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55 User Reviews of Sensation Cruise Ship

Publication Date: April 23, 2007

Well, here goes. Please forgive any grammar or spelling errors. I have had little sleep in the last few days .LOL.

EMBARKATION: This went about the same as usual. The agents did a good job of keeping everyone organized. It took about 1 hour from our arrival until we were on the ship. The only problem we had was our dining time on the sign and sail said 8:30pm(not a good choice with a 6 year old). They told us to go to the card room and have it adjusted (we did and they moved us to 6:15.

We got on the ship about 1:30. Our Cabin was E58.The location was great. It was close to the atrium and pursers desk. The room was clean and we have sailed Carnival 3 times before, so we knew what to expect. We needed a life jacket for our 6-year-old and the sign on the mirror said to page her if you needed one. So.. silly me followed the directions and got a very irritated room steward who had "many duties and would take care of it soon" 3 hours later and still

no life jacket, we reported to our muster station and were told in a rather unfriendly manner that we should have gotten a child's life jacket from our steward (oh well!!!)I was going to have fun no matter what they threw at me), so I smiled and said "sorry, maybe you could find one for us."


After the drill we stopped to meet some Bulletin board friends (hi Sandra and Mike!) and then it was off to The Camp Carnival meeting. We signed our son up and took a break in our room to get unpacked.

There was plenty of space for all our stuff and I used the over the door shoe hanger for all the little stuff.

I went on a tour of the spa and ended up getting a body analysis and 30 minutes in the massage capsule for 15 dollars. If you have a few minutes, go to the tours and the classes in the Spa- I got a discount or a free bee every time I went.

I think I will go into more general info. here. If you have any specific questions at the end I will answer them.

FOOD: The quality and presentation of the food in the dining room was very good. There were always plenty of choices and our waiter would bring you 2 serving if you asked. The service here was fabulous. Christana and Jan went out of their way to get us whatever we needed. Christana anticipated our sons needs and always did something special for him at each meal. The Lido deck food was standard buffet fare and was filling for breakfast and lunch. The pizza was very good and the ceasar salad was part of most of my lunches. Service here was good also. I wanted eggs over easy one morning and the omelet guy was more than happy to make them for me. Everyone at our dinner table was very happy with the food and the desserts were great. (Try the chocolate decadence!)

ROOM STEWARD: I have never been disappointed with a steward until this one. She just did not want to be there. We had to remind her every day to put ice in our cooler and we had to ask for towel animals for our son. She never cleaned the desk area, and was not pleasant if we asked for anything. I was just very shocked after the other great stewards we have had. I know some of you will be upset with me, but she did not get the full tip.

ENTERTAINMENT: I enjoyed all the shows. The comedians were very funny. The midnight rated R shows were great, and the Broadway shows were very well done. There were plenty of activities around the clock. We enjoyed the piano bar and the karioke. We really loved Music Unlimited. They are in the polo lounge and never failed to entertain. Lots of Trivia games and the usual onboard games (hairy chest, newlywed game, etc.)

CASINO: I broke about even at the casino. They had plenty of .5, .25 and 1.00 slots and lots of other games to help you spend your money

PORT OF CALL: We could not tender to Grand Cayman. This was a major disappointment for us. We had booked Captain Marvins and my son and I had done some research on Stingrays prior to our trip. Carnival ported us in Playa Del Carmen instead. This was just nasty. The place was dirty and there were no changing facilities at the beach. We tried to look at some shops, but men kept touching me and calling me pretty lady. They were trying to get you into their stores, but I do not want strangers touching me.

Cozumel was nice. We had been here before; we shopped in the morning because it was raining. We got some good deals on some souvenirs and our friends got an engagement ring. In the afternoon we went to the beach at La Cieba. We paid 5.00 per adult and got to use their pool and beach and chairs. The snorkeling was O.K. There was a sunken plane off their beach that was neat. We had a good margarita from their bar. We had planned to go to Paya Sol, but with the rain-we decided to stay close to the ship. We enjoyed this port.

