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29 User Reviews of Westerdam Cruise Ship

Publication Date: May 23, 2009

This ship touts itself as a five star ship. But I would give it a one star and consider it comparable to Motel 6.

The rooms are tiny! The rooms are filthy!

Within five minutes of boarding and looking at my room, I asked to have my money back. There are no consumer protections! They just flatly said no way -- you cannot have your money back.

Also beware of the casino. They will let you have $1000 a day credit per person in your room. And you will lose. So watch out for that snake pit!

By the way, we had a verandah room. The verandah, or tiny little outside deck, is way nicer than the room.

The rooms are about the size of a large walk in closet -- very tiny.

Also watch out for the constant sales pitches. They have whole channels on television devoted to selling you stuff on the ship. The shore excursions are dynamite, but my advice is for the price you pay just to get on the boat, fly to a city, and pay for your excursions, staying in a nice hotel room. You not

only get a way nicer place to lay your head, but you can pay for way more excursions also. You can easily spend several thousand dollars on shore excursions off the ship, and they are expensive!

Also watch out for illness. Way easy to get sick on this ship.

Holland America devotes a whole channel on the stateroom tv to selling you jewelry.

They have seminars on the ship just to sell you stuff.

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: November 29, 2008

We picked this ship because of the itiniery. It sounded so great and we were going with my brother and sister-in-law, so I was very excited.

Not to be. She became sick the night before we flew and so I was very disappointed. My brother booked a flight for the following day, but she was still sick. Sad.

We flew to Ft. Lauderdale the day before and stayed at Pelican Beach Resort. Let me tell you that this is one fabulous hotel! Right on the beach, very clean, awesome restaurant, and the rooms! First class all the way. I didn't want to leave.

We left for the ship at 1:00 the next day and found there were virtually no lines to embark. Wow. This was a first for us. Easy peasy. We then went to our room and found it to our liking. It was a VB balcony. There was enough room and we knew we would have beautiful views. Unfortunately, the deck was flooded and this issue was never remedied during the cruise, despite two complaints.

Off to the Lido for lunch we went. We found the food to be consistently

good during this cruise. I should say that this was our first Holland America cruise and our tenth overall.

Dinner that evening was spent at the Pinnacle. We had four nights there, since we were supposed to have my brother and his wife with us. We'd paid beforehand for this and looked forward to two nights that were now four. Believe me when I tell you that this was fantastic!!!! Food, service, and ambiance were excellent and we thoroughly enjoyed our dinners there. Another night, we ate at the Lido, and it was good. My disappointment was with the main dining room. We asked for, and were flatly denied, a table for two on two separate occasions. I've never had that happen before and usually a maitre'd makes some effort but this one did not. No smile, just no. We ended up sitting with a nice couple one night, but the other night we were seated with very negative people. It ruined dinner for us.

Entertainment was ok. I liked the comedian, Julie Barr very much. The rest was ok. Dancers were great. That's it. I think we've really enjoyed entertainment more on Norwegian and Carnival.

Okay, on to the ports! Loved Grand Turk since we beached it all day. Fabulous. There's a little shopping there if you're interested.

St. Martin, what can I say? My favorite port of all time. I like the Dutch side since I like those campy bars and the beach, so we were very happy there. Shopping is terrific there too.

Tortola was our best stop. We have friends there and they took us out for the afternoon for a catamaran ride. Loved every minute. What a treat. Fun to see them again and the scenery is awesome.

The disappointing stop for us was the private island. The Westerdam and the Noordam were both there at the same time and it was way, way too crowded. Couldn't find a chair. It was a waste of our time to get off the ship for this stop. I'd really looked forward to this island, too. It was a shame.

Well, all and all, we had a good cruise. Our room was very clean, service was genuinely friendly and top-notch, with a few glitches. Am I sold on Holland? Not yet. I missed the younger crowd. This ship had a lot of very old people on it. My goal is to become very old some day, but not quite yet! I missed the regee bands on other lines and the party atmosphere of Carnival.

Disembarking was a breeze as well. Easiest I've ever experienced.

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: April 12, 2008

This was our 9th cruise. I love cruising, but this was the worst one yet!

From the unfriendly staff, to running out of certain foods often, it was very disappointing.

