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Best out of 10 so far
Publication Date: January 13, 2015

This was our first cruise on RCI Jewel of the seas. We have cruised other lines in the past .This one rang the bell. The ship was great lots of sea views. very good service by all staff and very friendly , the food was also very good definitely no complaints at all. There was lots of entertainment throughout the ship. The stage shows and acts were good to okay (not into adult comedy).The Islands were the best for us . We are certainly looking at going back again. Everything about this cruise just fell into place. We love the Solarium our favourite place on the ship to just relax., with Champagne bar next .We also met some other cruisers, who we will keep in touch . For perhaps another cruise together in planning stage. We looked for a change, we certainly found one . So far the JEWEL of SEAS shines the brightest.


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We expected some Hic-ups
Publication Date: January 10, 2015

We have done 27 cruises and 20 with Royal Caribbean. This is our 4th cruise on a ship in it's inaugural year. We've done the Freedom, the Oasis, the Allure, and now the Quantum,all in their first year. Our cruise on the Quantum we expected for there to be some things that will have to be worked out as time progresses. Yes, there are some things that needed to be adjusted with the Dynamic Dining, and the long lines for activities and entertainment. We expected that so the cruise for us was great. I believe some people just like to complain. We decided to, instead of complaining about everything (as most people did) to just roll with it and enjoy our cruise.

New ships have new ship issues. Because we had our attitude in check before we got on board, the food was good, the shows were good especially Starwater. I did the rip cord, what an adventure and the Eye was just awesome. The Diamond lounge and the Concierge club were both packed every night but that was OK too because of our Diamond Plus status RCI gave us 33

free drinks each for the 11 day cruise which could be redeemed at any bar on the ship,not too shabby! We didn't get on-board to criticize we got on board to enjoy and to have fun. When you're paying that kind of money you have to find enjoyment most things.

I could go on and on about how much my wife and I enjoyed this ship but I will end my review by just saying that we had an excellent time and we look forward to booking the Anthem and having ourselves a ball!

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Unpleasant way to begin 2015!
Publication Date: January 9, 2015

My husband and I decided to take a trip to begin our New Year traveling and enjoying some quality time.

Unfortunately, We had a very unpleasant experience on this Cruise Line. As mentioned in the post before mine; I suggest you do some homework before booking this trip.

1. From day one we had horrible service at dinner. Never received our reserved table.

2. Day two we reversed a table for two and they sat us down at a table for 8.

3. Everytime we asked a question or wanted to speak to someone about a compliant no one will assist us or guide us to the right direction.

4. The Tours were horrible. The tour guide did not explain anything.

5. Only thing good was that the rooms were clean at all times.

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