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The "Best Cruise Ship" articles are designed to assist you in the ship selection process by offering a number of recommendations for vessels that best suit the categories presented. The ships are listed in alphabetical order - not according to any ranking. If a ship makes the list it is considered to be above average, but the final choice is up to you.
What is the Best Cruise?
Every cruise expert gets these questions "What is the best cruise?" The best cruises are a matter of personal taste for ship, itinerary, accomodations, cuisine and value. Read this before you read our choices for best cruise lines below.

Various Cruise Line Comparisons

Best Cruise Ships for Singles
We have a new winner in the area of singles cruising. Why is this ship so great for singles?
Cruise Line Cuisine: Is it Really Gourmet?
We compare the cuisine onboard all of the major cruise lines and determine if it is truly "gourmet" as they claim.   Go>
Overview of Smoking Policies by Cruise Line
Hardly any single topic in our cruise forums attracts more interest than one entitled "Smoking policies on Cruise Ships."   Go>
Cruise Line Loyalty Reward Programs
Every cruise line has a loyalty rewards program; here we rate and review cruise line repeat passenger benefits.   Go>
Cabin Categories: Which are Most Popular and Why
Cruisers have different reasons for selecting one type of stateroom over another, and it isn't always related solely to price.   Go>
A Look at Alcohol Policies by Cruise Line
One of the most frequently asked questions we get is "can I bring my own liquor aboard?" Well, here is your answer: It depends on your cruise line.

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