By far the food was only average at best. The cabin guys were good (did not know how to make the towel animals), but that was it.

Others told us they had been on the same cruise last year and it was much better. They were not enjoying this cruise either.

Having been on another Holland America ship doing a transatlantic, the difference was very noticeable!

I would not recommend this cruise to anyone!

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: December 9, 2007

This was my first HAL sailing and I chose it because of the itinerary. Check in was very painless and we were onboard by noon. The ship was very clean and the land-based crew very polite. Trying to get through the detectors was a bit difficult, it was then I realized we would be sailing with an older-than-expected crowd. We headed to lunch then to our VA mostly aft cabin -- nice size bath with tub and the much needed balcony.

Unfortunately we got caught in Tropical Storm Olga's path and this ship rocked and rolled, more than I've experienced on other ships of this size. Captain got us close to Grank Turk, then decided that the winds were too high and took us back to sea. So much for our new island experience. We did get reimbursed the port charges and offered a glass of champagne.

Dinners were pleasant, food mostly good but the fish dishes were the best I've had on any cruise ship. The headwaiter made sure my husband had his roasted chicken every night, a simple request our first night, and it was taken care of for

the remainder of our cruise. Service was excellent and our waiter, Puto, was superb (we were a group of 11).

The shows were mediocre, comedian Phil was good. The illusionist was better at humor than illusion, fun to watch. Cruise Director Shane Einspahr was the hardest-working CD I've ever met. He had a very small staff (2) to help with all of the activities.

Disembarkation was smooth, waited at one of the lounges. We used the Signature Express Baggage service, worked out great and all breakables arrived safely to JFK.

HAL's service was very good, my room steward was very late in making our bed every day but had a great attitude. Tips are automatically added to your shipboard account. Everyone onboard works really hard to make your cruise adventure a pleasant one.

Not to be missed -- HAL's Half Moon Cay Grand Oasis Cabana: Our group rented the Grand Oasis Cabana and it was the highlight of our trip, and a wonderful place to spend the day. For $1200 for up to 12, the cabana comes equipped with bar, bartender, butler, personal chef and food choices of steak, mahimahi, ribs, chicken, burgers, and hot dogs, along with salads and fruit. Brownies, cookies, snacks and dips are also provided. It did take us an hour to locate some mint for our mojitos, but worth every minute. The cabana has 2 bathrooms, full shower, 8 person hottub which we so loved! Also, snorkel gear and floaties, and lastly a great slide.

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Publication Date: May 7, 2006

"And Robert, what did you do for your summer vacation?" My imaginary teacher asked. "Well, I took an Alaskan cruise," I responded. "An Alaskan cruise, Wow! Would you care to share your experience with the rest of the class?" "You bet!" I belted out.

Well class, I guess I should start at the beginning. Twenty years ago my wife and I decided to get married. To make a long story short, I woke up one day a few months ago, and realized that twenty years had passed by. In fact, twenty years had shot by in the blink of an eye. After this realization had set in, we both felt that this milestone needed a special acknowledgment. Neither of us had been on a cruise, so it was decided - a seven-day Alaskan cruise leaving from Seattle, would be a fun way to celebrate our twentieth anniversary.

Before we embarked on our journey, there were questions that needed answers. Through which agency should we book? How much is this going to cost? Which cruise line should we take? On what date should we leave on? What should we pack? What side excursions should

we book?

We booked on the ms Westerdam, which is a Holland America Line ship, leaving May 7. This was the first sailing of the season. And, this was to be the inaugural sailing to Alaska of Holland America's "new" refitted ms Westerdam.

We arrived in Seattle a day early, which gave us some time to see the city. After walking through the downtown area and going to Pike's Market - a bustling market with fresh fish stalls, food, handicrafts, entertainers and an upbeat energy, we both agreed that Seattle has a unique charm, and along with the surrounding area, deserved at least a week for exploring.

The next day, we arrived at our embarkation terminal at 1:30 p.m., for a 4:00 p.m. sailing. Embarkation took about an hour. There were lines, security checks, luggage checks and room assignments. Our room was on the first deck of a nine-story ship. Being on the first deck would prove to be very advantageous. We were midship and had a room with a large window. Midship and lower down is the most stable and smoothest place to be. In fact, I can't recall ever feeling like the ship was moving even when we hit some rough seas on day two of our trip.

