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69 User Reviews of Star Princess Cruise Ship

Publication Date: April 12, 2003

I loved this cruise. They could not do enough for you. always happy and accomodating. We had our wedding here too. James Eaton handles the wedding plans and you feel like youve known him forever. Anything we asked for if not already provided was granted.

The wedding went smoothly and we were treated like you were in st patricks cathedral. You could probally skip the reception and do dinner at Sabattinis. Dont miss sabatinis Italian restaurant like 4 hours of round after round of food 15 dollars a person is nothing and alot better than the 28 dollar reception fee. Tequilas restaurant was nothing to write home about. Room service was okay if its not on the menu write it down and they will get it. ship is spotless and huge never had to save chairs at the pool. there were plenty of chairs and room there were 25 percent kids under 17 on this trip\ 640 to be exact they romped that ship but aways polite.

Heard there were problems at the buffet the traffic did go every which way but not unbearable and you still got to the food. food was

good but not great. service was fast and hot. not alot of variety was the complaint of my co travelers. coffee was not as bad as i anticipated.

Formal nights? probally 80 percent in long gowns and suits or tuxedos it was gorgeous. two year olds in tuxedos and long dresses with tiaras only showed me that parents were passing on a tradition that goes way back and i loved seeing it. I did not have long dresses this time but this ship is beautiful and it all went together. the disco is nice dancing area small entertainment same as all ships talent show bingo family fewd kareokee pool games... embarkation was fine luggage was fast.

Still unpacking so any individual questions you can write me.

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Publication Date: April 5, 2003

I am not going to write a long review, so I am sorry if you are looking for a lot of detail...

In a nutshell, the Star Princess surpassed both my wife's and my expectations. We had high standards as we are experienced travelors. We have recently decided that cruising is our best nitch for a variety of reasons that I will not bore you with.

Both Embarkation and Debarkation were extremely efficient and as pleasant as can be expected.

We were happy to find that we had been upgraded to a balcony from an oceanview although it was our first time on Princess.

The food was varied and of good quality. You can easily put on 5 to 10 lbs if you dont control yourself and don't get exercise. We booked late dining. If you want to see the shows, book early seating or personal choice. We liked the people we tabled with, but we missed the early entertainment.

The entertainment was very good. Sarge is a freaking riot. I am surprised that he isn't better know. Next time I go to Vegas, I am going to book his show. The

longe acts seemed pretty good. The magician was decent. If you are fairly young (under 45), don't bother with the guy who sings old timers songs. You will be lost. The only thing I didn't like about the shows was watching the passengers who think they are auditioning for the Lawrence Welk Dance review while the band is playing the pre-show music. It would have been funny if it weren't so pathetic.

The service was very good both in the cabins and the dining areas.

We very much enjoyed the on-board activities such as trivia, bingo, scavenger hunts, ect...

The ports were fun. We liked the "Best of Mazatlan" and "Sail and Snorkal" were both worth the money. We didn't go on an excursion in Puerto Vallarta, but we had an adventure in the PV cabs. It is definatly something that will get your blood pumping. We will do the Pirate excursion next time, as we heard great reviews from all who did it. The only gripe I have with the ports is all the pushy street and beach vendors.

The Ship is absolutely spectacular. Is is huge and is very well laid out. Although we were at maximum capacity (2,600 plus 1,200 crew) it never seemed crowded at any areas including the pools. The fact that the pools are fresh water is a definate bonus. We really enjoyed the aft pool during the afternoon in Cabo San Lucas. It is a terrific view. The middle pools are very large and have plent of activity. The only activity that you might want to avoid is the wine tasting. It was a big dude compared to the Temecula or Napa wine regions of California. I guess if you have never been to wineries, you might enjoy them. So, scatch that if you have never been. I'm sure you all want to do that now. Well I am rambleing, so it is time to go. My wife and I enjoyed the Star Princess so much, we are booked on one of its sisters (Grand Princess) in June in the Western Carribbean. Well, hope that helped.

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Publication Date: April 5, 2003

This Mexican Riviera cruise was my fourteenth cruise and my partner, Davids's thirteenth. Perhaps number 13 was a charm for him because this trip was as close to perfect as any other cruise we have experienced.

This was our second time to take this itinerary. The previous time was about twenty years ago on the Admiral Cruise Line's Stardancer.We regularly take land vacations in Puerto Vallarta and are, of course, far more familiar with P.V. than the other two ports, which we had only visited the one time previous.

The Star Princess is a huge ship. We were fairly sure we would dislike this ship because of the size, not to mention the fugly spoiler-like tail fin/disco on the rear of the ship.We were most surprised by how wonderful this ship really is.

The food was the biggest surprise of all. In general, this was by far, the best food we have ever had on any cruise ship, including other Princess ships, Holland America and Celebrity Cruise Lines.We started out with traditional late seating. We quickly changed to personal choice after the first night because our "large" table had only one other couple.

During the week, we tried all three main dining rooms and all of these were very comparble and actually quite good in both food and service.

We also tried Tequila's, and Sabatini's, which were specialty restaurants with modest surcharges. Both of these dining rooms are excellent and I would venture to say Sabatini's is exquisite both at dinner and at brunch.The brunch was a 21/2 hour affair to remember with limitless Chandon sparkling white wine.The sushi and seafood buffet- style starters were magnificent and excellent.Tequila's is a little bit "Gringo" but the food and service is good despite a somewhat uppity floor manager.The highlight here was the black bean soup with deboned lobster claws ant cotija cheese floating on top.MMMMMMMMM!

