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A little disappointed but good
Publication Date: May 13, 2016

After our move back to Texas, and some few very stressful months, we were encouraged by our friends and family to take a cruise from Galveston. We needed and looked forward to a much overdue and relaxing vacation. Finally! I felt things were going right and a little more “our” way. Our trip was to be 5 nights and 6 days. We were notified the night before our leave, that our itinerary was changed from Cozumel/Progresso to Progresso/Cozumel. We didn’t mind (at the time) for we were excited to be on our first cruise, and sail away! My husband loves to snorkel and scuba, and I just wanted a nice beach to chill at. So we planned our excursion at the beautiful Cozumel destination. Unfortunately, the 3rd day out, after we visited Progresso, (which wasn’t very impressive but a little neat to visit for the first time) our Captain informed that we were not able to make Cozumel. I was a bit disappointed when we heard that the bow thruster wasn’t working properly and winds were too high, etc. But it was shortly after that disappointment that we became a little more

“upset”! We are not ones to complain, but the news we heard pretty much angered us.

We had internet connection, and some of our friends who just debarked prior to our getting on the SAME ship, had also been informed the same bad news from the captain, and they too, didn’t make it to Cozumel. Why would they not change ships or fix the ship prior to the next guests arrival? If there was this known problem, should it not have been repaired? Don’t get me wrong, we had a great time onboard. However, the extra day on ship wasn’t exciting. We enjoyed the shows, the games (IE Bingo), swimming, the food, and even visited the Casino a couple times (though that isn’t my cup of tea). I got a little sick even walking through the Casino area because all the smoking. I feel that if we were able to get off ship as planned, many would not have lingered so much at the Casino area smoking.

To say the least, I’d love to get at least 1 free cruise out of this (not 2 because we did have ½ the fun expected). Just something to compensate my loss at the great destination I desired – Cozumel! I would like to try this again, and reach that final point! After 4 days onboard, I was more than ready to get off. I did relax the first few days but everything became repetitive and that’s not what I spent money to do. I hope they repair the ship prior to anyone else’s disappointment.

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Norwegian Fjords 30th april 2016
Publication Date: May 8, 2016

Great experience, great room, catering varied, spacious without getting lost. service pleasant with the right balance.

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Carnival Dream more of a nightmare
Publication Date: May 22, 2016

My husband Joseph and I just returned from a cruise with Carnival to celebrate a birthday and a celebration with some friends also taking the cruise. I am writing to tell of our experience, as recommended by your guest service dept. on our last day of the cruise. We went on this cruise to try Carnival once again, as our friends invited us to join them. we have been on almost all of the other cruise lines, and decided to give Carnival another go, but it does not compare with customer service and trying to fix things. we were just patronized which makes it even more frustrating. we were always given an excuse for why the problem happened but never sincerely tried to amend the situation.

The customer service was terrible. we had many issues during the cruise that were never addressed properly. Starting with our luggage not arriving the first night, even though we had passed our suitcase about 4 times throughout the evening and asked if we could just take it. We were told it was a security issue and to wait for our last suitcase. When we arrived back

at our room late that evening at around midnight, it had still not been delivered. I called guest services, and they told me I had to come back to the front of the ship to identify my bag. Mind you we had just been there for the evening show and our room was the very last room at the back of the ship. When I got to the front desk, they quickly went to the back and brought my bag out without me even identifying it, and it had a new tag with our room number on it. We did have our names clearly identified on the bag anyway. No one even made an offer to deliver the heavy suitcase to my room then. When we first were told our cabin was ready, we arrived to find our cabin filthy with half-filled glasses, a half bottle of open wine in the fridge and cigarette butts and a sticky mess on the verandah, room not finished. also, we never got turn down service the whole cruise, and when we found out this was a service, we mentioned it to guest services but it never happened. over time if we mentioned a problem the guest services would say someone would get back to us and then would just show up at our room a day or two later, or at our door while we were either in the shower or leaving for dinner or call early in the morning to ask more questions. we purchased an expensive room specifically because of the size of the balcony and were not able to use it until they cleaned it 4 days later! we had no chair or anywhere to sit in the room, the bed was made at such an angle that you had to climb over the corner to get around to the desk area, and there was missing furniture on the balcony as well. The main reason we took the cruise was because of the size of the balcony and the time we thought we would spend using it, not being aware that it was so dirty and sticky and we had to wait half the cruise to use it, even though we repeatedly asked our steward to clean it and a manger came to see it a few days later and left his sticky boot prints after he viewed it. (eventually we got a letter on the 4th day of the cruise stating that they were going to wash the balcony and we had to remove everything and could not go outside for the duration of that afternoon) On the second day, to celebrate my husband’s birthday, we paid the extra $35/person charge for the specialty restaurant for 4 of us in our party. When we wanted to order the lobster as well as our steak, we were charged an additional $20/person fee again, even though it was lobster night for the rest of the ship, where guest could order as much as they wanted for no fee. These are just a few of the annoying issues that happened.

We were always upsold things and nothing was inclusive, as we were aware, but did not realize the extent to which you make the customer uncomfortable unless they purchase another something at that time, even if we didn’t really want it. feels like you are at a middle eastern bazaar where people are always pushing to sell you things-alcohol,watches, even creams in the spa-where our total relaxation mode after our service was broken because the clinician would not take no for an answer, or seminars in the gym-where we told there were free exercise classes but they were really seminars selling something at the end. you can't really get away from that. we even bought a soda package before we left, but it was more trouble that it was worth. occasionally they would give us a whole can, but most of the time the bartenders didn't want to bother getting sodas because they were already paid for ahead of time, given a small cup and told we had to wait 15 minutes to order another, and needed to tip again. also the majority of patrons were very loud and drunk and we could not relax because of all the noise. the pool was impossible to get in with all the screaming children, and there was no adult pool, just a jacuzzi that was right below the kids water slide so not exactly a "Serenity" area.

We travel a lot and generally do not complain, but we felt that we were giving Carnival another try with all our choices and were really let down with the amenities, service and the way upper staff handled certain situations. They never made us feel like they would resolve or wanted to make it right at first. Always had to check with someone and made us feel belittled by complaining even though we were told to let them know right away if there were any issues. And we never felt that they made that extra effort that makes you feel like a valuable customer. I think with more attention to service, especially in management this could be a better cruise line and more competitive with other lines. Since nothing was attempted to be fixed during our cruise, we feel some sort of renumeration should be refunded due to our experience. We would certainly like to give Carnival another chance when we book our next cruise but this did leave a bad taste in our mouth.

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