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73 User Reviews of Norwegian Sun Cruise Ship

Norwegian Sun
Publication Date: January 28, 2006

This is being written as a warning to anyone planning on traveling with NCL, or Norwegian Cruise Line. They completely misrepresent what to expect on their ships, and the food is way below average unless you are willing to use the "pay" restaurants every night. We just returned from the 1/28 sailing with Norwegian Sun and couldn't wait to get home!!My fiancee and I are 26 and 35 years old.

We have average incomes and didn't have insane expectations for this cruise. What we expected was to be entertained, eat a lot of good food, and most important - to have fun! NONE of these things happened. Because there are so many bad things to report I have decided to make a list of the worst things we experienced!

1) Nothing is organized correctly, so expect to be waiting around a lot.

2) Unless you book your excursion through NCL you must wait to be let off the ship last, and have no priority. If you DO book through NCL expect to leave for your excursion at LEAST an hour later than they say, and to have it be nothing like it

has been described.

* For example, in Belize we booked the Arial Trek & Cave Tubing. We spent at least an hour waiting in line on slippery steep rock steps for the zip lining while in our "protective gear." The zip lining itself lasted maybe 20 minutes. NCL described it as "floating above the trees for two hours." Get the picture here? I'm not even going into detail about how unsafe the cave tubing was.

* In Cozumel NCL caused us to miss the ferry to Playa Del Carmen. Because they were not only unorganized, but since we had not booked through them (they did not offer this tour) we were forced to wait longer than the other people. We spent most of our day back on the ship fighting with both NCL and Xcaret to get our money refunded. We are still fighting for our money back from Xcaret, and NCL is the sole reason for us missing the ferry.

* Some people (not us) were stranded on an island instead of deep sea fishing for 5 hours with no food, drinks or water. I'm sure you'll be hearing from them on some of these sites as well!

3) You must dress up for every restaurant after 5:00 pm. * You may wear anything you like to the buffet, but good luck finding the large buffet open during port days or after 8pm.

4) The food in the non-pay dining rooms is the same on both menus, and horrible. * We ate it to be polite, but at the table of four next to us two people got up and left when the food was delivered. The other two complained, but ate. The table next to them complained and made faces throughout their entire dinner, then ordered a bottle of white wine to ease the pain. * I lost weight during this cruise and was usually hungry. No joke!

5) The average age of passenger was 55. * This cruise should be billed as a cruise for seniors. This made the entire pace of the cruise very slow.

5a) Because the average age of people was older, the trivia games as well as name that tune were focused on the 20's-50's. I'm NOT kidding. These games in and of themselves were horribly run and set up as well.

6) Children (although there were not many of them) take over the pool/hot tub area. No attempt is made by the NCL staff to move them to the children's area of the ship. This makes it impossible to use the hot tubs.

7) The one day we stayed by the pool my watch was stolen. NCL logged it into their very large book of "missing" items.

8) The entertainment was dreadful. The woman who won the "guest talent show" was better than any singer the cruise line provided.

These, trust me, are still not ALL of the bad points of this ship. It must get as old reading all of this as it did experiencing it. Since you probably get the point I will list the good points!

1) Our room was always clean, and the maids were quick. * We had a large balcony room and that was the saving grace of this trip. We spent a lot of time there on the balcony or in the casino because the rest of the ship and it's entertainment were useless.

2) The staff was always friendly and polite. These people work hard and you should respect them!

In conclusion, this trip was a major disappointment. My fiancee forced me to remember that we have to make the best of things, so that is what we tried to do. We did meet some very nice people, but not while on the ship. We met the most people while at port in Cozumel. We decided to write this as a warning to people who are traveling with NCL, specifically the NCL SUN. Lower your expectations before going on this cruise or you WILL be disappointed. Our advice? Cancel if you can and try either another NCL ship, or other cruise line all together. We, personally will never travel with NCL again.

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Publication Date: September 18, 2005

Best ship I have ever been on! Most friendly staff, great entertainment, cruise director and staff were the best. Great food, nicest people (guests and staff) I have ever met on a cruise.

