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Publication Date: August 31, 2015

I would not rate Holland America to high when it comes to its casinos. I sailed onboard the Prinsendam on Oct 21, 2104 and was told that I would be rated by my playing habits and that I would receive casino credit from the Players 21 club on my next cruise onboard the Prinsendam on July 29, 2015. This was not to be as promised. When I emailed the players club manager and talked with the casino manager on board, I got no answers. Why does Holland America try to entice people to gamble onboard its ships and not fulfill its obligations? I spent a lot of money on both cruises with Holland America. I was taken far better care of with Royal Caribbean when comes to casino perks. In the future, I will have to reconsider gambling onboard all Holland American ships.

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Disappointing trip to Ensenada
Publication Date: August 25, 2015

I honestly try and find the best in everything but there was just too many things that were not good on this short cruise. We went with friends to help celebrate their anniversary and took this short cruise as it was very convenient for us( we live outside of LA).

The Good stuff- Embarkation and disembarkation were great. We used the self assist disembarkation. Our room was on the Empress deck so we were first off at 7:15 am, in the car and home by 8:30! The food was better than average in the dining room and in the Horizon grill. One night some of the appetizers were cold but made up for it with the entrees. He waiters were very good. We had some concern about the smaller size of the ship as we usually ar eon much larger ships to the caribbean, mexican riviera but it worked out ok,. Actually it was ok and was easy to get around the ship.

The bad stuff- we boarded the ship at 1:00 for a 5L30 departure which is what we normally do and spend the time by the pool. But when we

got to the pool the water was green. We asked if that was normal and were told there was nothing to be concerned about. It was definitely not inviting and we were not comfortable going in the water. As there was ionly 1 pool the hot tubs were full as no one else wanted to go in the pool as well. The next day in port we quickly walked around the shopping district and went back to the ship to enjoy the sun and the pool- it was closed! THe water was very green and when we asked no details weere given but we were told it was closed until further notice. Not something you want to hear when it is 90 degrees and humid and no way to cool off. Later one of the staff said they picked up bad water in Long beach and as soon as we got back out to sea they would dump it and get fresh water so there was no pool for the day in port. THe next day at sea the water looked clear for a while but then we saw it turn green again. There was no pool time for the whole cruise- not what we planned.

Next we will talk about the bar service at the pool. There was a lack of people walking around filling drink orders and the ones that were didn't have a good attitude- almost as if they didn't want to be there. I spent most of my time waiting in lines at the bar to order drinks. Not my idea of good service.

Lastly for the day in port we had to detour to get to our stateroom. Our room was located just off the main lobby but there were doing construction and the door to our hallway was closed requiring us to walk halfway back on the ship to find a way to get back to the lobby. I know that seems trivial but when you have to do 4-5 times a day it isn't fun.

This cruise had potential but too many inconveniences occurred to make it pleasant.

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Can't wait for the next one
Publication Date: August 19, 2015

This was only my second cruise and was amazed at the size of the ship. Previously I was on the Fantasy, and boy what a difference.

We boarded in Port Canaveral FL, and compared to Charleston SC, it was a fast moving event. I do not think my wife and I stopped longer than 3 minutes at any point until we were on the ship. Leaving the ship after the cruise went even faster, we were on Deck 1 and carrier our bags, so we were the first group to debark. We were off the ship to the rental car office, had the car and going to breakfast before 0830 in the morning. We always stay an extra day after the cruise to enjoy the Florida Beaches, so the quicker we can get to that beach the happier we are.

The Fantasy staff I feel were a lot more attentive than what the staff on the Sunshine was, but that might of been because of the amount of guest. This was about the only complaint that I had for the whole cruise, so you know it must of been good.


Serenity Deck was the largest that I have seen on a ship. The Steak House was well worth the extra cost, we did find out that if you buy a bottle of wine they will keep it chilled for you until your next meal if you don't finish it. Burger Place was good, but really crowded at times.

All and All for my second Cruise I really enjoyed the time I spent on this ship.

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