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American Glory
Publication Date: July 18, 2015

Overpriced, disappointing experience. This was an economy experience a at luxury cruise price. The ship was not in good condition; not totally clean, sparse, shabby furnishings in the cabin (including a large, worn hole in the seat of a chair). The toilet was loose and had to be reattached to the floor by a plumber. The toilet roll holder had fallen off the wall. There were never any face cloths in the bathroom unless requested.


The service in the dining room was inefficient (no coffee service at the table at breakfast unless one caught the attention of a server and requested coffee, and rarely was a second cup offered). The food was disappointing because a choice of lunch and dinner had to be made at breakfast, and there was a very limited choice for each meal. There were no buffets, and the choice was between a soup and a salad and also a choice between two entrees for each of those two meals.


One of the entrees was usually a pasta, which I rarely eat, which left me no choice at all. One evening we had to choose between a pasta dish

and pork bellies. For the first time I did not enjoy the food on the cruise. Since we were cruising the Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard area I had expected a lobster meal to be on at least one menu, but it was not. (A lobster tail was offered on the last evening.) Each time we went ashore I saw lobster for sale at very inexpensive prices, and offered to purchase my own if the cook would prepare it. This was not allowed.


The ship was not equipped with maps or helpful advice on the towns we would visit each day, and the passengers were advised to "find a visitors' center" to obtain maps and helpful advice. The service overall left much to be desired. My husband and I have cruised at least sixteen times: Crystal, Holland America, Princess, The Illyria, the World Explorer, gulettes on the Turkish Coast, and small sailing boats in Alaska and the Virgin Islands (9 to 12 passengers), and have never had cause to complain until now. I would urge travelers to avoid American Cruise Lines.

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avoid costa at all cost
Publication Date: July 4, 2015

Costa Favolosa was the worst cruise I have ever been on. I have been on many cruise lines.

The food quality was only a little better than a high school cafeteria food. If people like this cruise they have never been on any other cruise. The entertainment was poor. The ship had no real food choices but italian and that was very poor. All other ships have multiple food types and different places to eat. If the main dining hall was open the buffet was closed along with any other options.

The lines were always very long because they only would have one place offering anything at one time on the ship. They nickled and dimed you for every thing and the quality was poor.

The spa hot tubs stem rooms and relaxation rooms were extra. they had no ice cream unless you paid extra and only at limited time offerings . They had no soda drinks or even juice with out paying more. all other ships I have been on at least had juice through out the day or soda during the main meal of the day included.

They had no piano bar jazz club. no comedy club. the excursion desk was disorganized. One of my excursions was even cancelled and

another was set for the wrong language. The management told the room staff not to waist towels making towel animals which on all other cruises is a custom. There was no onboard welcoming party. The alcoholic drinks were watered down. If this was my first cruise I wound never do another.
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Not worth the money!
Publication Date: June 24, 2015

The Ruby Princess certainly didn't live up to its reviews! I would not recommend this ship. This was not my first cruise. I've take cruised on the Holland American Line and Azamara Cruise Line, so I know what to expect on quality cruise. We had a mid-ship balcony cabin but the room steward had to get permission to give me a disposable shower cap because shower caps were only given out to guests in suites. How cheap is that! Our bathroom was the tiniest imaginable and smelled of mold. The shower overflowed on to the bathroom floor and the toilet stopped working at one point. The food was only mediocre.

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