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1 User Reviews of Viking Odin Cruise Ship

Bad winter cruise
Publication Date: January 29, 2015

This was apparently the last outing of the season and it showed. The crew was tired and testy. The food poor and lacking in fresh fruit and vegetables - several meals had no vegetables or fruit at all. Meals were served at differing times each day and the daily newsletter did not always have the correct time listed so we missed a number of meals - especially breakfast and lunch. The heating was often non-existent and at other times smothering. Some of the outings were great, others were very poor, but the crew never bothered to let us know when we could leave the ship and kept a chain across the gangplank until the outings occurred. After missing the opportunity to see Melk because we made the mistake of reading and believing the daily flyer and obeying the chain, only to have a crew member harshly scold us for wanting to actually do what their flyer recommended - stroll through Melk. - we began to simply remove the chain as soon as we docked. It turned out that others were equally as frustrated and they also began to leave as soon

as they saw us go.

The area was beautiful, especially in all of the snow, and on the plus side we both lost several pounds on this trip. The New Year's Eve party was karaoke and not pleasant and other events promised did not really occur.

I would highly recommend that if you choose Viking, do not let them make flight arrangements. They routed us to Newark with a connecting flight out of JFK. We had similar problems on the return trip. The upshot of the airline debacle was the loss of a day on the return and having to spend an extra $500 and much anxiety to get home. Definitely not worth the supposed 'savings and convenience' of having Viking make the arrangements.

Viking's solution to our complaints was to give us a voucher for $250 each for travel on their cruise line - to be used within one year. They did not seem to understand that the last thing we wanted to do was waste any additional vacation time on another bad cruise any time soon.

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