Can't wait to try Norwegian again, except maybe somewhere warmer :)

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: April 2, 2005

We just got back from our Cruise. It was wonderful. I have to first say that Patti the crusie director was so funny and great at her job. We really liked her a lot. The entertainment was wonderful. We really enjoyed Jane Powell. The service was great. We did'nt get into Grand Cayman because of choppy water. That was a let down, but the rest of the ports were great. The food in the 4 Seasons was really good and the Maite'D was very helpful.

FreeStyle was excellent and was felt pampered with the white-gloved service. The ship was quite elegant. The casino paid off for us while playing slots. The entertainment was excellent and Jane Powell, the chocolate goddess of love was top-notch! We could have listen to her act every night. We were very pleased with this cruise. Thanks Norwegian Cruise Line!

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: January 29, 2005

We recently returned from our cruise. It was a great experience. Checking in was a breeze. We arrived at the pier around 10:00. We were there before the doors opened. When they did everything was very organized. It took about 5 minutes to check in. We then waited in a pre-boarding area. We were offered juice and water. There were televisions set up through out the terminal that played videos of the destinations we were going to be visiting.

When on board, we were directed to our cabin. We had an oceanview with a balcony. I thought there was plenty of room in the cabin. We are two adults and we had 4 suitcases plus carry ons. There was lots of room to store everything. We even had some space to spare. The room would be crowded with more than two people in it though. The balcony was nice, but the chairs were quite uncomfortable.

Upon exploring the rest of the ship, we found everything to be very nice. The ship was clean and everyone was very friendly.

We had lunch and went to the pool to wait for the rest

of our group. There is never a shortage of bar servers offering you a beverage. That was nice not to have to hunt someone down to get you a drink. Our favorite server was Elena-she was outstanding!

There are several choices for dining. We did not eat at any of the restaurants that required an additional fee. We liked the food in both the Seven Seas and the Four Seasons. I did find the service friendlier in the Seven Seas. We also ate at the buffet. That food was fine as well. Overall, the food was not the best I've ever had, but it was better than being home cooking and doing the dishes!

The bands by the pool and in the lounges were okay. I've heard better. The game shows and things like that were fun. We were a large group, so I usually knew someone who was participating. The Caribbean night at the pool shouldn't be missed.

We enjoyed all of the stops that we had-Grand Cayman, Roatan, Belize and Cozumel. Snorkeling seemed better in Cayman that Belize. That may have been weather related though.

Disembarkation was also very easy. They began letting people off of the ship at 7:45 and we were in our car by 8:00.

Overall, a good time was had by all!

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: December 25, 2004

The NCL Sun is a nice ship, but the way the ship is run needs alot of improvement. The food is the biggest dissapointment. Your local fast food restraunt is better quailty. The service ranges from very good to not so great. (Cabin staff was very good)

The Sun is a mass-market type of cruise. Don't expect much personal service. The staff will do what is required of them only, they don't go out of their way for you. All in all, you get what you pay for. This is not an expensive cruise. My advice is to pay a little more and get a much better experience.

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: February 25, 2006

After reading several negative reviews, my husband and I were pleasantly surprised that almost nothing of what was said was true. This means that if you booked a cruise on the Sun, you should rest assured that you will have a good time as long as you make it your goal to have a good time!!

EMBARKATION First, let me start with embarkation. As a past cruiser (the Sun was my third cruise), this was the absolute smoothest embarkation I've experienced. Literally, I was in my stateroom within 30 minutes, if not less!!! This includes waiting on line (never outside in the blazing heat as had happened to us on Carnival), clearing with U.S. Customs, registering with the ship, taking the first picture, buying the soda card, etc. Also, from the beginning, you see how meticulous NCL is with cleanliness as they ask you immediately upon boarding to sanitize your hands with a little gadget they provide that you will find throughout the ship, especially at their restaurants and buffet areas.

