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55 User Reviews of Sensation Cruise Ship

Object in the food A nightmare of a cruise
Publication Date: October 18, 2013

I have never written a review and I use my own judgment when reading them but this is totally over the top.

On the second day of our cruise my wife bit into a piece of glass and cut the inside of her mouth while eating breakfast from the Lido Deck buffet. She was treated at the medical center and a security report was taken (both are jokes). She cried for two days and wanted to leave the cruise and come home so she could be close to her doctor in case anything happened, not knowing if she had swallowed any glass fragments and what might happen if she had.

The only thing we received from Carnival was a letter slipped under our door saying if we need anything call guest services. We decided to ride it out and take our chances. The only information we received we had to ask for and Carnival does not give up information easily.

On the last day of our cruise we talked to the food service manager and was told that after his investigation it was a piece of plastic from the cups used

on Lido deck and that it did not come from the food prep area. So has anyone ever broken one of these glasses? I have seen them cracked and if dropped they bounce but never broken.

That tells me that someone done this to hurt someone, either an upset employee or a passenger. I want to think that is not the case but it is 2013 and crazier things have happened. If so putting objects in food is a criminal act in my mind. I think Carnival knows more than they are telling. I called Carnival and asked for some compensation and was told I would not receive any because my wife was treated at the medical center for free, WHAT.

I think at the least Carnival owes us a FULL REFUND and another free cruise. You can go to any restaurant in America and if you find something in your food they will compensate you. Even dog food companies will recall dog food if they find foreign objects in it. Carnival has all of these Vacation Guarantees but when something happens they are not worth the paper they are written on.

We are Platinum cruisers and have been loyal to Carnival throughout their problems, but this may have been our last cruise with them. I have not ruled out suing and contacting other authorities to further investigate. I am contacting any TV, newspaper, radio, Facebook and Tweeter, anyone that will listen. I am PISSED and I want some satisfaction. This could have turned out badly. By the way our cabin steward Jessie was THE BEST EVER.

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Publication Date: March 22, 2012

this is not a really good cruise boat is out dated food is awful same ole slop day after day service was horrible waiting 30 35 min for drinks no selection on food pool area way over crowded elevators are so slow mainly half to take stairs up or down drinks are so expensive 1.95 for can pop 3.95 for water and 4 beer deals 23.00 crazy people are friendly on there just needs some up keep good for first timers i guess

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Publication Date: December 4, 2011

The Carnival Sensation, Is without a doubt the worst cruise ship on the high seas. The food is like something you would throw away. The service does not have a ratting that can be given. The service would have to get better to be terrible. Please do not try to find a restroom, because you will be lost trying to find one,and if you do ,it wont work.The Casino plan ,Stinks and so does the ship of what I do not know. Stay away from this ship unless you like feeling worthless. Disney will make you feel like a King or Queen,try them you will not regret it.

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Publication Date: November 28, 2010

Precruise Rosen Inn at Pointe Orlando 9000 International Drive Orlando Florida, 32819

This hotel is located convient to many Orlando attractions. Right across the street from Wonderworks and easy walking distance to shopping and restaurants. The hotel has a small convenience store with sandwiches and other easy items for lunches. Right outside there is a nice patio area that is covered for shade and protection from rain. There is also a lounge and a nice restaurant within the hotel. There is a pool also for those that wanted to swim. The day we were there it was too chilly.

The room we had was non smoking and had 2 double beds. There was also a coffee maker and the usual assortment of sugar and powdered creamers. There is small refrigerator and a microwave in the room.

The room was very clean and for me that is the main thing I look for. I booked the room through for $39.99 In all the room was a great value and I will consider it in the future.

Parking Parking at Port Canaveral was easy and convenient to the ships. You just pull into the

luggage unloading aea and leave your luggage with the porters. Then you drive around and take a parking space. It is an easy walk to the ship. In our case we had a wheel chair to deliver so when we dropped off the luggage we also got out of the van there and the van driver left us to go back to Lakeland. I had already parked my car and boarded the van to show the driver where to drop the luggage. We loaded our luggage on to the van and took it all at once to be dropped off.

Embarkation Very orderly and organised. We were in an area for wheelchair access to board as we had one person in a wheelchair. Boarding was announced around 10:30. Early!! The VIP section was called to board first and they all went ahead on to the ship. Then we were called and we went through a door to the elevators that took us up to the entrance. We had our security pictures taken and were free to go on our away. In all we were aboard before 11:00. Again, as I punched my card in at security a voice announced that I have a message at the Customer Service desk. I went and was asked if there was anything I would need for my c-pap. They also inquired if I would need refrigeration for insulin as I am diabetic. I reponded that I was not on insulin and thanked them for their care.