In New Orleans we really enjoyed ourselves. The architecture was great and the street performers were neat. My son loved the men who stand like statues until you put some change in their box. Then they do fun moves. I spent all my change on this activity. The riverwalk mall was really neat. They had many unique items. PLEASE, be very careful here. We had 200.00 in traveler's checks stolen right out from under our noses. Thankfully they are replaceable.

SEA DAYS: We spent them sunning and playing at the pool and relaxing with books and other onboard activities. We never had a problem finding a chair. The deck hands removed towels if no one had been there for a while.The children's pool area was a good place to find a chair and usually (suprisingly) peace and quiet. The hot tubs on the pool deck were always overrun with unsupervised children, but the spa tubs did not allow children, so you could always find peace there.

CAMP CARNIVAL: I can not say enough good about this program. There were three councilors that made my son's week so enjoyable. He will be keeping in touch with them. They had activities almost all day and He wanted to be there for all of them. He was in the 6-8 group. He turned 6 a few days before we sailed. They would let him go over to the 4 and 5 year old group if the group was doing something that was too much for him. There were only 2 6 year olds and 6 8 year olds, so sometimes the things they wanted to do did not mesh. They were very sensitive to this and moved kids around on a by the activity basis. If anyone has a specific question about camp, just ask.

OVERALL: We had a good time! I found that if you overlooked the little things, that the trip was fun. We may try a non-smoking ship next time around. I know that some on one of the boards I post this to will be upset with me, but I think we will try a new line the next time. Carnival seemed to be slipping in overall service. I did not go into all the service issues in my review, because we did have a good time and I don't want to upset anyone who is going on their cruise soon.Our good time was due more to our attitude than to anything Carnival did for us. The exception to this was the dining room and the three Camp personnel mentioned above. They were excellent. I just felt that Carnival was not very concerned about the individual passenger.

If you have any questions I will be happy to answer them. Just post to the BB. Happy Sailing

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Publication Date: December 4, 2006

My 50th birthday cruise!

At long last, I am writing this review. I always depended heavily on readers reviews when I first starting sailing for the variety of responses to ships and ports. Honestly, I'm not sure how objective this review can actually turn out. I was with 6 of my most favorite family members. An all girls cruise for my 50th birthday. Party girls one and all. We probably would've had fun on a leaky rowboat.

Our Party And I do mean party! I sailed with my two sisters (I'm the youngest at 50) and 4 nieces. Two sisters have cruised before, as well as 3 of the four nieces. Flights Yada yada - we flew from Baltimore, Birmingham and Atlanta into Orlando.

Night Before Stay Stayed at Radisson at the Port Resort. Highly recommended. Beautiful rooms, great transportation to the ship. Fabulous pool with waterfalls, good food by the pool and a pretty good bar, too.

Donnie D! Before I mention ANYTHING about this cruise, I have to introduce you to Donnie D. We were at a table for 7 and a man walked up to join us at our table.

We warned him he might want to move, but he stayed put - brave guy. He became one of the best parts of our cruise. Everyone onboard knew him. Apparently he is quite wealthy -- from Chicago. He cruises constantly, "whenever the mood hits him." He became our buddy and our ticket to good tables, constant amazing service and soon we were called "Donnie's Girls" by all the personnel onboard. What a great guy! We had a picture taken with Donnie D and all 7 of us. We framed it and he said he'd hang it up in his house.

Boarding Smooth as silk. Or at least we entertained everyone around us by constantly pronouncing it was my 50TH BIRTHDAY!! We enter the ship, ohs and ahs from the new cruiser and off to the buffet. It's the same as usual -- a buffet.

Ship Although the Sensation is an older ship, she has held up pretty well. I like the Fantasy class ships -- easy to navigate. The sisters had an ocean view and the nieces the same right next door. We decorated our doors with pics of sisters on one door, nieces on the other. I used both childhood and current pics. We got so many comments from other passengers. I can't tell you how many times we were stopped in the hall so that people could "match" up the younger girls with the older! They usually guessed right, so we obviously have a family full of mothers/daughters that look alike.