Our cabin was D-732, which was the mini-suite furthest aft on the port side. The room was large, comfortable, and had a huge over-sized deck due to the location at the rear.Our cabin steward, Sandi, was absolutely amazing and very kind as well as friendly.For example, the first night we asked for two wine glasses. From that day forward, there were always eight wine glasses on the counter, covered with plastic for cleanliness.

The shows were generally quite good. Juggling comedians are not exciting to me, so we skipped those evenings with little regret. There were two shows that were quite fantastic.

Joani Butler was perhaps the finest singer we have ever heard on a cruise ship. She has a big and melodic voice as good as many in the pop music market today.(Her two grammy nominations were well deserved, I must say.) I was surprised the ship only featured her on one evening in the Vista Lounge when other performers were given two or three shows."Dance" was a production show that would be the envy of most cruise ships.Wow!

There seemed to be ample activities for cruisers of all tastes.They even had a high-end wine tasting at Sabatini's featuring better Italian wines, and outstanding little bites to accompany the wine.This was not the usual crowd herded to a mass tasting of insignificant wines.

The casino was quite nice, well-run, and not particularly smokey for those who prefer to breathe clean air.

The immense size of the ship allowed for a wonderful promenade deck with a few moderate sets of stairs for good measure.Too many newer ships lack this feature.

There was perhaps only one major flaw with the entire cruise. Embarkation was nothing more than a cattle call and being a past Princess passenger gave eager cruisers little or no edge when boarding.Celebrity and Holland America shine in this area and Princess should learn from them, in my opinion.

The ports were pretty much what we expected. We grabbed a yellow cab and quickly visited our good friends, Mare and Conrad, in Puerto Vallarta. They live there nine months out of the year. We did a little shopping and had a long luncheon date with them over vino tinto and great food at a little restaurant in the "Zona Romantica" area. (Which is quite near their condo.) We were able to bring back some trinkets as well as some excellent Mexican Camenbert.

In Mazatlan we took a ship's tour of the colonial villages of the Sierra Madre range because we are not fond of Mazatlan.(We wanted out of town A.S.A.P.) In Cabo we took a glass bottom boat ride/tour from a local vendor. It was a fine but short tour. The rest of the day we walked around town and shopped a bit.Tendering and short visiting hours limit your activities greatly in this port.

All said, it was a great trip I would highly recommend to others considering this itinerary.On a scale of one to ten, I would rate this ship a 9, or so.That is propbably as good as it gets in the "Premium" cruise market.

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Publication Date: January 25, 2003

I was the ultimate cruise skeptic. I have always thought that a cruise wouldn't compare to some of the nice vacations we have had on land. Furthermore, I had a long list of concerns that I thought would make me miserable on a cruise. Now that we have cruised, I've changed my mind. Yes, some of the things I worried about were in fact true. No, the ship is not as luxurious as some beach resorts we have been to. But what I learned is that the positive aspects of cruising far outweigh the small negatives. The ease of cruising, the fun of being on a ship and most of all the magic of the water combine to make cruising unique and special.far more than the sum of its parts. The weather was glorious, the ship lovely and the service attentive. We had a great time. Although it was our first cruise, I'm sure it won't be our last.

First I should say that we weren't typical in that we didn't take advantage of many of the choices listed everyday in the ship's newsletter, The Princess Patter. Most days, we

hung out in lounge chairs near a pool. Reading, napping, eating and planning our next margarita were the main activities. The aft pool behind Horizon Court was our favorite - what a view! I also liked the main pools on Deck 14 - the tilework was beautiful and since there was always music, it was a great place to go if you were in a festive mood. I kept meaning to get to bingo but never did. I thought the galley tour was interesting, and I attended one art auction just to see. The game room and library were well-stocked, but we didn't get to them until the last day. I had a very nice "hand treatment" and manicure with Rachel in the beauty salon, and my husband got a great haircut there too. I also used the well-equipped gym on four of the days. Although there were sign-up sheets for the treadmills in the mornings, I never had a problem getting one in the late afternoon. Two times I watched the sunset off the bow of the ship from my treadmill - pretty spectacular.

In the evening, we generally ate late - after 8 p.m. on personal choice dining. On one night we had to wait in line. We were traveling with another couple, and our request for tables for four was always granted. I loved having the choice of when to dine, but the service varied -- from merely polite to warm and wonderful. Our favorite waiter and table were our very first night, and if I were doing it again, I'd make a reservation for that waiter, that table every night of the week. We did enjoy the casino and found the dealers to be patient and friendly. Our group had luck with both blackjack and roulette. Although I didn't care for "Da Beat," I thought the comedians were pretty good. One night there was a comedy juggler that my husband liked a lot. We heard some nice lounge music but never did go dancing at Skywalkers. I preferred that room during the day when the view was spectacular and the seats were quiet.

As a first-time cruiser, who had many concerns about whether or not I would like a cruise, I think the best way to describe my trip is with a few lists:

Things I worried about that weren't really a problem

Crowds: As I mentioned, we had a line one night for dinner. You had to get there early to attend shows or presentations, and finding a deck chair was sometimes challenging, but it always seemed to work out. Tendering in Cabo was easy in the morning, but there was a long line in the afternoon when everyone was returning. Check-in took almost an hour, but was smooth, and you were so excited about embarking that it didn't matter. Disembarkation was very organized. We were in a later group, but didn't mind waiting in the lounge and watching CNN with a cup of coffee. Clearing customs and getting our luggage was a breeze. In general, the ship was big enough to absorb huge amounts of people, and having our own balcony made it easy to escape if you wanted privacy.

