrived from a 24-hour ordeal from the west coast, but since they were overbooked, the hotel clerk informed us that there was a 4-star hotel just up the street they would book us into at no extra charge and they'd also throw in comped breakfast for everyone and also the extra cab ride to get us over to our new hotel, the Nunez Urgell. By European standards, they were nice accommodations and the comped breakfast was fantastic. If you can't deal with your own taxi transportation to the pier, then book your hotel with Oceania, but I highly recommend doing what we did!!!

Back to embarkation, once we arrived at the terminal, obviously the ship wasn't ready for us yet, and if you had a "concierge level" booking you were free to board from 11:00 a.m. on. All others had to wait till 1:00 p.m. This really was annoying for the bulk of the passengers as everyone seems to be getting on from 11:00 but they had to wait till 1:00. Not a great way to start a vacation. This seems to be the running comment in these reviews. I think they should just let you board if you're there ready to board. They can make up the extra frills for those paying for them once they're starting the cruise. I mean there were a few people literally yelling at Bruno, the concierge, who was also doubling as the 'greeter' in the terminal.

Also one VERY ANNOYING thing was if you weren't concierge level or an Owner's suite occupant, you got a letter presented to you at embarkation that told you you could ONLY have one sitting at Polo Grill and one sitting at Toscana for the duration of the cruise. The letter the 'concierge level' got was TWO sittings at each, and the letter that the suite residents got was UNLIMITED sittings at the specialty restaurants. If I'm not mistaken, when perusing the brochure before I booked the cruise, I could have sworn that two sittings were standard for EVERYONE so that everyone could have an opportunity to eat there. Well, at 1:00 p.m., naturally you have to make the dash up to the restaurants to secure your sitting in the 2 specialty restaurants since everyone who got on starting at 11 was able to make theirs. So I made one reservation in each for our party of four and midway through the cruise, I demanded another sitting in Toscana. It was like pulling teeth, but I was successful. You just have to know what you want and you have to ask for it. We didn't bother dining again in Polo Grill as it wasn't that much better than the Dining Room, but Toscana had OUTSTANDING food.


Generally, the crew is outstanding. A few names and positions are worth mentioning here. Bruno Haag, the concierge, is outstandingly attentive. He is very patient - especially at embarkation (see above) - and will get you anything you need. We needed a cab called to the ship to take us to the Vaporetto station in Venice for a sunset cruise up the Grand Canal and he came through wonderfully. There were a few other things we required throughout the cruise and he was always very friendly and efficient and you can get whatever you want done and done right. The dining management is fantastic. Actually most of the dining staff and some other crew are frighteningly psychic, too. It's almost as if there are microphones/cameras in the staterooms and public areas. They seem to know exactly what you need when you need it. Names worth mentioning: Anatoly, Terrace Café manager; Andreas, Grand Dining Room maitre'd (On the morning we docked in Civittavechia (Rome), obviously there were hundreds of passengers on excursions and we failed to receive our preordered continental breakfast in our stateroom before heading out on our own tour; Upon our return to the ship that day, Andreas had realized the oversight and provided a bottle of Chianti for us to enjoy with our dinner - very nice touch!!!); Florin, Grand Dining Room waiter (why this gentleman isn't a maitre'd is beyond me. I've never come across a waiter so attentive and pleasant on any cruise in my life, and I've cruised about 12 times or so.) Florin serves table no. 27 (a well-placed table for 4 not too far from the windows; highly suggested) in the GDR and we always requested his table and only once did we not get seated in his area. The service that one night - while good - was not as good as at his table - once again, worth mentioning. I've read reviews from others complaining about having to wait for a table for the GDR. Only once did we have to wait and that was because we wanted a certain table. Other than that, we never waited more than a minute to be seated in the GDR.