Entertainment One of the best deck parties I've been to ever. Lively band and passengers. We danced (and danced and danced). After a little too many tropical drinks, a couple of us lay on a deserted patch of deck and watched the stars. Divine.

Entertainment in the main lounge was wonderful. An 80's show that turned my nieces into maniacs. They were pre-teens and teens in the 80's and knew every song, They also SANG them - loudly. One of my nieces was chosen for the Jeopardy-type game and won a bottle of champagne.

Piano Bar was actually scary. The piano player was honestly depressed. He was glum and sad. We went in once and then didn't go back. He would stand outside the door because no one would come in. Sad, because the piano bar is usually a great hangout.

Disco was a blast, with the DJ playing a wide variety of songs. Something for everyone.

Casino One niece is a BJ nut who goes to LV and is a pretty good player. She came out a bit ahead. She is also a severe asthmatic and the smoke was controlled enough it didn't bother her at all. Good job with the ventilation system, Carnival. Our buddy Donnie D would walk into the casino and the casino manager would quickly open a table for him (and for us). Grand.

Food Buffet was the same. Pizza yummy. Dining service superb. Of course, it might have had something to do with our dining companion, Donny D. Waiters and Maitre 'd all knew him from former cruises and fawned all over him (and us). Chocolate melting cake as good as always, as was the pumpkin soup.

Ports Freeport: At my advise, we stayed onboard in Freeport and spent the day at the spa. Massages, seaweed wraps, hand massages, salt scrubs - heaven. TIP: We attended the raffle first night onboard and 3 (or 4) of us won some sort of service in the spa. There were only about 15 people there and they had free service coupons for about 10 people. We traded around and all got what we wanted for free! All services were wonderful. Salt scrub and massage (my two) were the best I've had -- at least at sea.

Nassau: In Nassau we strolled thru the straw market for those who hadn't been to Nassau and then grabbed a cab for Cable Beach. Can't remember the name of the hotel lobby we walked thru to get to the beach, but the beach experience was wonderful. Small number of vendors on the beach (not pushy at all), bar on the beach, free chairs and not at ALL crowded.

We decided to parasail and I put that on my "you must do this before you die" list. After parasailing, we headed back by the good old #10 bus (I've been to Nassau 5 other times and took the bus several times -- it's easy and 50 cents). Radio was on and one niece began singing along with the music. Mostly locals on the bus who laughed and had a great time. The few tourists looked at us like we were crazy, but all the locals waved goodbye as we left. Stopped at Fish Fry for a wonderful lunch on the upper outside deck. It feels more like the "real" Nassau with mostly locals and few tourists. Great, but all fried (hence the name) food. Back on the bus and to the ship.

Formal Night We all dressed up - not formal gowns, but very, very dressy. It was a blast, but 7 women getting dressed for formal night in two cabins is a riot. We ran back and forth between cabins in various states of attire. We also kept blowing the power in our cabins out with hairdryers plugged into the power strips. We had lots of pics taken on formal night of the various groups: sisters with sisters, mothers with daughters, all together, etc. I'm so glad that Carnival has b&w pics available.

The End Too soon our cruise was over and we waited in our cabins until they threw us out. I always marvel at people who don't have an early flight, or a long drive, rushing off the ship. They have to pry me away.

In short, I would recommend the Sensation for both newbies and more experienced cruisers. Even though it's 4 short days (hard if you've sailed on many 7 day cruises), it wasn't a wild party, but also not boring.

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Publication Date: July 28, 2006

How about a free cruise!? Well, it wasn't really free, but there was no out of pocket for my wife and I on this lovely weekend cruise on the Paradise to Ensenada, Mexico. I was able to use our timeshare points to pay for the entire cruise with points to spare. Now while this was only a 3 day cruise, with some planning, I'm sure that next year we will be able to take a weeklong for the same price: nothing!

We slowly realized during this cruise that we are cruising veterans. It seemed to come up every time we turned around; from boarding to cabin choice, from ships' staff to shipmates; from dinner to shows, from activities to shore excursions, from the casino to the spa. In fact, the only time our "experience" didn't work for us was on disembarkation!