ACTIVITIES The activities on the Sun weren't bad, but they could've been better. With my past experiences, I found Carnival's activities to

be much more fun and wilder. If you want relaxing activities, you will definitely find them here. If you want a crazy Cruise Staff and nonstop party-atmosphere activities, you won't be very satisfied here. Despite this, I have to say that my husband and I had a good time anyway; we were never bored with any of their activities and there was always something to do. The best ones include daily trivia (my personal favorite), Jeopardy, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Not So Newlywed Game, etc. Also, I looove karaoke and you will find plenty of karaoke time on the Sun and a great variety of songs. The disco was not the best, so if you are young like we are and are looking to go "clubbing," don't count on Dazzles to be the place. You're better off going to a late show, one of the late buffets or snacks, and the casino. Oh, right, the shows were good. The Cirque Peter Pan was awesome as were the comedic jugglers. My favorite show was comedian Joe Yanetti's. Oh my gosh, he was awesome, sooo funny, so don't miss ANY of his shows!! They are all different yet the same type of sarcastic humor that I love!! But obviously, don't sit near him as he will pick on you!

The singers were great, too. The group of Filipino singers were THE BOMB (I loved all their ABBA covers), and the Motown singers were very good, too. Looks like Norwegian definitely splurges on their talent as did Carnival, so that's a good thing.

Also, they showed daily movies in Dazzles, so if you want to catch a movie, it's a good option. But don't expect popcorn. Also, they are recent DVD releases, nothing that is in theatres at the moment. Finally, you can catch any of these movies in your stateroom, so if you don't go, you are not missing much.

CASINO Ok, my favorite thing about the casino was their late-nite snacks!!! Yummy!! I loved the sandwiches, wings, etc. Carnival and Costa definitely didn't have this!! About the casino, I know nothing about table games; I stick to slot machines. I love the quarter slots, so I won a few dollars from them. The machines don't take quarters--you have to change your money to the ship's tokens.

BINGO Too expensive for me!! Never played except for the one or two free games they give you. This was way more expensive than Carnival and Costa. And the payouts were about the same (a couple of hundred dollars). To me, it was not worth it, but if that suits your fancy, go for it. I noticed they have this little Bingo machine that does all the playing for you when you purchase lots of cards, so that was cool.

FOOD & DRINKS The food was as good as buffet-type, mass-produced cafeteria food gets. It was good, so I never understand people who complain about buffet food unless it's cold or something. The pizza was a little cold sometimes, about lukewarm. That could've been better. But the rest (including desserts--especially the cheesecakes and chocolate-covered strawberries!!) was great. The a la carte menu at the free restaurants was awesome. Also, what a great surprise the Cooking Light menus were!! Sometimes their offerings were better than the regular food they offered (ex.: Chicken parm, salmon with peach-apricot glaze, etc.). Oh, if you like Indian food, don't get your hopes up on their Indian menu as some friends who tried it said it was not very good. As always, the service at their sit-down restaurants was good as is on most ships. We didn't try any of the restaurants that require reservations and cover charges. Didn't see the point. But these same friends I made on the trip said the food there was good, too, if I remember correctly. Finally, chocolate buffet on the last night was not as I thought it would be. That said, you will find some choices that are good. Oh, don't forget to try the menu at the Tapas restaurant (forgot the name)--it's free. You can also find different free food at the sports bar. Fish and chips is good!!! DRINKS ARE TOOOOO EXPENSIVE!! Their specials were $9 cocktails!! That's more expensive than NYC!!!

STATEROOM We got lucky. We got upgraded to the best inside stateroom. It was big for a stateroom and very comfy!! King-sized bed and all. Bathroom was comfy. The only thing I didn't like was that the shower water's temperature changed a lot while you were showering! That was uncomfortable but you can't have it all. Also, the cleaning lady was very good and nice, but she always seemed to clean when we were there (during our mid-afternoon breaks). So if you don't want them to interrupt a quick nap or shower, make sure you put the Do Not Disturb sign during those hours or else they'll come knocking every day!!

