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2 User Reviews of Royal Princess Cruise Ship

Dictatorial staff and dismissive service
Publication Date: August 11, 2014

The captain (Dino Sagani) regularly forced all clients to listen to his irrelevant babbling by transmitting in each state room his loud status reports. It is true that most other cruises don't force paying customers to listen to obscure super-star wannabes, but on the Royal Princess they do things differently! We had the chance to experience the prison-like treatment of having our afternoon sleep rudely interrupted by the captain's many fascinating announcements – we found out the speed of the boat in three measurement units and we were also regularly informed of the depth of the sea! We complained that normal cruises don’t transmit such loud announcement in the staterooms, but the cruise staff quickly dismissed our lack of enthusiasm and our reluctance to embrace the hyperactive vacationing approach. So once you had your tenth supersized extra-strong coffee you're ready to relax on this cruise.

The drills performed on the ship were also a nice occasion to witness frustrated staff yell orders to some disobedient paying customers. Luckily no client was beaten for their lack of immediate compliance with the orders of parking-guard equivalents.

The food was tasty and nicely presented, but some items

quickly finished so we had to be there when the restaurants opened.

Otherwise, the ship is beautiful and the entertainment diverse and of adequate quality.

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Royal Caribbean Innaugural Caribbean Oct. 29- Nov. 3 2013 (part 1)
Publication Date: November 26, 2013

Royal Princess Inaugural Caribbean Cruise Oct.29- Nov. 3, 2013

There is nothing like the excitement of arriving at a cruise port on sailing day, and looking for that first glimpse of your ship through the shuttle bus window. "There she is," we all exclaimed on the bus, "she is so big!"
Comments here:

We arrived on the morning of October 29 at approximately 10 a.m. There were no line-ups, and surprisingly, we were processed through security, registration desk and up into the waiting lounge in less than half an hour. After about an hour's wait, our Platinum status allowed us to be one of the first to board the Royal Princess, and first impressions were she was lovely! The magnificent atrium area, called the Piazza, was beautiful, classy, and the columns of light on either side of the stairways were breathtaking.

There was a very good band playing to welcome passengers with some Caribbean music. They were called "Steele" and
we enjoyed them throughout the cruise.

The first order of business as usual was lunch! We made our way up to Deck 16 to the Horizon Court Bistro where tantalizing reats awaited. My first discovery, situated between the two halves of the buffet area was called The Pastry Shop. Oh my, the heavenly smells that emanated from there! I had to walk through and goggle at the all the delectable treats, even though I could not eat most of them. I was pleasantly surprised though to discover that each day, at least one gluten-free dessert was offered, and they were always delicious!

After a lovely first lunch we embarked on a "Treasure Hunt". At boarding, we were given cards featuring many of the shops and specialty areas on the ship, and were encouraged to find these places, collect a stamp at each one, then drop the card into a box for a raffle prize draw at sailaway. I thought it was a great way to discover the ship, find our way around, meet the staff, and encourage people to attend the sailaway party.

One of our first stops on the treasure hunt was The Sanctuary, located on Deck 17 forward. First you come to the Retreat Pool, a fairly large rectangular pool surrounded by lounge chairs and tented cabanas.The pool and regular chairs were free to use, but the cabanas had to be rented at $50 for a half day or $80 for a full day.

Then, into the private entrance of The Sanctuary,where things got even more expensive. Beautiful cushioned lounge chairs could be rented, as well as tented cabanas and what looked like mini apartments,complete with comfortable couches, lounges, flat screen TVs, and mini bar, all tastefully decorated, comfortable and very private. There were also smaller rooms available for massage treatments and total relaxation.

People were lined up to book their time in TheSanctuary, but were told they had to come every morning around 8:30 to book for that day. Beautiful as it was, we never did go back as it was totally out of our price range.

After touring the ship and collecting our treasure hunt stamps, we made our way to our cabin on Baha Deck 11, midship.This proved to be a fortunate location because we were in close walking distance to the main midship elevators. Unfortunately, there were no staircases located midship, only forward and aft, so even if you wanted to walk up or down a floor or two, you always had to wait for the elevator. This was the first of many design flaws we were to find on the ship.