This was our 6th cruise; 3rd on Carnival. We live local so I knew the drive to Long Beach would be about 90 minutes so I didn't stress it. We made the ship by 2:00pm and were onboard, meeting the room steward, and up to the Lido deck for lunch

by 2:30. Carnival staff goes out of their way to recognize repeat cruisers (our sail and sign cards are a different color) and we felt kind of special. Since I booked at the last moment, I went with the lowest category outside cabin to which Carnival bumped us 2 decks.

We spent a lot of time in our cabin on this trip. Let's face it, this is the 2nd time we have been on this itinerary and we were there to relax and recharge from busy lives, and even busier kids, back home. Yes, we cocooned in our cabin. I know that this seems to be the antithesis of a Carnival "Fun Ship" cruise, but it is very easy to do. The cabins are large, the beds, linens, and pillows are soft and they provide spectacular room service. Granted it's not gourmet dining, but it's fast, hot, and very tasty!

Occasionally, we did manage to get out of the cabin and about the ship. There were about 2000 people on the Paradise and most of them were first time cruisers. More than once, we found ourselves explaining how certain things on the ship worked as well as instructing our new found friends how to get more out of their experience. Our dining companions were the best we have every enjoyed on a cruise. All 3 nights, we closed down the restaurant as we enjoyed each others company. It was their first cruise, but, yet, they travel the world almost constantly on business whereas we are cruise veterans but have never really left the North American continent.

My biggest epiphany that I noticed as being a veteran cruiser is that I don't have to do it all. The ship does an excellent job of providing entertainment and service and it is my choice whether or not to use it. Cruising is much more relaxing that way.

Roses and Thorns

A Rose- To the ladies at the Spa. They gave the best massage and pedicures I have had on any ship!

A Thorn- To the Spa management. The hard sell for their products after the service kind of takes the relaxing glow away too soon.

A Rose- To room service. As noted before; fast, fresh, and excellent quality.

A Rose- To our room steward Constantine. He had to clean up after us which not an easy job for a cabin loving couple.

A Thorn- To a long winded Maitre D. Each night at dinner, we were "treated" to an impossibly long, loud, and tedious recitation of relatively redundant and ridiculous ravings about something.

A Thorn Bush- To everybody involved in disembarkation. This was partially our fault in that we decided to take out time in leaving the ship rather than heading out when our tag color was called. However, the biggest problem was with immigration. They had 8 officers to check documentation of 2000 people. If they could handle 1 guest per minute, it would take them a minimum of 5 hours to check everyone. I cannot recall any cruise where it took me more than 10-20 minutes to get off the ship. In this case, the ship started disembarkation at 7:00 am. I got in line at 10:00 and didn't see my luggage until 11:30 am. Totally unacceptable!

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Publication Date: July 16, 2006

My husband and I sailed on the Carnival Sensation, 4 day Bahamas cruise from Port Canaveral. It was our 2nd Carnival cruise and definitely not our last. We had a fantastic time. Since we came from the west coast we arrived a day early into Orlando airport. The airport is large but very easy to navigate. It is about one hour to Port Canaveral and ground transportation is simple and about $25 per person each way (through Carnival or others). We stayed at the Radisson at the Port, mid priced and good value (includes hot breakfast) with lots of families and pre cruisers and free transportation to the boat, free parking if you drove.

We arrived early and had a quick embarkation with time to explore the ship before our room was ready and before the lifeboat drill. We booked last minute (within 4 weeks) and found an exceptional deal for an outside room. There are very few balcony rooms on this ship but the oceanview rooms are fine for two. I’d recommend 2 rooms for families. Bathrooms are small but it’s an older ship and short cruise so it’s fine. Steward

service was excellent as was all other customer service.

If you are a non smoker you will notice the odor at times but there are lots of open decks to walk on and escape the smell. Dining rooms and shows are non smoking. The casino is nice but smoky. The food wasn’t as good as we expected based on our previous Carnival cruise to Mexico but it was still pretty good. Bar service was prompt and drinks were excellent. The spa and fitness facility is new and exceptional. They do a lot of upsale on products however. They always run specials which make it more affordable.