This is a little difficult to review. Having not sailed with Oceania but with Princess several times, Norwegian a couple times, RC a few times, and a couple of defunct lines many years ago, I wasn't sure what to expect. The food is good - don't get me wrong - and one of the nice things about Oceania is that they don't 'overfeed' you in the dining room like Princess used to do. The food portions are adequate and there's a big 'fancy' variety on the plates, but, some nights in the Dining Room just seemed boring is the best way to describe it, while other nights were outstanding. Also, a nice place to eat is the Tapas on the Terrace if you don't want to go through a complete 4- or 5-course meal and want to be a bit more casual. Lots of tasty seafood and neat stuff up there. The Polo Grill was so-so and Toscana had an excellent menu and great food. The service was GREAT in Toscana on the first night we dined there but was noticeably not as good the second night in there. Continental Breakfast in-cabin was typical and always served promptly - other than the Rome hiccup. Room service had an extensive menu and came in handy one night while in Sorrento late. We hadn't eaten since a lunch we had out on a tour and wanted to see Sorrento at night so we came back at around 10pm and had a great couple of dishes delivered to our stateroom. It's kind of nice not to see the waste of those silly midnight buffets anymore. Needless to say, after 14 days of eating like this, it's time to give the body a break!!

One more thing about food/drink. The $20.00 corkage fee for bringing in your own wine is absolutely CRIMINAL. I think $10.00 should be tops ($5.00 for that matter) to open a bottle of wine. The wine steward Nikolay, while a nice man, will try to snooker you into higher priced wines. Be wary of this and shut him down early in the cruise or you will have to take out a second mortgage to pay your bar bill. And he pours the wine briskly throughout dinner so before you know it, you've gone through 2 or 3 bottles real quickly. When we want our own wine, we pour it in our room in a glass and bring it to dinner. Call it cheap or whatever you want, but this stuff adds up in a 14-day cruise. We went to both wine tastings throughout the cruise and got to taste some fine wines at a reasonable price. Some people had final bills stuck in their doors that looked like thick novels on the last day of the cruise.


My wife and I traveled with her parents on this cruise mainly to see Italy where my mother-in-law's family is from originally and her dad's family is also from Slovenia so the Dubrovnik port was also a highlight. We pretty much saw most of what there is to see in Italy on this cruise and had a few nice private shore excursions with Claudio Caponera ( in both Florence and Rome and also Salvatore Lucibello ([email protected]). Excellent tours!! Since Claudio was already booked by another family for Rome, he provided Carlo, his associate - just as good if not better qualified (and easier to understand; sorry Claudio) as Claudio to show us Roma. Excellent tours and I highly recommend them in these bigger and more popular cities. It's the ONLY way to see everything. People say you can't see Rome in a day; we saw everything we wanted to see in Rome in one day - and more. I also highly recommend adding the Vatican Museum to your Rome tour. We talked to some people who had booked the Florence/Pisa tour off the ship and all they saw of Pisa was the tower as it went by the window. They couldn't even get out of the bus!!! Claudio dropped us off in Pisa and we could walk around for a half hour (all you need) and take that classic fixing-the-tower's-lean picture that is so overdone.

Salvatore took us not only to Pompeii, Naples and along the Amalfi Drive, but he also took us to my mother-in-law's fathers birthplace of Caserta just outside of Naples and was the perfect gentleman and waited for us to have lunch at a family-run restaurant frequented by the locals. It was great not to have any other tourists in town for this excursion and some great homemade pasta for lunch. Amalfi was a big disappointment to some passengers who were planning on this port in the itinerary. The captain decided to go to Naples instead of tendering in Amalfi the day after Sorrento. Naples isn't the jewel city of Italy, believe me, but it turned out great for us because we could just walk right over to the ticket office in Naples and we picked up ferry tickets to the island of Capri. We wouldn't have been able to do this had we tendered in Amalfi as we used up the entire day in Sorrento on a private tour. However, this changing of itineraries promotes absolutely ZERO goodwill on the part of Oceania. Many people planned this cruise BECAUSE of some of these ports and many were disappointed. The reason given was because of wind over at Amalfi and tender safety. However, friends of ours who went on Salvatore's tour the next day from Naples confirmed the fact that there was absolutely NO wind over there that day, but another cruise ship tendering instead.

This concerns me for my future cruise plans with Oceania. I mean can they really be trusted with not changing future itineraries on the fly like that?

Anyway, we can't complain too much about the weather, though. Our cruise experienced almost 100% perfect weather and the only time it rained was in the morning in Corfu. Other than that, there was absolutely no weather except great weather.