The ship sailed at 4:00 p.m. and before we knew it, it was 5:30 and time for dinner. We had elected to have an earlier sitting. This was determined at the time we purchased our cruise tickets. An earlier sitting allowed us to have time do a little exercising after dinner (six laps of walking around Deck Three - two miles) and still have time to catch a show.

Our table had ten people assigned to it. This would be our nightly table and dinner companions for the trip, unless we chose to go up to the ninth floor which served a buffet dinner (or lunch or breakfast) all day and evening. Or we could also opt for the Pinnacle Grill which was a fancy — pricy wines - type of restaurant. Our first stop was Glacier Bay, Alaska. Glacier Bay was a magnificent sight - approximately 65 miles long and filled with fjords and inlets. It was a cloudy, drizzly day, perfect weather for hot Dutch pea soup (a Holland America tradition) served on the observation decks. Three Glacier Bay park rangers came on board to give a talk on the area.

Juneau was our next stop. Juneau is the capital of Alaska, although at first glance, one would think that it was a mining and lumber town by the general look and feel of it. Holland America offered a number of side excursions at each port of call. For example, in Juneau one could take a helicopter flight to a glacier, book a dog sledding adventure, go whale watching or take a sea coast nature walk. All of the side trips were a bit pricy for our budget, so we opted to hop a local bus out to Mendenhall Glacier which was well worth the effort. We spent the afternoon gazing in awe at this incredible work of nature.

Then we were on to Sitka for our next port of call. By now our routines were set in place - laps around Deck Three after meals, walks up the staircase to the pool area on Deck Nine. On the first day we had agreed not use the elevators, to burn off calories. There were nightly pilgrimages (by my wife) to an American Idol type of contest (which culminated the last night of our cruise), and the Jacuzzi for me - on Deck Nine later in the evening. This was a lifestyle to which I had no problem adapting.

Sitka was a beautiful village/town nestled in a forested inlet. Sitka was the only port where we "tendered" to get ashore. In other words, we docked in the bay about a mile out from the town and rode in on one of the Westerdam's life boats.

Rather than book a tour or excursion in Sitka, we again opted to walk through town, stopping at Sitka National Historic park, and a local coffee house to check e-mail.

Our next port of call was Ketchikan. Ketchikan, along with Sitka is home to the Tlingit ("klin-Kit") tribes who first inhabited the area. Because of the abundant fishing, the Tlingits set up a fishing camp at the mouth of the Ketchikan Creek. The town was later incorporated in 1900. It wasn't long after, that Kitchikan, became known as the "Salmon Capital of the World." Today, Ketchikan's economic base is tourism.

From Ketchikan we headed south to Victoria, Canada. We had a short stay in Victoria (about six hours), but it was long enough to realize that along with Seattle, Victoria is a place we'd like to come back and revisit. It's quite beautiful - on an enclosed bay with the majestic Empress Hotel as its centerpiece, looking out over the bay.

We sailed out of Victoria about 11:00 p.m. and arrived in Seattle the following morning at about 7:00 a.m. Cruise complete, it was time to reflect on the experience.

This was out first cruise, and we both agreed that it was a very positive experience. There are a couple areas of the cruise experience that stand out- that made the trip so positive. First, the staff of the ms Westerdam, primarily Indonesian, were committed in body and soul to having this be a great experience for us. Our cabin attendant was genuinely friendly, making and remaking our bed every time we left the room. The bed was turned down each evening with a chocolate on the pillow and the following day's itinerary was placed in view.

The food on board the ship was superb. The menus varied nightly. And the dining room staff was, again, committed to having this sailing be the best possible experience.

The ship itself, offered a variety of nooks and crannies, from coffee bars to casinos to libraries to cater to just about any interests.

In Ketchikan, we talked to some people who were booked on a competitive cruise line. They were less than pleased with the food and the service on their ship. "Less than pleased" is a polite way of saying that parts of their trip were nightmarish. For example, an initial embarkation process in Seattle which should have taken an hour, took about seven hours. And no food or water was available while they went through this process. They were also charged extra for steaks or lobster. And according to them, the ships staff was, in general, unfriendly.