Carnival Sensation The ship is older, one of Carnival's Fantasy Class of ships. The decor is reflective of Joe Farcus early designs for Carnival. Very bright and some would say gaudy. I have not seen gaudy in any of the ships designs. A bit loud but always fun and in keeping with this lines themes. Mainly it was purple but it was tempered with other colors. I found it to be oddly pretty.

Food WOW is all I can say. In every venue this ship was outstanding. My recent trip on the Liberty found the buffet areas a bit lacking. This was absolutely not the case on Sensation. Being an older ship she does not offer all of the venues that the newer, larger ships offer. I tried the pizza, deli and the main buffet on a daily basis. All very good.

The Ecstasy dining room was nice and the food was outstanding. I was a bit disappointed in the service in this area. Several times we wanted more rolls or refills on water and the wait person was not available. The staff seemed to be around to take the orders and then disappear until the meals arrived. After serving then the staff disappeared again until it was time to serve dessert and coffee.

We went to the Fantasy dining room several times for lunch or breakfast. The service in this room seemed to be a lot better.

Service As I said before service could be better in the Ecstasy dining room. The Fantasy dining room was better. Cabin Steward was outstanding. Our room was always nice when we arrived ack from our activities. The ship was clean and kept very nice as always seems to be the case on Carnival ships.

Entertainment I went to the show the first night and it was standard welcome aboard entertainment. The CD was Chris, I did not get his last name. He was funny and entertaining. The old spoon game was played with 8 people from the audience. I regret that I did not go to the production show. I did not attend the deck party but from my companions I hear it was fun.

Freeport My friend Teddy and I went on the Dolphin Encounter tour. It was fun and we got in the water with the dolphin and posed while our pictures were taken as Andros "kissed" us on the cheek. We were taken by bus to where we were put on a boat out to where the dolphins are. I suggest that if you are not already in your bathing suit to change here. The facilitie here are clean and spacious. Once out to the Dolphin area the facilities are not so comfortable. When we got back I changed to dry clothes. The pictures that were taken while we were in the water were displayed here for sale. There was a bar and a nice outdoor area with pleasant seating. There was a menu available also. All in all it was a nice tour.

Nassau We did the Jeep tour on Nassau. We were told that tour would meet us on the pier by the ship. We got off the ship and no one was there so we walked across to the island. Finding no one there to meet us we went back across to the ship. The tour arrived but then found that we had to walk to where the jeeps were kept. This was nearly a mile away. I do not recommend this tour to anyone with walking issues. There were only 4 of us on this tour and I was surprised that it was not cancelled. Since we were just four they gave us 2 jeeps. We had a guide to drive in each jeep. usually there are four peope in a jeep and it is a drive ourself tour. We felt special to have our own chauffers. The tour was long and fun. I saw a lot of Nassau and really think this island is a great stop. There is a lot more to this island than the standard tourist area.

I liked the fact that the ship was overnight in Nassau. It gave some a chance at more outings than just the daytime tours around the island. A lot of passengers went to Atlantis for evening activities. We were asked to be aboard by 4:30 AM for departure at 7:00 AM. Everyone must have been aboard early as we left at 5:30AM well ahead of the published hour. I was up in the Seaview Bistro having coffee and was surprised that we were moving out.

The rest of the cruise was a sea day sailing back to Port Canaveral. The standard shipboard activities. I never did find the Serenity Area. I did find navigation around this ship to be confusing and difficult.

Disembarkation The usual confusion arond what to do and where to go was the scene as we readied for disembarkation. Those that chose to carry their own luggage were called and took themselves off the ship. Personally I like to leave the luggage handling to the crew. We went up to the promenade and sat comfortably and waited. We were off the ship by 8:30 AM and on our way to Lakeland by 9:00. I was in my home by 10:30AM

This cruise was a fun getaway and I would reccomend it for those that like shorter cruises.


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Publication Date: May 2, 2010

This is the 2nd time I have been on this cruise in 7 months. Overall, the quality went up from "very good" to "very good-plus." A few kudos: Sensation Band and Dancers -- all first rate. Lido Deck food and service -- very good, considering the large crowds they serve. Room service -- very good. Front desk provided a wheel chair loan at no charge. A few items that need improvement -- drink prices are very high; they need some 3-for-2 beer specials, etc. Friends of Dorothy events were listed but non-existent; a more hospitable entertainment crew is needed to make GLBT guests feel welcome. How about a "Meet the Show Cast" party? Signage at the Port Canaveral parking lot is confusing; people who park in the handicapped parking lot get no assistance with luggage or the long walk -- I guess the Port assumes everyone drops luggage and frail people at curbside before proceeding to the parking lot. Overall, I would consider Carnival again, but I preferred a recent MSC cruise out of Fort Lauderdale.