STORES/SHOPPING What I liked about NCL was that they didn't push/persuade you into shopping or buying their services onboard like other cruise lines do. They give you their fliers daily and that's it. No constant announcements over the PA system on their sales, etc. No one pushes you daily to go to their shops in port and buy their diamonds, no one is pulling you into their spa to get an overpriced manicure.

CONCLUSION Overall, this cruise was a good experience for my husband and me. We had more fun on our Carnival cruise, but this cruise was very relaxing and the ship had many more amenities and comforts!!! Keep in mind that this cruise was more expensive for us, as well, so we limited ourselves in some things due to our budget!! But we still had a blast!! It's what you make of it that comes of it, remember that!!!! Any questions, you can e-mail me at Bon voyage...

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: December 18, 2005
We have been on 12 cruises, (the past 3 there have been 9 of us traveling together, 4 kids ages 7-13 and 5 adults ages 42-78).  Embarkation at Houston was done on-ship in the Stardust Lounge. It was fast and easy. The port is basically a commercial port – so it is nothing special to look at/take photos of. (The port was changed from New Orleans due to Katrina). The ship is clean and well taken care of. The cabin was nicely laid out – we were on Deck 8 in cabins with verandas. Very nice. Closet and drawer space is good. The room steward was efficient. Entertainment was acceptable, though we did find some of the dancing quite suggestive; we are not prudes but the ship knew there were 400+ children on this sailing and we thought some of the dancing could have been toned down a bit. One comedian was outstanding – the other was a bomb. Food, compared to other cruises we have been on, was only fair to good. The buffets were pretty good overall.  Not much cut-up fresh fruit however, which we really missed. The burgers at the outdoor café were terrible- over-cooked, dry and cold. The pizza was not much better. The menus in the main dining rooms were quite confusing- they seemed to try too hard to make dishes sound good, but they actually did not taste that good! We really did not enjoy most dinners. We did eat at 2 of the specialty restaurants – East Meets West (Steak) and Le Bistro (French). These 2 meals were outstanding!! Actually, more along the quality of dinners we have experienced on other lines, but you pay the extra charge for these meals on the Sun. The main issue I want to address in this review is the Freestyle Cruising concept. This was our first time on a Freestyle Cruise. We thought it would give us more flexibility in planning our day/evening and dinner would not take as long since we would be eliminating the waiter “chit-chat”. However, we found our actual experience to be to the contrary. Traveling with a large group – it was tough for them to accommodate our group of 9 – they either squeezed us into a table for 8 or put us at 2 tables near each other. Also, since we did want to see the various evening shows and were a large group, we found we still needed to set a time to eat dinner. The biggest issue was that we found dinner actually took LONGER than with the traditional “same waiter every night”. Especially with a large group of varying ages, everyone has their dining idiosyncrasies. (the men wanted iced tea every night, one couple liked an assortment of cheeses brought at the beginning of each dinner, one child always wanted the sauces on the side, etc. etc.) So, rather than the same waiter learning our dining preferences, we found we had to explain these things at each dinner - hence dinner took much longer. Bottom line - we think freestyle cruising would probably work best for 2 people traveling together who can make decisions on the fly, but it did not work out well for a large group. In general, our experience on the Sun was good, though not exceptional. I doubt we would recommend the ship when we have had better experiences on other ships/lines.
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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: November 6, 2005

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: October 16, 2005

Embarkation - Port of Houston I have sailed from here once before and at that time things went much more smoothly. On the day of our sailing, it was particularly disorganized but this was the Sun's first sailing ever from there; it arrived in port two hours late, so that, coupled with a changeover of 300 or so crew, may have contributed to the poor communications evident during boarding. But once we got inside the building, we were onboard in 80 minutes. From the time the lines opened, it took about 25 minutes. Boarding began at 12:20 p.m. Parking is $7 a day in the lot adjacent to the pier.

The walkway to the ship is very long and steep in places, so if you have difficulty walking inclines I suggest you get a wheelchair.

The greeting onboard was chaotic, probably due to new staff.