We especially enjoyed Nassau and the yellow party boat excursion to a semi private beach. We also spent ½ day walking in Nassau and it was great, hot and humid in July but ok with lots of water and rest breaks. Freeport wasn’t terrific as a port(small) but we enjoyed the snorkeling and walking on the beaches by the resorts. I would recommend taking a water taxi to Atlantis (Nassau) versus paying for excursions, you see the same thing for much cheaper. Take sunscreen, you do get burnt in the Bahamas. The only negative we experienced was difficulty calling home to check on the kids. Most calling cards don’t work in the Bahamas so expect to pay up to $1.00 per minute to call the states and find a pay phone that uses change or a in person service. Credit card calls cost up to $38 per call!

Debarkation and customs was a little long due to others on the ship not following the rules. We took our own luggage off the ship which should mean you leave first and it’s faster but other passengers got in line anyhow. All in all it was only an hour so not too bad. We had a terrific cruise!

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: June 4, 2005

We flew into New Orleans the night before the cruise and stayed in the Hilton near the New Orleans airport. Nice hotel, but not much around. We went back to the airport and took the Carnival shuttle to the airport. The driver gave a little tour along the way and did an amazing job backing the bus up at the dock (due to construction). Boarding went pretty smoothly and quickly and we were on board in time for lunch. The ship itself is almost exactly like the Fantasy except a lot of purple.

It was neat cruising down along the Mississippi River. We had the late dinner seating and the food was wonderful. The biggest disappointment was that once we arrived at Costa Maya (we could see the land) the captain decided the water was too rough to dock. It had been windy and a little rain along the way, but it didn't seem that bad. We had booked the Mayan ruin shore excursion and were quit disappointed that it was cancelled. The Cozumel Mayan excursion was like 7 hrs long. The captain decided to turn around and head early in

to Cozumel to the delight of the heavy partiers.

In Cozumel, we booked the beach excursion and we were on the beach about an hour and a half into the four hour excursion when the skies opened up. It rained for almost all the rest of the excursion. We did not think much of Cozumel, the beach was nice, but the water seemed dirty. I do not think we will be going back.

The rest of the cruise was rather uneventful. Typical at sea relaxation time, lying out, playing at the casino and seeing shows. The best shows were the ventriloquist and the English balancing man. They were both great.

All in all it was a great trip, the Costa Maya thing was disappointing and the weather could have been better, but any day on a cruise is better than at work!

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: April 28, 2005

Let me start by saying that we had the best time on the Sensation! This was our 1st cruise & we are already planning our 2nd. Our party consisted of me, 28, my husband, 27, my sister, 30, and her boyfriend 48.

We started our vacation by driving to New Orleans on Thursday. We live 2.5 hours away so the drive was nothing to us. We arrived in New Orleans at about 1:00, drove straight to the Fulton Street Garage, unloaded our luggage, & headed by bus to the terminal. Once we got into the terminal, there was a line to check in & get our sail & sign cards but everything went smoothly. We were on the ship by 2:00. After reading tons of reviews, I expected to be there a lot longer but it went by pretty fast. I think the wait for the bus at the garage took longer than the actual check in. I also saw the "yellow chairs" that everyone speaks of but never had a chance to sit in one.

Once we were on the boat we had lunch on the lido deck which

was very good. I really enjoyed the hamburgers! I think I had one everyday of the cruise. After we ate, we went to check out our rooms. We were in R140 & sis & her bf were in R144. When we got to our rooms, at about 4:00, I had 2 of my bags, sis had 1. We unpacked the bags we had & headed back to lido deck for sail away. We partied on lido until about 7:00. We then headed to our room to get ready for supper. To make my review a lot shorter, I will just comment on the dining room food as a whole. I can't remember everything that was on the menu but everything was ok. It was not food that we were used to eating. I tried a lot of different things & the only thing I really enjoyed was the Filet which I had on 2 different nights. Being from South Louisiana I'm just used to Cajun food I guess. We really enjoyed our dining room team. They both were great! Anyway, after dinner each night we went to different lounges for drinks. We also did the comedy show one night. I think we were in bed by 1:00 each night. We hung around the pool each day so we were basically drained by the end of each night.