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Publication Date: April 8, 2010

We headed out on Friday the 25th, at about 3:00a.m. We got into Tampa around 5 am saturday morning, and went straight to the beach. If you are looking for somewhere to stay, Days Inn at Clearwater Beach is very nice and very very cheap! It is only about 20 miles from Tampa, and a nice safe area to stay. We finally went to bed at about 11 and woke up the next morning not so refreshed, but extremely excited! We then headed for the Cruise port of Tampa! We arrived at the Terminal at about 12:00 and went through the embarkation very quickly. We were on the ship and eating before 1:00. After a quick peek at our staterooms, which were a nice size for three people in each one, we headed straight for the Pizzeria! Everything on the Lido deck was all set up and there was a huge buffet! Beleive me, you will never be hungry on the cruise! Dinner that night was casual. We chose to wear summer dresses everynight, and two formals for the Captain's dinners.

The waiters, Banpot and Luciano, were absolutely the best! Luciano,

the main waiter for our table, was very entertaining and showed us kids some tricks with a napkin. Banpot, the assistant waiter, had only started work that week! He was still learning, but was such a fun person and we didn't want to leave him or Luciano. Dinner was very good, I won't lie, there were a few times that I couldn't find a thing I liked. But I always made up for it by eating some pizza or ordering the wonderful room service! The midnight buffets slightly dissappointed me, but didn't ruin my cruise! No matter where you cruise, on what ship or line, you will always find little things that dissapoint you, but nothing can ruin a cruise! Most everything is absolutely perfect! There was tons of entertainment, comedians, jugglers, and of course the ever-popular Sensation dancers with there vegas-style productions. Everyone will enjoy the new "Hey Mambo" and the other vegas production, which are shown on the two formal nights. There is no karaoke these two nights, but there is on the other nights and I encourage everyone to at least go and participate! It is so much fun! There are also tons of shows, such as the Mr. and Mrs. show which are not to be missed! Also, make sure and go to the Audience Participation Bedtime Story. It is very very funny!!!! Our cruise director, Greg, was entertaining as well, and everyone tried their hardest to make the cruise pleasant for all passengers. About getting off at ports: It is no big deal. There is a long line, but if goes quickly. My suggestion is to NOT take the ships shore excursions. We went on our own to Stingray City in Cayman Islands. There will be tour guides begging you to let them take you on a tour when you arrive. It is pretty cheap, about $30. Also snorkelling is good at the Eden's rock which is just a small walk away from the dock. In Cozumel we just shopped but Chankanaab is also fun, and cheap. Make sure you know where you are going in New Orleans as it is easy to get lost, One lady lost her daughter and the cruise left without her. It was a very bad deal and I am not sure what happened with that. You will enjoy this cruise! I sure did! Any questions.....just write! by the way, there are plenty of things for the kids to do, but the teen activities aren't much fun. Just meet some friends and you will find plenty to do.
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Publication Date: November 19, 2009

My first cruise was wonderful. The waterslide was too much fun.My cousin enjoyed sensations hottubs.A matter of fact the only thing she didn't do was sleep in one.she loved the upper deck bars.She learned all the bartenders names, while joking with them back-and-forth.

All the people on sensation were great.I wouldn't trade them in for any other time and place.Most of all the ship looked beautiful with its plans and arrangements. the movement and swaying of the ship when the ocean rough.One special memory, I recall, was a picture sliding side to side on the wall.

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Publication Date: May 21, 2009

This was my 3rd Carnival Cruise experience and although the weather did not fully cooperate my overall experience was terrific.

There's nothing like a cruise, either long or short, to allow you to relax!

My wife and I took a belated (3-weeks late) wedding anniversary (#26) getaway cruise over the Memorial Day weekend on the Carnival Sensation. The cruise was just incredible despite the fact that a potential tropical storm was forecasted to form in the Florida Straits. Fortunately T.S. “Ana” did not form however the weather was far from tranquil. We experienced mostly cloudy/soggy skies with some very brief pockets of hazy sun, some drizzle, light-rain, and a couple of down pours along the way.