Not much to say here. Like mentioned previously, we had 3 private tours and 5 off-ship tours. The off-ship tours were adequate as we didn't do most of the full-day ones. I don't like sitting in a bus for most of the day and we like to use half the port stay for an excursion and the other half to explore on our own. I would have liked to have more knowledgeable information for some of the ports. The so-called expert information guides that board the ship in the ports in the morning were mostly clueless when you asked them a question. In Venice for example, a little more explanation would have been nice on how to best use the Vaporettos for getting around the city. I mean once you figure them out, it's a snap, but it would have saved some time. Also in Venice they didn't dock where they promised they would dock so it cost more to get to Piazza San Marco than it normally would have. They claimed that the dock was damaged, but it looked like a vessel was docked alongside San Basilio anyway as we passed it to head to the Stazione Maritima.

Anyway, time to get back to bed to bank that long-lost sleep from yesterday. Enjoy your cruises..

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Transatlantic Crossing
Publication Date: March 15, 2005

My husband and I, together with several other couples and single friends, were privileged to be on the March 15th sailing of the Insignia from Barbados to Barcelona. Much of what we had read in previous reviews was borne out on what has to go down as one of our top three of about 25 cruises. And, several of the earlier criticisms seem to have been rectified. We took only about three tours, prefering to explore on our own in the other ports. Those tours seemed to be fairly priced and we did, indeed, get good value for the cost.

Also, although there was some strong criticism of the cruise director on a 2004 sailing, I have to say that Shani Reay, the cruise director during our cruise, has to be one of the best ever. She was everywhere and we constantly wondered when she slept. She was a talented entertainer as well, but she took the cruise experience of her passengers very seriously. The captain, the cruise director, the assistant cruise director -- in fact, all of the staff that provided services for us, were just outstanding.

We will definitely sail

on Oceania again as we like the smaller ships and love their itineraries.
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Transatlantic Crossing
Publication Date: March 15, 2004

On March 15, 2004 my husband and I took the 14 day transatlantic cruise from Miami to Lisbon. This was our first cruise on Oceania Cruises and I was quite pleased with the most elegant appearance of this ship (Regatta). The public areas reminded me very much of a 5 star hotel. The ample draperies and golden sconces that adorned the windows and walls reminded me of a bygone era of true ocean liners.

Every area of the ship was impeccably clean and polished. Our cabin attendant was excellent and very pleasant. She went above and beyond her normal duties to please us and we tipped her extra. The down comforter was so comfy that we looked forward to going to bed! The Egyptian cotton towels were very absorbent and large. There were robes and slippers available in every cabin on board...not just the higher end categories.

The food on this ship in every venue was truly the best on the seas! It was well seasoned and presented in a very attractive manner. We have taken 36 cruises so we have had an enormous experience in this category! Some of the passengers

really complained about the service in the dining room, but we could see that the problem was not with the wait staff but with the Maitre'd. He would not completely fill a section of the restaurant. That made the wait staff start a new couple with an appetizer when there were people waiting for their deserts. There are two alternative restaurants, Toscana and the Polo Grill. We celebrated my birthday in the Toscana restaurant. The food, the service and the ambiance were truly superb. The Polo Grill was nice, too, but we went back to Toscana 3 nights!

We knew that the entertainment would not be the Las Vegas type production shows which are on the mega ships. But we did not miss it. We had a wonderful female vocalist, Holly Lipton, who sang to a packed crowd. Nana Mukhadze, a beautiful young woman with extraordinary pianist talents was welcomed very enthusiastically. We had the pleasure of the comic talents of Vic Arnell. And, one night we were entertained by Broadway singing sensation, John Paul Almon. The showroom was beautifully decorated with brocaded fabric chairs and the tables were appointed with small night club type lamps.

The guest cultural enrichment lecturer was Vice Admiral William J. Hancock. Since his retirement, Vice Admiral Hancock has been an independent consultant specializing in Defense Logistics and Defense Transformation. His talk was titled "Transformation in the Defense Department - The Rumsfeld Revolution". The lounge was filled everyday that he spoke, a real tribute to his interesting and thought provoking talks.

Bingo, Trivia quiz and the spa were very popular activities during the day. Since we had lots of sea days, we had an opportunity to visit the very well equipped gym and spa. Plenty of treadmills, bicycles, free weights and resistance machines were available. When you checked into the spa, you were given a key to your locker and after your shower you could wear the locker robe and slippers back to your room. The products in the spa were way over priced as they are on most ships but the facial I received was very professional and relaxing.

