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I expected somuch more!
Publication Date: October 22, 2014

This is a review of the MSC Divina.

Sailed 10-11-14


My wife and I love to cruise. Even a bad cruise would be better for us that not going. I have 21cruises under my belt on Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Princess, NCL, Pride (not around any more), Commodore(not around anymore),and now MSC. There are not many places in the Caribbean that we have not been to.


Booking was through MSC and went fine. The online checkin process was difficult and confusing. Ther are a lot on site problems and the site is low on information. Did not know if I had the right paperwork to get on the ship. I printed everything and let the port check in operson sort it out.


Basically flawless...just about walked right on the ship. Checked in at about 12:15.


This is my favorite ship as far as décor goes. The layourt is a little difficult. We were not at capacity, and if we were, getting around would have been slow and crowded.

Pool deck was large and handled the crowd well. Three different pool areas and many hottubs. Pools kapt at the

exact perfect temperature.

Outside theater was very nice, but mostly ran advertisements for ship services and products.

The official language of the ship is English....barely.

Room attendant was excellent.

The shows were well put together...the singers could actually sing! They did miss the mark on the Michael Jackson tribute show...The bar was just set too high by the legend.


There were some scheduled activities, but far short of other cruises. As we learned to expect,they were poorly organized, leaving people trying to participate but not knowing how.


We had a balcony roommid shipon the 8th deck. It was great...spacious and well arrainged...nicely decorated...comfy bed...good climate control...very good room stewart.


Average at best. Alot of duplication making it seem like variety,but not so.


We took a privately booked tripin Jamaica to a secluded beach. It was arrainged by a fellow member of Cruise Critic. It was a great day...perfect!

Cozume land Cayman we took ship tours...THE WORST PART OF THE TRIP. MSC may be big in cargo moping, but they have no clue when it comes to people. On and off the boat in port (all 4) was painful. Tendering was torture. Lines in hot sun and total confusion. Also, nothing was on time. The quality of the tours was also poor. It seemed that the point of the tours was to get you to a place where you were captive, and then expect you to spend more to have a good experience.


Beautiful ship...mostly very good shows...very good room...and a great price. I expected somuch more.

Scale of 1 to10............4

Just my opinion.


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Prepare to bring formal attire
Publication Date: October 19, 2014

My husband and I cruise quite a bit since we retired, most often on Holland America. However, we wanted to sail on the Queen Mary 2 from South Hampton to New York after a trip to Europe. First of all, I do have to say that the Queen Mary 2 has very elegant décor, although slightly shabby. The staff was very attentive and friendly and the cabins were clean and had probably the most comfortable beds and linens I have experienced on a cruise ship.

But, be prepared to bring a lot of semi and formal clothes. On other ships we have been on, we have 'dressed' for dinner but were able to change into more comfortable clothes after dinner in order when visiting bars or the clubs. Not so on the dress appropriately for dinner and must stay that way all night. And if you are not dressed appropriately, you have special areas (i.e. buffet) to eat or in your cabin. It was fun to dress up a couple of times but I got tired of not being able to really relax in the evenings.

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Travellers BEWARE!
Publication Date: October 18, 2014

Just would like to warn travellers Carnival Spirit encourages passengers to do the tour of Yejele Beach ($20 per Adult and $16 child) yet they take no responsibility for the safety of their passengers. There must have been over 1500 passengers that got shuttled out to the Beach, which was beautiful, but the severe currents are so strong even a strong swimmer can get into trouble. My grand daughter, her father and her uncle went out snorkelling but got caught in a rip. The uncle made it back to the beach to raise the alarm asking the carnival staff member in the red top who looked like the only official person they had to send out help as the other two were in trouble and couldn't get back to shore. The staff member stayed quite calm and advised they had no boats or lifeguards but he advised he did call an ambulance. I became frantic and I asked again why they couldn't get a boat or raft out to assist them to which he replied there was none. I reminded him it was a 14-year-old girl in trouble and we

need to have a boat or something to help bring them back before they get taken out. It was then when then two locals swam out and assisted in their return to shore.

My grand daughter was so distraught when she got back to shore and her father was exhausted coughing up water etc. Shame on Carnival for sending so many people out to a location that has no safety rescue in place.

When I got back to the ship I called guest services to express my concerns to which they replied its not Carnival responsibility once passengers leave the ship. This may be the case but wouldn't you like to think they care enough for their passengers especially when they are encouraging the tour. Surly if they can transport all food and drinks to sell on shore to make even more money it wouldn't take much more of an effort to put in place some form of safety rescue. The facilities could easily be left with the locals to look after. My granddaughter was extremely upset by the whole experience and was lucky to come out of it with good results but I encourage Carnival to please look into this before someone loses their life. PS... I was told guest services would get back to me but still waiting............

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