Seasickness: I brought medicines but never needed them. Everyone told me I wouldn't even feel it, but in fact, the ship did move quite a bit. Not sure if it was the Pacific, or just the time of year. No one in our group had a problem, and in fact, I slept like a log every night. Loved being lulled to sleep by the waves and the hum of the engines. When we got home however, it took me about three days to get my land legs back - and I think that's longer than average.

Gaining weight: Athletes had plenty of places to jog or walk on the ship. The health club was very nice too. Using the healthy choice or vegetarian menu was always an option. Despite all this, I confess. I gained three pounds.

Being much younger than other passengers: Not a problem! Although there were a number of older cruisers, I would say that the average age was about 50. My husband and I, in the 40ish range, felt perfectly comfortable. There were younger couples, honeymoon-types and young families too.

Annoying announcements: On our ship, announcements could only be heard on the decks and on balconies. If you were in your cabin, you were not bothered by announcements. Perfect. (And in fact, the announcements were kind of cute.)

Feeling forced to participate in goofy activities: First of all, there were no "goofy" activities. Second, no one ever forced me to do anything. There was something (or nothing) for everyone.

Pleasant Surprises These are the things that made the cruise special.

Water water everwhere! Nothing could prepare me for how wonderful it was to just look up from every deck and see sparkling blue water. Several times we saw dolphins. Gazing at the water was instantly relaxing, always exhilarating and the best part of our trip.

Walking the decks. The promenade deck (deck 7) provided a great walking spot down close to water level. There was also a jogging deck higher up on the ship. One early morning I walked the promenade deck in heavy fog, and watching it lift as I circled the ship was one of my favorite memories. On the last night, when the seas were a bit rough, my husband and I had Decks 14 and 15 to ourselves, and watched the pool water slosh around, whitecaps in the moonlight and the stars in the sky. Very nice.

The thrill of embarcation. Nothing can compare to the delicious anticipation of waking up on the day of our cruise. We loved the drive to the port, checking in, greeting our friends, seeing the ship (wow!) and even the line to check in. (Check in took a little less than an hour start to finish.) Walking on the gangway, stepping on the ship, getting our key card, finding our cabin, meeting our steward - all exciting. We even loved the lifeboat drill.

Sail-a-ways: Leaving the ports at the end of the day was always exciting. People gathered on upper decks, cocktails in hand, and watched the land slip away.

Exploring the ship. Even the most jaded traveler would have to admit that it's neat to be on a big cruise ship like this. Although I didn't necessarily think the ship was ultra-deluxe, I found it to be pretty, fun, spacious, clean and tastefully appointed. Once in awhile, on the elevator, or snuggled in a cozy lounge, I would have a sudden spark of new realization - I'm on a ship!

Days at sea. Our itinerary had three days at sea, and I was surprised to find that these were my favorite times. The incredible luxury of a whole day with no agenda was a treat. Sleep late? Coffee on our private balcony? Take a nap at 3? Eat lunch twice? No problem.

Socializing with our friends: Being on a cruise was a perfect way to travel with friends or relatives. Plenty of activities to satisfy everyone, and lots of chances to come together during the day.

Cabo San Lucas. What a nice port! Lovely marina, friendly people, and a good feel to the whole place. Beautiful view from the ship too. We took a water taxi to Lover's Beach - secluded and gorgeous - a must see.

Hiding out in my stateroom. We were in a category BA outside double with balcony (C606). We were pleasantly surprised at how comfortable our room was. There was ample storage space, a roomy refrigerator and very convenient desk, tables and lighting. Our balcony provided gorgeous views and I found myself waking early to peek outside. An especially appreciated touch was room- darkening curtains that actually overlapped, making it easy to be in total darkness even when it was bright outside. (If you've ever stayed in a hotel and been awakened by that bright sliver of morning light between the curtains you know what I mean.) Our room and balcony provided a great respite from the activity up on deck, and I loved reading there in the mornings, napping in the afternoons and watching movies.

Quibbles. Let's get them over with, since none of them affected my overall experience. We had a wonderful time and would go again in a minute!