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: November 25, 2003

We had previously cruised twice with Renaissance Cruise Ship Line. The Oceania Cruise Line was formed after the bankruptcy of Renaissance. Regatta was previously know as the R2.

We received the brochure about the startup of Oceania and immediately booked 2 cruises. We had always enjoyed the size of the ship, and the penthouse suites staterooms. The price was right at $4314.00 each for the first cruise, 16 days, and $3714.00 for the second, 14 days.

My wife and I recently returned from the first cruise, Barcelona to Lisbon, leaving Oct. 25, 2003. The cruise was fair, the cuisine was excellent, but food does make the whole cruise. The dining room staff needed a lot of improvement, lack of training seemed to be very evident. The service was extremely slow. The room stewardess was a disaster, it never improved, we had to communicate via notes left on the bed, as we never saw her. We thought that a lot of the problems were due to the fixed gratuity, there is no incentive for the help to perform better to help increase the gratuity. They get the same if they do nothing.

We had

booked the second Regatta cruise which was sailing from Miami on Nov. 25, 2003. We had flew home from Lisbon to Calif., and back to Miami. Embarkation was a disaster, it took over one hour standing in a line that was very disorganized. Embarkation does not start until 3 PM, on the Regatta. I think this alone is a bad policy, as customers are arriving at all times of the day.

We booked a PH suite just one staterooms from our prior room and were expecting the same girl. It wasn't, it was worse. The last day of the cruise she was banging on our door, 15 minutes after she thought we should have vacated the room. We left the room but we really didn't need to for another 30 minutes, as suite passengers are allowed a little extra time.

The dining room staff seemed to improve and became more friendly. It was like they had had a pep talk.

The ship had not been fully restocked for some reason in Miami. I ordered V8 juice the first morning and was informed there was no V8. I had V8 juice for 2 weeks straight on the cruise 2 weeks prior. They eventually ran out of tomato juice, lemonade and if you can believe it Orange Juice, they were serving a orange juice substitute, maybe TANG.

The ship never made CNN plus several other channels available on the TV, they had been available on my previous cruise in Europe. They did manage to get up and running a pay per view movie channel, including XXX movies at $10.99 per viewing I guess that they felt seniors needed some excitement as there sure wasn't any exciting entertainment offered on board.

The crowning blow was that the overpriced soft drinks, wine, beer, bottled water and all other drinks had received a 15% gratuity charge added to the bill. Without any notice this was increased to 18%. The bad will that was created by this can never be repaired. If your going to raise the gratuity at least give the customer the courtesy of notifying them. I got a little more upset then most and was called into the hotel managers office and was told in no uncertain terms that I was out of hand by my attitude, he verbally talked about having me removed from the ship.

We had booked two back to back cruise in May 2004, which have been cancelled. We have traveled extensively for over 30 years , somewhere in the area of 35 cruise, this was I have rate as my all time worse experience.

John & Mary Bailey 5965 Oak Valley Court Santa Maria, CA 93455 Phone: 805-934-4422 Email: [email protected]

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Baltic Sea
Publication Date: August 9, 2004

Regattas's a beautiful ship, a bit large for our tastes but not too big. Mostly positive comments about food, service, etc. But watch out for a few negatives, too. Her shore excursion prices ae obscene, her liquor prices are high too. Open seating means you'll never get to really know your waiter and helpers.

Entertainment is second rate, the casino is tiny but okay if losing money is your want. Smokers are lepers, with no smoking on cabin verandas and no where else other than two tiny sections (one outside) far removed from other passengers. The much touted bedding is nice, but not the reason to book. Still, we'd consider another cruise on Ocenaia if the destinations appeal.

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British Isles & Ireland
Publication Date: June 14, 2004

Our party of four sailed aboard the June 14 British Isles cruise of the Oceania Insignia. We have each been on at least 10 cruises, including a 2000 trip on the Renaissance R-3.

Overall impression

We had a great cruise. The ship was beautifully outfitted, service was excellent, food was good to excellent; destination services were very poor; cruise staff was excellent with one glaring exception. We chose our own air and ground transportation, as those offered by Oceania were substantially more expensive. We used Krest Transportation (we found them on, a really helpful website) from Heathrow to our hotel. At 40 pounds total, it was much cheaper than the Oceania arrangements. After we booked our cruise, Oceania began promoting two free nights in London. We called and they were given to us with no hesitancy. They even included transportation to the ship. The hotel was the Crowne Plaza off Blackfriar's, near Fleet St. -- not a terrific weekend location, but with London's transit system, it's easy to get anywhere. The hotel was very nice for a short stay.