The first night was pretty rough, as the ship just seemed to bounce, rock, and otherwise roll towards Nassau. I saw several "accidents" on the decks throughout the ship and a few clean up crews in cabins scrubbing carpets clean. There were seasick bags ready for use layed out in the common restroom areas and a few just scattered about the ship for handy use. The first night was bad enough that all of the shows were cancelled


Embarkation at Port Canaveral was filled with speed and efficiency and we were onboard within 15 minutes from the time we entered the parking lot.

As for the Sensation, she is incredibly clean and well maintained. The ship was just recently dry-docked a few months earlier and the new waterworks area was installed which is a big hit with the kids (both young in age and at heart).

The food was pretty incredible too. As usual, Lobster was the popular choice by all on Elegant Night and I was happy to see that the dress code (no shorts) was enforced. I did notice that on Elegant Night the style of dress seems to have become more casual, less suits, some dress shirt and ties, and more open neck polo style shirts.

Our port-of-call was Nassau, which was pretty, well, um, err -- plain. We took a cab to the overrated Atlantis. I say, "overrated" as for all they hype I kept hearing about the place I expected so much more. To me, Atlantis is akin to one of the smaller casino resorts found in Biloxi, Mississippi. Nevertheless, we made the best of it and returned to the ship in short order.

We used the "self-assist" debarkation process too and although crowded, all flowed quickly and politely too.

On a side note, we stayed the night before (pre cruise) at the Radisson Resort at the Port in Cocoa Beach. They offer a FREE shuttle ride to and from the port and more importantly FREE PARKING while you're at sea.

In conclusion, although we only took a short (3-day) cruise on the sensation, our overall experience was -- wait for it -- SENSATIONAL!!!

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Publication Date: May 17, 2009

This was my 6th cruise. We went with my son and his new wife on their honeymoon. It was my husband's and my daughter-in-law's first cruise.

All in all it was wonderful. The weather could have been better.

The ship was great, the new additions are fantastic. The fantasy class is my favorite class of ship, and I prefer it over the bigger and smaller ones. It seems just right to me.

The food was great and the service was fantastic. It was only a four night cruise, so not as much variety at dinner as I like to have.

My husband is hooked now so I'm sure we will be sailing again in the not too distant future.

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Publication Date: May 14, 2009

My wife and I have sailed with Carnival six times over the past five years, including the three-day to Nassau the past two years. We have also taken a 4, 5, and a 7 day cruise, all with Carnival. Here is my review for the Sensation cruise to Nassau on 14 May 09.

Embarkation was a breeze. Showed up around 1130 and was onboard by 1200. Drove ourselves as we live within 90 minutes of the Canaveral Cruise Port. Baggage porters were helpful and friendly. It probably gets a little crazier closer to the 1600 sail time.

We had lunch at the Seaview Bistro and toured the ship as we waited for our cabin to be ready by 1330. Spent a little time at the Serenity Deck which is new. 1315 went to our room to unpack carryons. Luggage arrived soon after. Lifeboat Drill at 1530. On with the Cruise!

Sailing Seas in the Atlantic tend to be a little rougher, so there was a little movement of the ship as we sailed on to the Carribbean.

The Ship The Sensation looks nearly new with a lot of neat features since the refurbishment.

Carpet and hallways sparkled. The Waterworks area for the kids looked great. Meant to go down water slide but never made it. Spray from the Waterworks carries over occasionally to the Serenity Deck as mist and is welcomed when sunning.

The Serenity Deck We sunned here on a few occasions and enjoyed the "Adults Only" area. "Adult" is a relative term as is "Serenity." A few younger "adults" in the hot tub would occasionally disrupt the "Serenity" of the area as they liked to make sure everyone knew they were having a great time. The sunning area on the Lido Deck by comparison was much more relaxing, so we spent more time there.

Cabin We had an Ocean View cabin on the Main Deck. I always try to book a cabin near the physical center of the ship as this part of the ship moves the least in rougher seas. The cabin was nice, the stewards were great, and the towel animals are always a blast. We got a Walrus, an Elephant, and a StingRay and kept them together on display until the last morning. Our room was always kept just so by our stewards. I make a practice of keeping the privacy please placard on the door whenever we are in our cabin.

Clubs The clubs were a little disappointing on this trip. Live band was okay but not nearly as good as our last cruise on the Sensation. Spent some time in the Disco Lounge but the dance area was way small. It was still a good time, though.

Shows Only saw the "Magician/Comedian." I thought he was funny and actually did some pretty slick "Prop Magic." Wife thought he was a bit too vulgar. We saw the dancers on our cruise last year and they were really good. We just were not able to fit that show in this time.