--Our steward happily brought us bathrobes once we requested them, but why make us ask? Why not put them in all the rooms? Similarly, why no clocks in the rooms? Next time, I'll bring a travel clock for middle-of-the-night time checks. --Toiletries. Shampoos, etc were provided in odd little cardboard containers that were hard to open with wet hands. --Our private balcony was huge - plenty of room for 4-6 adults to relax comfortably. But, not absolutely private - deck above us could see down. Also, furniture on deck was inadequate. No lounge chairs - only uprights, and tables were a bit flimsy and small -- even for continental breakfast. --Food. Even though the head chef coached us to say it was "overall excellent" during the galley tour, I would say it ranged from "okay" to "very good." A few meals in the dining room were wonderful, but mostly the food was a disappointment. The fish, in particular was often overdone. The Horizon Court buffet, while convenient, pleasant, clean and plentiful, featured average quality steam table fare. Nothing fresh or delicious (except desserts). However the selection and variety of both the dining rooms and the buffet were excellent. --No midnight buffet! Our traveling companions were full of stories of amazing midnight buffets that cruises are famous for, but it wasn't offered. (Although to be honest, I'm not sure we could have waited up even if it was!) --Lines being occasionally held up in order for pictures to be taken. This was especially annoying in Cabo San Lucas, where a 45 minute long line in the sun was made even slower by photographers. Who wants their picture taken after a hot, sweaty day on the beach, loaded down with packages and wet towels? If the line is long, the photographers should suspend their photo taking. --Explorer's Lounge was one of my favorite spots. Cozy chairs by the window were a great place to read or relax between activities. But every afternoon, the art auction completely dominated this otherwise quiet space. Too frequent, too loud and too many pieces of art strewn about, making it impossible to find a chair for hours at a time. --On-board shopping. The shipboard shops were ho- hum. I had expected to be sorely tempted, but instead found myself searching for something interesting to buy as a ship souvenir on the last day. Even the art gallery was disappointing since no prices were posted, and art could be purchased only through the tedious auctions. --Atrium. Also ho-hum, though tastefully so. Think lobby of a very nice Hilton Hotel. We used it every day, but nothing to write home about. The lobby bars with cocktail music were, however, especially nice just before or after dinner. --Shore Excursion staff. To be fair, when we needed to make a last-minute change to our pre-booked shore excursion in Puerto Vallarta, they were courteous and kind (even though we were doing so after the "cut off" time for changes). But in both Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas, we were going off on our own. I asked the excursions desk for advice on a nice beach to try. Both times I was told "I don't really know" or "I couldn't tell you." That's ridiculous. I think the excursion staff should be ready and willing to help you whether you have purchased a Princess excursion or not. --Peddlers on the beach. In Mazatlan and Cabo we were pestered by hordes of vendors selling silver and trinkets on the beach. Most un-relaxing. Next time, would research places where vendors were not allowed. Perhaps private resorts?

All quibbles aside, I can't imagine someone saying that they didn't enjoy this ship and this cruise. It was a delight.

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Publication Date: December 28, 2002

My husband David and I decided to take each other on a New Year's Eve cruise to celebrate his 41st birthday and to enjoy some warm weather during the Christmas/New Year's vacation. After months of anticipation, the day arrived. At the last minute, we decided to drive from the Bay Area to San Pedro instead of flying due to stormy weather that was coming in. As we turned into the harbor, we were stunned at the immense size of the Star Princes. After David returned from parking the car, we handed our luggage off to a porter and our adventure began.

Since we had all the pre-boarding information completed on line, the process went very smoothly. They waved us through security and onto the ship. We quickly located our cabin (C732, inside) and met our room steward, Jun. Our luggage arrived before we finished exploring the room. Since we were celebrating my husband's birthday, we had pre-ordered a special occasion package, part of which was waiting for us upon our arrival. (Be sure to request robes and a fruit bowl for your cabin.) We even tipped Jun, our cabin steward, right away

to assure we would be well taken care of. The cabin was nicer and larger than we expected. Since we booked at a late date for the very popular New Year's cruise, we were not able to get a balcony cabin. The bathroom was small but sharing was not a problem. My husband and I have separate bathrooms in our home, but we were pleasantly surprised that the size, not to mention sharing, was not a problem.

Helpful planning hints

Ladies, if you are interested in spa services, book early when you get on board. When I went to the spa to book my package, I firmly avoided the tour that they were pushing. And even though I knew exactly what services I wanted, I still had to stand in line for 40 minutes to sign up. I was pleasantly surprised that during my spa treatment, they didn't push any other products or services (which was very unlike Steiner, the spa operator), and I really appreciated it. Also, if you want to dine in Sabatini's during your cruise, make the reservations right away.

Personal Choice Dining

One obvious benefit to Personal Choice is meeting new people each night at dinner. We are a married couple, age 40, and the dining staff really tried to match us up with people in our age range. One night they didn't have anyone when we went in for dinner so it was just the two of us. Another night we were the youngest at our table and we still really enjoyed our table mates. We made reservations for dinner each night at 6 p.m. However, since the phone was often busy and I couldn't get through, I found the whole reservation process very stressful. When I was finally able to speak to someone, I couldn't make a reservation more than a day in advance. It was nice having dinner at 6, but it was not easy arranging it. Next time I just hope we get early dining. About 30 percent of the passengers did not dress appropriately for the evening, and it was really noticeable in the dining rooms. Even so, the dining staff did not turn people away who were wearing jeans.

Since it was a New Year's Eve cruise, we expected something very special on that particular evening, and Princess did have a couple of New Year's Eve parties. The main event was a deck party complete with streamers, if you could get your hands on them. Party hats were handed out in the dining rooms earlier that evening. The streamers were suppose to be thrown at midnight, but many people started much earlier. To our disappointment, Princess didn't offer free champagne -- not even a first glass. However, there were plenty of waiters to assist you if you wanted to buy some.

The ship

The Star Princess is a wonderful ship. Even with its immense size, the ship is easy to get around. We especially enjoyed the lovely and plentiful artwork in the stairwells. There were so many pieces of art, we were nearly convinced that crew members were moving pieces around and introducing new pieces into stairwells we thought we were familiar with. We really had fun with the art and were still noticing new pieces at the end of the week. The ship was kept very clean. Someone was always wiping the handrails and elevator buttons -- perhaps because of the recent health problems on other ships. Although I had heard comments to the contrary, I did not see any significant signs of wear and tear.

The service

The service was adequate. Only a couple of crew members really outdid themselves. The others seemed to be going through the motions. I even overheard comments between the crewmembers that weren't really professional.