The best I have experienced. We walked off the bus in Dover at about

11:30 a.m. and literally walked onto the ship. Leaving was even better. We informed our cabin attendant that we weren't leaving the room until about 8:30 and she replied that it was no problem whatsoever. Again, we literally walked off the ship, found our luggage and were off. We hired Steve Knibbs at to take us from the ship to Heathrow. It was cheaper and much more comfortable than taking a bus.

The Ship

For the most part, the ship was beautiful. The public rooms were nicely decorated, especially Martini's Lounge and the piano area, where we spent a significant amount of time. The addition of teak tables, chairs and lounges at the pool and Terrace was a quality touch. The three restaurants were well decorated, especially Toscana, and the library is one of the best I have seen at sea. The cabins were generally fine. Beds were comfortable but the pillows were too soft for my taste. The teak deck on our veranda was a nice touch. I don't remember it on the R-3. Bathrooms are very small, and taking a shower is an interesting experience.

On the downside, the Thalassotherapy Spa and the men's locker room were a mess. The spa water was never above body temperature and even after several guests commented, nothing was done. I was told by one of the spa personnel that the temperature was correct, which is nonsense. Neither of the controls of the two showers in the locker room worked, which seems odd considering the ship just had an expensive reconditioning. Also, the bubble control on one of the two spas on the pool deck did not work, and it took a week for those two spas to get to the correct temperature.

Food and Beverage

Dining room: We only had dinner here, so I cannot comment on breakfast or lunch, but the food was superior to other ships I've been on, except for salad choices, which were very odd. Soups were excellent, as were pasta and risotto choices. Entrees were very well done.

Toscana (Italian alternative dining room): Disappointing. We ate here only once, and all four meals were mundane. I get better pasta at Olive Garden.

Polo (steakhouse alternative dining room): Generally well done. We ate here three times and weren't disappointed, although it would be nice to see selections change during the cruise. It's important to note that there is no extra charge for the alternative dining rooms, but reservations are necessary. The restaurant staff only allows passengers to make two reservations in each restaurant, and as a result, there were several open tables during the second week.

Waves (pool deck): The hot dogs and hamburgers were excellent; fries were so-so, although they were usually hot. They were advertised as hand-cut, but it was obvious they were not from fresh potatoes, but re-formed. We enjoyed being served here instead of forming a queue, as is done on most cruise lines.

Terrace Café: While there were plenty of selections at both breakfast and lunch, the food here was just average. I was surprised there was no area to order custom-made eggs or omelets.

Tapas on the Terrace: Never made it there.

Coffee was excellent, and being able to get espresso in the dining rooms at no charge is a definite plus. A few more hot tea selections would be nice. Juices were well done.


The wine list was only average. It was too dependent on California. We expected more choices from France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand and even South Africa and South America. Beer and distilled spirits selections were very good, although it varied greatly from bar to bar. A few of us are dedicated single-malt scotch drinkers, and it would be nice to have the same selections throughout the ship. I realize that liquor is a profit center, but pricing was a bit high. Wines were often at 3x retail and beer/spirits were too high as well: $8 martinis, and single malt scotches at $7-$10. Not a deal breaker, but pricing could use some refinement. Unlike other cruise lines, Oceania had no problem with passengers bringing liquor on-board for consumption in the stateroom. Corkage fee was $20.

Cabin Service

Mae, our cabin attendant, was seldom seen, but our needs were addressed quickly. The cabin was always kept neat, and ice was always in the bucket. We had two minor problems: Our thermostat control was broken, and the connecting door between our cabins was missing a pin. Both were attended to within 48 hours.

Bar/Dining Room/Wine Service

This was absolutely first-rate, the best ever. Suzy, in the Martini Lounge, knew our names and what we were drinking after the second visit. Katy, the chief wine steward, was an old friend from the R-3 and could not have been more helpful. Every waiter, bus person, service person, whatever, always said hello, had a smile, remembered us from other venues. On the second night of the cruise, we had a long wait for dinner in the dining room (60 min.) and after several conversations, the maitre d' finally moved us to a table in the Polo Grille. He made it up to us the rest of the cruise by remembering to seat us with Katy & Gustavo (a GREAT waiter from Argentina) each night we dined there. Kudos to Nickolai and Andrei in the Polo Lounge, Gustavo in the main dining room, and Dan in Martinis Lounge.