Casino The casino is nice with a lot of games that I have no idea how they work. We watched several of the games and learned a little. We take "X" amount of casino money for the slots and see who can outlast the other. We picked a couple of Dollar Slots and we were both done in about 15 minutes. I did win $800.00 on a quarter slot machine a few years back. Not so lucky this time.

Mini Golf Had a few rounds of Putt Putt golf. I play golf as much as I can and this was the most affordable (free) golf on the ship. We had a good time. We ran into the same type of "I'm having a great time" folks on the "golf" course. I have never understood why people in a group will all talk at once and try to over-talk each other. I assume that it is more about being noticed than communication. We were able to overlook the group as this was an outdoor event and that can be expected sometimes.

Onboard Activities I always say that we are going to do more onboard activities, but we never seem to do it. A lot of the activities look like great fun, but we seem to always make our own fun. This cruise was no exception.

Seaview Bistro We had our lunch and breakfasts here. Food is always dependable and good. Sometimes the "display" trays do not look real appetizing, but the food is usually pretty good. One change we noticed was that only juices were available from the beverage machines at breakfast, while only tea and lemonade were available the remainder of the time. I am an iced tea drinker and the tea onboard is not very good. In the past I have gotten the punch which is quite good, but it is no longer offered. I discovered that by blending the tea and lemonade, I was able to find a passable substitute.

Fantasy Dining Room This is where things get a little ugly. We ALWAYS have our evening meals in the dining room as the food and service are always a highlight of our cruise experience. I don't know if it is economics or what, but most of the entrees were bland at best and at times quite bad. Lobster that was flavorless and tough. Prime rib that was too fatty and if not for the sauce would have had no flavor. Skillet steak that was tough and also flavorless. Veal Parm that had just a hint of sauce and cheese. My wife's Veal Parm had so much grissle she could not eat it. This is milk fed veal we are talking about. I understand that we have an international crew and that is part of the joy of cruising, howvever, we did not have a single server that we felt like we could communicate with other than yes or no. On the bright side, dessert was delicious as always.

Control of the Dining Room This should be a non-issue. As I have said, we always eat our evening meals in the dining room because it is so formal and elegant. I have noticed on the three-day cruise to Nassau, fewer and fewer people actually dress for dinner. You see men wearing shorts, tee shirts and ball caps. Women seem to enjoy dressing nice more than men, so you would see a lovely young lady in evening attire being escorted by "Joe Trailer Park." I don't know if this is a result of the Nassau cruise being the most affordable or what, but you see this theme throughout the cruise. People cruising that have no social graces whatsoever.

And this wasn't even the worst part. During the meal on the second night, a few people were celebrating birthdays and the crew would sing Happy Birthday. This is a nice touch. However, we had a Rueben Studdard wannabe that decided he would serenade a couple sitting near his table. He can only be described as Tent Revival Meeting singer. Unfortunately, a few drunk diners applauded his effort and the show was on. He sang Happy Birthday to several other patrons in the exact scatological style as before. Please don't misunderstand me, I think Motown may be the best music ever. Most of the time I listen to Smooth Jazz. I enjoy hearing a great vocal style. This was not it.

On the last night he began again. I had decided that I was not going to sit through another impromptu show and would leave after speaking with the Maitre'd. Fortunately, he decided enough was enough.

I fault the Maitre'd entirely for not having his dining room under his control. We were barely able to have a dinner conversation over the singing and the loud "look at us" conversation from the same group. I have never experienced this type of behavior in the dining room before and do not plan to experience it again on the Sensation.

Disembarkation Carnival has it going on when it comes to debarkation. We cleared out of our room by 0745, had breakfast and were off the boat and in our car by 0900. The luggage porters at the terminal were, again, terrific.

Overview We have sailed with Carnival on all of our six cruises. Most have been excellent. It seems the shorter the cruise, the more issues you encounter from rude, obnoxious guests to mediocre entertainment and dining. I know Carnival uses a rating system to promote staff, so maybe they all start out on the Nassau run and then move up. At any rate, we intend to never miss a year without a cruise. I also never intend to cruise on the three-day to Nassau or the four-day to Freeport and Nassau. Our oldest son will be cruising on the Glory for a 7 night Western Carribbean. His first cruise. His experience will probably dictate whether we will continue to use Carnival or move on to Royal Carribben. We will be taking a seven-day next May on either the Dream or Royal Carribbean. I tell folks all the time to get the best cabin they can easily afford. Outside the cabin everyone has the same cruise. We may move to an interior on the Royal Carribbean as opposed to a balcony on the Carnival.

Enjoy and Keep Cruisin'.

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