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2 User Reviews of Viking Aegir Cruise Ship

Publication Date: December 5, 2016

My husband and I were recently aboard the Viking Skirnir for the Grand European Tour beginning September 26 and ending October 10. This was our “Swan Song,” because due to our age, we knew we couldn’t take another trip like this.

When we arrived in Vienna, my husband became suddenly and extremely ill with what we later learned was pneumonia. The doctor that Verona, the concierge, called came to our stateroom, observed my husband on the floor and said, “I’m a doctor. I don’t pick people up.” Then he charged me 100 Euros, leaving me with three Euros. I asked him to call an ambulance, which he did, because my husband was feverish and unable to rise from the floor. He is nearing 90, so of course, I was extremely worried about him, and I was sick, too. Verona took charge as we were leaving the ship, but did nothing to help us in any way. She said I would have to find a way to get to Budapest to pack up our things and get them back to Vienna. She told me that a taxi would be too expensive, and

I should take a train, but didn’t tell me where I could find a train station. She made no suggestion where I might find a hotel in Vienna, or anyone I could call to get some advice as to how I might manage alone in Vienna. Nor did she call my emergency number to notify my daughter what had happened to us. Why do we give emergency contacts to Viking? Our children were terrified. Meanwhile, on the third day, Verona called me to say I could pick up my belongings when the ship made its return trip to Vienna. She knew all along that the ship was coming back, but she let me worry over how I was going to get to Budapest to get our things. My blood pressure was 228/110 and I had to make two trips to the emergency room for IVs to try to lower it. I’ve never been so alone and so worried in my life.

My husband was in the hospital for 10 days, when we were finally discharged to return home, but unfortunately I have only the memory of being an old woman completely helpless in Vienna without even a hint of concern or assistance and unable to speak the language. Would Verona have wanted her mother to have been put in this situation? My letter to Viking about this was sent a month ago, but it has has gone unanswered.

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inconsiderate heartless cooperation...
Publication Date: July 30, 2014

My grandparents booked this cruise in April of this year. My grandfather passed away this last week, unexpectedly. My grandmother called to see what could be done with the tickets, within 2 minutes of talking to someone, they had her in tears saying that it is not their fault that he died and showing a death certificate would unnecessary because it meant nothing to them. My brother took the phone and ask to speak to management on her behalf. When he got a response saying that their is no management, then got hung up on. We then called again to hopefully to talk to someone else. We then came to realize that the lady we were talking to was management, that told us there was no management. We are still waiting for a reply. We mentioned to get an attorney involved and they said it was unnecessary and would not give information to contact theirs.

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