Entertainment of Epic Proportions 2

| Tuesday, 05 Mar. 2013

Blue Men, jazz and blues legends, acrobats who double as waitresses and all else that glitters can be found on NCL's new Epic!

Headliners Comedy Club On the Epic, NCL will continue its exclusive partnership with The Second City. There will be a dedicated, 280-seat comedy club called Headliners which will look like a landside comedy club, complete with small raised stage, concrete floors and brick walls with full bar.

The Second City ensemble will perform satirical skits, amusing songs, and plenty of improvisation. The Second City troupe was where famed comedians, such as Bill Murray, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, John Belushi, and Gilda Radner, all got their start.

Fat Cats World class talent will be showcased at Fat Cats 200-seat jazz club. Sporting a club atmosphere, complete with leather sofas and chairs, Fat Cats will feature jazz and blues music nightly.

Other Entertainment Venues In addition to the Blue Man Group show, the ship's 685-seat Epic Theater will also be home to another show which will be announced later this year, according to NCL.

As with most cruise ships, Norwegian Epic will feature a large casino.

Other previously announced entertainment venues for nightlife include the Manhattan Room, which is a restaurant/supper club. With floor to ceiling windows and a large dance floor, this couples-oriented spot will feature Big Band music early in the evening and more contemporary music, such as Salsa, later each night.

As noted previously, the Norwegian Epic will boast the first Ice Bar at sea. Coats and hats will be available to keep passengers warm during this "cool" experience.

Also, the ship's aft pool will be an adults' only pool by day and outdoor dance club by night.

During the day, the main part of the pool deck will be home to an Aqua Park, which will be a central spot for families. The Aqua Park will feature the only tube slide and largest bowl slide at sea.

In addition, previously announced daytime entertainment highlights include: the first rappelling wall at sea; a 33-foot high and 64-foot wide extreme rock climbing wall; the most bowling lanes at sea with six lanes in two venues; the first squash court at sea; and three separate youth activity areas for kids, tweens and teens.

By the way! CruiseMates editor, Paul Motter, has been recommending to cruise lines that Blue Man Group would be the perfect show since 1993. He saw the original show in New York's Astor Place three times and mentioned it to Holland America when he worked on the Statendam as a stage manager. Here is a link to a CruiseMates message about Blue Man Group in 2003 where he writes...
"Blue Man Group is excellent. I have seen them 3 times at their original black box theater in Astor Place, NY City (holds about 200 in dilapidated seats). But the show rocks enough that Las Vegas sells it out at $100 ticket. The show WOULD fit and work on a cruise ship, kids LOVE it, but it has very sophisticated adult humor as well. I have mentioned this to the cruise lines.

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