The Ship The Sun is one of the ships built for freestyle cruising, and so is superior to the Dream or Majesty, which we sailed in the past. There are no real bottlenecks. The interior is done in NCL's typical understated style and is filled with bronze colored

woods, brass and bronzy colored granite. In places the interior seemed somewhat stark and a bit claustrophobic but overall it is a sleek and elegant ship -- no glitz or neon here. The atrium area is a bit on the small side and the panoramic elevators are oddly shaped (kind of keyhole shaped, narrow at the entrance, ballooning out toward the rear), which made for difficulty in loading and offloading. The central staircases are of the typical spiral type, making attractive places for photos. Several bars, the Internet cafe and customer service areas all rim the atrium. Hallways are nearly devoid of artwork; the artworks in the stairways were large florals, with a different flower for each floor (if it's poppies, I must be near the casino!). Hallways were carpeted in brick-dust red with buttery yellow walls. Common areas had blue carpet. All carpet and wall surfaces were in excellent repair.


There are two main dining rooms, appointed primarily with two- and four-person tables. They are easily rearranged for larger groups. The Seven Seas dining room is on the stern, so it has windows on three sides allowing for many window tables. There were no booths, just tables (although some tables had unusual center legs, making it difficult to cross your legs).

The buffet was well laid out and only the beverage area was weird. The ice dispenser was in the center rather than at the beginning near the glassware. An omelet station was off to the side, as was a separate Belgian waffle station. It is necessary to wear a shirt and shoes in the buffet. An outside buffet area serves nearly identical fare, plus hot dogs and hamburgers. Its seating area was on the stern -- a very pleasant spot where you could dine in your bathing suit. You do need to pass through the indoor buffet to get there, but you didn't need to be fully dressed if you were just passing through. There is a complimentary ice cream bar off the pool area, which was open most of the time. At lunch and dinner, the waffle station became the dessert station and the omelet island was stir fry or Indian cuisine. Several specialty restaurants were available such as a tapas bar, sushi bar, Italian restaurant and steak house. All but the tapas bar required an additional fee. On formal night the fee for the steak house was reduced from $10 to $5.

Spa The spa, off the pool area, had a large assortment of exercise equipment. Yoga and Pilates classes were available for a fee; aerobics sessions were complimentary. The spa is operated by the Mandara company, and thus operates much like those on other lines. The steam room and saunas were small but free. The showers in the spa were much more spacious than the cabin showers and had liquid soap and shampoo available. The showers had cute little transparent doors which might give bashful folks a problem; but more problematic for me was their tendency to slide open as the ship rolled.

The theater seats were high-backed, which created a bit of a problem for short people like me who had to crane a bit to see above the back. Seating down front was much more comfortable. There were two levels to the theater, and several poles created partial obstructions.


There were several lounges, and the Observation Lounge on Deck 12 at the bow and provides a beautiful, sweeping view. It is a nice place to hide away during the day and read, as it did not seem to be used much. It is nicely appointed with rattan furniture and a medium size dance floor. Dazzles is more centrally located and has a larger dance floor and many activities -- e.g. game shows, art auctions and bingo -- were held there. A champagne bar adjoins the atrium as does a coffee bar. The Sports Bar on Deck 12 had many TV screens and served 22 types of beer.

The pool area has two pools divided by a raised area of four Jacuzzis. The pool water is salt water. Walking decks are the promenade, with 3-1/2 laps per mile and festive murals all the way around; and the sports deck,, which has a padded walking surface but requires something like 12 laps to the mile. The promenade deck is the boat deck so it is covered walking while the sports deck is sunny.


The casino is well laid out and has the usual variety of slots, video poker and table games. There are 10 penny machines, 18 nickels, a goodly number of quarter and the balance are 50 cents through $5. There are four $1 video poker machines, four quarter poker machines and eight progressive quarter machines. They are connected to other machines in the fleet. Table games are craps, blackjack, roulette, Let it Ride, Caribbean Stud, Baccarat and Texas Hold-em. Casino service was prompt and courteous. There are wireless video casino machines available for rent; I don't understand them but they were available outside the casino and in the sports bar.