These negative comments about this particular cruise line were echoed by others. So for me, if I take another cruise (which I hope to do again), it's definitely going to be on a Holland America ship.

Robert Ross can be reached by e-mail at: SanDiegoRoss@hotmail.com Copyright 2006 by Robert Ross, all rights reserved

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: February 10, 2008

If you like the smell and use of cigarettes you are going to LOVE this ship.

Smoking in the cabins. Smoking in the bars. Smoking in the Casino. Hallways and common areas permeated with SECOND HAND smoke.

Smoke in the photography shop from the adjacent bar. Smoke in any hallway that has smokers in their cabins. Complaints at purser's desk result in a reading that smoking is allowed from their brochure. "If you feel ill from cigarette smoke go to the infirmary", staff says. Hotel manager was conveniently never available for smoking-related complaints.

First time on this seagoing second hand smoking machine and it will be my LAST.

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Eastern Mediterranean
Publication Date: July 20, 2007


We traveled independently and took the train from Rome Termini Station to Civitavecchia. The cost of the train for 2 people was 9 Euros (about 13USD). We found other people at the train station in Civitavecchia and shared a cab with them to the ship (2.50 Euros each). Embarkation was very smooth. We had done online check-in previous to arrival. All documents were processed in less than 2 minutes at the pier. There was no line when we arrived. Note: The brochure notes that it "strongly suggested" your passport not expire for 6 months after travel date. However, in reality, HAL will not let you complete embarkation if your passport expires within that period. Trust me: my partner's passport expired in October and he had to run to Philadelphia 2 days before we traveled and get a new one.


Overall: At first, as many of us are, I was not overly impressed. But as the 10 days went along, I really came to enjoy the layout and feel of the ship. The corridors had a nice flow. It was very clever the way the gift shops open up to one large

area. The glass elevators overlooking the sea are so much nicer than those on other ships that merely overlook an atrium or public area. It was great to see a real wood Promenade Deck, which was used by many of us for walking and jogging. Of course, HAL has those great deck chairs on that deck. Put me in one with a book, look at the sea, and I'm asleep! My only concerns were the atrium and some of the décor. The atrium was clearly too small and always seemed tight. There is a bar on Main Deck right in the center, which obstructs traffic flow. Some of the décor is eclectic, at best. While the elevator doors are designed with beautiful metal designs, the interiors are modern with strange colors and the areas in front of the elevator also had a mixture of classic and modern styles.

Dining Room: The dining room is very attractive. Get a table near a window; part of the dining room is windowless. The service was wonderful, as it usually is on HAL. I did my best to learn some basic phrases in Indonesian and Tagolog, showing the wait staff interest in their culture.

Spa/Gym: While I didn't use the spa, I did use the gym every day. It's not the biggest and is missing cross-training machines, which I prefer. Nearly half of the gym floor was taken up with exercise classes, which did not often take place.

Cabins: Nicely decorated, though the art work was a bit strange. There was plenty of "secret" storage space. I discovered midway through the cruise there were drawers under the cushion portion of the couch, and on the last day realized that there were very large drawers under the bed. The bathroom was attractive and offered sufficient room. The ammenities were plentiful and of high quality.

Activities/Shows: I participated in many trivia contests, although I was disappointed that many occurred during late "main" seating dinner. I would suggest having them very late 10:30, or before late seating. The shows were much better than I expected. The house is large, but there are many poor sight lines. I always have trouble with canned singing on cruise ships, but the dancing was excellent.


Breakfast: We ate most meals in the dining room, planning our day, so that we gave ourselves enough time to enjoy it. Nearly everything that was offered in the Lido buffet was offered in the dining room.

Lunch: This we had to take in the Lido, since we were off the ship during lunch hours. I was impressed with fact that there was an Asian station, which stayed open throughout the afternoon. There was usually a vegetarian meal. Occasionally, we ordered sandwiches in the room when we returned from touring. They were tasty and presented with class.

High Tea: One of the highlights of the day. Between trips to the gym, we indulged on pastries and scones with clotted cream at high tea. The service was white glove and a very professional string quartet entertained.

