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Great Relaxing Cruise
Publication Date: October 5, 2015

Don't understand the negative reviews on here, we had a great time with our viking cruise this summer! We took the Rhine Getaway tour from Basel to Amsterdam and loved it. Great food, very accomodating staff, lots of vegetarian options for those with alternative diets. If you're hesitating since you've never taken a cruise before (like us) I actually liked checking out their videos like ( or this one ( Anyway, highly recommend this getaway, we'll cherish our memories for a long time to come!

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british and proud of it
Publication Date: September 16, 2015

has the editor been on a po cruise,don`t think so.their are a lot more selections for breakfast than beans and bacon,have never seen brits having beer for lunch..

the brits do NOT refuse to tip,the staff on all ships should be payed a living wage.

But its a good idea not to tip,perhaps,then all cruise lines would have to improve the wages.

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Publication Date: September 11, 2015

These are some sad experiences on this year’s July cruise.

The butler appeared to be under extreme pressure at times and here are just some of the issues:

iPad. We asked whether we could have some music in our suite and he said that

iPads were not available however two days later he delivered one to us.

We asked for some videos and he told us they were available at reception. The reception said that they do not have any videos available!

In accordance with our suite arrangements we requested the free pressing of four items which eventually arrived on the evening of the following day.

On the last day we requested breakfast in our suite which arrived without any butter for the toast.

I asked him what the dress code arrangements are for dining at lunch at the Splendido. He enquired and said that long trousers must be worn. Whilst I was at reception before departing there was a local person on the hospitality desk and I rechecked with her and she said no, smart shorts are allowed, so I asked her to ring the hotel just to confirm this was the situation (it was).


above Butler service was not what we had experienced before or what we expected this time. I think they need to be better briefed and I don’t know whether he is a new person on board the ship but felt as though he wasn’t up to coping possibly due to the ship being full!


The general dining standards were standards on this cruise were very poor in relation to previous cruises and a few other people had also said that they believed it was also and it was evident that there were some cut backs in quality being introduced. The ship had a capacity, I’m informed, of 768 with many families and we were constantly told this but it was not what we wanted to hear.

Sunday (lunch) Veranda. We tried the veal, it was very tough and very difficult to cut. The salads were of a poor standard and also the food choice was poor, lacking in imagination and quality.

Breakfast in the suite mostly took an hour to arrive and the poached eggs were solid and the toast cold.

We had lunch in the Veranda on two more occasions, the lamb with a feta crust was very tough and the pork was quite inedible, again, with very poor salads. The choices were limited and mostly the same each day with few local dishes.

Lunch in the main restaurant was at the best average with poor choices.

Dinner, one night we pre-ordered Crepe Suzette’s, they arrived cold on cold plates, such a shame as the sauce was very good. This was pointed out to the waiter who apologized.

Veranda(Evening). My wife ordered the veal chop, it was so overcooked I can only assume that it had been pre-cooked then heated up (veal should always be served pink). I complained to the waiter but no one came to see us. We had another night without a main course.

Prime 7. On our last night we had a rearranged 7 o’clock reservation instead of A sharing table at 9 o’clock. We both ordered the hot crabs legs. On arrival the smell was very strong, we called the waiter who agreed and sent them back. We then ordered lobsters tails instead one of which arrived just fine, the other was partially translucent. For our main course we ordered steak Pittsburg style (a little burnt on the outside and pinkish in the middle). Two extremely rare steaks arrived, when we pointed this out the waiter came and apologized with a plate to take them back to the kitchen and cook them some more. We said “well what about the vegetables!” the Maître d’ arrived and said to take it all away and start again. Dinner then arrived at 10 o’clock. All in all It was the worst food we have had on any cruise ship and we were constantly told the ship is full and that is why the standards were not up to scratch. This is not our problem and something we should not have to think about.

Subsequent correspondence requesting the cancellation of another cruise booked for October this year on the same ship was not even considered. They wanted to charge a cancellation fee based upon 50% of the full fare amounting to £6101.50 they would not consider also transferring this cruise to a third party or to allow a credit on a future cruise so there was no option to proceed and I can only hope that everything will be 100% in October.

Having been a loyal customer and ambassador to Regent for many years with almost 70 days cruising I feel that they have been unreasonable and inflexible.

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