In Cozumel we took a taxi to Mr. Sancho's which was amazing. The food there was to die for! The shopping in the city really got on my nerves. We also had a few drinks at Fat Tuesday's which is actually at the end of the pier. We stayed there until it was time for us to get back on the boat.

Monday morning, we got up & went to lido for breakfast, which was always good, then headed to Empress for debarkation. We were one of the first ones off the boat because sis' bf cracked one of his back teeth on lobster at supper one night & needed to see a dentist soon! They gave him some kind of filling to last him until he saw his regular dentist. So I guess it worked out well for us.

All in all we had a great trip & can't wait to go back. Oh & the ship was beautiful. Even though everything was purple in color I still loved her!

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: December 23, 2004

We spent the night in New Orleans at the Quality Inn Courtyard and had a great limo ride to the ship (all included in the package the hotel has) and were the 1st in line around 11:30, and the 1st to board before 12 noon. We had lunch on the lido deck (yummy) and at 1:30 our luggage was already at our state rooms. We explored the ship and had a wonderful dinner with our waiter Kirt ( who was great the entire trip.)

We had a pleasant evening in the casino and retired early. Great sleeping as we traveled down the Mississippi River to open waters...........then it began.

The next morning the ship was rocking and rolling, .........can't feel the ship moving????....wrong............. We could and it only got worse.

It was our 1st cruise, and now looking back we will go again. We are already planning an Alaska cruise, but this was not your relaxing days at sea.

There was nothing the Captain could do, the seas were so rough, but our party had started taking the bovine so we didn't get sick. So many did. Bought some beautiful gold and silver

on the ship, be sure and take advantage of this.

My only complaint of the crew was announcing if you are going ashore at port to be in a certain area at 8 oclock, and letting everyone on board crowd into the area between the stairs for over an hour before the doors were opened and we were allowed outside. This was terrible for all standing body to body in a hot crowded area unable to move. If the time had been changed it should have been announced. We were very upset at this miserable start of Christmas morning.

Christmas day at Cosumel was wonderful. We had signed up for the Highlight and Shopping tour and it was worth every cent. $49 per person. We toured the Island, stopping in a deserted town, at the beautiful beach and on to P. Back Porch for a free sampler tray from the tour guide and a great lunch. The margaritas were the best I've ever had. We were back on board in about 5 hours and again had a nice dinner and more casino and karaoke fun.

The last day at sea was a nightmare. All night we had to hold on to stay in bed. I went to the lido desk for breakfast and it was just about impossible to walk. The pool had already been drained and no one was allowed on the desks because of the pitching of the seas, but plates were flying off the tables, ketchup bottles flying, items in the gift shopping flying off the shelves......we had quite the ride....but we knew it was a freak trick of nature and it was just our luck.....Lots of people were sick, and the crew did all they could. Lots of people stayed in their cabins and missed the entire day at sea.

We went to the casino, and the host Keith made our trip. He was so nice. My husband won $1,000 on the slots, and I won 2nd place in the slot tournament, 1st place paid $500. We spend the whole day in the casino, and again Keith is the best.

We realized how lucky we were to go on the cruise and arrive back safe, there was so much death and destruction going on, if that tidal wave had been on Cosumel we wouldn't be writing a review. We are thankful and counting our blessings, and are looking forward to our next calm cruise. Our room steward Jimmy was so good. Our sisters had send an Anniversity cake and it was good and yummy. The cruise director was a hoot, and we have many happy memories.

The Sensation was a funship, and I'll go on her again.

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: November 11, 2004

I have a much more detailed review. But I don't think it would be allowed here as it has too many words! So I'll make a somewhat quick one with less details.