Dinner: We took this in the dining room each night, except when we stayed in Santorini for sunset. (On that night, there was a barbeque buffet poolside. We returned at 9:15 and it seemed disorganized and sloppy.) Dinner was always presented with style and was prepared and plated well. I usually had 2 appetizers, since portions were small and some were just wonderful! Kudos to the Head Chef for having an abundance of mango and papaya selections. I couldn't get these in the Caribbean!! Not being a meat eater, I cannot speak to those dishes, but I can tell you the fish was excellent, particularly the sea bream and Dover Sole.

Ports of Call

I must preface all ports by saying there was a heatwave. It was 100 degrees or higher many days and touring was just tiring. I carried liters of water with me and still looked like I just ran a marathon.

Dubrovnik -- This was one of the highlights of the cruise. We shared a taxi from the ship to the city walls. I think it was 5 or 10 Euros for the cab. Cab drivers will try to sell you tours. That's your call. We walked the entire city walls. Well worth it—the highlight of the city. We visited churches and synagogues in the city and stopped for a beer (a daily ritual).

Corfu -- The weakest port. We walked to town. Big mistake (well, I got lost!). We should have taken a cab. (HAL had shuttle bus service, but it was always more than sharing a cab.) Corfu had little to offer. We stopped for a Greek (Turkish) coffee and beer and visited St. Spyridon Church, paying respects to the saint and icons. A priest blessed all who saw the crypt.

Katakolon -- I had been here before, but didn't go to Olympia. We found a well air-conditioned new train that goes from Katakolon to Olympia for 1 Euro (yes ONE euro). The ship did not mention this. We found some other cruise passengers who joined us. We visited the Museum in Olympia, before seeing the ruins. The museum is well worth it; those on the tour who did not see the museum were disappointed.

Santorini -- We took the donkeys up the mountain. Faster (and smellier) than the cable car, whose line seemed to wrap around the island). Hint: go after 12 pm, most people have made the assent by then. We enjoyed the shopping and tiny streets. We found some churches and took tons of pictures. We stopped for a beer (surprised), high above the harbor. 3 cruise ships were in. We returned to the ship at 1pm and came back to Santorini (tendered) at 7pm for sunset and another drink. Do this—all the visitors do.

Athens -- We walked to the Metro (mistake—take the #845 bus) and then took the Metro directly to Monastiraki, where we shopped, visited the Agora and Temple of Hepheastion. We had been to the Acropolis, so we skipped it this time. Besides, it was 8 bi-zillion degrees. Again, we stopped for a cold local beer. (Beer note: I'm a dark beer drinker. It's very hard to find any dark beers in the Med and on the ship, there are NONE for sale.)

Kusadasi -- We enjoyed shopping in the city. I bought a 14k ring and some cheap souvenirs. Everything is walkable. We found the mosque and visited it. A local showed us the proper way to wash our feet. We took a shore excursion to Ephesus – the only shore excursion we took. We really enjoyed it, even with the extreme heat. It's really spectacular.

Messina -- We really wanted to go to Taormina (having been there before) and would have taken the train, but the ship departed at 2pm. Therefore, we walked around the city, visiting 5 churches. The most fascinating (and we found it by accident) was a monastery where we saw the preserved body of a female saint. (I'm sorry; I cannot remember her name). We found a way up to pay respects, high above the alter.

Rome -- We stayed in Rome one night before the cruise, and again, one night after the cruise. On the first day, we saw (via bus and Metro) all of the major sites, except for the Vatican Museum (line too long). As tired as we were, on the return to Rome, we took a train to Assisi for a quick 3 hour visit. The train ride was worth it; Assisi is truly unique. Our hotel in Rome was the Diocleziano, near the train station. Well worth the $120 euros. We could walk to and from the train station.

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: February 4, 2007

nothing like an nlv outbreak to make a cruise

and the preparedness, training, and procedures left a lot to be desired.

isolated in a cabin - no mask!!

if it's so contagious from person-to-person - why no mask

first reaction - blame the passengers

with the volendam having an outbreak just a week or so before - port everglades for both - why not heightened procedures up front for - for at least the first 55 hours (typical incubation time for person-to-person contact.

even after tougher procedures - worker sneezed into plastic gloves and did not change gloves.

beyond simple job relatd tasks - the crew, overwhelmingkly from developing nations have little functional english.

a dteriment in this situation - makes one wonder about other emergencies.

