Brad Pitt & Angela Jolie Cruise Ship Wedding?

| July 17, 2013

The Hebridean Princess in Scotland

Rumors say the couple will wed on the Hebridean Princess cruise ship of Scotland

Brad Pitt & Angela Jolie Cruise Ship Wedding?

The big news is not that the couple is getting married, rumors of their impending nuptials are now as common as Brad's Pitt's days without a shave, but the big news is that they are considering having the ceremony on a cruise ship. I have to admit, considering the drubbing the cruise industry has been taking in the media lately I can't think of a better time for this to happen.

Apparently, it was their 11-year old son Maddox who proposed the idea after he researched the small cruise ship that sails off the coast of Scotland near the Carnell Estate in Ayrshire, a private club listed as a Category B 16th Century Tower and Mansion House where the family has stayed in the past. The estate is a privately owned residence and only available for viewing or residence by appointment. Apparently, although the estate has enough rooms for the wedding party, it doesn't have the necessary facilities for the festivities, including enough restaurant seats.

The information about Maddox choosing the cruise came unofficially from the cruise line public relations department, who said that although they cannot officially comment, the idea was sparked when Maddox saw the vessel in pictures they had taken while staying at the Carnell Estate. Unofficially corroborating was Ken Charleson, chief operating officer of the ship's owners, who said: "I can't confirm whether they have been making enquiries or not."

The Hebridean Princess is the sole vessel of Hebridean Island Cruises. The vessel can carry 50 guests served by a crew of 38 people. There are 30 staterooms, including 10 for solo cruisers (perfect for the unattached in the wedding party) and a large dining room where the male waiters wear kilts.

The itinerary would most likely include several of various Scottish Islands and mainland ports included on the regular cruises sailing between now and mid-November. The cruises all have different itineraries (although many with the same ports of call) and range from four to nine nights. Of course, if the couple charters the vessel they can devise any itinerary they want, including just remaining docked for the entire time if that is what they choose.

In fact - remaining docked at least much of time would be a good idea since the waters of the North Atlantic can be rough, especially for a smaller vessel. However, that is dependent on the weather. The cruise ship advantage, however, is as an ideal way to guarantee the couple some privacy from the media since even helicopters are limited in range and cannot stay out at sea very long without the need to return to shore to refuel. If the media charters boats to follow, they will be hampered by maritime laws that demand certain vessels maintain a safe distance.

Vanity Faire is reporting that the cost of chartering the vessel could be between £300,000 to £450,000 (pounds sterling - close to ½-million dollars). That actually sounds a bit high to us since the top suite is priced at under £1000 per day, and the lowest priced rooms are closer to £600, meaning a full ship of fifty people should not cost more than £40,000 per day.

Vanity Faire was also tacky enough to suggest that Maddox should try to negotiate a lower price "by discussing how much great publicity the wedding would bring the disaster-prone cruise-ship industry."

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