Our flight into New Orleans arrived at 11am, and I believe we were on the ship arond 12:30 or so. In time for lunch on the Lido deck. We had cheeseburgers and fries... some had turkey sandwiches and fries. The Lido deck lunches are great as long as you're not expecting gourmet :-)

All of our luggage was too our room before we even left the Port. So we had time to unpack before the sailaway. When it was time for sailaway all 5 of us women headed up to the back of the ship and grabbed a drink and watched as we departed. At first the sailing down the Mississippi River was cool. But after a while I got sick of it... we were going pretty slow and the water was ugly LOL and it smelled. Plus I didn't like seeing land for hours after we left Port. I love to be out in the middle of

the ocean when I'm on a cruise!

Dinner was great the first night. And every night, as we did in fact eat there all 4 nights. Our waitress was awesome, I think her name was like Brianca or something. She was a lot of fun. One formal night, which was our second night. Alot of pretty formal dresses, but also alot of casual usual kind of dresses.

Our first day at sea was fabulous. We had great weather so we all got some sun! The activities/entertainment were well... very entertaining as always. I don't participate but I do love to watch the different activities.

We were cozumel on a Saturday, wasn't too busy. There was only our ship and the Ecstasy docked. With another cruise ship way down from us. I love Cozumel very much. We did the Mermaid excursion which was great fun. We went down in a boat and got to see the sea life. And also a plane crash that was put in place on the ocean floor for the filming of a movie. If people out there want to see sea life and such, but are scared of submarines. I recommend the Mermaid excursion, but if you would love to try the submarine tour that is alot more fun,, as you go about 100ft below the sea. And in the Mermaid you only go like maybe 10ft I think. But both are fun.

Second sea day, heading home. Wasn't as nice. The first half of the day was okay, but it started getting really windy and very cloudy. So we didn't get much sun. As the wind picked up, the waves got bigger, therefore the ship rocked.... alot. Just hours before reaching the Mississippi River. The ship rocked so much that people were getting sick... even at dinner. (ack) I had to take some Dramamine and so did the rest of my family. Out of the 6 previous cruises this was only the second time I have had to do so. The first time was in 1995 when we were in a Hurricane.

Returning to New Orleans and disembarking. We signed up for the New Orleans tour as our flight didn't leave until 3:50pm. And they say if you have a flight after 4pm you may take the tour. It was very interesting learning about the city and the people that live there. However I don't think I'd ever go back there.. maybe for Mardi Gras though LOL.

Well if you have any questions or anything.. or would like to see my full detailed review. Please email at :

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: October 7, 2004

Let me preface this review with a few words. This was my 10th cruise but the first aboard Carnival. I have cruised Royal Caribbean 8 times with a couple of odd cruises aboard the Regal Empress and Premiers' Majestic. I went on this as a part of a group but traveled alone in my own cabin. You should see my galleries I posted to get a good understanding of this review. They were posted today, October 20th 2004 and are named, "Dave the Wave's Sensation Cruise". I have to say that overall I prefer Royal Caribbean but did manage to have a great time.

Embarkation- I arrived at the Port of Tampa about 11 AM. I had a friend from work drop me off since it is only 20 minutes from my home in St. Petersburg. I waited in line for a few minutes and then in the waiting area about 15 minutes. I was onboard by noon and having my first beer.

Cabin- I opted for an inside cabin category 1A. This is the lowest category of cabin but I was on the Empress deck near the elevators and stairs

and it was very convenient. I had a single bed on the floor and a bunk overhead that was folded against the wall. The cabin was a fair size and had a nice size bathroom. There was a little basket of sample size toiletries. I did not find my cabin steward until I tracked him down the second day. I need ice for my cooler (see photo gallery) and had to get someone else to get it for me.

The Décor- I found this ship to be a bit tacky. The elevators and almost everything else were purple. The chrome and neon was a bit overdone. I prefer more subtle tones and brass and wood to this. While some may find it attractive, I found it a bit garish and annoying.

The dining room- Our group of about 30 was seated together at three long tables by the windows. I would not have liked to be in one of the booths. The service was good and the food edible. I had the filet the first night, rare and it was excellent. For the formal night I had the lobster and also a prime rib. Both were good. I ate at the Sea View Grille for breakfast and lunch most days. I am not there to get my moneys worth out of the food. I eat to live not live to eat. It was quite obvious though that some were there to eat their cruise fare. I could not believe the lineup for the midnight buffet.