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: November 19, 2006

For sentimental reasons (my husband and I spent our honeymoon on old Volendam, we spent birthdays and anniversaries on HAL ships), Holland America has always been our second favorite cruise line. (Home Lines, where I met hubby, will always be #1, for obvious reasons.)After returning from the Thanksgiving 2006 cruise on Westerdam, I can honestly say that HAL and Westerdam are two separate entities which, other than the great crew, have nothing else in common.

Our SA category cabin was spacious, immaculate, and Uman, our steward, always had us laughing with his towel animals, especially the monkey hanging from the lamp. He kept us in toiletries and plenty of towels. Because of our superior cabin, we had access to the Neptune Lounge where we could eat, drink, play games and read magazines until 8:30 pm. Renchel and Michelle, who staffed the lounge, were very professional, making appointments for the Pinnacle Grill for other passengers (we had already made them for our cruise pre-cruise), scheduling shore excursions, and all around general help.

The weather on the first, sixth and seventh day was sunny and warm, but the rest of the time saw rain, overcast skies,

and dampness. Our shore excursions on Grand Turk and Cayman Islands was cancelled and we managed to secure anchorage in another area of Grand Cayman (not in Georgetown) while four other ships were turned away.

The ship's decor was not as luxurious as on other HAL ships and it seems that colors were combined at the last minute with no thought to color coordination. The public areas were, however, spotless and filled with those famous flower arrangements we have come to expect from Holland America.

The crew staff was, as one would expect on HAL ships, smiling, friendly, and very helpful. We renewed acquaintances with many old crew friends on board throughout the ship. I will note that we (along with a few other passengers) found the captain to be smug and arrogant (we went away patting ourselves on the back whenever he came on the PA system, saying to ourselves, "Am I not great or what?" My husband earned his bronze medallion on this cruise, while I have a red pin under my belt, so you can tell we have traveled with HAL before. In fact, we took trips on the Zuiderdam last Thanksgiving and on the Zandam over New Years.

By way of history, my husband and I are both New Yorkers and freely have access to fine restaurants, great Broadway plays and concerts in Manhattan. On board the ship, we forego the shows in order to eat in the Pinnacle Grill where the ambience, food, and spaciousness erase all the stress from living in a high-powered city. We are always the last passengers to leave the Pinnacle. We take our time, enjoy our food, savor our wine, and have great conversation. On both other HAL ships, we ate at the Pinnacle Grill at the Odyssey Restaurant every night and planned to do the same on the Westerdam.

We prepaid for five evenings, our travel agent gave us one evening, and we were going to pay for Thanksgiving (holiday eating arrangements must be made on board) but as events will unfold below, HAL footed the bill for that night. The Pinnacle Grill on board the Westerdam was the worst specialty restaurant we have ever eaten in. Marcus, the chef, is a 26 year old stressed young man (crew comment, not ours), while Peter, the Maitre'd, does nothing but walk the floor, ask how your day was, and look pretty. The food varied every night, and nightly with each course. Sometimes it was perfect (looking and tasting the way it did on the other two ships), sometimes it was cold, luke warm, burnt, and missed some ingredients, and other parts of the meal, as a matter of fact. My husband's diver scallops had the leeks marmalade, but lacked the jasmine rice and seared vegetables. He kiddingly asked our waiter if the shrimp scampi came with shrimp one evening.

My Fragrant Chicken Thai soup was burnt and lukewarm one evening and my husband's button mushrooms cold. The second night, my seasonal greens salad was completely wilted over an extremely spicy salad dressing (cider vinegar) and I had to eat bread to rid my palate of the taste. This preceded the veal chop which was all fat and gristle, again, luke warm. I had two bites of this and it went the same way as the salad. Luckily, I filled up on bread and by that time, was (fed up) not hungry. Peter did absolutely nothing, while our outstanding waiters, Imam and Amelia were very apologetic, and trying to make up for our bad experiences. They got worse. On the first night, I had chicken marsala which lacked raisins and hazelnuts and three nights later, had the same dish again, with the raisins and hazelnuts suddenly appearing. Marcus, who finally appeared after our third evening, said that he had no control over what was printed on the menu, that he could only work with his ingredients. I said if that was the case, change the menu. I also said that he could control how things came out: hot/cold/lukewarm. That was a no-brainer.

