First Steps in Building Carnival Vista

| Monday, 24 Feb. 2014

Construction of Carnival Vista, announced to be built as the largest Carnival cruise ship yet, began last week when the first steel was cut at the Fincantieri Monfalcone shipyard near Venice, Italy.  Over the next few months new details about the Carnival Vista should start to become available, although the one thing we know is that she will be built fully in the FunShip 2.0 style – like the last Carnival ship; Carnival Breeze. FunShip 2.0 is a combination of onboard amenities and programming that was introduced by Carnival CEO Gerry Cahill with Breeze.

Now that the first piece of steel has been cut, the next step will be to start building out the rest of this ship which will include the many restaurants, bars and various entertainment facilities that all together define the FunShip 2.0 experience. One new asset the ship will surely have is an extensive tie-in to the characters of the Dr. Seuss franchise. Carnival Cruise Line just forged a connection with the favorite childrens’ characters for special shows and interactive experiences onboard the ships.

The Carnival Vista will be the 25th ship at 135,000-tons and, 4,000-passenger berths but also with plenty of extra beds for third and fourth passengers in various rooms. So far, Carnival is keeping many design details to themselves for now, but the line is promising the ship will be unlike any other Carnival ship in the fleet.

According to Carnival CMO Jim Berra, the 4,000-passenger vessel will be "extremely connected to the ocean." Having views of the ocean from multiple places on the ship is an important element,” he told cruise writers at an event aboard the line's recently revamped Carnival Sunshine.

"We're starting to use the ship names as a touchstone for how we think about the design," Berra said, pointing to the one-year-old lighter and more seascape accessible Carnival Breeze as an example. "At the end of the day, that is why people are cruising. They want the salt air. They want the ocean breeze. They want to look out and see the ocean," Berra added.

Carnival CEO Gerry Cahill said the Carnival Vista will have both similarities and differences to the Carnival Breeze, though he and Berra were coy about specifics.

"It will look different than Breeze, and it'll have spaces that are different than Breeze," Cahill said. "But it will have a lot of the same spaces (as Breeze)."

Carnival has slowed orders for new ships in recent years, and the Carnival Vista is its only vessel on order for delivery over the next three years. The line currently operates 24 ships, making it the world's largest line.


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