Cabin Ours was an inside cabin on Deck 10. It was the most spacious interior cabin we ever had. Storage was more than ample, with one large closet and a short closet in another cabinet with three drawers. The desk area had three large drawers below and one above, and also held the safe. On the opposite side was a ceiling-to-floor set of six shelves about 10 inches wide. A refrigerator, TV, DVD player and four-cup coffeepot were standard. Folgers coffee was provided. There is one electrical outlet. The bathroom has a circular shower with a curtain held snugly in place by vertical rods in the curtain. Six storage shelves were provided. There is a real toilet paper holder (so the tissue does not fly off the holder with use), a wall mounted hair dryer, and an outlet for electric razors. The shower has normal single handle controls and an adjustable-height shower head. The bedding is the typical NCL duvet and quality cotton.

Entertainment The shows were excellent and usually 45-50 minutes in length. The comedian was of the Bill Cosby squeaky-clean-but-funny variety -- very refreshing. Lounge entertainment was all excellent. There was a great show band, a terrific combo who had both been with MoTown groups in earlier lives, a very talented pianist in the piano bar, and the usual poolside Caribbean combo, who were better than usual. To my taste, all the entertainment was better than the norm.

The usual game shows, bingo and poolside activities were offered. The ship also has a mesh enclosed basketball court, ping-pong area, and golf driving range.

In the library the usual board games were available for checkout, and bridge gatherings were held. DVDs were available for rent.

Many groups held meetings on board -- Friends of Bill, Friends of Dorothy, veterans, red hat ladies, medical professionals and some others I know I've forgotten.

Food The quality was a bit better than most other ships, but that is such a matter of personal taste that it is hard to judge. I did find the menus ridiculous in their descriptions, though. There were times I honestly could not wade through the fru-fru descriptions and it became quite the joke with many passengers about whether some of the items were soups, desserts or the names of facial cleansers. On lobster night they actually had decent-sized lobsters.

Wine service was handled by the waiters and went smoothly. There was no wine program available unless you are a Latitudes member; then you could buy five and get one free.

Thankfully, there was no nightly entertainment by dancing waiters, and the dress code was enforced for the most part.

Buffet food was the usual fare, of good quality and available round the clock with the exception of change-over pauses in service. Food was also available at times in the casino.

Cleanliness The ship was the cleanest I've ever been on. Hand sanitizing was strictly enforced at embarkations and at all buffet lines and restaurant entrances. A sign at the captain's party noted that hand-shaking was discouraged.

Staff Even though many were brand new to the ship, they all seemed genuinely interested in helping. They all seemed particularly adept at remembering names throughout the week -- a nice touch. I cannot think of a single staff member who was rude or even indifferent.

Disembarking NCL has an express system whereby if you carry all your luggage off yourself, you can be in the first group off the ship. Quite a few people seemed to opt for this. We were off the ship by 7:20 a.m. and breezed through Customs. We exited the parking lot at 7:30. Wow! You are allowed to wait in your cabin until your group is called.

Tips are added to your account automatically unless you request otherwise.

Security was very good. They were not shy about intervening to subdue unruly passengers. One man raised quite a fuss in the casino, throwing chips about and being your basic obnoxious drunk. He went on to dinner, where security came and politely removed him from his table, took him to the office and restricted his onboard account to non-alcoholic beverages only. He was also warned that should he be a problem again he would be put off the ship or placed in the brig. Another idiot decided to beat up on the elevator controls while yelling at his new bride. Security tracked him down and placed him in the brig until he sobered up and they determined he was not a threat to his wife. I heard he was also fined for the damage he did to the elevator.

This and That

Photographers: Almost invisible! The photography staff was available for formal photos and as always at the pier, but they were not in your face every time you turned around.

Announcements were kept to a minimum.

Drinks were of good quality and the prices seemed reasonable.

Passengers were a middle aged-and-older, subdued crowd, but not ready for the morgue. It was not a party crowd but there were lots of dancers and well behaved people. Passengers were mostly U.S. citizens. There were not many children, but school was in session.