Food was good the next two nights but again turned bad once again. They ran out of things (watermelon sorbet, porterhouse steak, butternut squash-apple soup) only to have them appear the next night or in the Lido Restaurant for lunch. (Were we sleeping when the helicopter came on board to deliver new supplies? Hello!)We complained and scheduled an appointment to meet with Mr. Case, the Culinary Top Man in control here, which saw us in the middle of the Neptune Lounge (with people coming and going, listening to us) with no regards to privacy whatsoever. He kept looking at his phone as opposed to us, with such an incredible look on his face that we were making these things up. He would get to the bottom of this, he said. That was the last we heard from him. I wrote up some things which were (supposedly) presented to the hotel manager and you got it, never heard a word from him, either.

Our last evening, the beverage manager came to our table (I had to ask who he was as he never introduced himself to us) wherein he gave us free "designer bottled water" even though we already had opened bottled water in glasses, gave us, compliments of Mr. Case, a bottle of Austrian wine (which we took home as we had opened Dom Perignon and were drinking that at the time) and also gave us a bottle of Muscat dessert wine (which we did open and drank with dessert). I thanked him but told him it was too little, too late. They should have done something for us when we complained the second/third night, not the last night.

The morale of the story is this: when you pay $5000 for a cabin, $2000 for your wine bill (Dom Perignon four nights, Opus One two evenings and Far Niente another night), when you take three HAL cruises in the same ball park monetary figures within one year, when you are constant repeaters as we are, they, like Dean Witter, should listen. Having already eaten in two other Pinnacle Grill restaurants, we know what things look like, how they should be presented, what they should taste like. HAL should have done the right thing in order to keep their passengers happy, but they did not. Our next three cruises in 07 (March, May and November) will be with RCL. As the old adage says, "I can spend my money anywhere." P.S. I also wrote a review on Celebrity Century, so I do not always complain about ships!

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: October 19, 2006

We enjoyed ourselves on this cruise and thought it might be helpful to share our experiences with everyone. My wife and I are both in our mid thirties and we have two young children. We decided to leave the kids at home with grandma and have an adult only week. We have been on a total of 9 cruises, but this was our first on HAL. We have sailed on RCCL, X, and NCL. We prefer X and even after this cruise will always pick them as our first choice. We will definitely cruise with HAL again someday, but not with our kids.

We chose this cruise because of the ports. We have heard great things about Half Moon Cay and were enchanted with the opportunity to go to Grand Turk. We have sailed the Caribbean four times previously and found this itinerary unique. We were originally supposed to go to Half Moon Cay, Grand Turk, Grand Cayman, and Costa Maya, but for some unknown reason they replaced Costa Maya with Key West, which was quite fine with us.

We flew to Ft. Lauderdale from LA the day before the cruise

and had a direct flight that was easy. We chose to stay at the AmeriSuties because of the easy location and good price. They picked us up at the airport promptly and our room was ready for us when we got there. The real problem was the room! It was small, smelled of mildew and was really run down. We made the best of it and went out to dinner at the Tex-Mex joint next door before turning in. We ate the complementary breakfast in the morning which was pretty good tasting but was in a place that was far too crowded. The Hotel took us to the ship at 1:00 after a late check out time and we were in line for embarking.

Embarkation was a long process. It seems that we arrived at the most hectic of times. We have never waited this long in line for a cruise before (around 1 hour). I don't think that the wait was HALs fault; it was probably just the time we arrived. At any rate they processed our paperwork and we were on board shortly after. On our way up the gangway I noticed that our room number was different then the one I was originally assigned and instead of going to our room I would have to go to the front desk of the ship. We did and was informed that we were upgraded from an inside Cat. L (#5022) to an Outside obstructed view (#4087). I was wondering if we were ever going to see our luggage because our tags were marked with our old room number. We went to the lido for lunch and when we got back our bags had indeed made it to the right place.