Of the three ports of call, we enjoyed Puerto Vallarta the best and plan to go back. We took a Coastal Drive tour and were able to see some nice sights; it was well worth the money. Afterwards we went exploring on our own. It's a great place to find handmade arts and crafts and to bargain over prices. We ate lunch in town at the Blue Shrimp restaurant, which we had heard about from a couple of different sources. The cruise line also recommends it. It was a great meal and the restaurant owner and employees were wonderful.

David took snorkeling and kayak tours in the other two ports of call (Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas). While the Mazatlan kayaking was fine, the water was so murky that the snorkeling was barely worth the trouble. The Cabo snorkeling tour was by far the better of the two ports.

Activities on board

We really did not see many of the shows. Karaoke gave us a good laugh one night...but only one night. Seeing the same people became too painful to watch. Some of the activities on board seemed more popular than others. I went to a craft class one afternoon where 12 of us made elegant paper boxes out of old menus from one of the ship's dining rooms. We went to just one horse race and that was more than enough for us. There were many other activities. We tried playing golf on the putting green. It was well designed and beautifully executed even to the point of having sound effects. However, the high wind and rocking of the ship drove our scores so high that we decided to seek other amusements.

We had formal afternoon tea once where David was the only man at a table of seven women. He was definitely a hit with the ladies over 65. There are lots of opportunities for photos; take a lot, since you don't have to purchase the ones you hate. The formal nights were a great opportunity to have our portraits taken, especially the Black and White portrait, which was a great opportunity for a different sort of look. We were very pleased with the results. (by the way, it was especially fun looking at other people's photos; we were not the only ones doing this.)

The gift shops were tastefully appointed with lovely items that we had not seen "everywhere else." With one exception, the sales people were generally great. They had daily shopping specials advertised by flyers in your mailbox. There was a bit of controversy about having to pay for ice cream at Scoops. But it's only $4, and considering the amount you get, it is well worth the money. (People can be so cheap and crabby on vacation.) It was a nice treat getting ice cream sundaes and sodas while relaxing at the pool.


Disembarkation went smoothly. We were invited to wait in a lounge that was reserved for Platinum Members of the Captain's Circle. We were guests of another couple and thus we were able to spend our last hour on board in the luxury and service we had become accustomed to (e.g., newspaper, tea, coffee, and pastries). This really was a nice way to wait until you can disembark; most people just hung around waiting in the hallways.

Final thoughts

This vacation was wonderful. Not only were we able to relax and unwind, we met some great people. Most importantly, David and I spent quality time together. They don't call it the LOVE BOAT for nothing.

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Publication Date: December 7, 2002

First of all, a little information about us - we are in our early 50's and have cruised previously on the Dawn Princess and on Holland America. We were looking for an adult oriented cruise with a somewhat younger crowd than Holland America. Princess cruises are a perfect fit for us in that respect with a mixture of all ages and not too many children.

Having registered our information online, the embarkation process was a breeze. No wait and no hassle at all. We also booked our excursions online and that worked very well too.

We booked an inside cabin this time and found it to be comfortable and not too cramped. The food was good but not up to the level we'd experienced on our previous cruises. It impressed the other couple traveling with us who were first time cruisers but was a bit of a disappointment to us. The service, however, was excellent in the dining room. The entertainment was good --we'd recommend arriving early for good seating at the main shows. Overall service on the ship was very good, the ports were interesting, and the ship itself is beautiful.

We will definitely cruise again with Princess.
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Publication Date: February 1, 2003

With a different ship making the Mexican Riviera run, we decided to do it again the first week of February on the Star Princess. We book online about four months ahead, a very quick and painless experience, and get a guaranteed BD stateroom for the 2-1-03 voyage.

Our booking soon showed up on the Princess web site with nothing assigned as for as room number or dining. In mid December, the website showed we had been assigned to stateroom C201.. Although this is far forward, it is an upgrade to a BB stateroom. The site also shows our request for late traditional dining, table for 10 had been honored.

Early January, our documents show up in the mail with the same room and dinning information and we start to locate and prepare anything we will be taking Along with the normal clothes and toiletries, we have come up with a list of gotta haves, come in handys and might needs: digital camera battery charger and extra batteries power strip with three foot cord small and medium "bungee cords" 2-way radios small roll of duct tape all in one "Leatherman" tool first aide kit

nylon mesh "dirty clothes" bags, can double as beach bag scented candle canister of "crystal Light" to mask tap water taste sewing kit travel iron small package safety pins waterproof flashlight lint roller small stack of $1 bills for room service tips 2-$20 International calling cards for room steward and waiter of our table laptop computer-now before anyone turns up their nose at this little item, let me tell you what it will do. I can download the digital camera as often as I want. At my leisure, I can edit and modify the photos. Watch one or two DVD movies or play games when there's nothing else going on. I have over 31 hours of music on the hard drive. Or even spend a couple of minutes a day on this little article.

Last year, we walked Puerto Vallarta all day and did excursions in Mazatlan and Cabo. We have planed to do the reverse this time. We found a snorkel/kayak trip to the leeward side of Marietas island on the outer edge of Banderas Bay (where Cousteau filmed his first TV shows). A taxi ride to the Golden Zone for a little shopping and a meal or two featuring the local shrimp. Cabo has five or ten bars we can explore before going to the flea market before heading back to the ship the flea market near the dock.

The week before we are due to leave, I note a strange coincidence. Looking through the TV listings, I find films like Jaws, White Squall, Poseidon Adventure, The Deep, Castaway etc...

