New Celebrity Dining Packages

| 1.16.13

Modern luxury line's specialty dining packages offer value and convenience and savings of up to 31% over booking individually.

Pre-paid specialty dining means the best food at a value price

Celebrity Cruises is continuing to find ways to help you pre-plan your time aboard the ship long before you set sail. Along with the wide variety of options that can be booked in advance at the web site, from shore excursions to beverage packages to spa appointments they now have a new "specialty dining package" that lets you pre-reserve your dining times in the many specialty dining restaurants onboard.

By pre-planning these special dining times you can make sure your dinner plans coincide with the ship's schedule. For example, you may want to be in the dining room on the final night when the most elaborate food is served there, but you do not want to miss the chance to dine in the best top-deck specialty restaurant on a languid mid-cruise tropical night when special reservations fill up fastest.

The new Celebrity "Specialty Restaurant Packages" represent a discount of up to 31-percent compared to the cost of booking reservations individually onboard when you bundle your specialty restaurant visits into one convenient price.

"We know our guests really enjoy our world class specialty restaurants and the exceptional quality of our food, and our latest packages allow them to experience all this with more value and convenience than ever," said Celebrity's Vice President of Food & Beverage Operations Scott Steenrod. "Our guests' vacation time is precious, and we're committed to making it as easy as possible for them to thoroughly enjoy every minute of that time."

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Celebrity's new series of packages vary slightly by ship, as they were created based on each ship's specific collection of restaurants. The new series includes:

  • "Three Dinners Specialty Package," allowing for three dining reservations per person (not available on Celebrity Silhouette and Celebrity Reflection)

  • "Four Dinners Specialty Package," including four dining reservations per person (offered exclusively on Celebrity Reflection and Celebrity Silhouette)

  • "Five Dinners Specialty Package," encompassing five dining reservations per person, offered across the fleet

  • "Ultimate Specialty Package," which can be purchased only onboard, and features unlimited dinners in specialty restaurants of guests' choice, at least one specialty restaurant lunch, one admission to "Champagne High Tea," and unlimited breakfasts, lunches and dinners in "Bistro on Five" and, on Celebrity Reflection and Celebrity Silhouette, also at "The Porch."

    Celebrity's Specialty Restaurant Packages include cover charges and dining gratuities; all other charges, such as beverages and beverage gratuities, are additional, with Celebrity's award-winning Beverage Packages an option available to all guests.

    Complete details, including the specifics of which restaurants are included in each package on specific ships and pertinent pricing, are available on Celebrity's website.

    Are you a fan if Celebrity Cruises' dining? Tell us here: Celebrity Cruise Forum

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