The Cabin was nice. We were quite pleased with the upgrade and found the layout of the room to be the same as a veranda type room without the balcony. The entire back wall was glass and we indeed had a big old lifeboat in front of it. I still liked the fact that we were able to see outside and had a larger room. The best part of the cabin was the bathroom. It was by far the best laid out design we have had. The shower actually had a tub! Quite nice! The beds are great and we slept very well! Our room attendant was named Wagi and he was great.

The Ship was really beautiful. From the moment we walked on board, we felt that this was a classy looking and feeling ship. The carpets are dark rich colors and the common areas have great artwork that features HAL's cruising traditions. The ship was exceptionally clean and well maintained. Though this ship is a good size vessel, it never really felt like a large ship because of the unique layout.

The Food is always a tough subject to review because everyone has such a different palate. The Lido Buffet is probably the nicest buffet I have seen on a cruise ship. It is well maintained and looks very nice. The functionality of this area is questionable. It is really confusing because they divide everything up into serving stations and in order to get your meal you seem to be waiting in five or six different lines. I actually gave up on eating breakfast there because it took to long and was far too confusing. The only thing I can say is that the food was of much better quality then I have seen on other buffets on any other brand of ship, but the layout was poor. Also we found service in the Lido poor. We were never asked for help with our trays and even during slow times tables sat uncleared for a long time.

The main dining room was nice and the food was just O.K. We certainly have had better on RCCL and Celebrity, but we were still able to find good selections each night for dinner. I feel that the Dining Room service on this ship was not very good. Our waiter didn't seem to be overworked yet service was inconsistent and unorganized. Our assistant waiter was not very good at all and he never really ever remembered our ice tea orders or any other preferences. Dishes were slow to arrive and slower to be cleared. It felt like they just didn't have things in good working order. I found that I ate a good deal of beef dishes and most of the time they were good and arrived cooked as I requested, however they were rarely served hot! The soups, salads, and appetizers were all pretty good, but the deserts were not. In my opinion HAL needs to work on the dining room service! We enjoyed our meals and always found things edible, but they certainly can improve!

Room Service was great! Because of the confusion in the Lido Buffet, we opted to eat breakfast each morning in our cabin. We filled out the card the night before and our orders arrived mostly on time and correct. We really were quite pleased in this area and found the room service food to be pretty good!

Pinnacle Grill was just alright! Our T.A. had given us a free evening at the Pinnacle so we made reservations and went. It was nice but I don't think I would pay the cover fee for the experience! The meal was good and the service was much better than in the dining room however.

Entertainment was for the most part good! The standard singing and dancing group was on the ship and they performed quite well in the production shows. There was a comedian on board who performed the first night and also an adult only late night show and he was terrible. I think he must have been someone's brother in law or something to even get the job! There was a ventriloquist and an illusionist on board, both did excellent shows! We found the cruise director Billy to be little more than a host and though he was polite and sometimes informative, he really was not of the caliber that we have seen on other ships! We don't do too many ship activities, but other then the galley tour their were few that were very interesting! We saw a cooking demonstration in the Queen's Lounge/Culinary Art Center, but the room was overcrowded and we simply had to watch it on the T.V. monitors.

Ports were good! We came on this cruise to rest and hang out at the beach. Unfortunately the weather was not so great in the first few ports and we were limited to shopping and strolling. Half Moon Cay is great, but when it is raining there is nothing to do so we went back to the ship after a few hours. Grand Turk is very small and I suggest that if you go there you take an excursion. The small beach by the pier is nice, but the beach is rocky and it was hard to get out to swim without scraping your feet or twisting your ankle. I could have skipped this port! We love Grand Cayman, but again the weather was poor and so we walked around town and shopped. Key West was fun! We had never been and the weather finally cooperated so we had a nice day. This is a great last day of a cruise port.

Disembarkation was a snap, it was very well organized! We had an early flight out of Ft. Lauderdale, so we were off early and made our 11:00 flight easily and comfortably.

Bottom Line I would go on HAL again! We had a good time and found our overall experience a good value! We got a great deal on this cruise and were pleased with the overall experience. I know I sound critical on many aspects of the cruise, but I also realize that every cruise and line have their challenges. I believe that our T.A. did a great job getting us perks and HAL has a good product for what you pay!

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