Anyway, the first finally arrives and our daughter takes the 41 minutes to drives us down to the cruise center. After surrendering our bags to the porter, we enter the two story building to find organized chaos. No one was there to direct you to what part of the building or which line to go to. We get in one of the lines and are told five minutes later we happened to get into the correct "express" line. This line moves about ten times faster than the "regular" line. We get to the front counter and get our ship cards with the correct room number. It is at this point we find a problem with our table assignment. The spot on the card that shows the table number was blank.

After getting our photos taken for the security department, we finally get on board. At each stairway landing and elevator, there is a Princess employee to direct you or answer any questions. We get to our stateroom, C201, in short order. There are only three things about this stateroom that stand out.

First is storage, on the Sea Princess there were shelves and bins behind closet doors and about 28" of rod space for hanging items. On Star Princess this is reversed. One floor to ceiling closet with 6 shelves that are about 12x12 inches. The rod for hanging items is a full six feet with a shelf just as long above it.

Second, the mystical second electrical outlet. At the end of one wall there is a hair dryer and one electrical outlet. At the end of the other wall is a small cabinet with the refrigerator inside, a "bar" area on top backed by mirrors topped off with a shelf for the TV. Behind the TV there is a second electrical outlet. I must also assume there is a third outlet behind the fridge, but since the cabinet is attached to the walls it could not be used anyway.

Third, we are on the 10th deck, the "profile" of the ship changes at this level. The deck is narrower by about 8 feet than the decks below. To make this transition, all the balconies on the Caribe deck are about 4 feet deeper than the other decks. As a result, the balcony is about half the size of the room itself. I am guessing 28 feet from door to balcony rail.

Our room Steward is from the Philippines and his name is Tony. He is very friendly and is always in an "up"mood. Our only request is for two robes which are delivered in about ten minutes.

We take about an hour to explore the ship getting a feel for the layout. When we enter the card/game room, a man was leaving with about ten decks of brand new playing cards. We say nothing but he volunteers that they play a game that needs a lot of cards. I think it more like lets get some free souvenirs. After getting something to eat we return to the stateroom to wait for the ship to push off. As it happens, we are delayed 40 minutes. We learn later about 130 people are delayed from some flight and the ship waits. After leaving the San Pedro Channel, I think the captain pushed the ship a little to make up for the lost time. The extra speed combined with 5 foot seas made for an interesting few hours. No time to get our sea legs, we were thrown right into it. By the time we go to bed, the ship settles down.

As far as our dinning assignment, we went to the purser's deck and inquired about it. They first said were assigned to PC, when we showed our paper work, they agreed we were to be in the second seating in the Amalfi Dinning room. Going there that first night, we found several hundred people waiting to enter. Most of these people had name tags showing they had something to do with "All Brands On Deck". I knew right away we were in trouble. When we finally reached the door, we were told we needed to go to a different dinning room for the PC assignment. We later learn that several hundred people had been bumped out of the traditional seating to make room for this group. We hadn't tried PC dinning yet, and it would have been our second choice anyway. We then learned that of the three main dinning rooms, only the Amalfi Room has traditional seating.

Over the week, we dined with quite a few delightful people. One who stood out was a lady from the Isle Of Mann. It was as if Mrs. Doubtfire had stepped off the screen. Six children, sixteen grandchildren and three great grand children. In addition, she kept the table laughing the entire meal. But we also had some table mates that we will not miss at all. Several that were plain obnoxious, but with the PC we only have to sit with them once.

What to say about food, if this were a four star restaurant I would be disappointed. If this were a Las Vegas buffet line, I would be very impessed. Since a cruise ship is a cross of the two I expected and got good quality food and excellent service.

As far as entertainment, a glance at the schedule of inroom movie and those shown in the theater are in video stores now or about to be released. Just a note about the "theater", DVD's through a projection system that was out of alinement. We saw "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", EVERYONE on the screen looked fat. In the Atrium there was a piano player and a string trio that played at various times. There were several "production"numbers in the Princess Theater, several "acts" that performed in the Vista Lounge (a juggler named Dan Bennett was outstanding), karoke, quasi game shows, jazz trios, a night time piano player and our chosen favorite "Derringer" a four piece group doing top 40 songs from the 60's to the 80's in the "Explorers's Lounge.

Over the week, we tried almost everything offered on the ship. Some of the more interesting things we found were:

Internet access-the computer itself was very slow plus a slow satellite hook up equals a $4.00 eight line email.

Bingo-we were introduced to the weird verbal chants from the crowd when certain numbers were called; Game caller: "B2, B2, Frank Sinatra's favorite number" Crowd: "Scooby dooby two"

Photography Shop-I was surprised to find photo processing costs the same as at home, no price gouging. Prints from digital media was only 40 cents a photo.

Breakfast Buffet on Lido-Omelettes made to order are there, but they don't let you know they're available. In addition, there made out of sight so other pax are unaware of their existence.

Drink Waiters-These are the people who come up to you every ten minutes, tring to get you to order drinks. When you order anything other than soda and beer, they ask "medium or large?" at no time do they mention small which is the size priced on the menus that litter the ship.

