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Best reason to book Celebrity
Publication Date: April 16, 2015

In my personal opinion, the best reason to book Celebrity Cruises can be summed up in two words. First word: Jayne. Second word: Curry. Jayne Curry is a phenomenal entertainer with a clear, powerful, pitch perfect alto voice, a warm stage presence and is a true Funny Gurl (read her highly entertaining blog for the reason for the unusual spelling). Ms. Curry can take a lyric and wring as much emotion from it as could Judy Garland. She appears to be a totally grounded, down-to-earth entertainer with enough droll wit and humor to fill an auditorium. And her speaking voice is gorgeous; very resonant, relaxed, sincere. If her agents are not marketing her for voice overs they should send out demo reels immediately. I have just written Celebrity to suggest they make her their spokesperson. Also, Celebrity should provide this treasure with ground transportation (taxis) and not ask her to pay for it out of her own pocket.

We were travelling with a group of seven: my husband and myself, our two grown daughters, one son-in-law and two grandchildren. Every Celebrity crew member could not have been friendlier and more professional. Several even

remembered my Granddaughter’s name and would bring her cookies. You could tell each employee had been exquisitely trained.

The rooms were clean and used storage space most efficiently. The food was consistently excellent. The pool is quite small. I’m not sure this particular ship would be best for older teens unless Jayne Curry was performing and then they would just have to grin and bear it if they were travelling with me.

The entertainers in addition to the incredible Jayne were all good but there was one glaring exception: the children’s show on the final night of the cruise was abominable. I’m not referring to the performers. They were on a par with theme park talent. It was the writing that wilted all comprehension. Our group felt that the writers of this disjointed show must have spent three days straight downing martinis in the martini bar. We could hear them claim “we’re so drunk let’s just grab a song here and a song there, throw them all into a story that defies reason, add glittery scenery and no one will notice!” We noticed and are forthwith issuing a plea to Celebrity – rewrite that ghastly show!

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Eastern Caribbean Cruise
Publication Date: April 16, 2015

Boarding the ship went smoothly. Our luggage arrived one hour after we boarded.

Our stateroom was small but our bathroom had a bath tub. The stateroom carpet was well worn, it needed to be replaced. We had a balcony but I couldn't us it at my leisure. The guy next to us was a smoker. Every time he went out to his balcony, I went back to my cabin. You could argue the wind blows the smoke away but not always. I paid for a balcony I should be able to use it without breathing someone's cigarette smoke. I did enjoy the balcony some of the time.

The meals served in the dining areas were excellent. I did have a problem with the long lines in the buffet style areas. The beverage line moved slowly. People were taking three glasses, filling them with ice and then filling them with soda, juice, etc. The glasses were very small so three glasses equaled one good serving. Spoons were kept at the food counter not in the rolled up napkins. So when you sat down with your cereal, you had to get up again, to

get a spoon. Then, you had to wait in another line for coffee. Servers were not pouring coffee or juice. They were extremely busy clearing tables. There should have been more servers for the amount of passengers on-board.

Grand Turk was fun. We went up in a helicopter and flew around for 15 minutes. It's a beautiful island. The stage shows were geared to a younger crowd but I enjoyed half of them. The actors,dancers and singers were very talented.

I did enjoy the cruise but I won't take Holland America (Eurodam) again. It's was too crowded. I would be happier with a smaller ship with less people on-board.

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Royal Caribbean missed the boat!
Publication Date: April 6, 2015

I had been planning for months to surprise my wife for our 25th anniversary with a cruise, telling her to take vacation and telling her nothing else. Plans made for a relaxing cruise to celebrate and Thursday before we departed (Saturday) I let her know what we were doing. Being married 25 years it also meant I knew enough to give her time to properly pack and not showing up at the port and her going, "OMG, I'm not packed for a cruise." One of the secrets being married 25 years for my male friends reading this. All the planning and preparation as well as expectations could not have prepared us for the real surprise, finding out Royal Caribbean had allowed through a third party the booking for 2,200 college kids on spring break to be on the cruise.

We arrive at the ship and check in went fairly smooth, even though if you were not Gold the lines appeared to be quite long. Looking at the guests in line it did appear to be a lot of younger generation people. It wasn't until we were on the ship and

my wife and I in line to get drink packages that we discovered the ship was 2/3rd's college kids on spring break. There were drunk kids falling down in the Windjammer even before we departed the port. Not a good sign! The ship departs and we get our luggage and my wife decided to get a glass of wine. I said I would wait and 45 minutes later she comes back. The lines to get a drink were crazy. We went to the casino and could not even get on the Blackjack table at first, and forget trying to get a drink at the bar while waiting. Both the first and second day you could not even get close to the hot tub and pool on the top deck, littered with intoxicated kids having a good time. Sleeping the first night was a luxury with all the school chants up and down the corridors, drunk kids bouncing off the doors, and music being played. I went to Guest Relations on the second day to tell them how extremely upset I was over Royal Caribbean not telling us it was a "spring break cruise," to be told "we'll file a report.

It wasn't until we pulled into Cozumel that things quieted down as all the kids went ashore to indulge in adult beverages. Cozumel was the first port I personally witnessed some of the kids with bags packed being escorted off the ship. Good for RC, but not good enough as the cruise was helpless with addressing all the problems. By the way we were told they ran out of Tequila and Vodka the first night. How does a cruise ship on a five day cruise run out of anything the first night?

Every night was a sleep challenge. Every day was a challenge to use the amenities on the ship. I realize the ship was going into dry dock, and definitely showed it was in lack of repair. It was also not well maintained from a cleanliness standpoint with the crew not able to keep up with the intoxicated kids and their antics, but also wonder if they were understaffed with the upcoming dry dock. Plumbing made noises in the mens room out side of Magellan. Parts of the ship were being damaged by the kids, and no one seemed to care. We even heard reports of furniture being thrown overboard and kids attempting to go from balcony suite to balcony suite on the outside of the ship. Luckily we didn't have a man overboard.

The food was not up to the usual Royal Caribbean standards as we are Crown and Anchor members and cruised with several times and were starting to become our favorite cruise line...until this. Day before we returned home the coke machines were empty. Attempted to get a cherry Coke, it was out. Went to another machine and it was out. Ok, we'll try something else and it was out as well. They run out of booze then out of soft drinks, now I'm angry. Shows were not to usual high standards, and overall very disappointed.

Overall this ended up being the cruise from H***. Guest relations didn't seem to care and in fact one crew member told me, "Sorry but there is nothing we can do. This kids have the right to be on here as well." No argument about their rights, but what about the obligation of Royal Caribbean to let regular cruise members that springbreakpartycruises dot com had book through RC to do a spring break party cruise out of the trip. The image of Royal Caribbean in my opinion has been tarnished. My anniversary surprise cruise for my wife was a total disaster and waste of money and time we took off from work. Royal Caribbean hasn't responded to my cruise review response request they sent me, and they probably are basking in their checking account with filling the ship to capacity (we heard oversold), sold an inordinate amount of drink packages, and wasn't concerned about the damage we saw because of the status of the ship going into dry dock. Shame on you Royal Caribbean! You ruined the trip I planned for with my wife, and apparently do not care. Less

It has been several weeks now since contacting Royal Caribbean and even though their web site states a customer service representative will contact me "Usually within 2 days," there has been no response.

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