Cruise staff

Bob Cook is possibly the worst Cruise Director I've ever encountered. He made several mistakes in public gatherings, erred frequently on public messages and gave evasive answers when confronted with simple questions. Sarcasm is an art to be used delicately and is obviously an art he has not mastered. He simply came across as crass. I understand this was his first trip as director, but the job seems beyond his capabilities.

The rest of the staff was wonderful. Larissa, Ryan and the others were friendly, outgoing and handled their duties with ease, grace and fun. Assistant Cruise Director Shani Reay was even better. She is talented, funny, friendly and has a knack for keeping passengers happy.


String Quartet: Talented, capable musicians.

Orchestra: Terrible. They sounded like an oompah band. The vocalist spoke poor English and did not know the words to many songs.

Piano Player: Jerry Blaine is the best pianist I've heard at sea (or maybe anywhere). He is not only talented, but is open, fun and giving -- a great choice.

Destinations Staff

This was the biggest disappointment, for two reasons. First, many tours are grossly overpriced. I realize these are a profit center, but on several occasions we matched or exceeded the tour offerings on our own, at prices just one-quarter of those available through the ship. Second, the destination staff clearly and purposefully misled passengers on the availability of taxis and bus transportation in several ports. In the two ports where free shuttles were available, passengers were not informed until arriving in the port. In other ports, the cruise line had the temerity to offer roundtrip shuttle service at two different prices, depending on length of stay. Mario, the concierge, gave us correct information and made attempts to at least mitigate the lack of preparation of the destinations staff.

Ports of Call

The ship visited Edinburgh; Peterhead; Invergordon; Lerwick in the Shetland Islands; Kirkwall in the Orkney Islands; Dublin; Waterford; Holyhead in Wales; and Falmouth in Cornwall. Since we took no ship tours, I won't comment on the stops, except to say that by hiring a taxi or using the bus system we met more locals, had better tours and saved a considerable amount of money.


The cruise line adds $10.50 per person, per day, to your bill. Frankly, the staff deserved every bit of that amount. Anyone not wishing to pay that amount can have it lowered.


Oceania is a very good cruise line, but there are definitely some areas that need improvement. Based on conversations we had with many passengers, their feelings were similar to ours. Would we travel on Oceania again? Probably, because we really like the size of the ships and they tend to offer interesting itineraries. But their price point is significantly higher than Celebrity, Princess, et al. While service and comfort are extraordinary, the high tour and alcohol pricing somewhat degrades the value proposition. A little giveback in these areas would help.

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Western Mediterranean
Publication Date: May 17, 2004

This is a superb experience. Read the extensive Cruise Review on sister ship Regatta elsewhere on this website. All of it applies equally to Insignia.

The cuisine, especially at Tapas on the Terrace, is excellent. The service everywhere is friendly and hard working. If you want a 600 passenger ship with no glitz--just good service and food--plus some entertainment this is the place. Did I mention the mattresses, pillows and terry robes in the cabins?

Downside: Overpriced tours and wine. Example: Secrets of the Vatican at $1,000 a couple.

Would we go on the Insignia again? We are checking its itinerary (and Regatta's) already.

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Southern Caribbean
Publication Date: March 3, 2004

The March 3, 2004 sailing of the Regatta started with the easiest check-in/boarding process we have ever experienced.....we have sailed on Holland America, Princess, Celebrity, and several others and this was the best ever....we left our luggage at the curb, walked up the stairs to check-in (which took less than 5 minutes) and were ushered to our cabin.

The cabin was above wife and I generally prefer an inside cabin (so we can nap) and this cabin was perfectly located. Everything on the ship was easily accessable. Cabin service was outstanding...a simple call on the phone brought service within minutes. The bed was all that was claimed...fine linens, a nice cover, and perfect firmness in the mattress. Even the linens were great.