Food Availability-Start with room service that will bring almost anything, including whatever is on that night's dinning room menu. Fresh pizza is available most of the day as well as burgers and fries. As long as you want your burger well done no problem. One older gentlemen wanted a rare burger. Before it could be served, he had to sign off on a form releasing Princess from any adverse reaction he may have. Ice cream bars and sundaes are there for an extra price. Buffet on Lido offers a great varity of food and is open 24 hours a day. It was there I discovered that the ice tea served is from a concentrate and not brewed on the ship. Since the coffee served on Lido is from the same type of dispenser I assume it also is from a liquid concentrate. The Portafino restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch. All three dining rooms are open for diner although only one is traditional seating while the other two are "PC". Tequila's which offers a Southwestern menu for an $8 cover charge and Sabatini's Italian restaurant at a $15 extra charge. The menu at Tequila's did not interest us and the 2 ½ hours required to eat at Sabatini's did not suit us.

Tap Water-Last year we were on the Sea Princess and experienced a nasty after taste from the tap water. On the Star, there was a slight taste to the water, but not unpleasant at all.

Pools and Spas-Three large fresh water pools and nine "Jacuzzi's" around the ship with hot water showers next to the pools. I saw the water purity and chlorine being tested several times during the day by ship's staff.

Daycare-There are three rooms at the rear of the ship that offer child care for different age groups up to 17. I also saw a sign up sheet for after hour baby sitting.

The Snorkel kayak trip was fantastic. In Puerto Vallarta we took a private boat from a dock next to the Star. A one hour ride took us to a small island out in the bay where we swam for 90 minutes in clear water with abundant sea life. We returned to the boat where a well laid out lunch was waiting with an open bar. We then sailed to a secluded beach where we were left to our own devices for another 90 minutes. We were then returned to the dock. What was not planned was the pod of gray whales we happened upon in the trip out to the island. At one point they passed the boat within 70 feet. In addition, dolphins played in the boat's wake during the trip back to the dock.

Our trip to Mazatlan was OK, but the "Golden Zone" should be renamed "Shiny Brass". After seeing our 8Th Official Senior Frogs we went back to the ship. At 5:03PM the boat pulled back from the dock, just as two late comers arrived at the dock. After several minutes of hesitation, they moved the ship back to the dock so that they could jump on. This took about ten minutes and the rails were packed with passengers yelling various hints the entire time.

In Cabo, we found a lot of chain resturants (Hard Rock Cafe, Johnny Rockets, Subway,etc...) mixed with high end stores and flea markets.

Other than saving on sales and other taxes, we saw no savings in shopping at these ports. In fact I ran over to a Sam's Club in Puerto Vallarta and found the same prices as in the Los Angeles area.

Remember my list of gotta haves listed before, well: digital camera...used battery charger and extra batteries...used power strip with three foot cord...not used small and medium "bungee cords"...not used 2-way radios...not used small roll of duct tape...not used all in one "Leatherman" tool...not used first aide kit...not used nylon mesh "dirty clothes" bags, can double as beach bag...used scented candle...used canister of "crystal Light" to mask tap water taste...not used sewing kit...not used travel iron...not used small package safety pins...not used waterproof flashlight...not used lint roller...not used small stack of $1 bills for room service tips...used 2-$20 International calling cards for room steward and waiter of our table laptop computer-now...Because we were bumped from traditional seating, we now have a calling card for which we have no use.

On the last night, we found that most passengers are now using those extra large cases with wheels (us included). As a result the hallways are almost impassable. I think the cruise lines will have to rethink the baggage pick system in the near future as a matter of safety.

On the last day, we strolled the decks waiting for our group to be called. We spent some time watching the longshoreman unloading the luggage. Hopefully, my photos of bag after bag being thrown at least 20 feet to a concrete floor come out. It also explains how our hard sided Samsonite suitcase has two caved in corners.

All in all we had a great time and the seven days went by way to fast.

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Publication Date: December 7, 2002

A bit of background. we are in our 50"s and have traveled on Princess, Celebrity and Holland America.

We sailed out of LA on Dec 7th on Star Princess. Embarkation, as most seem to agree, goes fairly quickly and seems well organized. The ship is Huge and Beautiful and even with so large a capacity did not seem crowded....until personal choice dining begins.

What a mob scene. Even with a had to step aside and wait and wait.

Unfortunately..the wait was not worth it. The food was bland and uninteresting and the service was the worst offered on any ship we had been on. After being offered the Mondavi Cab for $100.00 and turning it down...the staff lost interest quickly. Sell...Sell....Sell...on this ship more than ever experienced before.

The specialty restaurants were excellent. Sabitini's was superb both in food and service and the Mexican restaurant again was the same. The shows were all very well done and along with some of the best we've seen. The smaller theatre, however, you must arrive (on this cruise) at least 1/2 Hour before begins or not get a seat. There were many disgruntled and unhappy people

arriving who couldn't find seats. The ports and the tendering in Cabo were excellent.

Overall, the staff was very friendly and accomodating except the DR staff..which I couldn't quite understand. The cabins and public rooms were superb. I do hope that with the larger ships that Princess looks at its personal choice dining a little closer.

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Publication Date: November 6, 2002

First let me say that we are a married couple with two teens, and we have sailed on Carnival, RCCL, NCL, and Celebrity. That said, I think this is a fair review by comparisson.

The ship is new and sparkling clean.It is HUGE and beautiful. We found the embarkation the easiest of any line, litterally minutes to check in and we we on board. We found our rooms and were delighted with the layout and room galore! There was room to unpack anything you needed. These rooms were well planned out.