The pool area- this was my biggest disappointment as the pool area is where I am in all my glory. Compared to the large expanse of open deck I am used to, I found this pool to be small, ugly colors and there was no splash area to lay around in. The sides were high, covered in ugly tiles and this nasty yellow and black striped area. There were benches around the pool that reminded me of the locker room at the YMCA. The pool bar was tucked in a corner and the restrooms were out in the open so that when someone opened the door others could see someone at the urinal. The slide was fun for the kids but took up a lot of space and made it feel more confining. There were no potted palms or planters and the chairs by the Sea View were of the variety you buy at Walmart for $5. I have never boarded a ship and found the pool empty until the next day.

The bars and lounges- I had the most fun in the piano bar. Although the hands were kind of creepy, the entertainer was very good and funny and the crowd that tended to hang out in there was quite fun. The late night comedian was very funny.

Cozumel- I was there in May with my kids on the Enchantment of the Seas. This time I took the Fury Catamaran trip and had a blast. They took us to an area not far off the beach in about 20-25' feet of water. We snorkeled and then got back on the boat for unlimited beer and Margaritas. Everyone had a great time. (see photo gallery)

Fellow cruisers- There was a party crowd on this ship for sure. I met a lot of great people and had a lot of fun. If you did not already have a bunch of tattoos like most people ( I am still a tattoo virgin) you could get one by the pool. There seemed to be a lot of groups. There were many from Florida and then some groups from Chicago, NY and Ohio among others.

Overall, I had a good time but went away thinking it was somewhat lacking. I have booked my next cruise for the spring when the kids are out of school and will find myself aboard Royal Caribbean again next time.

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: September 18, 2004

Embarkation was very easy. Skippers Club prevented us from standing in the long lines. The ship cannot be boarded any earlier than 1200 noon. We boarded the ship and found our stateroom quickly. U-80, we had been upgraded to the penthouse suite. Our cabin was very spacious with a refrigator, sofa , and large bathroom. We went up to the Lido deck for a great lunch. The pool had been drained and was not to be filled until 8am the next morning. We enjoyed the balcony while the ship sailed through Tampa Bay. This part of Tampa Bay is very dirty and oily. Yuck! We sailed (barely) under the Sunshine Skyway Bridge and we were off to the caribbean. Our first day at sea had many activities to do with formal night in the evening. We ate in the dining room all but one night. The food was all very good. Although, nothing really stood out as being fabulous.

The shows were okay. We have seen better. Hey,Mombo was good but repetative. There were 2 comedians. Both were good. Costa Maya was our first port instead of Grand Cayman. Costa Maya

had a large shopping area with a swimming pool, and swim up bar. All very clean. We took the Jungle Beach Break to Uvero Beach. After a 25 min motor coach ride, we arrived at the beach. It was very clean, with shops, water activities, restaurant, open bar (free), plenty of lounge chairs, lots of palm trees, powder sand beach, large swimming area, and running water restrooms. We found a palm tree, lounge chairs, and got some drinks made from rum that were red/white/blue. Very good. Cozumel was our next port. We went to Chankaanub National Park to swim with the dolphins. What a great experience. The park is beautiful and only 5min from the port. It has a small beach. I highly recommend it.

Our cruise director was Michael Mullane. He is hyperactive and at times annoying. The ship is very pretty with shades of purple and blue. It does not show it's 11 years of age. The service we received was great. We had noisy neighbors that tried to lean over their balcony to see into our cabin. They are lucky they didn't go overboard.!!! For three nights they yelled, slammed doors, hit the walls, and kept us awake. Finally, after a total of 15 calls to the pursers desk, Carnival talked with them. The next 2 nights were quiet. We were not the only ones that complained. We received a free bottle of wine at dinner one night for our trouble. Nice. At debarkation we did self assist, which is carrying off your own luggage. It was very easy. No problems. All in all it was a great cruise. The food and shows could have been a little better. I think all that cruise the Sensation will have a great time!!!!!!!

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