The four open seating restaurants were all supurb...The Grand Dining Room provided typical menus....but served with great style. Appetizers were particularily good with Escargot and pate's available at most every meal...The Toscana Restaurant (supposedly Italian, but more continental) served terriffic lamb and great pasta. The Polo restaurant was more the surf and turf variety....the lobster and filet were always perfect. Breakfast and Lunch in the buffet offered a wide choice....custom omlets to simple

continental fare. Service in all of the restaurants was flawless.

A word about the crew.....49 countries were represented and everyone we came in contact was very courteous and friendly....the best crew we have encountered in more than 20 sailings. Most crew members were Eastern European and all seemed genuinely interested in making sure the passengers enjoyed their trip.

The ship itself was beautiful. It gave you the feeling of an old English residence or tavern. Entertainment in the showroom was good, but the piano player in the Martini's Bar was supurb...My wife and I spent most evenings listening to him..The small casino seemed adequate, since no one had to wait to play the slots or any of the tables.

Shore excursions were adequate, although a couple were cancelled for lack of interest...others were substituted. Prices were reasonable, although my wife and I often hire a local cab or van for our own excursion. Islands visited included Tortola, Virgin Gorda, St. Barths, Antigua, Dominica, La Romana (Dominican Republic), St. Kitts and Nevis. The only small flaw was the dual stop in St. Kitts and Nevis....there really wasn't enough time in either island.

Simply put...this was the best cruise we've taken, the best food, the best service, and a great value...we will sail with Oceana again, and often.

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: March 3, 2004

We were on the "Caribbean Hideaways" 12-night cruise of Oceania's Regatta last week. Here are our thoughts:

We are a married couple, in our 50s, and this was our tenth cruise. Previously, all our cruises have been on "mainstream" lines such as Royal Caribbean, Princess, Carnival, and Celebrity. This was our first "upscale" line to try.

Embarkation was smooth and quick; we were on in a flash, and escorted to our stateroom by a smiling white-gloved attendant. Our cabin was a Category B balcony, and it was pretty much the same as the other cruises we've been on, except that there are very high quality sheets, a down comforter, and six down pillows on the bed, making for a very relaxing sleep experience. The room had no refrigerator, and, as we like to have a drink on our balcony from time to time, we brought a soft-sided collapsible cooler that our stewardess kept filled with ice daily. We brought our own wine and vodka and kept these iced down.

The public areas of the ship are gorgeous. I am an interior decorator, and very critical in this area, and I was blown

away! The oriental rugs, elaborate draperies, fine furniture, and dark wood paneling evoke a luxurious "Ritz Carlton" feeling.

There are four restaurants, with open seating in each. They are all very good quality. I would rate the food an A-; it was the best we've had at sea, but not better than the best restaurants on land. The French pastries were to die for!

There was a lack of entertainment options, in our opinion. At night there is only one show -- at 9:45 -- and while they were good, they were not to everyone's taste. If you did not go to the show, there was little else to do at night. The dancing options were limited to before dinner, and then after 11 p.m., and in 12 nights they only had dancing for the "younger set" (under 60) twice. Otherwise it was the fox trot, waltz, and rumba. The pool deck was also pretty quiet -- no parties or reggae bands, just relaxation.

Mike took some computer lessons during the day, and I mainly was out by the pool during sea days.

One thing we really liked is that the size of the ship offered numerous opportunities to meet new friends, as you kept running into the same people. And we were part of an Internet group that had met before going (Yahoo Oceania board) and were given a very nice cocktail party to get the cruise started off right.

The service was excellent in the cabin, but a little lacking in the dining venues. I guess we were expecting better due to Oceania's claim that they "cater to your every whim." I would say we've had better service several times in the past on less expensive lines.

Would we sail Oceania again? Probably in Europe, where it's all about the ports -- then we could go, go, go during the day seeing all the sights, come back, shower, change, eat a nice meal, and crash in a good bed. In the Caribbean, I would go back to Celebrity or Princess, which have lots more fun activities, good food, better service, and cost way less money.

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: March 2, 2004

by Julie - March 2, 2004

Nice ship. Booked thru Oceania and took recommended room 7007C-Delux outside. Great room but up on 7th floor, lots of rocking and rolling first 2 days and return of 2 days. Food great and service outstanding. Room attendent just did her job so didn't tip extra. Tours overpriced so did our own thing on piers.

Disappointed with Tortola as got great reviews, just another city-fied island. Intertainment upscale, but boring and very late in evening. I would go again on Oceania but not on rough seas.

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