Next we went to wait in line to see the Matre'd to change from Personal Choice dining to early seating...impossible, but they were very kind in assigning us a permanent table in the main Portifino dining room,#176, our waiter Andre was the highlight of the trip.We have NEVER had any better service. If only the food in the dining room was anywhere near as good as the service we would have been happy. I would rate the dining room food as the worst we have ever had. Nothing terrible, just bland,boring, tasteless choices.Absolutely nothing worth eating again. The food in

the buffet was usually as good or better and they had an abundance of fresh fruit and fabulous salad makings.

The pools are beautiful and always warm. They are never crowded because there are so many to choose from. Our favorite was the rear pool behing the Horizons buffet.

The service on this ship is the true value! There was not one single person we came in contact with that was not wonderful!!! And I am not usually one who goes on and on about service, but these people are so well trained and care so much about customer satisfaction that I must make it clear...The service on this ship is fantastic!

Would we cruise with Princess again...YES! Probably as soon as this March thru the Panama canal. Hope this helps you make a decission on your trip. Lisa

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Publication Date: September 7, 2002

I'm sure that if you are reviewing information for cruiselines, like I did prior to my Alaskan cruise with Princess, you are reading this and the other reviews to find out more about the ship. There is plenty of information about the ships size, rooms and entertainment, but I'm going to get to the "important" information so that you really know the "Star". Also, if you want information about Alaska email me. It is the most beautiful place I've been so far in my lifetime......

Checking in to the ship was a snap. I was done within 2 minutes. We checked in and after security screening (not a hassel at all), we were onboard. Your picture was taken as you boarded the ship by friendly and quick photographers. After boarding the ship you enter your personal ship account card/key for room into this machine that sounds like a disney sound...Tinkerbells rings...Ding....(quite cute!) then your onboard.

I think the ship is very attractive throughout. The exterior of the ship is beautiful and always clean. The staterooms are bigger than I expected (we stayed in the Dolphin Minisuite--Highly recommend, if you go with the Star).

The cabin steward for our suite "Danny" was friendly and always had our cabin clean, well stocked and if you needed his help he was there so fast I thought he was just outside our room waiting to be paged by one of his cabin guests..haha....

We did the traditional dining the first 2 nights and decided to change to personal choice, were we had our own table and it was more intimate. The food was the same choices whether you went with personal choice/traditional choice with one huge exception: The Service. The service with traditional dining was Excellent!!! The service for personal choice dining was Very bad! Put it this way its like the difference between Sizzler waiters and a 5star restaurant service. We always had to get the waiters attention for the personal choice dining room for more water etc. Otherwise, they just stood around and talked amongst themselves. The food was average and the portions were very small when compared to restuarants back here in L.A. So, make sure you order soup/salad prior or you will eat again later that evening.

The entertainment was great! Movie nights were always packed and the movies which played were fairly new ones. There are a few problems that I and others had with the movie theatre. The theatre was located within a Bar/show lounge and always followed a show. A small screen came down in the middle of the stage and then the movie started. I was expecting a movie theater by itself not a screen like you have at home. The room was filled with smoke, since the bar was behind you and people smoked during the film. We left early due to this. I think that Princess can afford to ban smoking during the movie and provide snackes/popcorn while viewing the film.

Here's were I'm going to get blunt about this ship.... I felt if though Princess hired carsalespeople for this ship. Meaning: from the time we boarded till the last day of our cruise, someone had something to sell you. It was annoying and at times rude. When boarding the ship we were tired due to a long travel to the ship. We were excited and once aboard there were greeters by the elevators. Not to greet you though. They stood there with bottles of soda etc standing there. Not welcome! Hello! I thought that they were providing us with a great welcome drink. I asked one of the "Salesman" for a drink. He said "Oh, no this is not for you to consume now, it is for a sodacard for your trip for only $20 you can drink (only fountain) unlimited sodas....No thank you i said. In the room, once again i saw a tall bottle of water with the words "Welcome and enjoy" on the advertisement on the bottle. For $3.50 you could "enjoy" the water. I really think that after paying a lot of money for this cruise they can at least welcome you with a fr! ee bottle of water at least for the first day.....

The selling didn't stop. I went to the spa..The treatment was excellent. I did the floatation treatment 2.5 hours followed by a nap on the tiled beds ah wish i was there now. However, after my treatment the spa employee right after my massage, said "Well to rid of the toxins blah blah blah you need these pills, lotions, soap and masque". I said no thank you. The part that troubles me is that he wrote up the purchases on my "spa purchse sheet". Yes for $375.00 i can rid my toxins. After I said no thank you he looked at me and said: "Didn't you enjoy the treatments today?". I said yes a lot. He said: "Well then continue the process with these great products". I said no thank you. He said: "You just told me that you enjoyed this spa treatment so I think you should continue it with these items i personally picked out for you". I stood up looked him straight in the face and said: "Yes, I fully enjoyed this treatment up until now. The spa treatment was great, but your aggresive s! ells pitch just ruined my last 2.5 hours of bliss". After he scratched out the items for purchase he walked out then came back with the changed receipt and asked if i was still leaving him a tip. I said: "Yes, my tip is that you ask your spa patron if they want a particular item. If they say yes great..If no..great also". He said that they are required to sell products after each treatment. I told him that I frequent spas in Beverly Hills, Calfornia and never get that sells pitch. I left him a tip and talked to the manager the next day about this.

If you don't mind the sells pitching, upgrade drinks etc. for additional $$. Poor dining food and service (buffet and personal choice dining), great spa treatments with bad attitude employees the the Star is for you. I will not be cruising with the Star ever again, but I might try Princess once more to be fair. Which ship? Probably a smaller one with more charm and hopefully better staff with less sales experience!

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