As for Internet access, the ship has about 10 stations available but I always use the more affordable shore-side outlets. Per-minute use was 75 cents and packages were available including wireless.

The passenger talent show one night was the usual embarrassing display.

The jewelry shop onboard is a Columbian Emeralds shop.

Latitudes comps seem chintzier than in the past.

Overall: I'd do it again in a minute - and I plan to next fall, when she returns to New Orleans.

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: December 18, 2004

This was our 7th cruise - previous cruises on Carnival/Costa/Princess. We arrived at the Port of Miami about 1:30 p.m. and were cruising the ship by 2:15 at the latest. Very short lines and they moved quickly. Port of Miami was not marked very well as to what lane to be in for the Sun and we had to ask several people where to park, etc. I'm sure this is due in large part to the construction at the port. Parking was DIRECTLY across from the ship, which was awesome - especially when we returned. Parking is $84. for the week - upfront, cash. Ship is immaculate and workers friendly and helpful - and, it stayed that way the entire week! Sunday - at sea day - lovely weather, seas a little rough. No trouble finding deck chairs and enjoying the day's activities. Could use more "pool games/activities" - a little dull, but very relaxing. Monday - Grand Cayman - VERY windy and rough. Still amazed and HAPPY that we were able to tender in. We booked the Stingrays with Capt. Bryan and had a wonderful time. This was our second/third

visit to the stingrays and still was awesome. Caught the last tender to the ship.....:)

Tuesday - Roatan - What a beautiful glide in to port along side the island. Lovely. VERY poor port, but great people and scenery. Booked with Paul David w/Salt & Pepper and transported to Foster Bay for Discover Scuba and snorkeling and delicious lobster lunch. Fabulous scuba/snorkeling and beach. Great time. Again, caught the last tender to ship as we had to give up the pier to the Norwegian Sea :) Wednesday - Belize - Again, poor port, but lovely. LONG tender in....great shopping when you get off the tender. We booked Xtreme Tubing and had a great time. The car/van ride is pretty long and the last 5 miles is on HORRIBLE road - don't know how they keep their vehicles tied together. Anyway, was fun :) Caught the second to last tender...:) Thursday - Cozumel - Went snorkeling at Dzul Ha and then to Paradise Beach for fun. Both, awesome! Cozumel is so neat - every time we go we find something new to do and it's beautiful. Friday - At sea day - again, no problem with deck chairs and just relaxed. Saturday - :*( Off the ship - chose self-disembarking, which was FABULOUS. 7:30 a.m. you line up and off you go with all your bags, of course. We had some trouble with 11 bags, but well worth it! We were in the van and out of the parking lot by 8 a.m. Couple of notes: Video arcade could use updating and some repair of games...Video arcade uses quarters. Food was very good, but buffet in the Garden Cafe could have better selections and quality. It was good, but I think there's room for improvement...we did not starve LOL Cruise Director Colin Kerr was GREAT - what a funny guy! :) We had category BB #9048 and category I #9033 - Rooms were BIG and AWESOME - balconies a little on the small side, but thoroughly enjoyed! Chairs on the balconies were very uncomfortable - if you have a wide load, you may get stuck. Recommend the plastic chairs with reclining backs - would have been SO MUCH BETTER! Coffee pots in rooms are indeed water boilers, but I found an instant coffee I liked so enjoyed my coffee on the balcony each morning. The towel check out on port days is nuts. You have to line up and check out towels - just causes more lines and more confusion. Just put the towels in the cabins, if they don't return them...charge them. The Wednesday "laundry promotion" (all the laundry you can fit in a bag for $20) is at the ship's discretion. They chose not to do the "laundry thing" on our cruise and I packed depending on it, so we were a bit stretched. The shows were all VERY GOOD and we enjoyed them all! We ate three times in the Seven Seas dining room -food was very good - hot and served rapidly. I think that does it - hope you enjoy the Sun half as much as we did. Was a GREAT CRUISE and can't wait for next year (wait a minute...this year) for the next one! Happy Cruising!

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