Our cabin was ready by the time we got there at 1:30; nicely decorated, comfortable if a bit small, but it had plenty of storage space with a large open double closet and many drawers situated in the bedside tables and desk.
Ours was a balcony cabin and the balcony was tiny, barely fitting the two chairs and tiny table.

The bathroom was even smaller. As someone later pointed out, if you were to take the shower out of the bathroom, the remaining space was no bigger than an airline toilet. I often kept the door open while in the bathroom because not only did it make me feel claustrophobic, but I kept banging my elbow on the door while standing at the counter. Come to think of it, another reason for keeping the door open was the fact that there was no exhaust fan in the tiny room, so it very quickly steamed up if the shower was on. Oh, and I mustn't forget design flaw #2: the toilet roll holder. Every single person I talked to over the course of the two weeks we spent on the ship said the same thing; "what's with the placement of the toilet roll holder?" If you were seated, the toilet roll with its annoying metal flap cover was situated behind you and under the sink counter, so that you almost needed to be a contortionist to reach it, and being cheap thin paper, it often ripped off in little bits several times before you got enough to use. Speaking of cheap and thin, the towels fell into that category as well. I thought for a beautiful big new ship like the Royal Princess, we would have luxurious "royal" towels, but the towels and facecloths were thin, and had the texture of fine sandpaper.

After unpacking and settling in, the inevitable muster drill was called around 3:15 p.m. Our muster station was in a main thoroughfare area outside Princess Live! television studio on Deck 7. We had to drag our life jackets down the stairs far far down the hall, and line up in very cramped quarters for the demonstrations and announcements. At least it was air step above being lined up on a hot deck outdoors.

This was followed by the Sailaway party on Lido deck 16 by the main pool. Another very good band called "The Volume" were playing by the pool, and all the entertainment staff were in attendance, encouraging people to dance and also giving out raffle prizes from the treasure hunt. Sadly, I didn't win anything. At this point, we found our friends who were traveling with us on this cruise and we celebrated sailaway with a couple of drinks and a heartfelt "Cheers".

When it was time to actually depart, the Royal Princess's horn announced her departure with a tooting rendition of "The Love Boat Theme". We were on our way!

Following the sailaway, where we had filmed our departure from the upper pool deck, we were coming down the outside stairs back to the pool deck, when I missed the last step and fell down the stairs. Nobody's fault but mine, I just didn't see the last step. I fell heavily on my bad hip, and smacked my shin bone on the bottom step, never dropping the two plastic glasses I was carrying! Back in the cabin I had to ice the injury for awhile, the swelling and bruising was extensive.

By 6:30 I was recovered enough to go to dinner.We had chosen "Anytime Dining", so were directed to the Symphony Dining Room. It was spacious, beautiful, and I loved the entrance decor of what resembled silver and gold Christmas balls.

Our waiter that first night was James "007", who was very funny and gave us great friendly service. Our first meal consisted of grilled chicken, roasted potatoes, green beans for me, and leek & cheese tart, shrimp cocktail and mushroom soup for James, all was very good. Dessert was a delicious creme brule, and flourless (gluten-free) chocolate cake.

A very good dinner was followed by a very good Welcome Aboard show in the Princess Theatre. It was extremely packed by 8:30 when we got there, and we were lucky to get seats, because it was soon full.

The Princess singers and dancers were fabulous; energetic, talented, and they put on a good show. Our cruise director Sam Hawker-Thompson introduced herself and her entertainment staff, and she and they proved to be personable and funny. The headlining comedian of the week, Carlos Oscar, did a short act that had me in tears, I was laughing so hard. We looked forward to seeing more of him later in the week.

Despite the fact it had been a very long and busy day, we still had time and energy for one more bit of entertainment before bedtime - Trivia in the Princess Live! TV studio. This theatre is a new endeavour for Princess, and was the focus spot for karaoke, interactive trivia, game shows, and daily live television broadcasts of the Wake Show hosted by the cruise director Sam and her sidekick Deputy Dan.

All in all, a very successful first day, toilet roll holder aside, and we were off to bed looking forward to Day 2 in Princess Cays...

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