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Meet the host for our Gay/Lesbian Cruise Site:Triton

I am a SF Bay Area native and there are not many of us! I am proud to call this area my home. By day, I am a Human Resources Director for a hospitality firm in San Francisco. I love working in "Fog City", with all the old charm, romance and a diverse group of souls walking about. I love the tourists snapping pics of the trolley cars and the Golden Gate Bridge, and business executives holding tightly to their briefcase in one hand and a cup of java in the other in the Financial District.

! My better half, Rowell and I make our home in Orinda, California. Being the bookends we are, we work well together in life and truly share with each other our love of life, each other, my son, his daughter, our pooch "Bear", gardening, cocktail hours in our backyard and of course planning our next cruise. Not to get all 'Donna Reed' on you all, but there's a sweet contentment in cooking dinner and watching my better half through the kitchen window, while he's gardening or taking care of the yard. Nothin' better than sweat on a handsome man! Wouldn't you agree?

The cruise bug bit us both around the same time. We each had one cruise under our belt when we decided to pair off five years ago, since then we have enjoyed 1 or 2 cruises a year, along with copious amounts of other travel, whether long weekends or week-long excursions to the mountains, sea or desert (wouldn't Palm Springs be an awesome port of call?!?). We talk about the "day we retire" and how we will finally be free to cruise when we want without the burden of using up all our vacation days! Until then we dream, party and plan about the next cruise itinerary, ports of call and adventures waiting for us! Let's see, we have one in three weeks. Barcelona, here we come!

I have been a Cruise Mate for about 17-months now, under another screen name of course. I am really honored and pleased to be able to join the team and not only be a voice in the gay and lesbian cruising community, but to be an ear for you, as well.

Safe travels to you all!

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